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  1. I can relate to this so much with my parents 😔 this was on in my dads car when it came out (bc we don’t see our dad bc he don’t come see us) and my dad ALMOST CRIED and he’s was like sorry and that stuff I almost cry I still cry when I listen to this

  2. There's just something about this song I love about it but I have so far repeated it for few time a day that's how much I love this song is really catchy

  3. I did an acoustic version of this song if anyone wants to give me a little feedback or support 🙂 NF is my favorite and wanted to pay tribute <3

  4. Tiempo a inmunidad del tipo 1, No?
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  5. Esacto,es salir con lo puesto corriendo,no importa a dónde,eso es lo de menos,hacer la maleta para luego deshacerla no será posible,he llegado a un punto en que no habrá retorno.

  6. Hi, I have no idea if NF is getting this but here goes nothing. I am only 15 years old, and I heard your music earlier round this year. I was in a dark time, loosing my father and my brother at the same time and having a terrible step family who doesn't treat my mother and I any good. Your music was my happy place. I rarely write music. I'm not good at it, but you are. You are my biggest inspiration. Seeing videos of you on stage having to stop the music for those in the crowd that are in need, that is something I have never seen before. I hope one day I will be able to meet you in person. Your music is awesome. You are awesome. Thank you for everything you have done for everyone.

  7. Hello world we are from Baltimore and we have never been discovered so you'll never hear us on the radio but here's your chance and I guarantee greatness


  8. Siempre con ECIpermiso dgradae.🇪🇸a todos puedo agradar.Mi oro rojo les pertenece así como las decisiones a tomar,….m


  10. I know this will die, but this song touched me very personally. Nate sang my thoughts out, and my actions. My girlfriend of 6 years left me the day this song was released, and the crazier part is the address in this music video, was our address as well. This was an extremely emotional song for me at the time because it felt like Nate was literally singing about me, and she left me because of everything mentioned in here. I constantly asked for her to give me time, and she always gave it to me, she gave me chance after chance, but she couldn't wait any longer.

  11. NF is real and will always stay that way. He is true to his word and doesn’t give up even when his lows are the lowest

  12. EVERY SINGLE TIME I hear the intro to this song on the radio, I keep confusing it with Lana Del Rey's Summertime Sadness

  13. NF, this video was suggested on my video cuz you copyright claim it… do you really need to copyright claim a video of a channel with 8 subs, actually I don't even monetise my videos

  14. i cant be the only one who notices them using the force the entire TIME. That, or it must be the work of either Barry Allen or Dr.Strange. NO, NOT THE EZRA MILLER BARRY!

  15. Me and my boyfriend were fighting in the car then all of a sudden it went silent and this song played on the radio .. and we just sat there and looked at each other and didn’t say anything but we both know this song related a lot as to what was going on 😂

  16. My husband of 9 years dedicated me this song. Nf says exactly everything I've wanted to hear from my husband so whenever things get rough I come and listen and it always calms my thoughts….

  17. @NFrealmusic can I use your “let’s get money beat” for real I wanna make it 903-269-0180 text me and see what I’m about

  18. Someone so close to me told me to listen every lyric of this song, to help me understand what there going threw

    Sometimes music sends a clearer message than anything else can

  19. I’m so glad to see the tour dates but damn he’s actually working constantly, covering nearly every state in the union. But WV isn’t even on it anywhere!! And his music and lyrics are so important to so many people trying to heal from so much of the same drama. I just wish West Virginia was on his tour dates!!

  20. YO Nate I bought you'll see this but I feel I gotta get this out. Since i found out about you. Your music has been a release for me a way to let go cuz I feel your lyrics I feel your emotion dude when I'm having a bad day and my mind won't rest I play your stuff and I feel better and the fact you talk about what God has done for you makes it much better God is using you in a fantastic way

  21. I admit, i texted this man everyday, for 3 years straight, without the need of replying from him.

    “Good morning, have a good one etc”
    “Good afternoon, how’s your day? Etc”
    “Good evening, the day is amazing isn’t it?”
    “Good night, sweet dreams”

    I changed into better person even though we’ve only met once

    Am i crazy? I don’t think so. I made a promise, & i will never break it.

    Thats how he valued my love. & look at us now. we’re happy, i’m the happiest. You need to earn a certain relationship with effort. I’m down with challenges i guess lol.u

  22. Just in Walmart and heard this song on the radio in there- best I ever felt about being in Walmart!!!!! God Bless you NF

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