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  1. I've read other people's comments about you, Ms. Bus. While there's a TASTE of who/what may have influenced your flow, you'll have an ice cream flavor named after you, because, lady, EVERYONE else (but Joss Stone, that's my girl lol) is like vanilla. You ARE a shining star in a darkened sky!!!!

  2. Never knew who sang this!!! Love it so much!!! Great sample with soul 😍 and her name is Nicole and so is mine 😂 win win

  3. I like Lauren Hill's—I mean Nikki Bus' new song! 👏👏😃
    Lauren, I mean Nikki's style reminds me of Lauren Hill! What a coincidence! 🤣🤣

  4. I b think bout my friend that i love so much so i told him this song is for him am telling him how much i love him and yes nicole bus keep doing u with that music i love yoyr song my god keep blessing u

  5. Imagine if she did a James Bond score it would bring back those powerful Bond themes from the 70's. This track does remind me of a vintage Bond theme song.

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  7. The first time I heard this song I said to myself "Is this Lauryn hill" and when i watch the music video……..HER VOICE IS EPIC

  8. I have been hunting for this song and the artist for almost 2 months. .. I thought it waa Elle Varner. This song isn🔥🔥🔥

  9. When I first heard her sing I thought it was lauryan hill then she sounds like Jazmine Sullivan she sounds good strong voice

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