NEW LIFE for a 20-Yr OLD LAND CRUISER. 1. First View.

NEW LIFE for a 20-Yr OLD LAND CRUISER. 1. First View.

two months ago I purchased a 20 year old
Land Cruiser I was in Australia with the vehicle in South Africa it’s for my own
use in Africa when I visit to come and explore yet another a dreary Airport
wait I mean Johannesburg just arrived after
11 how a flight from Perth and normally when I come to Africa I’ve come to do a
big trip somewhere amazing and to tell some stories not this time this trip is
very different I’m Andrew st. Pierre White join me as I
share my passion for building four-wheel drive trucks and traveling to the
remotest parts of the world because every time I come to Africa
before I arrive I have to arrange for a rental four-wheel drive or a loan for
drive up to now since I left the country in 2013
they’ve always been rentals and wrinkles have their problems as anybody who has
rented a vehicle of any kind no particularly one that is full of camping
equipment and has the potential to be abused as do rental vehicles
particularly four-wheel drives so this visit is to find and rebuild a Land
Cruiser that I can use for the channels future productions in Africa
I’m flying into the town of George on the coast not far from the southern tip
of Africa I’ve purchased blind a Land Cruiser and I’m on my way to see it for
the first time there’s quite a bit at stake here so here I am I saw a glimpse
of it hello funny very nice to meet you masturbation there you go hey that’s my
car you’re gonna miss your car I’m glad you’re gonna miss your car because if
are you were gonna miss your car you means you’ve loved your car unlike other
100 series Land Cruisers the 105 has solid axles phantom back and like the 80
series manual 5-speed gearbox full-time four-wheel drive with lockable center
front and back differentials no electronics diesel engine and this one
has done three hundred thousand kilometres well it’s too bad if I didn’t
like it hey see I’ve paid for it but they’re very rare so I had to either
take it or leave it so I thought I would take the risk and she looks good
it actually looks better than the pictures which is a very nice surprise great I’m happy man after a good night’s
sleep and a drive of or about seven kilometers first impressions are very
positive very positive feels reason to be tight for three hundred thousand
kilometers it feels good the suspension doesn’t feel particularly
well set up it has a three inch lift which is a little bit more than I would
normally put on this vehicle the interior looks in better condition than
it did on the photographs but I think that’s because the previous owner had it
cleaned and cleaned properly but let me cut to the chase what don’t I like about
it that’s the first thing it’s a bull bar that it actually is a bull bar from
a 79 series that’s been adapted it’s not very nice
it’s tjm they don’t make a bad bar but it doesn’t look that great
The Rock sliders be very slippery to stand on in the wet but yeah tires
Pirelli scorpions yeah I don’t read them hardly at all for
kind of driving I do rear bumpers actually not bad at all but I’m gonna
replace it because I’m gonna put in a Gobi X because the Gobi X is just the
best of ever used and I’ve been offered one so I’m gonna change it it’s a lot
better than that and the interior again is really quite
nice so I’m pretty chuffed this morning I feel good about this decision and this
choice I like the colour it’s unusual and I’m actually excited about it and
now of course I’ve got to drive it to Cape Town in Cape Town it’s where we are
going to strip it mechanically and all the mechanical upgrades and then
following that I’m going to drive all the way to Pretoria and we’re going to
turn the inside into a camper Torah without any proper
camera rigs in the car actually have to hold the camera while I’m driving and I
have a hundred kilometers on the clock I have done that distance
in the in my new Cruiser and I have a big big smile on my face and into fifth
gear box is good all the gears no clanking no backlash no nothing in the
cadet the gear change feels very good and what is what is really surprising me
and I’ve always known that these cruises are very well engineered cars a good
Carter well with this mileage on this vehicle there is no play on the steering
it’s absolutely normal that’s remarkable I think that’s I think
that’s pretty pretty exceptional the ride isn’t particularly nice it’s a bit
jittery and it’s not terrible now it has Ironman Springs and my experience of
Ironman Springs is that the death they’re they’re fairly firm then they’re
gonna produce a firm ride and the shock absorbers are not Iron Man I think they
are the tjm shock absorbers but that’s not the problem with the ride the ride
is the jittery because I believe it’s lift is 3 inches and that’s contributing
to it to it and that perhaps maybe they didn’t do sufficient cast correction
bushes on it so it’s a little bit sensitive on the steering at speed and
the riders have been jittery I mean I’ve owned these vehicles before and I know
how good the ride can be and yeah I can get it I can get a lot business
but it’s not terrible it’s just you know I’m being I’m being picky
the engine is sweet and it’s it’s pulling like a one egg said it’s like
um what do I say I think the expression I’m
trying to reach for is couldn’t blow the froth off a cappuccino crack windscreen
the seller didn’t mention that I’m assuming you forgot because he did
mention quite a few things that the handbrake doesn’t work you mentioned
that I thought that out the there is a clunking in reverse gear I can feel it
it’s my guess is it’s quite serious I don’t think that’s going to be an easy
fix at that
that’s the sum total of the I have no other concerns about
this vehicle at all none at all imagery it’s running nicely so far it’s
lovely it’s gonna do the job brilliantly
so I’m very happy very very excited very very snowman’s four-wheel drive is a
Land Cruiser specialist outside of Cape Town and specialize in doing exactly
this rebuilding old Land Cruisers and bringing them a new life or even
sometimes bringing them back from the dead
leading this rebuild is my close friend and friend of the channel all mark-paul
should be here Paul how are you man good to see you back in Africa yeah and
anyway I like the colour ya know these vehicles are in my heart because the 80
and the 105 are such capable trucks yeah and you know we’ve both driven them and
we both love them yeah and now we’ve got one to play with
well to be honest with you I don’t know if I would have done this if you hadn’t
been around because yeah I know that another basics but I don’t know the
in-depth look that’s when you know these things as deep as you can go so I would
be relying on other people to know in depth as I am now but I know you look I
mean over the years you know I remember being in England going to a show in
England and filling my stand up with
Landcruisers yeah as a Landrover show yes at a Landrover shell and Robichaux
and you know the whole thing at that point in time the land rover is a very
capable vehicle and England didn’t have much in the way of Overland Land
Cruisers yes and you know I think they both have a place in the market yes in
my heart I think people used to want to cut me out and then say half Land Rover
half Land Cruiser but my heart really cruisers but you say that glad you drove
a discovery from from London to Cape Town driven a discovery so much around
the world yeah and I’m driven defenders and I’ve
driven Range Rovers and they’re all good vehicles yeah here in Africa these do
dominate yes and in particular I think the 105 is just well we both know you’ve
owned one I’ve got an 80 yeah we’ve done lots of work on the moon they’ve
beautiful vehicles to build up are they really comfortable and they were really
strong hmm so I’m looking forward to can be a great
great project I’m good to have you back know there are a lot of things that we
will we know now that we must replace we know it already without even looking at
it there are other things that we will discover that and then you will make a
decision yeah this is the kind of thing we we should replace but we could get
away with it and there are other things that obviously are broken bent about to
break must be replaced so I’d like to give the people watching the series if
they’re doing a build exactly to understand what is the negotiable what
it what it what is flexible lease flexible I thought a pump for example a
water pump is a testing example you know there’s something I’ve put a new one on
yes and I actually taken good spare take a new spin as the old one never really
works as a spec they dried out and the seals can be yes so it’s why not item
that if it fails you’re not gonna drive anyway so I’m also of the opinion that
when you build a truck up you should be looking at what
you going to carry it not heavy because a lot stuff you’ve put new you have to
carries that is precisely the process I want to go through to help the viewers
understand that mindset what parts not flexible one part what you know I mean
and we know why we why we taking all the vehicle yes I think that’s for me very
important is a reason why we take all vehicles when they are brand new
vehicles on the market yes we then invest a lot of money at all vehicle yes
and is a reason why we might never it you know for the simplicity for a lot of
you know making it all reliable we have on the components that are warm yeah and
what as you say what do we need to change
let’s pull it apart let’s examine it let’s decide what we’re changing
yes and then I think we’ve given I think we can share a lot of a lot of knowledge
and we’re going to have what you’re going to take this truck and do some
much trip so let’s see in the future yes so it’s gonna be really good yeah and
you’re leaving it in Africa oh absolutely I mean the whole point of
this is that I don’t want to rely on rental vehicles I want to have my own
vehicle because you know the difference you know some of the rental vehicles are
great others aren’t I want another place in the market
absolutely but I want my and that’s what I always say to people start off using a
rental vehicle get an idea of what it’s about but once you start to love the
passion the idea of traveling more often then it’s really about having your own
vehicle that you can trust is in the condition you know it is and you can go
with confidence into places with the kit that you should have yes stuff where you
like it the tent that you prefer the this that you prefer the little a
becomes yours and it actually adds a lot to a trip I think absolutely and
especially when you’re gonna go to remote places you know I think the more
remotes you go the more confident you could have been your skills and of
course your yeah yes and what you’re taking and what you’re not taking and
why you’re taking those yes so we’re gonna have a lot of fun we’re gonna
really enjoy this it’s gonna be

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. In the time frame that this Toyota was built, Toyota just seemed like they were at a pinnacle of reliability and durability. This truck is brilliant and can be modified into literally anything the owner wants.

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    When you ask for something the universe conspires to bring it to you.
    -Paul Coelho
    The universeconspired.
    – Milburn D'mello

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    It has a 2 inch lift that seems to be ok.
    It also has what seems to be lousy tires. That's a shame since it has lots of milage.
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