Never Buy This Used Car

Never Buy This Used Car

Rev up your engines,
jimmy says scotty i got a 10 year old prius that thing is only getting 15 mpg help, well
those things should get 40 mpg at least, you got some serious problems, this is one of
the reasons I tell people not to buy used priuses, I don’t know if you bought it new
or used but it’s 10 years old now, their complex inside, now from my experience with those,
your getting that low gas mileage, one you got a problem in the engine itself the gasoline
engine, the gasoline engine alone is gonna get at least 30 mpg, so it’s not running right,
have someone check the fuel injection system first, I’ve seen the fuel injectors get clogged
or go out it could be that, to get the best gas mileage the electric system has to work
and if that thing is 10 years old I would also tell you have somebody check the main
battery the hybrid battery that’s 200 something volts, when they go bad then your gas mileage
goes down a bit but not down to 15, so you’d have to fix the engine first and if a guy
says well he does a bunch of tests and says well your engine is worn out, maybe didn’t
change the oil enough, I’d just get rid of the vehicle cuz hardly anybody knows how to
work on those engines, useless cucumber says hey scotty what are
your opinions on firebirds, back in the day my best friend had a pontiac firebird he loved
it, it had a big v8 engine, and it was a 4 speed manual which was big back then, 3 speeds
were normal, this was a 4 speed manual, had 4 barrel carb and it was a gas hog, you could
just watch the gas gauge go down when you floored it and those barrels open it tore
down the road, he drove the heck out of it and later he passed away and he gave the car
to his brother and his brother drove the thing around for years, fine cars back then, then
of course they started making them cheaper and cheaper, and the later ones from the 80’s
and 90’s a lot of them were just garbage, they didn’t hold up worth beans, but the old
ones were solid classics in their day, that a boy says scotty my 2011 automatic honda
fit it 100k miles trouble free, what do I need to get another 100k, well keep doing
whatever your doing, change the oil and filter a lot, on that thing it’s an automatic transmission,
I would change the fluid every 30-40k miles it’s just drain and fill you can do it yourself
it’s a simple job, use the honda fluid cuz their real particular about the fluid and
don’t overheat the engine, I got a customer that’s got 350k miles on a honda fit and he’s
taken care of it, obviously your not peeling out all the time and driving like a maniac,
I’ve had customers ruin their honda fits, but they were younger kids and they just drove
crazy and they burnt it out, if you drive safe in those things they can last a really
long time, hey scotty I found a toyota celica 1990 gt
232k miles for $2,700 it looks good but is it a good car, 30 years old, it’s way too
much money, if you want a toy and your going to use it on the weekends it’s your money
do whatever you want, if it runs good and still goes good why not, but don’t think you
can buy a car like that and use it as an everyday driver, it’s 30 years old, and you said it’s
the gt and the gt model has much more problems than the s model, the s model that I have
is much more reliable than the gt model as it ages realize that, it’s not as dependable,
the parts cost more and they break a lot more than the s model, the s model was basically
a toyota corolla that can run forever the gt model was a little bit racier and they
had more problems, hey scotty my audi a4 2004 engine doesn’t want to accelerate what’s the
problem, if you have a car and it runs but then it doesn’t want to accelerate, a few
basic things to check first, the first is just change the fuel filter, cuz if the fuel
filter is clogged that’s exactly what will happen and that’s a very simple thing to do,
now if you change the fuel filter and it makes no difference, then you would want to have
the fuel pump pressure tested, cuz if the pressure isn’t enough it will do the same
thing and then you know the fuel pump needs to be changed, you can also have a problem
with the fuel injectors, if their dirty and clogged up, they can run ok idling, but when
you try to accelerate they don’t spray enough fuel in, now for that you really need a mechanic
like myself, we run tests with our high level scan tools to see what the millisecond flow
rate is, we can check it with our freeze frame testing to see if their firing correctly,
cuz if they don’t have the right freeze frame data then you’ll know that one if jumping
off there and you know that injector is bad, it gets really complex, but sometimes it’s
a simple as you need a fuel filter or an air filter, so always start simple,
jimmy says scotty my car runs perfectly fine until I turn the ac on then it start to bog
down and doesn’t run right, but if I’m driving down the highway with the ac on it run ok
what could be wrong, when you turn your ac on it starts to strain the vehicle two ways,
one it drags the engine cuz it takes power off the fan belt to run the compressor, but
it also uses electricity so it strains the alternator and the battery, thing first thing
I’d say do cuz it’s the easiest and like I always says start easy and work up complex,
have the battery and alternator load tested places like auto zone do that free, it could
be something that simple, if it’s not that, then it generally means your ac compressor
is starting to wear out, now when your just idling it’s going to stain the engine more
when your on the highway speed your engine is going so fast that adding that drag isn’t
really going to hurt it all that much, but you never know it could just be the alternator
is getting weak or the battery is getting weak, check that first,
so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to ring
that bell

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  2. My nine-year-old Toyota Prius was having a lot of weird electrical problems that would cost thousands of dollars to fix. And the battery was also starting to fail at 160,000 miles. I just traded it in for a Hyundai ioniq and never looked back. Priuses are overrated.

  3. I learn more everyday because of Scotty. I wish I had him as my mechanic. I find myself in situations and think, WHAT WOULD SCOTTY SAY ABOUT THIS?!

  4. Hey Scotty I’ve got 145k miles on my 2000 Honda CR-V. I’m not sure the transmission fluid has ever been changed, and I want to do what I can to keep the automatic transmission long lasting. What should I do?

  5. I got a 2005 Prius with 126000 miles it has been good for 8 months now I get 43 miles per gallon. I think a used Prius is worth buying for people who use the vehicle to work delivering stuff.

  6. Scotty, will it still be possible to purchase Toyota vehicles in the U.S. that were made in Japan going forward. I like having a truly authentic Japanese vehicle since it guarantees the upmost quality.

  7. Hey Scotty. What do you think about the 2013 and up Ford Taurus SHO? Reliable cars? Any issues I should watch for?

  8. Hi Scotty just read an article touting the ZF 8HP as the best 8 speed automatic transmission ever…. Your thoughts?

  9. Scotty, what are the top four newer automatic transmissions made and we know Toyota will be #1:).  I ask because you say Honda is a good car and they have a CVT transmission but so does Nissan.  What’s up with that?

  10. Hi Scotty, I am a subscriber and I love your channel. Since you mentioned the Prius, I feel compell to share my Prius story. I owned a 2005 Prius which I bought used in 2010. When I bought it, it has 50K miles. I am still driving it now and it has more than 170K miles. Nowdays, I still get a decent 43 MPG combined for my commute and weekend errands. The only major repair I had to do was to change the small 12V battery (NOT the main baterry). Other than that just oil, tires, brakes, and wipers. It has been very good to me. I live in bay area, California and you see lots and lots of Prius here. My mechanic says, he has several customers who owned Prius with more than 250K in it. Not sure, if I can change your mind about the Prius with my story. I appreciate if you can mention my story in one of your video. Keep up the good work, again I love your channel.

  11. I’ve got a question put drilled and slotted rotors and carbon metallic pads in our suv cause we tow and they say to brake them in by slamming on the brakes 5xs in a row 40mph to 10moh is this serious I’ve always babied new brakes as to not glaze the pads

  12. Scotty I’m a big fan but your phobia with the Prius are unfounded. Rated one of most (if not THE most reliable) vehicles out there. In spite of the complexity they are like a warhorse…. on my second one with ZERO repairs to either one. Avg 50 mpg…. it pays for itself.

  13. It's absolutely mind boggling just how many idiots listen to this guy ramble on about nonsense. This guy hates all luxury cars, wants to tell people how to spend their money. Makes videos about "why broke people buy luxury cars." Who are you to tell anyone how to spend their money? You're rich? good for you! I'm happy for you. I hope you keep making money from these idiots that watch you ramble all day.

  14. Hey Scotty, I know you speak highly of Toyota. But I haven’t heard much of the Avalon. What do you have to say about them? Same quality and reliability as other Toyota’s?

  15. Love Scotty, but I think he has a blind spot on this one. The Prius is a great, reliable car. The Toyota hybrid system is a perfect example of the "Toyota incrementally improving things over time" thing Scotty always mentions. The engineering has 20 years of real-world performance & reliability behind it. They even license the system to competing auto-makers who realize the system is so good, they can't compete. AND the fuel savings over, let's say, a Corolla DO pay off, even when reconditioning the battery (I've done it). Not to mention if fuel prices jump up again…

  16. Hey Scotty, first i have to congratulate you on your good, I like your channel. You taught me a lot. So i have a problem with my 2008 Lexus ls600hl. My rear suspension dropped but the front still running perfectly. I don't know if it is a common problem with those car. Can you help me please.

  17. hey Scotty what are your views on Mazda's 2009 to current. I had a 2009 Mazda 6 GT fully loaded I gave it to my son lasted pretty well until he got into a major accident and wrote it off never had any major issues other than with the brakes. was wondering if I just lucked out or in general they are good cars. unfortunately I also have a 2016 Ram 1500 that I'm not particularly enjoying too much.😞😞😥

  18. Scotty just bought a 1999 F-250 7.3 power stroke with an automatic transmission for $700 needs a new pcm, turbo pedestal, turbo compressor wheel and headlight mounting panel was it a good buy or did I get a pile of junk?

  19. 15 mpg in a 10 year old Prius… I'm going to have to press X to doubt that story. If it was pouring in that much gas under normal driving conditions the service engine light would be on and the thing would probably run like garbage.

  20. Hey Scotty, with Amazon's full synthetic oil, what is the difference between the standard oil and high mileage oil? The high mileage is actually cheaper.

  21. Scotty the bigot ….never has anything good to say about a Toyota Camry .. because they are assembles in the Bluegrass state …

  22. The best selling sedan …. car for the last two decades is a TOYOTA CAMRY .. I have a 1999 Toyota Camry made in the beautiful state of KENTUCKY with over 200.000 trouble-free miles and it looks and drives like brand new.

  23. When I was younger I use to be a condition report writer , and people would get upset over a poor condition report , on but it's a great car , ppr , poor prior , repairs , everybody hated to hear , frame damage , /water damage ,. But dude!

  24. Maaaaaaaaan I've learned more about cars in the few videos I've watched than in my entire lifetime. Love this channel!

  25. Though a Celica can be 30 years old, it can still be a daily driver if it was cared for through the years. Still willing to drive most anywhere with my 1993 GT, 2.2L, AT, now at 186000 miles, thanks to God!

  26. toyota corolla 2001.I cleaned throttle body, now stalls when idle. why?thanks. kostas Athens,Greece.

  27. There are people who fix those Prius battery packs themselves. It can be done, it's just more work…

  28. I had an older car that I noticed the MPG was starting to suffer… I thought it was just getting worn out and old… BUT it ended up being a loose hose clamp on the fuel filter. Easy fix.

  29. I love how he says changing the fuel filter is very simple to do. Really? Because in my 2009 Rav4 that means dropping the gas tank to get to it. How is that very simple?

  30. Scotty, you have a gift. you explain things so clearly and have so much car knowledge , its like car mechanic college. I watch your videos every day and I always learn something new. I also realize how many dodgy mechanics there are out there.

  31. Damn you Scotty! I have a 92’ Celica GT convertible. Only 110k on the clock but she’s still going strong.

  32. We bought a one owner Prius last year, and it's the best car I've ever owned. Lots of people are tickled with their used Prius.

  33. My used 2010 Prius easy 52mpg highway, and careful city 60mpg, 128,000. So far zero problems. Best car ever had in my 42 years of driving.

  34. 2008 Prius here. 221,000 miles. 45.5 mpg. No problems. Change your oil and filter at regular intervals.

  35. Scotty I'm gonna be in the market here soon to buy another car. I'm deciding between a Honda or a Toyota based on all your advice.I need a 4 door family vehicle any suggestions on a overall reliable vehicle? And what about a new Honda or Toyota vs used ones about 2012 and up?

  36. I guess I got lucky. I just got a 2011 Prius. love it and works perfectly. I run Torque Pro on my phone and monitor it. 🙂

  37. Hey scotty what's wrong with my manual speed 2009 Honda fit. It won't start the i think the battery is fine the windows will roll down. I'm taking the battery out to test it and charge it. Then my buddy told me it's the ecm the computer. The problem is it won't start I just changed the oil and I'm noticing that double over filled the oil and I'm gonna drain the oil out right now. Then my buddy said he'd like to take out one of the spark plugs to see what it looks like. What can you say scotty

  38. Scotty recommending AGAINST a Toyota for a used car?? That's blasphemy!
    If only Toyota still made Celicas today

  39. Prius cars may be the most reliable piece of technology out there. Sure old and simple will be pretty good. But prius cars are loaded. And everything works perfectly for 2-400k.

  40. I bought a Prius used with 140k miles.
    Still own it, currently 247k miles and still running.
    Only had a waterpump change that cost $350 and just changed brakes and rotors for $240, and the 12 volt battery $180. Other than that, everything is original, suspension, drive battery, car, heat core etc.
    Drove 107k miles and paid less than $800 in repairs.

    I drive it up the hills too when its snowing. With snow tires*
    Point is, I beat the crap out of this car and barely spent anything on it + it never failed.

  41. Scotty im thinking about buying a 1986 Yugo GT MODEL…its got the .05 motor wouldnt i look cool driving a GT Yugo with .05 emblem on the side?

  42. Really? Change the fuel filter without even diagnosing the problem first? Throwing parts at a problem rarely solves it and usually just costs more money in the long run…

  43. If you know what you are doing, buying a used Prius can be a good deal. I have one. They are arguably the most reliable car out there. I have never heard of a Prius getting 15 mpg. I don't think that is a common problem. There is some quirks, like the non-standard regular battery, and the problems when the main battery starts to go. But if you drive them easy for mileage, they will go a very long ways, get 45mpg or better most of the time, even in really cold weather. I live North of Buffalo, ny.

  44. I drove for a place with the 2009 Prius in their fleet. They were great at first, but towards 200k, they began to stall and break down for no apparent reason. Sometimes they would only start after we towed them back to the yard. Keep in mind this was driving for 8-16 hours each day, but also with regular maintenance. But before 100k, they were a joy to drive.

  45. There are excellent aftermarket batteries for Prius that are diy for any competent individual

  46. 1:50 my 2007 Honda Fit manual hit 175k with no issues besides coil packs and an alternator. Sadly, it was totalled in an accident after 11 years. Still had the original clutch… And even coolant lol

  47. Love all of your videos Scotty but back in 2016, me and my wife bought a used 2013 Prius with about 48k miles. Drove it all the way up to Alaska from massachusetts – drove up in negative temperature weather for a couple of years and then we did a road trip back from Alaska to Massachusetts. Car has required MINIMAL maintenance such as oil changes, putting on new brake pads and rotors and doing an air filter. Still to this day gets great gas mileage, still has great reliability. Not all used Prius’s can be bad 🙂

  48. Best car I ever owned was a 2006 Prius with 81k miles and TWO previous owners. Got rid of it at 230k miles only because electrical components were starting to go bad. Original hybrid battery and engine were still going strong. Wanted to purchase another used one but they were really expensive.

    Ended up with a 2018 Civic Si 😄.

  49. terrible advice… a gen 2 Prius best commuter car you can buy, used or otherwise. made in Japan, super high quality oem parts. I've owned 2 gen 2s. one was total'd at 150k and I did nothing except oil changes, thing still clocked 45mpg on original hybrid battery. the 2008 I have now that I bought for 4k is passing 200k, hybrid battery was replaced by previous owner, burns ZERO oil, getting 48mpg combined now. Runs at 185F like a rock. don't fall for ignorant advice. these cars are relatively safe (they had backup cameras and bluetooth in 2006!), extremely reliable and incredibly efficient–a bargain. Really the only thing I can complain about is maybe road noise and pretty crummy visibility. I prefer driving it over my wife's 2017 rav 4 and my inline 6 jeep. Just a sensible worry free ride I would drive across the country and back tomorrow.

  50. 152000 miles on a Prius c no problems. Still get 46-50 mpg. Brakes, oil, tires rr wheel bearing. That’s it.

  51. It is actually no different than a gas engine They are used as taxi cabs all over the world. But don’t buy ‘em, cause they are long lasting cars, the government will collect less gas taxes, and oil companies won’t sell as much gas.

  52. Hay Scotty love your channel congratulations on being the most viewed car show on YouTube. what’s the best OBD tool you can buy to scan big rig trucks like a kenworth t900 or a Volvo or Scania are they the same as cars do they have different ports are they even a OBD port to start with ?

  53. On a car that doesn't want to accelerate, Scotty failed to mention that it could also be a clogged up cat converter!

  54. The Prius with bad fuel milage might be a blown head gasket, they go out alot and hardly show symptoms until the head is near warpped 😣

  55. Scotty, what are your opinions on Suzuki vehicles. I have a 2011 sx4 sport back with 148,000 miles. Have ever heard of any Suzuki auto that made over 300,000 miles?

  56. But Prius might be regarded as the best used car by market. It is always more expensive than those with similar mileages and ages.

  57. The prius is one of the most reliable cars on the road and the engine build the best on the road in terms of tolerances and electronic engine management. Go onto some of the prius club sites and you will hear about cars (taxis) doing over 999,999 miles and still running. I have owned two and over the 180,000 miles in ownership they never missed a beat and managed 57 miles mpg overall.

  58. My 300zx TT is 25 years old.. any vehicle at 20+ is gonna have issues period. Unless your willing to pay alot. Be prepared to work on the vehicle if your wanting a weekend car.. alternators, frontend, transmission, wheel bearings, window motors, radiator/cooling system, fuel pump list goes on. I mean these things if they are 20 years old def will need addressed regardless of the vehicle. Always something to think about when buying something that old.

  59. Hey Scotty, greetings from Florida! Big fan. Quick question, how do you feel about the recent model Mazda CX-5? Are they reliable? I haven’t heard you talk too much about Mazdas in general. Are there any compact SUVs that you love? Thank you sir!

  60. Hey Scotty looking to buy used car. Looking at Toyota Corollas and Honda Civics. I’m leaning towards the civics since they’re a bit more stylish. In some of your videos you say Honda Civics are great but in other videos you say Hondas have bad transmissions. What’s the deal?

  61. Prius Never Breaks. It has all been Propaganda. Never Break that’s a fact. SK is wrong on this one. Prius is invincible. Better than Celica.

  62. I drive my 83 Chevy Caprice every day all winter in the salt and sand here in Ontario Canada. In the summer I drive my 84 Cutlass with a 76 350 Oldsmobile engine. I have to fix small stuff quite often but they are reliable even for long trips. 30+ year old cars can be reliable.

  63. Hey, today i bought Toyota Celica 2.0GTi ST182 year model 1992. with 109.000 miles. Why ?! Because it's open top, and they have never been sold as new in this country. So it's rare. and for 27 year old car, not that many miles as we in Finland drive a lot. Car has no history, so i was careful, but since it was from a Official Toyota dealer, i kept pushing the salesman again and again. His asking price was 6500 dollars, but when i took a test drive, the engine was shaking violently. So he said i could have for 5600 dollars. You know "special price, only for my friend". But yesterday i cave him A List to do, almost everything is to be changed into new parts. His reply, Ok, we will do, but the Price is back to 6500 dollars. I said ok. In Finland cars are driven to high mileages, but still asking prices remain high. But sometimes you can find something special, you have to take it. I'm ok with the deal, because i'm going to use this car for summers drivings, only few hundred miles. And with this age of a car, i need to wait for 2 more years and i can register this to Museum Car Class, which means that insurance bill for a year is 49 dollars. As a special car it will hold it's value in Finland and i have for my families daily driving a Toyota Avensis 2007, Toyota Corolla 2003, Toyota Corolla 2004. So sometimes you just make a decision which feels good for you. I wanted a open top car and if it's Toyota, i'll take it. Happy Summer for everyone !

  64. I disagree in not buying a used Prius. Do your homework first before buying one,. Get a well maintained one and they will treat you right!

  65. PRIUS POWER FOREVER! I got mine with 100 000 miles, and now my white shadow has 207 000 miles the only thing it asked me brakes and the driver front speed sensor.

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