Nissan 3.5L Valve Cover Gasket Spark Plug Tube Seals “Not Serviceable”

Nissan 3.5L Valve Cover Gasket Spark Plug Tube Seals “Not Serviceable”

All right, I’m working on a Nissan 3.5 liter engine and we’re doing valve cover gaskets on this and the tube seals that slide out spark top the spark plugs here Are leaking oil down into where the spark plug goes so on these particular engines? Let me show you the spark plugs got a coil that whole you can see there’s oil all over the spark plug there So it’s been leaking past a rubber tube seals Through the valve cover down into the spark plug hole the ignition coil you can see is all covered with oil there, too. I don’t So just a caution on these the tube seals Are not serviceable oh here’s a where the valve cover gasket goes herself and right here is a tube seal these rubber tube seals You cannot service my jacket middle one out there. You can see it actually broke some of the plastic and they don’t sound so The only way to repair. This is to replace the gas Hole valve cover. You’ll find these on Amazon very cheap. I’ll leave a link in the video description below now Let me see if I can Get my camera down and a spark plug holes here, and I’ll show ya. He’s first two are actually dry That was dry But on this last one the valve cover tube seal was leaking oil Down inside and you can see the oil there So we’re gonna have a replace the valve covers on this 3.5 liter Nissan engine so we can fix that tube seal leak I’ll leave a link in the description below where you can find these valve covers relatively inexpensive on Amazon We’re working on Nissan Murano today, but this also applies for Nissan Maximas Altimas and Nissan Quest engine with a 3.5 liter in them for watching be sure to hit the thumbs up and subscribe to my channel

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  1. Replace with the Nissan valve cover, unless you are just flipping the car. I have done numerous times and if it's your vehicle or a customer you value the OEM is the ​best option.

  2. The other day I changed my spark plugs and only one spark had oil on it does that mean I need to buy a new cover? Let me know thank you.

  3. I have a high-mileage 2005 Nissan 4.0 that has been in two shops trying to diagnose a P0300. New plugs, a coil, PCV, intake manifold and head gasket. Running now but smokes heavily when I crank it in the morning and again when I leave from work. Same thing here perhaps?

  4. What happens when replace the sensor as in cam sensors an crank sensor an instill had misfire cyl 3 an I change it all put everything back together an its saying on dash redlight with a key in it so its went into limp mode what do I do to fix it

  5. did I need to drain the oil out of the spark plug well before installing the new Valve cover and if so how?

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