Never Go to This Auto Parts Store

Never Go to This Auto Parts Store

rev up your engines, today I’m gonna talk
about autozone versus O’Reilly where should you buy auto parts, everybody
wants to save money buying auto parts but they don’t want to get something
doesn’t work or junk that falls apart fast, now autozone started in the 1970s
they originally called Auto Shack but they were sued by
RadioShack, well they’re not even around anymore so they changed the name to
autozone, it’s got a better ring to it anyway, and they currently have over
6,000 stores, now O’Reilly was founded by the O’Reilly family in 1957 and they now
have about 5200 stores in 47 states of the United States, now more so than
autozone the O’Reilly company assimilates other stores for example the
Charlie’s high/lo that was started in Houston, their hundred and eighty
something stores were bought by O’Reilly and merged into the O’Reilly chain, where
a lot of autozone stores they’re just stores that the company built and they
built up a big infrastructure themselves well since they’re in direct competition
there are very similar infrastructures and they have very similar warranties,
for example if you buy a gold top-of-the-line Duralast better it comes
with a three-year replacement free, same thing at O’Reilly, but I do have to give
autozone the edge in batteries because they’re always selling their own brand
Duralast, of course they don’t make them there’s only like three manufacturers of
batteries left in the United States of any size, but for my personal experience
of buying batteries I mainly buy all my customers batteries now at an autozone
because I tried Oreilly’s in the past and since they were lower than everybody
else including the autozone one, I bought quite a few of them years ago but most
of them bit me in the rear end almost every single one I bought came back
within a year or year and a half and these are three year warranty batteries, now
they were good on warranties they gave me new free batteries but what an
inconvenience for the customer they get stranded somewhere with a bad battery
when they only bought one about a year year and a half before, and take both O’Reilly
and autozone they have lifetime warranties on quite a few things, but
again if the quality isn’t good you’re gonna be annoyed by a life
warrantee on some things, for example few years back I had a customer with a
Nissan Maxima the alternator went bad so I went to Oreilly and I bought an
alternator, now it did have the lifetime warranty but in the next six months that
car went through five of their rebuilt alternators, I had to keep swapping it out
and I’m an honest guy I swapped them out to
free for the customer I didn’t charge him anything, but after the fifth one went
bad, obviously they had a batch of bad alternators wherever they were buying
from, personally I’ve never had that same experience with an autozone, every once
in a while I get one that doesn’t work out of the box, but I never had one that
I had to replace five times and then finally give up, now both O’Reilly and
autozones have to loaning services, they check your batteries free things like
that, it’s just if one does it the other is going to do it, because they’re
competing against each other, and they both have rewards programs where for
every dollar you spend, you get a certain percentage credit on a little card and
it builds up and you can spend it, so there’s really no difference between the
two of them there, they call it rewards program, basically they want you to keep
coming back to that store thinking, oh I’m saving money so I’ll keep going to
that store and build it up, but here’s what I’m gonna warn you about any
discount auto parts store just because it’s a discount auto parts store, don’t
assume you’re gonna get the best price there of something you’re buying, oil
their brands are in bottles wherever you buy it it doesn’t matter, the same
brand the same bottle you’re getting the same oil, so always check prices because
I’ve seen these discount auto parts store and for a quart of oil they might
want six dollars and forty cents, I get the same thing for three dollars in 10
cents at the Walmart down the street, I now buy a lot of stuff online I got
Amazon Prime shipping cost me nothing and I find the best prices that I can
and buy it there, and even there every time I’m getting my supply I checked
through to see who’s got the best price, those things are always changing, I had
to put a starter on a 350 v8 Chevy pickup truck it was bad and back in
those days I did mobile mechanics, I went out so the
nearest place was an O’Reilly store, so I take the
starter off bring in and say give me a new starter, they gave me a rebuilt
starter I put it on it didn’t work so I went back to the store and said you sold
me a bum starter so they got out the jumper cables, and hooked it up
to the starter on the table and it went whoo and it was spinning they said, oh no
look this thing works well that was the counter man, I said look it’s a bad start
I said give me your manager, so the manager comes out does the same test and
says well look it works and I said I’ve been a mechanic for a long time now it
was only 30 years back then, not 51 but still 30 years of experience is still a
reasonable amount, use your noggin okay you hooked up a battery to the starter
sitting on a table here and it spins, so it spins in the air there’s no
resistance it’s just spinning in the air well after about 20 minutes of arguing
back and forth he finally gives me another starter it worked, and the
customer paid me I went away, but let me tell you that’s the last time I ever
went to that particular store, and experience can differ in different areas,
I’ve met people that absolutely hate Auto zones because they had a bad
experience with people working there, it can cut both ways, just in my own
personal experience I had the worst ones at O’Reilly Auto Parts stores, when I was
young the auto parts stores were often manned by ex mechanics that maybe they
had their arm broken or they were couldn’t do it anymore they were just
worn out, but they knew a lot about cars and cars were simpler then, and they
could give some great advice and stuff on cars, but today let’s face it with the
lower wages that a lot of the people are paid you’re not gonna get ex mechanics
working now I mean that just doesn’t happen anymore, so basically you want a
store that’s friendly and that has a liberal or return policy if you got
something didn’t work you don’t want it find a place that will take it back and
give you your money back, here’s a story that shows you how far sometimes they
will go, I was at the Auto Zone down the street years ago and a guy was coming in
to return these car ramps where you drive your car up on the ramp to change oil
and stuff, well the manager refused to give the guy any money because he did
not have a receipt for that ramp guys other stores the other managers were
telling these guys are pulling a scam there was some big store that has having
a sale on these ramps for like 59.99 an autozone sold them for $99 so it was
obvious that some guys were going and buying them at the cheap place and then
trying to return them to Autozone without a receipt and pocket the cash
differential, well the manager was wise for that and he didn’t want to give their
money back, but the customer was insistent made him call the regional
manager for autozone, and that guy said give him his money, he gave the guy
money for those ramps that probably they didn’t even buy them at an autozone store,
bought them somewhere else, but the regional manager wanted to make people happy so
they do have a rather good return policy at autozone in my experience, now
one thing a lot of people wonder as well where you gonna find quality parts,
truthfully if you look at the majority of parts these days sold in the United
States they either come from China or Mexico that’s just the way that the
economy has gone, you’re gonna find this is true at autozone and O’Reilly it
really don’t make all that much difference there’s little differences
here and there, maybe once in a while one has some American supplied
thing and the other will have a Chinese supply thing, but all in all they’re
pretty much selling the same type of stuff other than the price that you’re
gonna pay, so of course always comparison shop, I mean a lot of them of a price
match if you say, hey look you’re in an autozone O’Reilly sells the same exact
thing cheaper don’t meet the price most of the time, and vice versa as long as
it’s the same exact part, so really what it comes down to is how are you treated
at these stores, so now you know the truth about autozone versus O’Reilly, so you
can make a wise choice next time you’re buying car parts, so if you never want to
miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell

About the Author: Michael Flood


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  2. I had a 91 Corolla, bought alternators from O'Reilly, had the same issue. Went through 3 in 3 years. Ended up buying O.E.M. That alternator was still going until I sold the car 5 yrs. later. Also, with the installation of the new O.E.M. alternator, strange electrical gremlins went away.

  3. I have had that experience with Bad alternators at Autozone I went through 3 in one week. Then I had them check it before they handed me the one that lasted

  4. Autozone has better life time warranty on their products. Although my last two Duralast batteries failed early which is okay. But they did their load test and claim my battery is okay. Keep having problems not starting and my mechanic says one cell specific gravity was low. Change battery and no problem for years. Now I only use Bosch batteries from PepBoys. So far on three different batteries no problem.

  5. AutoZone has FREE tools to loan. O'Reilly's wanted to charge me $16 to rent their Pitman Arm puller. I bought one cheaper than that from Ebay.

  6. Experiences may vary depending on location. Where I’m from, if your car breaks down in an Auto Zone parking lot, you’re better off walking to O’Reilly

  7. Meijer is much cheaper for oil. Oil takes up space. An auto part store has limited space compared to a dept. store. You want your auto part store to have as many auto parts on hand as possible, not oil. You can get oil anywhere. That sounds like a business plan in the making. Just sell parts! Quality parts!

  8. The kid at O'Reilly's asked me if a F-150 was a Ford. He then proceeded to tell me he didn't know much about cars and turned his computer screen for me to search.

  9. Never heard of oreily. Now all i hear on the radio is O_O O Oreily auto farts ! Where the he– did they pop up from ? NAPA is my store !

  10. In O'Reilly's of Massachusetts(Watertown), I don't like the do not steal signs. They are directed at the public, and the employees. Shelves, walls, in the Rest Room.

  11. Last weekend I got rotella t6 for $19.99 in the gallon jug at advanced, oreilys was $26.99. Most of the time the folks at all these places are about retarded. When I went to advanced I told the guy I needed 15 quarts of oil, he said he'll get it for when while I was getting the filter and rang me up for 15 gallons of t6. I laughed.

  12. Mexican made parts are better quality than Chinese made in my opinion. I own a VW so European made parts are the best. RockAuto is a good parts store.

  13. Got a Autozone brand battery in my veteran Volvo 242 in cold norway(imported). battery is dated 2003 and now time to replace, very happy with it till the end now when it cant hold much power anymore, but that is understandable

  14. Last time I went to O'Reilly for brake pads, I got back to my remote home in the mountains only to find that they put a completely different model in the box. My buddy took them back that night (as I had no vehicle), and came back with 2 pads for the same side of the rotor. I made it work, but that's it. No more O'Reilly for me ever again.

  15. I work for oreillys in nor cal. An i was reading many reviews. All companies are the same. Its the guy behind the counter that makes or break a name. I go above and beyond to help everyone. And id help all of you the same.

  16. Agreed. Car batteries for example. Purchased them at O'Reilly and maybe a year later, not enough amps to turn over the starter however, the voltage readings were normal. As a DIY I confirmed volts as normal and ever put a charge on the battery yet, still no go with the starter. So, down to the O'Reilly we go and seek a warranty replacement however, they want to put the batter on their "all in one" battery tester charger and that test takes 2 to 3 hours long they said. I looked at them and said, we already went through this on our own at home. They have a load tester but said, "sometimes folks come in with a good battery that just needs charged, and this is often". This is the problem…having to be serviced like a newbie who knows little about cars. Told them to refund my money or replace the battery as I was not going to make two trips to them for their benefit for something that is very obvious when the same vehicle had no starting issues a few days ago. Yadda yadda and more yadda yadda they processed the warranty for me. This is the problem though…corporate policies that are designed for untrained employees at the store and for those customers who know very little. I can't be bothered with that kind of service so we now are lucky enough to use a private auto parts store that is family run, been there for decades typical part counter and awesome service for about the same prices but, they don't sell junk parts to us. They know which brands are bad and good and let you know when considering the prices from one to another. They have a brake lathe, battery and alternator testing and all that stuff but don't rent tools. No big deal on tool rentals. Much happier and spend much less time at the auto parts store.

  17. I despise Vatozone! They conveniently entered the wrong vehicle information for my brake pad warranty. So when I went in to replace the pads for free they didn’t have record of my car! I will never walk through their doors again!

  18. I bought a starter at O"Reillys for my '98 Corolla (120M) in 2010; it lasted 160M and died 2019…….still had the receipt (nine years later) with "Lifetime Warranty" and they replaced it no problem.

  19. A story about Sears. I had starter troubles and went to a local Sears Auto Shop. They "replaced" the starter with a "new" one. About two days later, the starter failed. I looked under the truck and was surprised to see the same starter I had originally. SEARS sold me a new starter but installed the original starter back in. When I confronted a manager at SEARS, he looked at my receipt and simply returned my money and called it a day. He didn't look to see if I might be dishonest, he didn't question me or talk to any mechanics in my presence. He simply returned my payment. End of story.

  20. So I work at one of these said parts stores and there is a few things to keep in mind folks. 1. Walmart will not install for free, parts stores do which effects cost. 2. If you're smart or savey enough to do your own research and find what you need by your own efforts then kudos to you, you don't need a parts store, search online. 3. Absolutely correct as to who they hire, if it was a desperate hire just to have a body then the service will suffer. I can go on forever but, most important we have rules to follow when it comes to refunds and exchanges because of the dishonest customer that buys one ignition coil for their 5.3l Chevy and warranties one at a time eventually replacing all 8 and of course they threw a tantrum everytime asking to speak to the manager. Overall folks just figure out what's important to you and stick to it, wether it's service, pricing, quality and or warranty options. As a customer make up your mind and stop trying to blame counter people for not being able to read your mind or literally fix your car for free.

  21. Auto Zone Is 4xs the price on counter parts compared to the internet prices. And I already boycotted O'reilly the day after I checked prices on opening day. There's two others in my area I won't mention because I only use Auto zone right now. I have no choice. Yes the internet is cheapest and believe me I compare before I accept paying 3x's the price for anything. Well so far every item I've purchased online has had to be returned. I don't have the luxury of waiting until they get it right so I've been suffering with Auto Zone again.The last online part was replacement rotors. And I commented about these on another of your videos. Slotted to reduce heat. Slots vanished in a month rotors on next pad change. Wheel bearings. Tried price matching. No from auto zone and O'reilly said show them the price. I did and they refused to match it but said they'd go lower. Not near low enough. Bought online and shipped back the next day due to a sheared off abs line. I believe that company was trying to replace all their other returned items using postal insurance and customers returning the items to do the work for them. Auto parts are robbery these days so make sure you buy the ones with lifetime warranty. Should typically need brake pads shoes and spark plugs. Oil and filters. If you get to 200,000 miles on the vehicle sell it and you win on all this. Good video by the way. Just added a few of my own experiences. States about what you're saying. You're an honest guy so far. Thanks

  22. I just go to AutoZone for the 4 quarts of oil and a k and n filter for my bike. They give me fat boy deals and some tendies on the side

  23. I know someone that went to Oreilly’s and asked for a transfer case, and the guy behind the counter asks him if it’s for a 2×4 or 4×4 🤦🏼‍♂️ some people just have no idea there. Some people are good there though

  24. I'm on my 3rd alternator from Autozone now, for a Dodge Ram pickup. They always give me a hassle when I bring the parts back. I asked them how often they have problems with these alternators and the guy says "this is the first one I've seen." Yeah, right. I also had bad front suspension idler arms; two in a row. I asked how many times you have to get a certain bad part here before you can get a refund instead of an exchange and he told me "five times." Jeez. Last time, I just bought one at O'reilly and no problem so far.

  25. I bought spark plugs from a Auto Zone, the girl covered in tattoos walked in the back gave me 8 plugs , I busted my balls putting them in a Ford Explorer, it ran worse, so I pulled one out,cross referenced it, come to find out it was far from the right spark plug, now I cross reference everything because so many different manufacturers and counter help that knows nothing about mechanical anything, the fact is someone put in the wrong information in the computers, or the counter help doesn't belong anywhere near the auto replacement business.

  26. Hi Lo……high price low grade…O reiley has more people who know what they talking about. Here in Houston most autozones dont even speak english,18 an dont even own a car. Best advice check 3 different stores to make sure they are giving you the right part.

  27. Scotty, if you want the most hassle-free battery, try out an Odyssey battery. Yes, the initial cost is more, but I've got one in my Integra that's over 15 years old and have never had an issue. Heck, their terminals don't even develop corrosion — ever. And their low internal resistance means they deliver most of their output voltage across the starter.

  28. Sadly, I have to agree with you about O'Reilly. There was a time when I used O'Reilly exclusively. I'm a traveling musician and I drive a nearly 20 year old truck. It was nice to have a chain store that I could find in just about any midsize town I travel through. That is until I replaced the front calipers on my truck a couple years ago. Then I took off for the mountains of Tennessee and the Carolinas.
    Thankfully I made it home to Michigan before one of the calipers sprung a Leak a couple weeks later.
    O'Reilly replaced it under warranty.
    Then the other caliper sprung a leak.
    Before it was over I replaced both calipers twice because of leaks.
    Each time the counter folks at the store were great to work with.
    I ended up spending the money at a local store to replace both calipers a third time. I haven't had a problem since.
    I had a similar issue with the wheel bearings on My wife's car.
    The sad part is, O'Reilly stores are convenient and they have really good customer service. It's too bad their parts are crap.

  29. Had a bad alternator on a 250 mile trip got into Autozone in Utica NY before the closed on a Sunday night the young kid(They're all young now,How did that happen?) at the counter warned me that I shouldn't buy the most powerful alternator listed like the old school trick we used to do, because there was a chance it wouldn't fit as my truck did not come with the options that required that alternator. Then they wouldn't let me install the alternator in the alternator in their parking lot. Because only a few weeks earlier a dead body had been found in their dumpster. They insisted on doing the job themselves after they locked up the store. Haven't had to touch their work in 75000 miles! I know it was just a couple kids in one store but it goes a long way for me

  30. I when to autozone at the time was lady smoke smell I told her that I need this part (was a starter) she told me was that ??
    you take off your car you told me what it is SMH

  31. How. Ya doing Scotty whenever im buying a new car igo to your channel for a review of whatever. Car it is or i take it to my regular machanic a. And on mor than one occasion you and him have said the same thing on whatever car it is so white that being said keep up the good work and i will keep coming to you for a second opinion

  32. Hey super mechanic both 9f those stores are a joke. If you put either of their parts on any of your customers vehicles your not a very smart person. You shouldn't be working on cars let alone giving advice.

  33. The reason I stopped buying from Auto Zone is because it took forever to be waited on, and it didn't matter which Auto Zone I went to. I have walked out of Auto Zone without my part several times, because there would be 4 or 5 people behind the counter, walking back and forth doing nothing, but they would not help me as a customer. I finally just stopped going there. For me, it's either O'reilleys or Napa.

  34. O'Reilly can does suck they sent me the wrong part and didn't exchange it or give me money back that's why I'll go pay more somewhere else before I'll ever buy anything off them ever again I think he'll will freeze over first

  35. O'Reilley's is really bad about giving you the wrong part, we found this out after getting home which was 15 miles away….30 mile round trip for the wrong part probably half a dozen times before switching to another store….I'm partial to Advance Auto only because they sell more frilly sparkly crap for women lol

  36. Definitely depends on how it is in your town. I've recently moved to O'Reilly after years of shopping at Autozone. Autozone seems to never have the parts I need. Their staff has hardly any knowledge if it's not on the computer. They've also been focused on hiring "cute" girls to bring all the guys in. I thought it was an auto parts store not Hooters. The guys at O'Reilly are so much more helpful with customer service and knowledge about cars. They never have that "do I have to work today?" attitude.

  37. Went autozone in Springfield Oregon. Yeah, I was warned. Couldn't get the diagnostic tool to work and gave me the wrong headlight. I found it on their inventory page. Listed under my car model. They had one job. Smh

  38. I have had excellent experience with duralast gold batteries… dont cheap out on batteries… it is not worth it.

    LMFAO 4:37 had same experience with advance… just because a motor will turn does not mean it can turn a load… LOL Fortunately it was easy enough to slap it on in the parking lot to prove to them it did not work.

  39. Having issues with spark plug 8 on a Chevy suburban 2007 v8 please tell me the secret to replacing it? I’m laying on engine and can’t fit my 5/8 spark plug wrench even with swivel, and the bolt holding the dipstick won’t release, so I got 7 changed plugs and now I’m driving with this situation, Really pmo, original owner had never changed these plugs and the vehicle has230k miles. I bought autozone plugs wires should I just ignore the 8th the vehicle runs ok, but I’m hesitant to pay 120 more dollars to change a single plug at local body shop.

  40. I always get the "thear must be something else wrong if you keep going threw these new alts. were not giving u another one"

  41. Me & my mechanic went through FOUR rack&pinion kits & a ton of frustration from an O’Riley’s part until I found a new mechanic. Thanks Scotty!!

  42. Sorry, I won't go to Auto Zone as they sold me TWO, read that, Two sets of bad shocks.
    I either buy Chevrolet OEM parts or Napa. Regular consumable stuff comes from O'reilly's.

  43. Auto Zone saved me when I was stationed in Germany with my American Car. When I couldn't get the parts for my Honda pilot in Germany or they were outrageously priced, Auto Zone shipped the parts I needed for free to the military base I was on.

  44. I'm from the home of O'Reilly's in Springfield Missouri. I have 2 O'Reilly's and 2 autozone's all 4 are the same distance to within 1/4 mile from my house. Only time I go to the idiots at Autozone is if O'Reilly's doesn't have what I need. I always look online for price's and have my phone ready so I can get the price match. Only once have I had a bad experience with O'Reilly's and the manager took care of the issue quickly.

  45. Autozone return policy is so liberal they almost never look at the parts returned and make sure it is theirs, buy brake pads from them and return the old ones six months later and they take them as warranty and give you a another new set, not kidding! if you buy their parts you get new parts for life, if you are in the computer as buying that part it is forever!. No other parts store is that generous, though the counter people are parts guys not mechanics they will install bulbs, batteries, wipers and scan your OBD2 and other minor repairs for free, but any advice they give needs to be verified by real mechanics, they try but most are parts guys only. Autozone is my choice for parts because of the easy forever return policy, If a parts counter guy was a good mechanic, then why is he working for less money selling parts, he would be spinning wrenches and making double parts counter pay, never listen to them and know the VIN # for your vehicle or you might get the wrong part, just saying!

  46. I personally prefer Orielys Auto Parts. Orielys always has very informative and friendly staff. Sorry you had a bad experience at your Orielys.

  47. I don't like O'Rilley's either they either ignore me or treat me like I am stupid! Just because I am a woman but I do know how to fix some things in a car!

  48. Scotty
    Stay original and non commercial with marketing and viewer agendas!
    Fix vehicles and show Your skills and tricks with advice, this has worked for You many years.
    Now You’re turning corporate viewer numbers greedy!

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