Never Rebuild Your Car’s Transmission, Unless

Never Rebuild Your Car’s Transmission, Unless

Rev up your engines,
vapor ac says scotty I have a 03 chevy tahoe with 245,000 miles, it looks like it rolled
off the show room floor and the engine is going strong, would it be worth putting a
new transmission in, well in that case it would, if you like it
and it runs fine, it looks great, why not, but here’s what you want to do, you want to
put in a factory remanufactured transmission, don’t go to some clown that says, oh I can
rebuild it for $1,200 or something, get a factory remanufactured unit, I’ve had customers
do that and then they get many more years out of it, but don’t go to some place that
says they can rebuild them, half those guys don’t know what their doing anymore and I’ve
just read the other day in a car magazine, 33% of the automatic transmissions rebuilt
in the US fail, so one out of every three that’s rebuilt somewhere isn’t rebuilt right,
so you want a factory remanufactured one, and then it might last a lot more years, who
knows, they don’t make them like they used to and back then they were solid built, the
newer ones no, blue Subaru says, good morning scotty should I get a Subaru 2005 or a Mazdaspeed
as a first car, both of those manufacturers have weak automatic transmissions,
that said, if you were going to get them in a manual transmission, either the subaru or
the mazda, I would get the mazda with the manual transmission, because the subarus have
some head gasket problems and the mazdas don’t really have any head gasket problems, but
if you’re getting an automatic transmission, I would go mazda versus subaru, because the
subaru automatic transmissions are worse than the mazda ones, team raid says should I but
a 1977 spitfire with 44 thousand miles, a 77 spitfire was probably one of the worst
cars the English ever made, guys like them because their cute and all this stuff,
but they were so cheaply made and that was right before pretty much they went bankrupt
and stopped making cars, but if it’s only got 44 thousand miles on it and you can get
it cheap enough and you want a toy, there’s nothing wrong with buying a toy and playing
around with it, but don’t think you can drive that as an every
day driver, it would be a toy, you could still get parts for them and stuff but don’t pay
much, it’s worth nothing it not a real collectors item, they made a bunch of them and they were
really poorly made cars I mean, even in 1977 if it’s an American model it had to have catalytic
converters and it didn’t work well with the dual carbs they put on them, I mean they were
disasters to work on, I used on a lot of them, david tmz says, 1990 buick roadmaster, do
they make great cars, they were pretty good cars back then, I had a customer that had
350,000 miles on one of those, if you take care of it and drive it conservatively, they
can last a long time, what would eat up a bunch of those when those first came out,
I had customers with them that were happy, but I had some customers that didn’t like
them, and the problem was, the engines were really strong, but they were stronger than
the transmissions, now if you’re a grandma or grandpa and drove
them conservatively, it didn’t matter because you don’t strain the transmission, but I had
customers that bought those and they drove the heck out of them,
and they all burnt the transmissions out, some of them even broke the flywheels of them,
because they were spot welded, but if you drive them conservative they can be great
cars, but you don’t think it’s a race car, the engines were pretty strong and if you
really pushed them you’d burn the transmission out,
gw says scotty I got a 2013 chevy cruze there’s a tricking noise coming from under the dash,
it sounds like it’s coming from the fuse box and my air quit working, any suggestions,
my first suggestion would be never buy a chevy cruze their junk, but you already bought it
so you’re stuck with it, if your ac stopped working and you hear a
clicking noise, pray, pray, that it’s just the ac relay, the electric relay for the ac,
go get another one and put it in, pray that fixes it and if it fixes it great, if not
then you got a problem in the ac system and the relay is clicking on and off because it
knows it’s going out if could be a bad compressor and knowing gm’s it can easily be a bad compressor,
their very expensive and their very poorly made,
but pray it’s just the ac relay, you can get them cheap enough, put it in and pray that
fixes it, seth says scotty I got an 03 chevy silverado,
when I turn it off it dies, I hooked up a computer and I get camshaft sensor, could
that be the problem and it’s a new battery, ok pray that it’s only a bad camshaft sensor,
their easy and cheap change that out, get that changed out, because on those and it’s
old enough, if the timing chain of the engine is worn, a lot of times the computer gets
fooled, because the camshaft has a sensor on it, but if the timing chain is worn, it
fools the computer and it can give wrong data for the sensor and it can trip a code for
the sensor, and I’ve seen many people on those engines, they’ll change the sensor, thinking
oh it’s the sensor I’ll just replace that, and the code comes right back, because the
timing chain itself is worn and it keeps tripping that code, and that’s a pretty expensive deal
putting a timing chain in, because if you do that you don’t just put
the chain you got to put new sprockets and do everything correctly so I’d try the sensor
first and pray it’s just a sensor, sometimes it is,
so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to ring
that bell!

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  2. Hey Scotty, I have a 700r transmission in my Chevy truck and it has been rebuilt since the reverse went out about a year ago. I currently just started to have to rev the truck when putting it in reverse before it actually allows reverse to kick in. Do you think I need to change the transmission filter/pickup again or potentially a certain solenoid I should check out? Maybe the drive shaft binding from universal joints?


  3. Hello scotty, I have a question. I have a 2007 Chevy Silverado 2500 HD W/T and the transmission likes to slam gears when the gear temp is up. If it's cold, it won't slam gears. I changed the filter and fluid in it thinking that was probably it. But I guess it didn't do it. I'd hate to get another transmission, what do you think I should do?

  4. I own a 1992 Nissan 240sx manual 5 speed which I purchased brand new I am considering getting the transmission a rebuild should I just buy a new transmission instead?

  5. Hey what’s up Scotty!
    I have a 2008 Cadillac CTS 6 speed Manual transmission. The problem I’m dealing with is my car only goes into reverse once out of the whole entire day. If I try putting it in reverse for the second time it won’t get it no more. I’m so frustrated with this problem. Do you have any idea what’s wrong?

  6. The Chevy Cruz ac problem is going to be the ac actuator… Happens a lot to Chevy vehicles. I just replaced mine in my 2011 impala… Took 20 mins

  7. Scotty, I have a weird problem. I have a seat ibiza 2002-2008, bbz engine and I changed the clutch at 197.000km. Now, weirdly ( manual transmission) I have trouble when putting the first gear when the car is stopped, and the engine is running. It feels like it puts the "link" between the gears not in the gears. I do not know the technical term) But even more weirdly, When I put second gear first and then first gear, it realigns and puts the link properly. That did not happen before the clutch replacement. Also all gears engage properly, when engine is not running. Shop says it's ok but I do not trust them. Any suggestions?

  8. I just got a Toyota Camry Collector edition and it has a Mercedes Benz 300 for the engine is the transmission a Toyota or Mercedes it's a automatic transmission?

  9. Don't buy a Mazda if you live somewhere's where the roads get salted in the winter, they rust out like crazy!

  10. Scotty Kilmer I’ve got an 1982 Ford F100, it was my grandpas. I’m wanting to rebuild the engine and transmission, do you think I could find a factory transmission or do you think it should be rebuilt? Thank you

  11. Scotty … love your show. I have heard you say that the 4L60E chevy Trans is not very good. I have had mine rebuilt and it was rebuilt 2 more times under warranty, because of poor quality parts. If someone wanted to, can he change to a better type of Trans, like an Allison

  12. If automatic, get the Mazda. If manual, get the Mazda.
    That's weird. Subaru used to have a good reputation.

  13. what about getting 4L60e transmission rebuilt, those transmissions are quite simple compared to today's complex ones so a rebuild on those should not have a large failure rate if you get quality parts right?

  14. Scotty, you're way off on the clicking noise from the air conditioner not working. Sounds to me like a blend door actuator $40 part about an hour to put in… done.

  15. Hey Scotty, have you ever heard of a transmission remanufacturing company called Certified Transmission? If yes, are they any good, should I purchase a transmission from them or not?

  16. Sooo…. it's your dream to put the entire transmission rebuild industry including companies that sell parts out of business.

  17. I have a 1995 f150 and the rebuilt tranny just started slipping… so pissed but I didn’t rebuild it, just expected it to last longer than 5,000 miles… not idk how I’ll get to school or to my job I just got today…

  18. The problem is people don't learn to take pride in their work anymore, they want it all in a hurry and cheap, higher prob. of errors in work. We need that Old World Craftsmanship attitude again.

  19. Scotty, my son sent a ton of money plus his core to a place in Tallahassee, Florida and it was not a good experience so now he is out his money. Just a heads up form one of your fans in case they are looking for a rebuilt unit.

  20. In a lot of these videos I hear transmission swap quotes of 4-8k for a tranny swap. Is this for real? And why? Are these guys getting paid $1,000 an hour? from what I've been told a transmission swap takes a day at the most for a competent mechanic. Let's just say that the workshop that hires is competent mechanic charges an average of $120 an hour, and let's just say it takes all day. 8 hours times $120 is $960 plus whatever parts might be going in. Let's just say $300 in parts. Where does the $5,000 come into the equation? If it's $5,000 because they are ripping us off, I would hope after 50 years of being a mechanic Scotty would know a competent mechanic that gets paid a very nice salary of $120 an hour and can rebuild your transmission. Link them in the description below Scotty!

  21. Scoty I have a nissan micra k12 automatic and my mechanic gives me a 2 years guarantee if he rebuilds it,should I rebiuld or put a second hand gearbox?

  22. What if I have a very rare car with an automatic? I need it rebuilt, but want to have the case to have the matching number for the VIN?

  23. Hi. Gears just got reversed today :(. Reverse became Drive ! . Is it worth rebuilding transmission for 1999 Toyota Camry? or getting Factory Remanufactured Trans.? or Buy another car? 🙁

  24. Mr Scotty your 1/2 correct. 1st off how many people shop around and find some jack wagon that will put a band aide on the problem. We have a guy near us that is strict about his rebuilds. Must use all new parts new converter new cooler and a quality transmission fluid. This man builds cars that go well over 150 mph multiple trips down the strip before a tear down. You buy a so called factory reman and you never no what shift the worker was . IE 3rd just before a long weekend. Or just after.

  25. My transmission is starting to make a grinding sound in lower speeds, it happens occasionally, and only after i shift and start driving, its not me lugging it or anything. Just random short grind sounds. Let me know your thoughts. I drive a 2001 Toyota Celica gt-s

  26. This advice doesn't work with Honda 1999-2004+ automatic transmission. Factory rebuilt ones have the same problems as the old ones. it's better to get it rebuilt by somebody off of eBay who actually knows what the problem was and fixes them. My channel has a video series teaching you how to rebuild these Honda transmissions

  27. Sir you have no idea what you are talking about with half of what you are saying the Cruze is the temp door actuator is the issue I have been turning wrenches for 18 years and almost everything you said is crap compared to the knowledge me and my co workers and father have seen

  28. Scotty is 100% spot on about the factory "Re-manufactured" transmission. It will cost more than the repaired/rebuilt but you will find that the "Re-manufactured" unit is the best value. Buy quality once, rather than repaired / rebuilt twice. But my bone stock 2015 Mustang GT's 6R80 took a dump at 43,000 miles. Then the dealer repair only lasted to 61,000 miles. No warranty! Now…

  29. That makes sense to get a factory transmission !
    But what if your like me and have a 1983 Toyota Corolla Wagon 1.6 with a 3 speed automatic automatic !
    Where would i purchase one ?

  30. I’m going to learn transmissions soon. I’m going to rebuild one we currently have. Laying around. Back to factory spec as it came out of the factory. That’s my goal learn them well.

  31. I don't agree with this advice at all. When you buy a remanufactured transmission, obviously is was "remanufactured." It's just a fancy way to say rebuilt. Now, if you take your transmission to a shop, buy factory parts and have them use those instead of the aftermarket clutches and steels, shift kits, ect.

  32. I had took apart a 02 civic 1.7 transmission and put it back together abd now the gears are stuck. We brought it to a transmition to unlock the gears and hw couldn't fix it. Now I have to get a cheap transmission from a junk yard or off of let go or offer up. Damn it.

  33. This is actually kind of believable—
    We got our 95 Passport’s transmission rebuilt at Sears but it’s acting a little weird

    Either it’s that or the computer or electronics are getting sketchy at its age of 24 years old; still a great car to drive despite its poor MPG being a 4×4

  34. Scotty man.. I love ya channel man… I watch all ya videos you are very helpful and I appreciate you sharing some of your knowledge with us..

  35. What about from the Dealership for an overhaul? Took my truck into Ford dealer where I bought it. after one week of owning it. Used 2011 F-350 149k miles. Hitting hard in R and gear searching. The dealership did agree to take it and repair it. After week they called and said it needs to be overhauled. 2 weeks later its still at Ford. I did get a loaner truck so Im actually lucky.

  36. Scotty, I have a 2008 Grand Prix. I was having issues with RPM flutter on the highway. I put the scanner on it and it says I'm having shift solenoid issues. Every shop keeps tellin me I need to rebuild the transmission, but the part(solenoid)is only 20 bucks. Do I need to drop the trans to get to it? Or need a complete rebuild?

  37. You do realize your so called " factory re-manufactured " transmissions are assembly by people making about $10 an hour who have been trained to take a part and place it in the transmission and then it moves on down to the next station don't you ? Those people know nothing more about transmissions than that , just what they have been trained to do , Jasper, Certified, and others, actually have about a 30 to 40% return rate factored into their pricing,

    I realize there are quite a few transmission shops that aren't the best, but there are many, many shops that are long term shops, with good reputations, and people that stand behind their work, Word of mouth is your best option for finding those, I've been rebuilding transmissions for over 30yrs, working for various shops in my area, the shop I currently work for has existed for 40yrs, they wouldn't have been in business that long if they didn't do good work and stand behind it. To say that transmission shops don't know what they are doing is just plain ignorant ! You might be knowledgable about some aspects of auto repair, but transmission repair you evidently are clueless about. A transmission professional can rebuild your transmission to be every bit as good, and most times better than it was when it came in the vehicle originally ! But if you want a transmission put together from someone who likely previously was flipping burgers ? then go ahead and buy a so-called "factory reman"

  38. I owned a Triumph for many years. The straight 6 in the TR6 is a solid engine. Just get rid of the Stromberg carbs and upgrade to electronic ignition. Also, do a disc brake conversion. Scotty is right, the Spitfires are junk.

  39. I paid a local transmission specialist. To rebuild my 2003 saturn vue automatic leaked 3 x and I brought it back 3 x last said. Since May. He keeps it for a month each time !!! Then he said it was the seal…then he said it was the housing..I only had it put 1 day a week ago and it was slipping again…I'm going to ask him for my full money back this has caused me being upset emotional mad and worrying why he can't get it done right !!!..he has offered me 2 days free car rental !!! It all started with a professional tranny oil change !!!

  40. My boss bought a remanufactured transmission. It broke in a week. Chrysler replaced it under warranty. No problems since.

  41. Yes the transmission is a component. Buy a factory rebuilt transmission. A caveman cannot do it. But a company that does so many a day. They don't ever want to see it again. High Reps

  42. I can't figure out to send you an email I don't have social media. I have a question I need awncered. I have a 2005 Jeep and spend 609 then 2500 on what I thought was a new transmission the light has gone on and off ever since I was told to ignore it then my altanator went out once I got it fixed the transmission light kept coming on. Now they want another 4,500 to rebuild it. When they told me to ignore the transmission light for a year, what do I do please help. @scottykilmer

  43. I don't know if you check the Scotty Kilmer but if you do let me know if I'm right or wrong, that transmission on your thumbnail is a 4 R 70 w four-wheel drive otherwise afford transmission some might call it an aod e

  44. I have rebuilt many transmissions for people i know the only problems I've had were bad quality parts mostly bad reman torque converters

  45. My non factory rebuilt 4L60e has lasted longer than my original new transmission that came in the vehicle straight from the factory. The factory 4L60e transmissions are junk from day one using poor quality and badly designed parts that break on a regular basis. My rebuilt transmission used reliable aftermarket parts. Not the same parts a "factory" rebuilt would use. You are wrong on this one Scotty.

  46. Hello I have a 2002 Honda Accord SE it has 169,000 miles on it but needs a new transmission is it worth getting a new transmission?the interior is super clean the engine is super nice there’s no stains on the floor or on the seats and the radio works the AC works and the heat works !

  47. I had a spitfire as my first car. I drove it daily for 8 years and never had problems with it aside from a few electrical quirks.

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