New WRX Previewed and Other News! Weekly Update

New WRX Previewed and Other News! Weekly Update

What’s up, everybody Matt Maran here for another weekly update. So lots of news to go over this week, lots of exciting stuff I apologize for the change of appearance here. I’m currently in a hotel on the road And so that’s why I’m filming this here instead of in my usual office But anyway, lots of exciting stuff to go over. First off a a little bit of disappointment You know from the Tokyo Motor Show is the main thing this week and so at the Tokyo Motor Show, it was rumored There was gonna be some reveal of a future BRZ or 86 that turned out to not be true but we do have something for Subaru fans to get excited about because Subaru revealed the new Levorg and it’s a Prototype but they say it’s gonna be on sale by the middle of next year in Japan So this is just for Japan but this basically the Levorg in Japan usually looks just like the WRX just in wagon form so the front end you’re seeing here on the Levorg most likely is the new WRX front end And I think it looks pretty good. I’m pretty excited about it. You guys will have to let me know in the comments below What do you think about it? As far as mechanical stuff they didn’t get too detailed. They also didn’t show us the interior So there’s no hints yet as to what that new interior could look like on the new WRX But they did say this car has a new 1.8 liter turbo flat four And that’s an engine that they say has strong torque. And that’s all they said about that, thus the no details It’s most likely that we’ll get the FA20 carried over into the new WRX here in the States But you know, maybe they’ll try and get a little more fuel-efficient with the 1.8. We’ll have to wait and see But anyway interesting to see that For some other reveals here from Tokyo. Mazda revealed their first electric car called the MX 30 and so it’s a production car And it’s likely to be available at least in Japan next year Although there wasn’t any official release date or anything and they didn’t say whether or not it’s coming to the United States We’ll have to wait and see this seems a little iffy just because the battery size is fairly small But first off I think it looks pretty cool. I don’t know, let me know again what you think in the comments, but You know, I do like the look of it especially the fact that it has RX-8 styled doors there in the back that are hinged in the rear and kind of open out. So it’s kind of a coupe, kind of you know A four door, not a full-on four-door and I respect them for going with that because that will probably hurt sales over a normal four-door But it does give it a little more credibility as a sporty SUV since you have a little bit of a smaller vehicle there Other things here though, The interior is an interesting change for Mazda with some parts that are familiar But the main difference is an Audi like lower second screen there for the climate control Which is an interesting thing other new things are a floating center console area there, a new shifter design which looks kind of chunky but pretty cool and there’s actually Textile finishes there for the seats and cork finishes there for that center console area Which is pretty interesting. But getting back to the mechanicals They didn’t say anything about horsepower or anything like that But they did say it has a 35.5 kilowatt hour battery pack So range probably won’t be huge. But we’ve been hearing rumors about them using a range extender That could be a rotary range extender, so have a small little rotary engine To kind of power it and keep it going, kind of like what we see with the BMW i3 and stuff like that So we’ll have to wait and see but they did say that this one at least has only one motor in the front for front-wheel drive, so It’s not going to be all wheel drive, at least in its current form, and it’s probably not gonna be super fast with only one Motor instead of the 2 that you usually see on faster crossovers But could be a good city car or something. We’ll have to wait and see Yeah, we don’t have too many details still and like I said most likely it’s only confirmed for Japan at least for now Taking a quick break from the Tokyo news, though Volkswagen revealed the 2020 Volkswagen Golf this week, and it’s the whole new Mark 8 version and it’s an evolutionary change But a very nice change in my opinion, it’s slightly longer lower and wider Unfortunately, it might not actually come to the United States again And this is because Volkswagen, they’ve confirmed only the GTI and the R are coming so far. They say that the normal Golf They’re still trying to decide whether they’re going to bring it here Mostly because GTI sales are the largest amount of sales here in the States for the golf and so doing, you know, the normal golf might not work for them, but we’ll have to see. Anyway, though It only comes in four doors now as well. There’s no 2-door Golf’s anymore, even for Europe. And one new thing That isn’t dead though is the manual transmission here It’s a brand new manual in the golf that they developed and they say it’s a low friction design to help with fuel economy So that’s awesome. They’re actually bothering to work on a new manual, that’s great. Other things There’s also a 7-speed dual-clutch that’s available with a shifter that’s very similar to the one in the new 911 just with a less fancy finish. So that’s kind of cool the inside is quite a change though with almost no buttons and even the base model gets digital gauges, which is a Pretty pretty impressive for, you know, an economy car. And there is, I think what we’re seeing here though They say there’s a nicer digital gauge set up and I think that’s kind of what’s pictured here So we’ll have to see what the base one looks like, but still awesome to have that nonetheless The infotainment also gets a new layout that looks pretty cool. And hopefully it’ll spread to other Volkswagens eventually There’s already three engine options available for a Europe, each with two different levels of power And again since this is all just for Europe, I’m not going to get into that too much and there’s of course also going to be the GTI engine and the R engine added as well as a GTD which is the diesel version of the GTI that Europe gets and also a GTE Which they did actually reveal the GTE for us and just showed a few pictures here Um, this could signal what a new GTI could look like considering usually the GTE and the GTI on the mark 7s looked fairly similar. And so You know a little glimpse of there. But anyway, the GTE sounds pretty cool It’s got 242 horsepower from a 1.4 liter motor with electric assist and so it has a 13 kilowatt hour battery pack For 37 miles of EV range on its own And so the GTE hasn’t come to the States in the past, but you know again, there’s hope that it could in the future because especially since Volkswagen is so, you know, They’re definitely going for electrification, electrifying everything And so this could be a great first step since we don’t get the ID.3 hatch here, you know We could have this as some type of electric hatchback and I think that would be pretty cool So we’ll have to wait and see, but anyway for those in Europe The regular Golf’s will be starting to arrive here before the end of this year actually So ramping up very quickly and so cool to see that. Getting back to the Tokyo Motor Show news though, There’s another cool hatchback that we probably won’t be getting here in the States And that is the all-new 2020 Honda Jazz, which we call the Fit here in the states And so the main thing is that all versions of the Fit are hybrid now, which is kind of crazy It’s actually a two motor system, which means it’s gonna be all wheel drive for the first time ever as well Which is kind of crazy and interesting as well They also say it has an EV only mode even though it’s just a normal hybrid. But they didn’t give any details on the power or the battery range or anything like that or even what engine it’s going to Use so still a lot to, you know, be determined there There’s a few other things, you know, the looks and stuff are debatable. Some people love it, some people don’t so, you know, but I’m not gonna get too much into it because again, we might not get this in the States but one notable thing is this is the first Honda to get Wireless Apple CarPlay So that could be a hint at future Honda models coming down the road that you might be able to get that But anyway for those in Europe and Japan, it’s gonna start arriving in February So cool to see that. And Lexus revealed the LF 30 Electrified concept at Tokyo here, and it’s the first electric car for Lexus which is kind of a big deal and it’s meant to also preview their future design direction with the 30 in the name referring to 2030 and you know what we could see in 10 years from Lexus It runs a huge 110 kilowatt hour battery for 310 miles of range. It has four electric motors, one in each wheel, making 536 horsepower total, which is pretty impressive It’ll supposedly do 0-60 in 3.8 seconds and like most futuristic concepts This one has an autonomous mode and you know, very futuristic interior and stuff And one thing that’s especially out of the ordinary though, is that It actually has a built-in drone called the “Airporter” and that can fly your luggage from the car to the house or vice versa And I’m sure it has other uses but it’s just like your personal drone for the car, which is kind of interesting And again, very futuristic and we’ll see if something like that ever happens but a cool idea nonetheless. Lexus did say though that they’re gonna have some type of electrification in all their vehicles by 2025 now, I’m not sure if that’s just, you know mild hybrid, normal hybrid, plug-in hybrid It’s probably not gonna be all EVs or anything But you know, that’s just their commitment that they’re going towards electrification here in the next few years So interesting to see that concept. Mitsubishi had their own crazy concept and unfortunately, it’s very unrealistic but still fun nonetheless So it’s called the MiTech (Me-Tech or My-Tech) and so as you can see, it’s this off-roader that has no roof or doors But that’s not even the craziest part. The craziest part is it has a plug-in hybrid setup that uses a turbine engine to generate its own electricity And so it looks pretty sweet there in the back, kinda also a little bit like the Delorean from Back to The Future or something I think it’s pretty cool. There weren’t any technical details or specs given but there’s no point Anyway, since this thing is never going to get built But it is a cool concept and you know, maybe some parts of that interior I could see kind of trickling down to the other Mitsubishi models in the future we’ll have to wait and see but anyway cool to see that. Nissan revealed the Ariya concept and it’s also futuristic, but much more realistic and likely hints at what a new Murano could possibly look like Or it could be another vehicle alongside the Murano, but you know Basically an electric SUV from Nissan has been already shown to dealers So something like this in this form, you know, it’s probably pretty likely obviously it’ll be toned down a little bit for production But you know, something like this is coming fairly soon from Nissan. The design looks good but I am getting some hints of the NSX on the front end there and the taillights looks somewhat of the Toyota Avalon to me as well The interior also looks fairly close to production-ready. So, you know again this isn’t too far-fetched They didn’t give any mechanical details, but a couple of days later they actually revealed the Leaf prototype here and so it’s based on a normal Leaf, and we have a bunch of specs for this but this powertrain won’t actually be sold in a Leaf they’re just using that to develop it until it gets put into this SUV or whatever it ends up in. But it is an All wheel drive powertrain. It has 304 horsepower and 501 pound-feet of torque So that’s thanks to 2 electric motors and very impressive combo there They haven’t talked about battery size or range yet But the performance sounds pretty good with Nissan saying that combined with their new chassis control technology they’re working on they’ve achieved a huge leap in acceleration, cornering and braking performance. On par with the latest sports cars So we’ll have to wait and see how it actually drives whenever this arrives in something And there’s no timeline for when we’ll see this in a production vehicle But shouldn’t be more than a couple of years if dealers are already seeing stuff So it shouldn’t be too far off. So interesting to see that That’s it as far as the Tokyo stuff there’s a bunch of other concepts and things but None of them are going to be for the States and they’re like K cars and things like that so those are the notable ones I wanted to mention here, but Couple other stories here, Ford released an official teaser video here for the Mustang inspired crossover It’s gonna be electric that we don’t have a name for yet, but they gave us a reveal date of November 17th So that’s when everything will be revealed and that’s right before the LA Auto Show and from the teaser We can see that it keeps the Mustangs taillight design But does have an interesting new take on the headlights there with three accent lights being more spread out But it’s gonna be very very interesting to see how this develops I’m kind of curious about it, but also a little nervous. About, you know, how it’s gonna go But there is a little bit of hope I guess as far as you know, it’s sporting intentions because actually a few days before this teaser was put out, The Drive noticed a little excerpt in the Electrify America There’s a press release that they put out because they did a partnership with Ford where with Electrify America They’re going to get rid of the subscription fee for Ford owners You still have to pay for your electricity with this future Ford EV But you don’t pay the subscription fee to Electrify America Anyway, in that press release they Had this little line in it and they ended up modifying it later to get rid of this sentence So that kind of seems notable unless it’s just a mistake But they said “Ford will be releasing its all new Mustang inspired electric SUV, which has a targeted EPA Estimated range of 300 miles with an extended battery and rear-wheel drive in late 2020.” so if this is true Then one, it means we’re gonna have multiple battery options to choose from and it also means that there is a rear-wheel drive version Now, I think everyone was expecting all-wheel drive and that’s probably something that’s going to be available But it would probably just have less than 300 miles of range I’m assuming so the max range one will be the one with the least amount of power and rear-wheel drive. I’m guessing and so That still sounds promising though because if it’s actually a rear-wheel drive based crossover Then that gives us hope that this could be something that lives up to its Mustang styling and, you know, We saw some spy photos a while back and it had pretty skinny tires on it at that point I’m hoping that was just to throw us off because I was Hoping there would be a more aggressive tire and wheel setup and it seemed kind of like it was just running like Ford Escape wheels Or something so we’ll have to see but at least with that if that’s true That means it’s not just gonna be some front-wheel drive thing that looks like a Mustang and drives like an Escape I hope it’s a little more than that and it sounds like it could very well be So anyway, that’s an interesting thing there and thanks to The Drive for picking that out before Electrify America hurried up and fixed it. So cool to hear that The last little bit of thing is another thing that kind of leaked out And so this is from Facebook page “Evolved Automotive” that gave us a sneak peek at the back end of the new BMW M3 this week and well, it does look a little chunky. It looks pretty cool to me You’ll have to let me know again in the comments what you think of that? I personally probably prefer the diffuser to be painted black instead of body color there But other than that, you know, I think it looks really good And I’m sure that’ll be a very easy thing to modify and lots of people will probably change that So we don’t have any official info on when the new M3 is gonna be revealed But it should be fairly soon. If cars are already being built on the production line there so ya know definitely in the next Couple of months I’m guessing is hopefully before the end of the year. We’ll see something So anyway interesting to see that but yes, that’s it for all the news this week guys Let me know your thoughts and everything in the comments below Thank you guys very much for watching and I’ll see you on the next one. Take care

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  1. Another let down from Subaru. Hey Subaru, want more sales then make a Crosstrek XT. I live near Lake Tahoe and up here in the high elevations there are more stock turbocharged Subarus driven by regular folks then I've seen anywhere which is needed for highway passing power. While you're at it bring back the 5 door WRX, it's not like it would add much R&D cost.

  2. Front end disappoints me. The wrx just looks like a refresh or a face lift, not a next gen. Not a lot choices these days to choose my next car with a manual

  3. Overall I like the Subi front end. I see the prototype WRX wheel arches are on the Levorg as well. The American WRX may have a little different version than the Levorg as far as the bumper goes. We shall see!! P.S. Put a Turbo back in the Forester Subaru…Geez.*

  4. Oh wow the new golf is HIDEOUS, yikes. Glad I got my ‘18 GTI. I hope the GTI / R variants at least look a little better..

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  6. Golf interior is 10/10 for the money but exterior up front at least is like a 3/10. Excited about the mustang though.

  7. Your dedication and consistency with these Weekly News/Updates is amazing. Truly enjoy these and something that I'm sure many of us look forward to. Have a great weekend Matt!

  8. Not liking that M rear end, diffuser in black is a must, hopefully they're listening to someone who has good eye sight💡😋

  9. This weekly update sucked. Not the way you presented it, just the news. With the way the tech and cars are going it just sucks.

  10. The 2020 levorg and the new outback and legacy are fine looking in my opinion,they have some personality to it that missed in subaru cars for a long time,only the pig nose had that uniqueness.
    High hopes that the new wrx will get that new facia.

  11. For new cars approaching full EV and 2020 marking the first year of the next decade to 2030, the new concepts are a bit underwhelming. Hope we will see more amazing ideas and advancements come to fruition. The future is coming!

  12. Levorg looks huge – if yes its going to be an unfortunate contender to the forester..
    MX-30 could be great but not even there yet
    Jazz.. No.
    Nissan? Needs to refresh that design. Too many Kia sportage design going around..

  13. I think Subaru doesn't want to ruin the WRX thats why they almost never dramatically change anything, They are playing the "if it aint broke dont fix it" game but thats the main reason i haven't bought one new is because they lack change with most Auto companies going electric now they are also improving and trying new things with their design, even Mazda is changing and Volkswagen also look at the new BMW design of the new M3 not everyone likes it but still, sometimes change is good!

  14. Yes I agree. The diffuser is a bit ugly. Makes the car look fat and chunky. Otherwise the new m3 looks good
    Unless they don’t offer a manual then I won’t give a shit about it

  15. I never truly got on board with the current wrx/sti model appearance, and I’m not really liking the look of the Levorg prototype. Next time I buy a Subie, I’ll just stick with an older model. Regardless, Subies drive very well, imo.

  16. Design wise, Subaru seems to be have been left behind compared to all the sleek stuff that's about to be introduced. Surprised that no ones doing a bare bone car with a duel personally manual transmission (VW seems to be hinting at it with their new manual). With everyone so focus on unreal driving and electrification, they forget a good driver with the right tool can eek out efficiency that rivals a hybrid.

  17. That MX-30 looks like Mazda stepped back 10-12 years in design. Trying too hard to look “rugged” and it still doesn’t come close.

  18. Subaru lost their spark around 2008. After that their cars gradually just became normal looking. its a shame. At one point subaru made cars come out of the factory with 18inch gold rims, a huge hood scoop, a huge wing and a roof spoiler…now its just like any other car

  19. Now I think a WRX wagon would be badass, and practical. I know that probably won't happen, but I definitely think the Levorg prototype is an interesting concept. I would buy one depending on the power train.

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  23. I might have to buy the new WRX to make smashing content on it. My civic si and corvette arent really drawing any people right now lol

  24. – Subaru: just ok, slightly too busy of a front.
    – Mazda: good.
    – Golf: good (hope quality improves. these mx-built versions are something else.)
    – Honda: silly-cute theme, no.
    – Lexus: typical toyota exaggerated looks; nonsense.
    – Mitsubishi: good
    – Nissan: about time, great for being the only (Japan) one trying.
    – Ford: can't wait, hopefully it's not a disappoint like ranger.
    – BMW: stupidly stuck in the past.

    EDIT: regarding BMW, I agree with Matt. Just want BMW to put the same effort in building a simple reliable electrical car.

  25. 10:59 "and the taillight looks somewhat of the Toyota Avalon to me…" — Matt
    Looks a little like Audi Q8 to me.

  26. The Mazda MX-30 will be available in Canada next fall. That is according to, and on And yes the rotary motor is the generator for the electric motor.

  27. Pretty sure the MX-30 will come to the USA, or at least to Canada, since I saw a Facebook post about it from my local dealership, and I live in Quebec, Canada. There were no mention of it not being available here.

  28. That new Golf looks really nice. Makes me super excited for the next gen GTI. It would be nice if VW changes their mind and releases the Golf here for the states.

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  31. Honestly, i stopped watching your content as much because it just makes me sad every time lately. You do a good job, but it's exhausting to listen to you list the fun cars that have died or went EV, and introducing new EV's. Whether or not you like EV's, i don't view them as cars. They seem like an entirely different hobby. Cars are dying very quickly and i don't need to be reminded about it weekly.

    Props for the manual golf, but obviously wouldn't be manual if it came to the States, and the car is hideous, plus an ergonomic disaster. Companies are so eager to eliminate buttons to save a buck and completely disregard the driver's experience. Why make it practical when you can make it cheap. Same goes for digital gauges. Even though i will never drive anything other than a manual ever again, this is easily a deal-breaker for the Golf.

    The rest of the cars… who cares

  32. I wish more of your weekly update was vehicles that come to the USA. But I understand some of your audience might be over seas. And I'm not trying to criticize I enjoy this channel very much

  33. Interesting that the new wrx/levorg has a 1.8 flat 4….very close to the WRC requirement of a 1.6……could this be subaru returning to world racing?

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