Never Cleaned In 23 Years! Cleaning The Dirtiest Toyota Sienna Car Interior Ever!

Never Cleaned In 23 Years! Cleaning The Dirtiest Toyota Sienna Car Interior Ever!

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  1. Great job! I clean my own car every week because your videos are super motivating 🤓 Thanks for the product reviews, too. I was wondering about the drill brush!

  2. Why is it so entertaining to watch someone clean out a disgusting car?? I really don’t understand some of the stuff I watch….

  3. Nice work. pls can u post the chemicals You used at each stage it will be great for some of us to learn thank You. from Accra Ghana.

  4. Can you please make a playlist with the music you use for your videos!!!????
    Awesome videos btw. I love watching them. So satisfying and inspirational.

  5. Amazing job. Trick I learned with red stains is to spray that LA awesome on it, scrub then put a wet white rag on it and put medium high heat from iron on it and it comes right up.

  6. where do i go for this, my car is clean its just some stains, would do it just im to broke for all those tools

  7. You have cool videos and I learn from them. But bro, that music is awful. Will you make one video with no music and just natural noise? Please? 👍🏼👍🏼

  8. I don’t even own a car since I’m 12 I’m just watching this because it satisfying to see how much cleaner it is at the end

  9. I’m nocturnal, so 3am is the middle of my day, lol.

    However, these videos, along with the power washing & carpet cleaning ones, do wonders to satisfy my OCD for cleaning, sanitizing & neatness. Theres a lot of amazing shit you never knew you needed, that is just waiting to be found on YouTube. 🧽🧼

  10. I have a BMW M4 and the steering wheel is caked up with grime. Any suggestions on what product to clean it with and how?

  11. How do you clean the seat belts? Oh yeah. Did you clean the car seats before you put them back in the car 🤔. I watched you clean some messy rides. You work is awesome.

  12. A great way to get stripe free clean windows is to use old newspaper to wipe down the windows after applying a cleaning product, it works better then a microfiber cloth.

  13. Do you have a video on how to remove and put back seats, center consoles and other things the average person who doesn't know much about vehicles (like me)????

  14. What about the rails for the sliding doors? Not going to clean those? I've seen food and dirt caked all in those. They definitely need attention.

  15. hi great work, love to see a video with an over view of your cloths, what you use for what kinda tasks, how you care and wash them and how and when you re-purpose or thrown them out. cheers!

  16. You probably answered this a lot, but what do you use for your windows/glass? It looks so streak-free and smudge-less! Thanks!

  17. @stauffedgarage Hey man, I enjoyed the videos you made and appreciate the work you put into them. you have done a great job with the B roll. If i may share a few tips on cleaning that work well for me and may save you time.
    Door Jams: spray with your favorite APC, let dwell if required agitate with a brush or wash it and PRESSURE WASH.
    Pre-vacuum: use a home-style vacuum with a powered beater bar especially on wide-open areas like this van.
    Carpet Cleaning: on red stains use a Peroxide based cleaner. I have done amazing things with revive, use the link, to view I think the carpet turned out amazing it was TRASHED, to say the least.
    Hope one or all of my tips may help, keep up the great work!

  18. Im really curious. After driving this van for im assuming a few years. Why all of a sudden get it detailed? Im gonna guess they are not gonna keep it clean again. Good business for you tho.

  19. Zou een verhoging iets kunnen zijn om de stoelen op te zetten en andere spullen en dan alles schoonmaken, nu moet je vaak voorover staan wat op den duur slecht voor je rug is gr Martin from the Netherlands.

  20. Я не понимаю почему нельзя снять сиденье, также удобнее

  21. All I see for the carpets is incredibly too much soap and that extractor not taking out near enough. 🙁 I am so glad you got a real extractor!
    Also. To bring up the soap better wouldn’t cold water work better? To reduce suds? Or even vinegar works great! 🙂

  22. I once had a ford mustang 2002 v6 years 3 years ago , I bought it at a used dealership at that time I had it for 7 years before I sold it I removed the carpet and put a new one but removing the carpet and cleaning the chassise and I was amazed at all the grease and corrosion and sticky soda resedue underneath the carpet once I did that the car had a new smell ,

  23. idk why but the vents grossed me out the most. like you see that every single day, how do you not compulsively just clean that

  24. Child seats. I worked at a car audio shop and we would never re-install the child seats. We always put them back into the car just laying on their side or something. Avoids liability if something were to happen and a child got Injured. They cant blame you if you did not re-install the seat. They have to take responsibility for putting them back.

    Just food for thought! Keep up the awesome work!

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