Nico Vink’s Scott Gambler Fest Series Downhill Bike | GMBN Pro Bikes

Nico Vink’s Scott Gambler Fest Series Downhill Bike | GMBN Pro Bikes

(upbeat techno music) – Welcome to another Pro Bike with myself, and this one is a
special one for you guys. Straight out of Chatel Bike Park, this is Nico Vink’s Scott Gambler. Right, I’d like to start out
with the heart of the frame. This is the Scott Gambler. In his personal graphics. I love it. He’s got his name up here with the eagle. All this personal graphics
down here on the chain stay. But this is a medium sized frame, and it’s got 26 inch wheels. These bikes are stool
designed to take small wheels. With a little chip here, you can switch her around, and you can put 650B’s in there. Moving onto the rear shock. This is a special shock. This is a 240 shock, and he swaps out springs
depending on what he rides. Especially out here in Nine Nights, he’s change the spring. He’s running a 480 spring on here. So, it’s quite stiff, but the rear shock
tuning on this is insane. It’s super hard. Right, moving on to the drive train. This is super aggressive. It’s not all about gears out there in free riding and doing big
jumps like fast and stuff. As long as you’ve got
the speed, that’s enough. So, he’s running a SRAM seven speed, with a nice seven cassette on the rear. Real compact and small. These are the Hope cranks. These are 165 mL and travel. These are nice 36 tooth sprocket there. Hope as well. I love this little bash ring. Around the whole thing, to protect that cog from getting smashed into rocks out there. Also, I like this slick guard. That helps keep that chain on there. Right, he’s running flat pedals. These are the Hope F20s. Love them. Super aggressive. And it says best series on that. These are Hope Tech DH wheels. Amazing, super aggressive, super strong. Being 26, that’s extra strength. And we’re gonna move onto the hub. This is the Hope Pro four. It sounds nuts. Right, and then the
rubber there to keep them in control out there on the trail. These are the Schwalbe Magic Mary’s. Super aggressive and tacky tyre. Moving onto the braking power. These are Hope V4. Four pot in black. A lot of stopping power, and he’s got a 203 rotor on the rear. Right, the cockpit where the dude himself keeps the bike under control
out there on the trail. It’s super special, because it’s got his name everywhere up here. On his grips, and on his bars. All Reverse components. So he’s got nice Reverse grips with Reverse bars as well. Quite a high rise bar, but this is a 48 male rise with a nice nine degree sweep on the bar, and he’s cut them to 718 mL lengths. So, it’s quite a wide bar for him. Nice Hope Tech three
levers, front and rear. And a nice SRAM shifter to go with that nice SRAM
seven speed on the rear. Right, and keep on this bolted to his bike as this Hope 50 mL
length direct mount stem, which is directly mounted to
these nice Rocksoft boxes. And to top it off is
this nice Reverse seat and seat post combo. Again, special, because it’s
his signature part as well. And a nice Hope seat clamp in black to keep that in contact. Alright, enough of me
talking about your own bike. I got a few questions for you in the UK. (cheerful techno music) – I just grew up riding 26. – Likewise. – It’s what I’m used to. It’s playful. I don’t look to go the fastest, but I’m just looking to have fun, and it gives me more room
to flip my bike around. – Are you quite picky with
settings on your bike? Have you got something,
like one thing, or? – I got kinda picky through the years. (laughing) Like when I was younger, I didn’t care too much. I just ride anything. But now, I’m picky, I would say. Geometry’s important. Bar’s important. Braking, suspension. It needs to be right. – Yeah, it needs to be right. Right, cheers, Vink, for
showing us off your bike, to the viewers and myself. I love it. But if you wanna see another pro bike, click just down here, and if you wanna know how
to get on at Nine Nights, click this one, shows you all that. – Click here to subscribe. – Yeah, definitely click
that little round globe. And I’m definitely gonna
give this thing a thumb’s up, because it’s sick and super nice.

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  1. What about his fork settings! Air or coil? What cartridge? 😛

    Not that it matters, but I just want to know lol

  2. At my last race I bent my disk really bad and I’ve been trying to straighten it for weeks. My dad tried everything; I tried everything I Today it pushed me off that much that I punched it as hard as I could and it’s straight now 😂

  3. hi guys nice video. I also upload MTB content, so feel free to check or sub to my channel!! thanks for the Sweet video!

  4. for the last 2 months I rode a 26 and sincerely I don't want to go back to 27,5 or 29ers…….. having so much fun and getting things easy.

  5. Nico rocks , and so does that bike ..
    i would have said nice at least 10 more times than Blake did …
    seriously …
    but that's just me, and idk what the big deal is, Blake is a super cool and nice guy… i wish all you guys would stfu with being super snarky and making lame comments about every small detail in these vids.. who cares how many times he said the word nice.. it may be because the stuff is NICE…

  6. Wow that is a complicated suspension linkage, at first glance I thought it was gonna be a full floater. One hell of a bike and nice to see 26 inch isn't dead 🙂

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