Never Scratch Wheels Again! – Maserati – Chemical Guys Car Care

Never Scratch Wheels Again! – Maserati – Chemical Guys Car Care

What’s up guys welcome back to the
Detail Garage. Today we have this thrashed Maserati, the
owner never washes it so it has a lot of dust and debris which can scratch the paint and
the wheels are covered in brake dust, road grime and filth that today we are going to
safely remove using our three new brushes. We have our brand new Gerbil Brushes, with
its enormous really wool that safely removes debris without scratching. For more intricate areas we have a medium
Gerbil which is great for getting in between the spokes also between the caliper and the
barrel of the rim. Lastly, the small Gerbil for lug nuts, valve
stems and tight crevices of the spokes. To get started lets add an ounce of Diablo
Wheel Gel to the bucket. We’ll activate the suds, rinse off the wheel
and start cleaning. So after rinsing down the wheel on this Maserati
I’ve knocked down the heavier loose brake dust so we won’t scratch as we scrub. I’ve activated our bucket which created all
this foam that lubricates the brushes to further reduce the chances of scratching. Dunking these brushes into the bucket we can
gather some foam. Starting with the largest brush to get between
the spokes and all the way to the back of the rim. As always I’ll start at the top and work our
way around the rim. See how it easily goes all the way to the
back of the barrel picking off all the brake dust, this way you see a clean rim all the
way through. I wasn’t kidding these wheels were covered
in brake dust and grime. All that makes the wheel look super filthy
but the brush has pulled it all out from the back of the wheel. Now it is running off and it is just nasty. Lets move to a smaller brush, this is for
the intricate areas of the spokes where the crevices are hard to reach. Lastly we’ll grab the smallest Gerbil to get
the lug nuts and also the valve stem and tight corners that we may have missed. It is made of the same fine wool as the other
brushes which gently clean sensitive surfaces and even OEM surfaces without scratching the
finish for the perfect shine. Alrighty guys there you have it, now you see
the Gerbil Brushes did an amazing job of bringing out that high shine. They safely removed all the dust and grime
without scratching. Real quickly we’ll show you how to maintain
your brushes, how to clean and dry them because you don’t want them to collect mildew waiting
for the next detailing job. In the meantime you guys can head over to
our website If you like this car or this video be sure
to give it a thumbs up and we’ll see you next time right here in the Detail Garage.

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. So are you guys guaranteeing that if i use what you use, and i hold a scangrip to my wheels, I’ll never get a swirl again?

  2. Cool video. Does your sticky citrus wheel gel work on painted rotors and calipers. Does the cleaner remove the paint or is it safe.

  3. In my country they dont sell chemical guys products, really disapointed. When i see ur guys video's i really want some products like, butter wax, iron deconteminator, and the new watermelon soap.

  4. So if I’m going to buy 1 wheel cleaner, do you recommend Diablo or Sticky Citrus? Or in which scenarios do you recommend having both?

  5. Haha you don't need to worry about scratching the wheels on a car with a drilled/slotted rotor big brake kit. It's a brake dust factory, so they'll get covered in brake dust after literally one drive anyway and you will never see the scratches.

  6. A Maserati(Fiat/Chrysler) that hasn't been taken care of so now that the lease is up he gets it detailed before he turns it back in. Guy should just drive a Yugo.

  7. hello master I follow you in all your videos and learned a lot with you but I do not know English active on YouTube the translation in Spanish thanks

  8. Awesome videos! One comment – constructively – have a little less caffeine before shooting the video! I'm a NY'er and I still could barely hang on with how fast you talk! lol Subscribed!

  9. I just bought the gerbil brushes and I haven’t had a chance to use them yet due to the weather being crappy… but i can’t wait to use them!

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