Never Let the Dealership Do This to Your Car

Never Let the Dealership Do This to Your Car

rev up your engines, ato
says what do you think about honda dealer using a flushing machine instead
of draining refill for the automatic transmission, no never use a flush machine,
i have seen too many people use flush machines and it ruined the automatic
transmission, drain and refills is the only thing you should do with a honda, because
when you flush your using pressure and
sometimes little pieces of crud will get jammed into a hole, and a transmission
that had no problems in the first place ended up having a whole bunch of
problems later on, so never use a flush machine, the only time i say to people,
well give it as a last resort if they got a transmission that doesn’t even
move, what the heck have a guy hook up a flush machine and try to flush it to see
if at least it’ll start ruining, but if it works decent now, do not have it
flushed ernesto says how do you know if a fuel pump
is going out in your car, fuel pumps pump the
fuel to the engine, modern cars are all fuel injected and the pressure has to be
within very certain parameters, like if it’s 40 to 42 psi it’s got to be that if
you’ve got a gasoline direct injection, the main pump can put out a thousand psi
when your fuel pump is going out, it doesn’t pump enough pressure most of the
time, it won’t accelerate or it will only go to 50 60 miles an hours and not any faster
or you’ll get a check engine light, and it’ll be engine running to lean, cause if the
pump isn’t pumping enough fuel, it’ll run lean it has enough air but not enough fuel
it’s a good way of telling and you can also use your ears, because modern fuel pumps
they’re almost all in the gas tank they’re silent you hear nothing, and if all
of a sudden you start hearing mmm, and you take the gas cap off put your ear
there and you hear mmm, that means the fuel pump is starting to go out, change it soon
before it strands you in the middle of nowhere, Elvis Presley, I guess he’s back
from the dead, my relative has an 08
Dodge Caliber andlow mileage 25,000 miles had it since new and wants to change the
antifreeze due to age with the low mileage should we consider a water pump also,
ah not really 25,000 miles is nothing, antifreeze it
basically breaks down through use it gets hot and it gets cold, you’re running
it through the engine, since it’s only got 25,000
miles on it, it isn’t gonna be that badly worn and the pump has only spun a little
bit, I wouldn’t mess with the water pump I would just change the coolant, I would
flush it out and put new coolant in it modern coolants are so well made, I would
say go out get one of those long life coolants, some of them go for seven years
150,000 miles and do that, I wouldn’t spend the money on a water pump because
it shouldn’t have any problems, the driving and the mileage that wears on
water pump, it hasn’t spun that much it’s only gone for 25,000 miles, BC says
Scotty how do you clean and maintain a good safety belt, it’s got a little latch
in them, but a lot of them are electronic and they have a switch inside to tell
the computer that you have your seat belt latched or not, so the best way of that is
just using the modern wd-40, wd-40 lubricates, but it also does not harm
electrical parts, you could spray some on and then you wipe the excess off, and you
won’t have any problems with them sticking and you won’t ruin the
electrical portion, because say if you just use spray oil, well hey that’s gonna
ruin the electronics, but the wd-40 is electronic safe, so you know that’s a
good way and it actually shines quite well, I know guys that if they’re kind of
sleazy and their selling a used car they actually get wd-40 and they put it
all over the paint and it makes it look shiny for a few days, it’s a dirty trick
that people have done, I know people who bought cars like that and then later they looked
horrible, it’s actually good for making things look shiny too, so try some of
that, harsher says Scotty I went to start my car this morning the fuel
gauge was below the f, it came back two minutes later and it went above the F line,
what can be that is it low battery voltage or something, if your talking about
a little bit below the F and then a little
bit above the F, as cars age things aren’t as accurate as they once were, but
if you’re curious about your electrical system, any place most auto parts stores
do it free, you can have your battery load tested, and your alternator load
tested for free to see if you’ve got a problem with that, because it could be
the beginning of a problem that you want to catch now in the beginning before it
has any problems, if they say all that stuff is okay, that just generally means
that the sending unit your gas tank is getting a little bit old, you got to
realize your gas tank has a float in it, it floats up and down on an arm and then
that goes to a variable resistor to tell how much fuel is in it
well that thing is soaked in gasoline, imagine if you were an electrical part
and you were soaked in gasoline, over time that stuff just wears and when it
wears, hey it doesn’t work as good as it did, and
as long as it reads normal most of the time as you drive it slowly it goes down,
when you fill it up it goes back up, I’d live with that rather than tear it all
apart and put another sending unit in it, because that is a pretty expensive
thing to do, so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos,
remember to ring that Bell!

About the Author: Michael Flood


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  2. Scotty, seriously? The flush machine uses the transmissions cooler lines, running them thru the machine, measuring and replacing dirty fluid with clean fluid as the transmissions own pump pressure transfers the fluid. The machine can also show you the pumps pressure and performance during the process.
    Most wait until they have problems to get the transmission serviced, the service isn’t causing the problems.

  3. Was on a volvo repair shop a day ago and they told me that using any kind of oil (including WD40) in the driver's doorlock, will actually damage the electronics inside + the oil could actually cause "dampness" inside the door and recommended not to do such thing. I was like, k… And thanks to Scotty's videos, I can now see and avoid recommendations from people like them.

  4. Scotty I have a 2014 Grand Caravan and there is a squeaking noise coming from the front drivetrain but only in reverse. What are your thoughts

  5. Scotty what do you think about the AMG engines are they well made and easier to repair or maintain than the regular engines from Mercedes Benz?

    Greetings from Austria

  6. Speaking of petrol (which by the way is a liquid, why can't Yanks accept that?) level. I noticed the gauge in my '99 2.8 Z3 is very inaccurate. I know fuel gauges have a tendency to not move linearly, but this is just extreme. Doing highway driving it'll do about 100-120km showing full. About 180 still above 3/4, and doing double that the tank will be almost empty (going by gauge and litres put in). Is that also a matter of age? (By the way, the car does have some electronic issues that I'm slowly sorting out, so don't worry too much about the consumption.)

    Please just note that I usually use metered internet, so watching videos to check for an answer is not really a viable option.

  7. I see 2 times Keanu speed by… Remembers me that he makes very cool Motorcycle. The guy is cool, and John Wick 3 is coming this year. Did you know that the John wick series invented a whole new line of how action movies should made without being bored, just like the Matrix. But the bikes are cool…one of a kind, piece of art. Scotty should drive a motorbike just for one time.

  8. The one where the gas guage is broke . I had older car with same problem and did not want to spend money . My solution was to remove gas cap . Then shake the car a little while and listen with ear near the gas filler hole . If you can hear gas sloshing àround down theres some in the tank . After filling tank keep an eye on the odometer and set it every time you fill the tank . Do the math in your head and you should not run out .

  9. WD 40 is abrassive. Don't clean your dirtbikes plastic with it either. Plastic renew wont fix it 100% you have to melt the plastic to be shiny again .

  10. Keep up the good work. Do you rate the Dodge Hemi 5.7 along with all the other Fiat Chrysler engines as being the worst made?

  11. Hey Scotty, my brother took his 2000 Chrysler Voyager mini van to a local Jeep dealership for an oil change. They performed the oil change and noticed when replacing the drain plug, it was leaking oil. They determined the oil pan threads were stripped, so they ordered a replacement oil pan to resolve the problem. Couldn't they have re-threaded the oil pan and put in a larger drain plug instead? Kind of thinking the dealer service center was taking advantage of my naive brother. BTW, he is 70 years old.

  12. I've been wanting to change my tranny oil but the mechanic at a nearby shop almost convinced me to get my tranny oil sucked out by one of those machines. After seeing this view, it's now a big fat nope.

  13. I have on 09 kia sportage and I learned that whenever I over-fill the gas tank the gauge will read just below F instead of above F until the excess gas has been used

  14. HELP 07 Trail blazer throwing code p0771 running lean L bank. We've checked everything replaced sensors still throwing code what can we do. Dang check engine light driving me nuts.

  15. Hey Scotty, thank you for informing all of your great 50 your knowledge on cars oh, it is greatly appreciate it! I have a 2014 BMW X1 and just recently my dear lady took my car in 2 be detailed, new tires and alignment as a Christmas present for me. Well we got a call from the dealer saying that there was a bit of an oil leak and she would have had an authorized that, and only that. we got the car back, we found out that later there were things done to it that were not supposed to be

  16. Scotty, without flushing how do you remove old oil from the torch converter? Ford crown vic had a separate nut to drain the oil.

  17. Family owned a lube shop for 25 years. Flushed literally thousands of transmission never had one fail. I never flushed Honda’s anyway but flushed most other models. The machine uses the pump from the trans to flow the fluid. It’s not applying additional pressure to the trans.

  18. The pressure used by a trans flush machine is not generated by the machine. It uses the pressure from the TRANSMISSION.

  19. I have a 2002 Chevy 1500 4×4. I've changed the front rotors and brakes. They checked my tires and they are good. Now when I brake it still shakes. What could be another problem??? Thanks

  20. Scotty Kilmer what do you do in a situation for the 2014 Lexus ES 350 with a sealed transmission and so called lifetime fluid? No drain and refill possible in that situation?

  21. Thanks Scotty for the wise advice. How do you choose the remarkably appropriate and often funny illustrative photos – eg 007 with WD40 can on the end of his Walther PPK/S (?) etc?

  22. Love the channel, valuable tips, watch it all the time. But two things: 1) WD-40 eats plastic and rubber. That's a known fact. Therefore, for spraying into seat belt mechanisms, I would recommend "Liqui-Fix" spray lubricant instead. Fantastic stuff, cuts rust and does what W-D40 does, but totally non toxic and does not harm plastic or rubber. Available on Amazon among other places. Also 2) Re: fuel gauge. Was the vehicle in question possibly on a hill? Pointing up? Or down a bit? Because that can have a big effect on the gas gauge needle. Even the weight of the load in the bed of my pick up truck bed, which slightly changes the front to back tilt of the truck, can affect how the fuel needle reads….. so body tilt might be a factor that effects the gas gauge, as well as system voltage.

  23. Scotty, I need to change the seals on the fuel injectors on my Mercedes E320CDI. It’s a 6 cylinders in line Diesel engine. Should I try changing them on my own? Or should I take it to a mechanic?

  24. avoid palm coast ford like the plague , they cant even do a free oil change correctly and then want to argue with you. " palm coast ford sucks" !!!

  25. I wouldn't use WD40 on electronics. The product leaves a residue which is conductive and can short connections. Use a dielectric lubricant like a white lithium grease.

  26. Does anyone else have a pretty loud subaru fuel pump? 2007 subaru outback. Pretty noisey with the key in on position and the engine not started. medium-high pitched hum. All my toyota's have been silent.

  27. In regards to the fuel gauge not reading accurately you are correct about what you're saying the other issue is most generally if that's acting up your fuel pump is not far behind. On flushing the tranny one thing you failed to mention is when you flush a tranny the fibers that's inside the transmission that makes it run may not run as well as it did before. You are correct about not flushing them. My water pump had a 150000 miles on it before it went out

  28. A dealership once convinced me to do an alignment when i was servicing my car, although there was nothing wrong with it. After they were done, the car started pulling to the left, and i had to get it re-done at an alignment shop. I was very young and stupid back then.

  29. Hey Scott I got a question for you. Sometimes when I’m driving my car an I’m starting to go from a stop sign or light my car hesitates a little then itcatches and goes. Any suggestions?

  30. Flush is bad for sure. You can just do a fluid exchange. Wynn's , bgs use the transmissions own pressure and are connected to cooler line. I have done this twice on my Camry and at 134k miles it shifts like a dream!. Drain and fill is better than nothing but in v6 it takes out only a quarter of the fluid which beats the purpose. Would you drain engine oil partially and fill it with fresh oil and say it's good? I don't agree it's any different for transmission.

  31. Thanks for the advise!!! The transmission flush info is great and I have heard that fuel pump sound ( 1:38 ) … in my 2002 Buick Century.

  32. What you say about a 1992 Acura legend 3.2l with 500k miles on it as i drive it gets a to certain temperature to were it shuts off.then i would let cool dowm for a 1hour or two an it would be find until it gets hot. An my thermometer not working rite it stays on cold what could it be?A crank sensor or heater core?

  33. OK I agree that flushes are usually unnecessary, but I was under the impression that the machines use the pressure from the transmission itself to move the fluid through them. In other words, that pressure would be there anyway just driving down the road.

  34. Does this go the same for flush machines that use the trans pump instead of electric pumps inside the machine?

  35. Honda does not do any type of flushing… only drain and fill… they may be calling the “drain and fill” as a “flush”… (if they are using machines to flush that’s not Honda that’s the dealer, Honda is completely against using such machines)

  36. My coolant has never been changed in my 08 cobalt with 135k, guess I need to get on that! Oil and tranny fluid are changed regularly

  37. Transmissions used to have a transmission inspection plate you could remove to access the bottom of the torque converter and torque converters used to have a drain plug so you could drain all of the transmission fluid so they did not need to be flushed. Sorry damn car manufacturers don't want transmissions to last.

  38. I am not understanding your argument for why a transmission flush is bad.

    All the machines I have seen simply use the engine of the car to run and don't put it under any extra pressure whatsoever.

    The flush is superior to the drain and fill in every way as far as I am aware

  39. Hi, Scotty.
    I'm Tariq, from Abu Dhabi.
    How often to change the Ford F-150 2015 Model?
    I've got a maintenance contract with the dealer here, and they will change the trans oil only @ 160,000 km (about 100,000 mile).

    Also, a friend technician told menonce, if the trans oil was not regularly changed (like every 40,000 km or so, and the car has already made more than 160,000 km, then never change the oil and just make sure there is no leak or the oil level is kissing, like the case of BMW where they have no check gauge for the trans oil.

  40. Scotty , I have a 2018 Sonata SEL , 15 k miles and I'm thinking to trade it with a 2016 Scion TC ? or Scion FRS ? I tested the Scion and it has away better pick up than my Sonata . what do you think ?

  41. I have a Honda Element and wish I had known I should not have had my radiator flushed out. I just had it done and would have gladly had a drain and fill instead had I known.

    It may sound strange but if your seatbelt is having problems retracting you can make it a lot better or even fix it entirely by washing your seatbelt with soap and warm water.When a seatbelt is dirty its less flexible and will not slide as it should.After you wash it use a chip clip or a clamp to keep the seatbelt fully extended till dry.If you don't let it dry completely it can mold/mildew on the belt and inside the retractor.Also it can damage any electronics the may be inside the retractor unit on modern vehicles.

  43. BG makes a transmission fluid exchange machine in which you disconnect a line to the transmission cooler and tee in lines to machine so that it is in series with the natural flow of fluid in the system. The machine has no pump, so you start the engine of the vehicle and let the transmission pump circulate the transmission fluid. The machine also has a bypass so that the transmission fluid can circulate outside the machine while the machine is hooked up to the vehicle's transmission cooler lines. There is a viewing window with a float to verify the lines are hooked up correctly. Through the window you can see the quality of the fluid in the car. Turning a lever diverts the flow through the machine into a chamber divided by a rubber diaphragm that has clean fluid on the opposite side of the diaphragm. The pressure of the fluid entering the chamber squeezes the diaphragm and pushes the new fluid into the car in place of the old fluid and when its empty an internal valve automatically bypasses the machine again. It's really great, it uses and monitors the cars natural fluid pressure with a gauge and I think you'd really like it. 🙂 The company even provides cut away pictures and diagrams of transmission line thermostats so you can see how to bypass them.

  44. Hey Scotty I had 2008 Chrysler 300 with 200,000 miles. It was an automatic but when i accelerated it was very weak it sounded like if it was going to stall. I had a head gasket replaced that didnt help what could ve the problem?

  45. I have a 2006 Scipn tc. I have been told that Toyota's in that age range only has a vacuum connector and cannot be drained so you won't be able to drain. Is this true?

    I also have a Lincoln towncar 2005 where the transmission made the car hesitate at first and second, not it stopped working in drive, only works in reverse gear. Is the transmission gone or should a flush fix it since you said you have nothing to lose if your transmission doesn't move?

  46. Best way to clean a seat belt is pull out the belt as far as it will go then put a clothes peg at the top next to catch so it won't roll back then fill a bucket of hot soapy water and let the belt sit in it over night. Next to day take it out the water and let it dry.Done.

  47. I can confirm. an anut of mine got suckered years ago into doing a ture "flush " where they hooked up a flush machine . and it destroyed the auto tranny in that vehicle where if it would have just been an oil drain and refill it probably would have been just fine

  48. The guy with the fuel gauge problem should pour in a can of Sea Foam or Berrymans first…cheap fix💈🚑🚒🚔⛽⛽

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