New BMW 5 Series Touring review (G31)

New BMW 5 Series Touring review (G31)

Casper already drove the 5 Series Sedan.
I only have to point out the differences. Those are mainly at the rear of the 5 Series Touring. The rear side door may be different as well. The back seat’s backrest is taller,
which is better for tall people. This part is different. There’s more glass. The 5 Series Sedan has this glass as well,
but it can’t open. It doesn’t have a roller blind either. The trunk is bigger and the rear seats
fold down in a 40-20-40 configuration. You can find the other details in Casper’s
5 Series Sedan video. Have fun. Let’s talk about the new 5 Series. The differences… OK, it deserves more attention. I chose the only model that matters. When thinking about BMW’s powertrain,
you know they have RWD and a nice straight-6. If you want that in a 5 Series,
there’s only one choice. One. This 530d, available with xDrive. Nearly all 5 Series have xDrive. 540i xDrive.
540d xDrive. M550i xDrive. M550d xDrive. The next M5 will probably have xDrive as well. 4-cylinder engines with RWD are available. The 520d with 187 hp is fun;
a popular model in the Netherlands and Belgium. Of course, it’s a nice car, but this tops it. A straight-6 diesel engine is a European version.
A diesel wagon won’t be bought anywhere else. That doesn’t matter. It’s a nice engine. It sounds good and it’s quiet. The new 5 Series is a quiet car. 261 hp is a small upgrade compared
to the previous versions of this engine. 620 Nm (457 lb ft) torque makes it a quick car. The RWD version does 0-100 kph
(62 mph) in 5.8 seconds. It has a bit of wheelspin. xDrive does
0-100 kph (62 mph) faster; 5.6 seconds. The top speed is limited to 250 kph (155 mph), but
we didn’t find a limiter and did 255 kph (158 mph). I recently drove the previous generation 5 Series
to advise buyers. It’s fun to watch that video. It’s still a cool car. However, my problem with the previous
generation 5 Series was its clumsy handling. The car is too wide
and doesn’t have the right reflexes. I can’t put my finger on it. I don’t have this
problem with this car, even though it’s bigger. It’s lighter, though, with the use of more aluminum. I don’t think the weight is the problem. It’s how you sit in the car and look outside
and how the car responds. This car’s handling is better. I do have a side note. This is an M Sport version. The adaptive suspension is 10 mm lower. You can
put it in Comfort to make it nice and comfortable. In Sport mode it’s not very hard, but a bit firmer. 19 inch alloy rims is big. I think they’re
not very pretty, but that’s personal taste. You would expect it to have tight handling,
which is only partially true. It’s leaning on the front axle too much,
pushing over the front tires. It’s on Michelin tires. You see the upper edges
of the letters on the walls are worn. The tire rolls over it too much.
You feel this when steering into a corner. Only at higher speeds.
It’s not that bad when cruising. Of course, it’s a RWD car
with a powerful diesel engine. It’s torquey with 620 Nm (457 lb ft),
so it does step out sometimes. I think this is the best seat in a 5 Series.
The backrest is taller in a Touring than in a Sedan. You can only sit in the back seat of your own car
when you can use the remote there. I’m going to try that. Push and hold ‘P’.
“Connecting. Please wait.” “Key inside vehicle. Can only be operated
from outside the vehicle.” What if I hold it out? It works. I’m going to move forward. Watch this. He has to laugh. He has this nice stabilized camera
so you don’t see and I have the microphone. I’m stopping or I’ll probably drive into the grass.
Reversing is fun too. Watch what happens. The mirrors fold in and it switches on
the backup camera, as if that’s convenient. That’s a software error, except if
you should do this. I think it’s brilliant then. I wonder how long I can do this. It won’t know what to do when it gets out of range,
but the key travels with it now. This isn’t the only way to drive autonomously.
The 5 Series is stuffed with this kind of technology. It wants me to touch the wheel. It drives itself. This is really cool. You’re going the wrong way. It’s a BMW.
You can go faster in the left lane. This will entertain me for a while. In all, this is a nice car.
The handling is great and it’s quiet. I don’t know if I said that already.
It’s a diesel car, but I don’t hear anything. It’s comfortable and has enough room.
BMW says that 3 child seats will fit in the back seats. Unfortunately we didn’t bring 3 child seats
to test this, but it is rather special. It’s important for some people. Now you can
persuade your partner into buying a 5 Series. The materials are great. It’s all recognizable
as BMW, from the 1 Series to the 7 Series. It’s different, more modern and fresh. You wonder how much it costs. You don’t want to know.
That’s what it comes down to. The 520d action model Steptronic edition
is a little over 60,000 euros in the Netherlands. The Belgians are lucky; it’s probably cheaper there. However, you have to choose the 530d.
It has RWD with a straight-6 engine. Do it while you can. We’ll all be driving
3-cylinder engines or electric cars in the future. This is a traditional, powerful BMW. It starts at 75,000 euros. With some extra things. I’m afraid that this
full-option car will be over 100,000 euros. A sunroof, Bowers & Wilkins shizzle,
massage chair, M Sport package, a lot. It has heated seats as well.
I don’t know if the power trunk lid is standard. LED headlights are standard, though. Adaptive LED headlights cost extra, though. You have a choice when buying an E-segment
wagon: a Touring, Avant, or Volvo station wagon. Those are rivals. The E-Class Touring,
the A6 Avant, and the V90 is always a wagon. Are there more rivals? Yes, Autoblogger
likes the Mazda CX-5, but it’s not a rival. Which one is the coolest? This one is nice, but so are the others. This one has a straight-6 and RWD. A V90 doesn’t. I’m leaving you with this sympathetic German lady
who complimented my driving, the car, my hair, and Martijn’s sunglasses. I think.
She was hard to understand. Hello sir, you have a nice car.
I’d like to eat a schnitzel with you. The hair product you use matches your sunglasses. Tina, I want to ‘chat’ with the charming co-driver. Subtitles – Maru’s Text Support

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  1. Bloedmooie auto! Mooiste station uit t segment, zonder twijfel.. 5 serie blijft toch wel de koning in dit segment, al zal hij niet snel meer zo iconisch meer worden als de E39..

  2. Die BMW rijstijl van Wouter wordt niet eens gewaardeerd door de Duitsers. Dan ben ik toch benieuwd wat voor actieshot vooraf ging!

  3. This xDrive 5 series is a lot faster to 100 km/h than you would think a heavy estate with a 265 hp diesel engine would be.

  4. Cyclist say:
    "On this street you can't drive that fast! When you see that there are cyclists.. passing a cyclist with 1,5 meters is compulsion!"
    grabs arm "Enough …" rest i cant understand

    "Crazy Boooi!" XD

  5. Mooie auto, wel wat aan de dure kant! Wielrenners op het einde, internationale asfaltterroristen. Een mondiale pest als je het mij vraagt. Evenals mountainbikers.

  6. Wouter, niks lekkurdurs dan een V8 diesel, achterwiel aandrijving met regelbare klep (uitlaat geluid) ruim 500 pk bij al 1800 toeren p/m , jammer dat er een begrenzer van 88 km p/u op zit …..

  7. Don't assume cyclists hate cars. I am a car guy in the cycling world. A recent Tour de France winner is a colleague of mine. He told me he just bought a black BMW M2 with a manual transmission and a loud exhaust. It's a crude reality however that even us car guys can be killed by drivers when we are on the bike. So please, make sure to slow down a little bit, and overtake us with a bit of a gap.. we are car guys too! Plus, we love to hear your exhausts when you get back up to speed 🙂

  8. Foei foei Wouter, beetje repect voor de medemens, is gewoon niet leuk om aan hoge snelheid dichtbij ingehaald te worden en soms loopt het gewoon fout af. Dus volgende keer beter. Dat andere fietsers en BMW rijders zich aso gedragen maakt niet uit, je doet gewoon netjes zelf.
    Overigens, en dit zou eigenlijk niet nodig moeten zijn, veel fietsers zijn ook petrolheads, werken met auto's etc, en recent zijn enkele auto en motorsport racelegenden zijn zo ironische genoeg om het leven gekomen. Ook ik fiets graag, van autorijden wordt ik immers niet fitter en ben veel liever buiten op de weg dan binnen in een muffe gym…

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