Never Rebuild Your Car’s Engine, Unless

Never Rebuild Your Car’s Engine, Unless

rev up your engines, Jesus feathers says
Scotty I’m looking to rebuild a six 4.0 transmission in my Jeep
Cherokee, I want to replace the all-wheel four with a manual, what do you recommend
in Denver Colorado, to send the block to be born and buy remanufactured
transmission, yeah if you can get a remanufactured transmission I’d do that,
but the block, I don’t advise trying to have one guy bore the block out, somebody
else you want, you’re better off to buy a totally remanufactured engine, that’s
just the way that it goes, now that is a jeep they’re very popular and a lot of
guys like modding them for offroad there’s a zillion places out there that
you can buy really quality remanufactured engines, I would just go
out and have them do the whole thing and then install it, because you don’t want
to mix, over the years I’ve seen more people have serious problems with their
vehicles because, oh well one guy did the block, another guy did the head, another
guy put it together and each one is trying to blame the other if there’s a
problem, you want to get a quality remanufactured engine if you want to do
it right, the whole thing don’t do one here one there,
Jose says good morning mr. Kilmer I was wondering about the Chevy
SSR were they decent trucks, no I hope you you haven’t bought one already, I had customers that bought them
they had nothing but headaches some of them tried suing GM under the lemon law
to get their money back, one of them actually did, but the other ones they
didn’t win when they had their case with the negotiator, cuz a lot of times and
negotiators are actually picked by GM so guess who they’re gonna side with you
know, not that honest of a process anymore, originally it was but it isn’t
anymore the quality of those things they just
don’t have the quality, but if you have it take care of it, guy the other day
came with one to me and said, well what should I use Scotty, I said look you’re
gonna get nothing for it if you sell it and it’s working okay now, just let me
maintain it for you and if something major is going out, I’ll tell you get rid
of it now or just keep driving it until the wheels fall off it doesn’t work at
all and then junk the thing, you don’t put a lot of money in it, but if you got one
take care of it you never now how long something’s gonna last and
if it’s paid for what the heck just keep driving it, if you’re not gonna get anything
for it used, it’s my theory with any kind of car,
Michael Blackwell says Scotty I’m thinking about buying a Honda Element
for $5,000 with 150,000 miles on it should, I get the automatic or the stick,
you definitely want the stick the automatics in those things are kind of
weak, the sticks those things are screamers, I’ve got
customers with elements with five-speed standard transmissions, they’ll burn
rubber in all four gears those things are zippy they don’t weigh all that much
and with a standard transmission it’s much more fun to drive, you get better
gas mileage and it will not break like the honda automatic transmission, honda of
course started out as a motorcycle company they’re all standard transmission, other
than a 750 Honda they made once with an automatic that was a piece of junk they
couldn’t sell, nobody wanted to buy it they were terrible, so their standard
transmissions are bulletproof, buy the standard don’t buy the automatic and
then those things can really zip around but if it’s got a hundred and fifty
thousand miles on it, I’d try to pay a little bit less than five grand for it,
that’s a lot of money for that kind of mileage really, Eric says Scotty good
morning, what do you think of the 2003 Ford Focus standard transmission with a
hundred and thirty-eight thousand miles on it, the focus is a lower line car but the
main problems they have are their automatic transmissions, they even had a
class-action suit against them for some of them, that’s the standard transmissions,
much batter made vehicle, I got customers with old focuses with standard
transmissions that have 250,000 miles and they’re still running strong, so that’s
not bad, it could last a long time but if you’re talking about buying one and it’s
a 03 with 138 thousand miles don’t pay that much for it because their
resale value isn’t that high, you’re not gonna get any warranties so you know you’re
gambling with your own money, but you’re not paying that much for it if you get
it for a little bit cheaper, you get your money’s worth out of it, always pay
less for an older car that’s got higher mileage on it, it might be a good car cuz
it’s a standard but don’t overpay don’t ever overpay,
Bernice says I got a 1.9 TDI engine burns a lot of oil, 1 liter every
500 kilometers, can it be the turbo yes it can be the turbo they get turbo blow
by, realize that the turbo on that thing is also oil cooled and oil lubricated just like the engine, it uses the same oil
supply and if the seals start to go it will blow it through and here’s how you
can tell, just take the air line off the duct work that goes from the turbo into
the engine where it sucks the air in, if that’s all coated with oil inside, it’s the turbo
cuz that should be totally dry if it’s got oil, your turbo is bad, simple check,
if it isn’t then it’s your engine just burning oil, I bet it’s the turbo cuz a
lot of them as they age they do that on Volkswagens their quality control isn’t
what it used to be to say the least which is a big reason I tell people not
to buy Volkswagens anymore in the United States at any rate, so if you never want
to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell!

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  2. Why would you ever suggest some get rid of a car with a known issue, as if you are passing it off to somebody else undisclosed? I know dealers get hit with stuff like that on trades all the time, but the price them accordingly,. Laziness rules the day in that situation.

  3. Scotty, you always recommend people to buy standard cars but you don't tell them the pain in the neck they will have when they try to sell.

  4. I am sorry there is no good remain motors they all blow up, a good machine shop can do it all ,and with better parts less price

  5. I've rebuilt almost all my engines, I've bought reman engines but they never held up long. The engines I did lasted 300,000 to 500,000 miles. Remains I bought lasted from a week to a year , never got more than 50k off them.

  6. My uncle has a supercharged SSR that's also a standard. He loves it, I love it, my dad loves it etc. So far no issues. That's saying something judging that this is coming from someone who hates Chevy and loves Ford.

  7. For a good rebuild, as good as a new engine I have all the machine work done at a good machine shop then I check all the machine work and assemble and install it myself. I knocked out the freeze plugs, hot tank the block, have block bored and fitted to over size pistons, check the end gap of each piston ring, have the crank ground for under sized bearings and then check it with plastigauge, install all new rod and main bearings, new camshaft bearings and lifters, new timing gears and chain, new oil pump, have cylinder heads magnafluxed to check for cracks, have valves ground and new valve guides installed and I install new valve springs. I learned how to do this reading hot rod magazines when I was 16 years old. I don't buy rebuilt engines because I don't trust a rebuilding shop to go to all this work and expense. I hate how some engines now don't have camshaft bearings.

  8. In regard to your advise of having one shop do the complete engine job: I got ripped off because the shop demanded replacement parts or the warranty is VOID! None of these parts were defective, but a revenue stream for the shop. Their own mechanics are incompetent because it did not run properly, it leaked coolant and they messed up the gaskets and its leaking oil. Now the shop is blaming the auto parts supplier for the warranty on the gaskets installed in their own shop. The shop also lied to me stating "the O2 sensors need to be replaced, thats why the engine light is on" and these sensors are functioning properly. It's not my fault the shop chose to buy cheap parts from Advance Auto Parts and the gaskets leak oil. The water pump is the cheapest one available. There was no ethical reason to replace the radiator or fan clutch because there were no leaks and the truck never overheated even when pulling a 6,000 lb trailer. Then the distributor was bad according to the shop. This engine machine shop refused to fix any problems due to defective workmanship and pushed the repair burden upon the customer.

  9. Hello Scotty, I have ford fiesta classic 2010 1.4 duratorq 90,000 on odometer. Oil consumption is little higher than normal and I don't see blue smoke from exhaust. What should I do ? Turbo seems ok. Should I go for valve lapping?

  10. Rebuilt small motors.. and 4wd. Depends on your skill level and if you take your stuff to a dickhead or a genius. Rebuilding has saved me a lot of money with good results. So while you are the expert I respectfully disagree

  11. My old boss bought a 2012 Honda Element and his engine blew in 2017. I couldn't believe it. Then his transmission needed repair. I thought Hondas last forever
    Volkswagen's are trash. My friends and family have had many Volkswagens over the years and they all ended up being money pits. My sister-in-law had a nice new Beatle diesel that I loved to drive,but Volkswagens are like single use vehicles

  12. Hey Scotty huge fan of your work and videos, I have a 2002 mazda protege lx with 2.0L engine and automatic transmission. I purchased the car for 1000 bucks from a used car lot over a year ago. I drive it like a bat out of hell because why not. What's your opinion on this vehicle because I would love to hear it. I change fluids regularly and all in all has been a very reliable vehicle to me. It had 170k on the dash when I bought it, it now has 205k.

  13. All automatic transmission are junk, from Toyota to Mercedes Benz to Chevrolet, all automatics are crap, they are only good when new.

  14. Hey scotty im looking to rebuild my 87 nissan 300zx turbo with a rebuild kit. Any good kits you may recommend for this specific car?

  15. Hey man I have a question how do you know if you have a cracked head I’m 22 my dad was a mechanic but he past away 7 years ago I’m trying to start out but have no help could you help me out I’m trying to fix up his 2000 Chevy Silverado he left me idk if I should get a new motor or keep fixing everything that’s wrong with it so far I need new cats new water pump valve cover gaskets and maybe now head gaskets I need help my dad has his own shop I was working with him learning but he ended up getting cancer and it hit hard fast I was 14 when he past I didn’t learn everything I needed today so I’m out on my own trying to do it myself

  16. Scotty you must be a little confused on the lemon law. The nothing that happens in arbitration in legally binding to the consumer. So if you don’t like how the negotiations are going you can end arbitration and enter litigation. The lemon laws in (most) States is slanted very heavily in favor of the consumer not the manufacturers. Thousands of cars are bought back every year. Those people must have had weak cases, and were likely advised that they would loose in court.

  17. Scotty I like how you threw that in about the elections…. nice way to put it… excellent work my friend, you're a real man… God bless you!!!!

  18. Have u ever worked on a 2006 wk1 jeep grand Cherokee 5.7 hemi with the multi displacement system and quadra drive II system back when Chrysler was working with amg mercedes? ANY THOUGHTS!?

  19. A good used,low mileage engine from a trusted salvage yard is an option.For the average guy or gal,a rebuilt longblock can be the best bet! Most come with a 2 or 3 year warranty,should anything go wrong! For most gearheads,theres nothing better than rebuilding it yourself! Here,you have the opportunity to modify it to suit your needs and wants! Great video,Scotty!

  20. Thanks Scotty for always putting in a plug for stick shifts! An old mechanic told me years ago,a clutch assembly is always cheaper than an automatic! You are right,they are more fun too! Thanks!

  21. Reman engines have warranties but they are usually made with bottom dollar parts. Many newer engines are impossible to rebuild. But old iron blocks are easily checked and machined for aftermarket parts. Ive built several SBC that ran better than any factory engine.

  22. You ain't stoppin me Scotty! I have no experience and I'm taking apart my 4.0 tonight and it gonna run great after I fix whatever sounds like clapping!

  23. Was planning to just do a half send. Scotty told me to do a full send. Got it. Fully built FA20 here I come (when the car blows).

  24. 3rd Generation 4 liter 4Runner with engine leaking oil 300k miles, leaking power steering fluid, and transmission leaking also. I’d love to bring this vehicle back to life. Any ideas?

  25. Rebuild transmission or engine? Lol hahaha ha, cheaper to just replace hell it's even cheaper to replace engine or tranny than it is to buy another car lol

  26. Don't buy a rebuilt jeep Cherokee XJ manual transmission. You can still buy a factory brand new one directly from spin Warner for the same price I think like 1200 bucks.

  27. I'm a 58 year old man my father had an automobile repair shop also worked at a engine rebuilding shop the man retired so I don't work there any longer we did everything at the rebuilding shop ourselves and the quality of the rebuilds were excellent because we did everything we did the cylinder heads bored out the cylinders we even did high performance modifications stroker Motors this man was a excellent engine Rebuilder the man is 72 years old now he's retired you can learn a lot from the old mechanics

  28. Rebuilding just costs too much now, you're best off with a short block (if you're handy) or get a fully built crate motor.

    With those turbo engines, why don't people invest in a turbo timer from the get go? i never understood that, the oil needs time to cool! Five minutes of it idling after every trip won't murder your wallet.

  29. "If something major is going wrong with it, I'll tell you to get rid of it now!"

    That's the most crooked thing I've ever heard…to trust this guy as a reputable, reliable source of information is outrageous. Let's admit – He might know cars…but he legitimately just said he is willing to help his customers pawn off garbage vehicles to unsuspecting consumers – Junk it, scrap it, idc what you do with it. That's corrupt – You should care what they do with it, you know it's junk, you can't, in good conscious, not care what they do with it as one of the options that exists is to try to sell it to someone else…we all know the vehicle can be running one minute and dead the next due to what level of wear exists in the thing.


    The remanned engine gonna cost you double what the guaranteed running engine costs..and the guaranteed running engine costs double what rebuilding it yourself costs.

    He probably has lots of valid points – The engine builder knows what he's doing, let'm do it. Well for $19.95 you can know what you're doing too and save yourself from paying $120-$180 an hour in labor charges. You know that saying "The doctor doesn't make any money unless you're sick."? Same thing with the mechanic…if he can take advantage of you, he will…and he made that abundantly clear at about 2:00.

  30. Stick,manual, or standard as they used to be called. Whatever you call it is always better then a auto in my opinion.

  31. Hey Scotty I have a 1987 Buick Regal base I’m looking to do an engine swap what engine do you think I should go with?

  32. Well really ? I mean I've had my engine fixed up and for the last 3 years for 200$ it's worked like a charm. It was either fix it or getting a new engine. I'm still on a term for the car so there's no way I can buy another car, this fix saved me.

  33. VW t5 1.9 – turbo problem?
    I checked inside the hose like Scotty says and it was full of oily gunk where it goes into the rocker cover.
    I get a puff of white smoke on start up.
    Is it a lot of work to change the turbo?

  34. I rebuilt my 350 in my 85 Silverado I spent more on it than a new crate but it sure runs better. NAPA done all of the machine work I replaced the heads with brand new aftermarket performance heads. First engine I had ever built by myself that was about 10 years ago she still running strong.

  35. Bought a junkyard 350 tbi threw it in without cracking open 6 months later no oil change my Chevy burns rubber 😎

  36. I've got a 1998 Chevy Vortec 454. A remanufactured engine is really expensive. Would you still recommend that over a engine rebuild on this particular motor?

  37. "Dont ever over pay" i need to really start doing that. Good thing Scotty,s on here now all i have to do is watch all his videos and not be dooped.Thanks Scott!🖒

  38. Scotty forgot about telling us not to buy remanufactured crate ENGINE s. WHAT?? Now he's saying to go ahead and do it anyways.?? Scotty a walking contradiction ?? 🙂

  39. Scotty I have a 2003 Suzuki with 200,000 miles engine runs great but the transmission is dead should I swap it for a refurb trans or junk the car?

  40. Cars in Iowa with 200,000 miles on it you can't buy one for less than $6,000 they're crazy and they got dents scratches and small spots of rust hard to find a good used car in my area I think used car dealers are crazy they must be.

  41. Hi Scotty can use some real good advice I have a Ford E-Series van has a hundred and fifty thousand miles 2003 trying to troubleshoot the engine knock I also have white smoke coming out of the tailpipe and as the car runs it gets worse did I blow my head gasket I don't see no mixture in the oil or in antifreeze remove my valve covers to see if it was one of my rocker arms that got out of place they all seem to be in place

  42. Those SSRs are pretty pricey. a 13 year old one fetching close to $30k WTH. Thats more than a BMW or Mercedes.

  43. Hey Scotty I got a question I have a 2001 Toyota Tacoma and the check engine recently came back on for the po420 code which has to do with my exhaust and I’ve replaced both of the o2 sensor recently do you think the code is being thrown for a small exhaust leak or do you think it’s the catalytic converter?

  44. I have a 05 impala ls in great body conditions I love the car but I need another engine can I put a 2010 or newer impala engine on there with of course the 2010 or newer impala transmission if so what would be an estimate on how much I would spend

  45. I got a jeep patriot limited 2008 and my son drove it without antifreeze and the jeep dont want to turn on i think the engine its done now my wife its mad cuz she want me to buy another engine and replace it for the new used engine my question its will it cost more then buying another vehicle?

  46. Hey This is said out of pure charity. I noticed you used the Lord's name lightly, just as an expression. Most people don't know that using the Lord's name lightly, just as an expression i.e. in vain is a grave matter. It's one of the Commandments (the Second) because our Lord wants us to know what will keep us alive and what brings death. Using the Lord's name lightly without due reference is a grave matter meaning if done deliberately and with full knowledge it constitutes a mortal sin….meaning if done with full knowledge and deliberate consent one suffers the loss of the life of grace in the soul/hell eternally unless one recieves absolution from a Catholic priest. Any way it's done is a mortal sin but it's even weightier when the holy name of Jesus Christ is used ✌️❤️.

  47. Thank you for this video, I'm not the one who sent you email on the FOCUS but I have an 07 FOCUS with a 5 speed manual and it now has 236K miles original motor and transmission it runs great

  48. I've got a 2000 Ford Focus Zx3 manual with 159,xxx miles. I noticed a slight "lifter tick noise" only when idling around 900-1300 RPM. Anyone know how to troubleshoot this issue n fix it??

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