New Toyota C-HR Hybrid 2020 Review Interior Exterior

New Toyota C-HR Hybrid 2020 Review Interior Exterior

hello guys and welcome back to a new
video today I’m right here at Toyota Emil Frey in Bern Switzerland if you are
from Switzerland you know this place you can come here they have the newest dis
car on the market and today I have right here with me the new Toyota C-HR
hybrid two-liter engine 2020 model and I’m really happy to review it for you
guys so here is the car it is amazing I have to tell you I love the exterior
model design it’s really beautiful design really happy to to review it for
you today I want to show you every single detail about the car also the new
LED light you can see it here they look fantastic this is the daylight I don’t
know if you can see it so well on the camera because of the refresh rate but I
have to tell you they’re really really amazing beautiful design I love the way
they design it I love that they add this plastic here around the edges of the car
this plastic here really protect the car from from Stone chips and all
that stuff in the same time it has a beautiful design and it looked fantastic
in my opinion it really looked good also the rims are very very beautiful in
my opinion they fit perfectly with the car you can see here we have I think if
I’m not wrong 18 inch rims exactly but those 18 inch
18 inch rims they are economical and in the same time they look also really good
on the car you can see the new design in the back the LED lights they look
gorgeous really gorgeous the way they design it it’s fantastic now it’s on the
daytime but in the night they look gorgeous really beautiful and
you can see here from the from the backside they really look good
also I like the way they integrate the chrome design down here guys the chrome
design really look good look how nice it’s looking down there
the way they they they had the chrome and also here we have the reverse light
and the exhaust pipe it’s under the car so you cannot see it also here we have
some light reflectors and then we have the parking sensors we have six parking
sensors in the back and six parking sensors in the front also reverse camera
here LED no LED is just normal bulb light to the number plate but you can
actually change it very easily and also my favorite part it’s up here the
spoiler look fantastic look at the brake here the brake LED light and look how
cool they designed this spoiler that the air can go inside here not even they
look sporty but in the same time they help the car
iro dynamic a lot and also improve the handling of the car at higher speeds
also the plastic around the edges of the car it’s very useful and protect the
paint in time the car will last much much longer you can see even down here
they put that protection so it’s very useful really really useful the classic
handles from Toyota you already know it they also look very nice LED light on
the number plate the mirrors has a nice design
well here in the middle you have the camera and all that stuff so for Lane
Assist and also for reading the traffic speed limit now you can also see there
the LED light let me adjust a little bit the camera so you can see it better from
this angle I think like that so they look really nice really really nice in
my opinion they improve a lot the design of the car also even these fog lamps are
LED lights right here and then we have six parking sensors also in the front
you can see it right here and also behind this logo we have the rudder for
adaptive cruise control and emergency brake and all that cool safety feature
that toyota come with these days also the front bumper it’s really beautiful I
like the the lines and the shapes of the front bumper very much
so anyway on the side here we have the hybrid logo and we have some interesting
lines and shapes the way they shape the car here on the side you can see it how
interesting they make those lines here I really like I really like I find it very
interesting and I think it helped a lot I aerodynamic so the air can go around
the car and then go out right there in the back so it’s quite quite interesting
how cool this design it is and also how the air will go inside there Toyota you
know they’re one of the best at making those beautiful design and in the same
time we can see even here back here we have kind of a spoiler that help the air
go out so the air will go inside up there and then here will go up and then
the car will stay much much better on the road at high speeds so quite awesome
really interesting really nice I love all the shapes and all the edges that
they add on the car even the logo here it is a little bit inside they’re super
interesting I find it really really interesting the way they do it and I
like it very much in my opinion they did a great job with the design of the car I
don’t know about you guys but I really like it I really like the exterior
design we will go also in the interior and I try to show you all the detail on
the interior also the rims in black and this color it’s gorgeous
I love it love the way to look the car and also let me go inside guys now let
me show you the trunk it’s a little bit noisy here today so I’m not able to
speak really really clear maybe or not hear me so well but because of so many
cars around here yeah anyway we have manually lift gate here in the back
although we have a big window so you have a great visibility from the driver
point of view I will show you later you can also take this out if you want very
easily so if you want to carry bigger items you can take it out and you have a
big big entrance in the car here we have some plastic at the entrance and then
like maybe 2 centimeter here 3 centimeter I don’t know something like
there 3 4 centimeter we have hooks here also normal bulb light here on the side
here you can open that and behind that you still have a space there where you
can put your stuff very useful kind of a hiding space there on the other side we
have the speaker in this car we have the you BL speaker amazing sound in this car
I know most of you are interested in the sound in the car
they have great great sound and also the trunk is quite big in my opinion it’s
just big enough now I’m curious under this what is under
this and under this whoa I didn’t expect that look how cool they do it we have
like like a closet in the house so you can put your stuff in every single part
they share those parts and they look fantastic we have the repair kit there
and also here I think is the speaker system so quite cool so let me go inside
now and let me fall down the seats and let’s
see how much space we have soft I love those handles they are so fancy
they look so futuristic and so fancy and also I like this plastic that protects
the paint here in time even down there they are this plastic and with this
plastic the car will last much longer the car the body paint and if you
scratch it around here you can change it very very easily it’s much more cheaper
to change this than to repair old all the cars so yeah let me fall down the
seat to show you guys how the car look like with so we have a flat floor here
quite impressive I didn’t expect that it’s quite awesome to see that opening
right here again so it’s very very simple to fold down those it just like
that so we have a flat floor Wow really impressive a lot of space down
here on the legs really really impressive also in the middle there we
have a little step and I like that very much also here I think we have the cool
the coolant for the battery here can go inside the air for the battery because
this car is hybrid it has a battery and I think the battery is under there in
the back so quite awesome so you can see it from the back you have a flat floor
there quite amazing really flat all the way flat there only a little bit here of
step like 2 centimeter but other than that we have a huge huge strong
I will take this out from here to show you how how the pole card will play so I
think in my opinion you have a huge huge trunk there it is a really really big
trunk so if you take this out look at this look how big is the entrance in the
car it’s it’s quite impressive in my opinion it’s really impressive and also
the car looks really nice really beautiful and I think many people will
buy this car because it’s a beautiful city SUV with a great consumption so
yeah now that you see the space in the trunk we will go inside the car to show
you the rest of the car guys so let me close the trunk here
so let me close the trunk let me fold back the seat and let me speak about the
interior so really profitable until now I like it
I like it very much it’s it’s really practical let me close this door here
and go on the other side also I like the way the doors are closing you can hear
that great great quality on the doors as well and the only downside that it’s a
little bit downside for me it’s that the fact that it has a little bit a little
window in the back here I wish it was a little bit bigger and other than that we
have all here just plastic on the backside the handle here we have a very
interesting design with with kind of triangles and stuff like that I like it
very much it’s not soft material it’s it’s plastic but I like the fact that
they changed the color the button for the windows cup holder and then other
than that we don’t have any storage other than this here and the speaker
right here the music it’s amazing although in the car
it’s it’s gorgeous the music is fantastic
I have to tell you I cannot show you in the video but it’s gorgeous we have
leather here back of the seat storage space here in the middle we don’t have
any vents and any USB port I wish it was I’m not sure if you can add it as an
extra option I wish you can here in the middle I like that you have a little
step like the electric cars so you have plenty of space here in the back also
here we have the leather seat guys I like those things they are really
comfortable they look also very nice and they are also soft and they have this
leather this quality leather that lasts very very long time so I think those
letters it will last maybe the years years and years without any problem they
are they’re really awesome let me go inside to show you this
think a little bit about the space now it’s a little bit quiet here because
outside is so much noise and show you the space on my knees it’s huge
guys the space is not big it’s huge space on my legs I can stretch my legs
under the seat there in the front you can see it I can play with my legs huge
space on my head I want to show you as well
huge space on my head as well comforting on the stone the seats are awesome the
only downside like I told you before it’s this blind spot here in the back
and the fact that those windows are really small here in the back so yeah I
don’t know what to say a little bit of downside but not maybe not all the
people care too much about that other than that you can you can all the way
watch in the front so if you watch like that or watching the front will be not
such a big deal so yeah that’s that’s what what I want to say about that other
than that the space here it’s huge huge space look the comfort if you don’t care
about watching on the windows that that the comfort it’s fantastic the space
here in the car it’s awesome for City SUV it’s it’s gorgeous the space it’s
fantastic up here we have a normal light I don’t know why they not add LED light
in the interior I wish they would let me go in the middle I go in the middle
really super simple guys it’s just I can stay with my legs together I can stay
like that and I still have plenty of space on my legs even if the seat in the
front this is a normal position of driving but this is it’s way way too
much in the back there so you can actually see it and then I still have
some space here also up here I have plenty of space you can see yourself in
the left that that that’s amazing that’s something that I told you it’s amazing
they take the they take a little bit of Windows but they make much more space
here in the back so the space is quite good really really good anyway let go
forward let’s go forward guys here in the in the
front we have this leather armrest that look very nice and also I like the way
it looks the center console there and also the dashboard it’s it’s quite
awesome you can see it for yourself so anyway I’m finished in the back let’s go
out I like this quality of the doors the way they sound when you open it let me
go in the front so we have of course keyless entrance in the car you just
have to have the key with you in your pocket for example I think I’ll leave
the key right here inside the car I’m not sure yes of course the key it’s
right here let me close the kids right here so this is the key it looks super
nice it’s quite simple but you just have to have the key with you you put your
finger here and then you close the door right now the door it’s the car it’s
locked and then you just have to be here with the key and then you can open the
door without any problem now the windows are also big and nice we have also the
blind spot technology you can see there in the corner I like the shape of them
and they have also a very good visibility now in the front it’s other
other story because look at this window look how big it is you will have a great
great visibility it’s so big that they have to share it they have to split it a
little bit in the front there also good quality here in the front this time
we don’t have any plastic we have this leather here on the door really good
quality material and then we have the handles here nice nice nice chrome
insertion here also the same same design as in the back leather here on the
armrest the buttons look gorgeous with some chrome design they’re really
beautiful and also the way they integrate is glossy plastic there it’s
awesome so other store in the front some storage space here a little bit tight
but it’s nice and the speaker peak there we have also
electric seats on this car so adjustable seat electric this is awesome
I like it even the lumbar part and then you still have a space down here not
sure exactly for what it is maybe you can put something there but I love the
seats look how cool they are we have leather this this gorgeous good quality
leather that last for many years I like it very much I wish I have it on my car
we have site support here and those seats are really really awesome even for
long long trips or for short trips doesn’t matter so you can adjust from
here position or the height or whatever you want it’s very very simple
great now the pedals are normal normal meaning pedals here you have the
gasoline tank the heated steering wheel the parking sensors and light the fog
lamps are right here the buttons on the side then we have this plastic here on
the side here we have soft material I like all that part soft material leather
I think and here we have those vents that they look nice quite interesting
those vents here and also on the dashboard to have soft motel we have
these vents that go directly to the window to the first the window let me go
inside alright let me go here handle up here good quality on the roof like that
a normal bulb light mirror here I like that here are the microphones the
normal bulb light also up here I don’t know where it’s not a glass support here
it should be big windows has I told you great visibility in the back because in
the back it’s a big windows there so let me look around the car and let me show
you so the window in the back it’s really big you have good visibility but
a little bit of blind spot in the corners there but other than that the
space it’s it’s gorgeous I love the space now also we have a speaker here
you can see the UB the logo they’re quite awesome very good
quality sound also here have soft material leather on the dashboard
everywhere speakers nice design on the dash even here they have a little bit of
brown leather color there they look nice really nice I like the design of the of
the dashboard and the fact that this screen is directly to the driver a
little bit it’s nice I like that I like that even those buttons for climatic
system are a little bit through the driver side so now before I start and I
show you the multimedia system I want to show you this harm rest here it’s
awesome it’s perfect its position it in perfect position here if you open it you
can charge your phone right here wirelessly and under here you have a big
space and also a 12 volt port there so a lot of space here I like it other than
that cup holders right here beautiful glossy
plastic around here electric handbrake AV mode hold the auto hold really
awesome they are very useful we have this beautiful aluminum stick so this is
not plastic its aluminium here and I like it very much it looks super nice
and give you give you a little bit of premium you know feeling of this
aluminum it’s super nice anyway cup holder glossy plastic another space here
for your phone super useful and then we have the USB port right there in the
front also very very useful these days here we have soft material all over the
dash we have the climatic system the heated seats right here are very useful
as well then we have the dramatic system as you know it right here in the middle
I like the way they put it you can use it very simple start/stop button right
there blinkers the fans here are also nice I like them very
simple very clean then we have the multimedia system right here with the
screen we will talk about that as well and some chrome design that go all the
way through around this to the other side of the dashboard so let go here
down for a bit and let me show you the glow box the glow box it’s quite big
impressive it’s quite big I like that and now the steering wheel my favorite
part I love this steering wheel I love this stick that you can use it for
adaptive cruise control and all that cool feature then we have this steering
wheel with some glossy plastic around here that look very beautiful love the
quality of the steering wheel good quality leather also here you can see
the different stuff there on the screen let me let me show you right now guys so
right now you can change the trip there in the front trip a trip a you can see
all kind of information right there on the screen
I wish let me close this because it’s a little bit it’s a little bit too cold
outside for this climatic system right now this is working also perfect here
are the heated seat so you can heat the seat without any problem let me close
those wipers because the wiper saw was working right now so right now I closed
it and where was yeah I wish here you can change the lane assist you have this
you have this option for the cruise control and also set the speed on the
cruise control here we have the settings for the volume and for the multimedia
system and also telephone now what I wish it was different is this screen
there guys I wish it was all the full digital display I wish it was that maybe
in the next version will be like that other than that it’s perfect is it’s
work perfect and yeah I like it anyway let’s go
forward and show you this multimedia system I love it very much because I
like it because it’s directly straight to the driver so you have a great
visibility for the driver side also I like the colors and also I like that it
has no lag at all it’s it’s so smooth they improve it a lot from the last
update and here we have the shortcut buttons here on the side so you can go
to home here is the home you go to menu here in the menu you have the audio
telephone application there so you go to the apps let me go again
you go to the apps here so you can link your your your smartphone and also yeah
all kind of stuff let me go back to the menu you have telephone you have audio
you have the navigation information and all also the settings here you can
change the language you can change all kinds of settings here about the
multimedia system also you have bluetooth telephoning for settings and
the voice settings let me show you navigation settings online and then
smart device connection I would do here you have the map so I like these
shortcuts are really really awesome then you have the music here also track phone
and setup so you go directly directly to the place you want to be so that’s cool
that’s really cool I like those those settings it’s very simple there’s
nothing complicated there I like also as I told you the the colors the resolution
it’s awesome the software and the hardware behind it it’s super good and
also the navigation work perfectly now if you want to search for example place
here let me show you something let me show you how fast it’s it’s
loading this navigation system I want to show you that it’s work really good and
alright alright try again alright yeah anyway let me show
let me tell a place on the map for example I want to go here all right
right here and then as well and then boo boo boo boo boy come on no search right
now I don’t know I don’t know I don’t know
why not working address history maybe history address boy Search Search Search
Search all right now it’s working yeah I need a little bit time to get use with
this navigation so I don’t know first time to know how to use it right now
it’s perfect I was searching in the wrong place in the poi place so you have
to search for that so you need a little bit of time to wait to load the place on
the map but after that you have free option here the Eco option the fast and
short it’s really awesome and then you have all that information there you see
all kind of information here so it’s quite awesome and also up here you can
see those state signs that are on the road as well so I like that really
awesome and also the heating on the seat working perfectly I also feel it right
now what I want to show you about the car are some information I think you are
interested in that so the Toyota C-HR 2-liter hybrid it’s petrol with
electric engine we have 1600 kilo euro 6 D so and the consumption around 4 liter
if you are interested 92 grams per kilometer the co2 emission and then the
price and all that information you can buy this car at a normal normal variant
without hybrid 1.2 you can see there the turbo 6 gang manual gearbox 4 cylinder
160 horsepower the price of that car it’s 27900 but this car that I show you
now it is the other story is the newest one 2 liter
engine Hybrid Synergy Drive four-cylinder 184 horsepower and the
price of this car it is forty two thousand seven hundred it’s a bigger but
yeah you have much more much more quality and also the engine it’s much
better also you can read all that option if you want to read it I just you can
pause the video and read it and then you have another cache bones and all that
stuff like a discount two thousand francs so you can buy it with forty one
thousand one hundred fifty but this is only if you come to Emil Frey okay Auto
Center in Bern at Toyota they have great price and yeah here you
can get the discount other than that I think I already show you the visibility
in the back it’s not bad the space is great I like also those seats and I like
the dashboard the way it looked from here from the driver point of view it
look fantastic position of driving and also those seats are really comfortable
I like them very much I like the way they design the car we will go now a
little bit outside the car show you the exterior of the car the only thing I
wish it was different it was it is this the cockpit I wish there was a digital
cockpit but other than that the car is gorgeous guys I love it I really like
the car let me go outside let me show you a little bit the exterior of the car
and then we will end up this video super other than that I like it it’s a
very nice car and the most things that I like is the exterior design of the car
the quality of the doors when you close it it’s it’s awesome I like the way the
car looked like it’s super super nice really beautiful car they did a great
job with this design the spoiler it’s gorgeous that the way they think this
car the designer of this car tinkle about our dynamic because you can see
the shape of the car it’s made special for aerodynamic the air go up come in
and go up down like that and then you will have a great consumption of the car
it’s really great also practical with those plastic around there and yeah what
can I say I like it I like I like the way they did that way the look of the
car the shape the lines the the sharp edges the bumper in the front it’s quite
beautiful really guys I hope you enjoy the review with the new Toyota C-HR hybrid 2-liter engine hope you enjoy it please subscribe to my channel
check out also my other videos and thank you very much for watching guys see you
soon in the next video and don’t forget to subscribe don’t forget to check out
my other videos if you have question please feel free to ask me and see you
soon in the next video bye guys

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