Nissan GT-R buying advice

Nissan GT-R  buying advice

Sometimes, you can hear it in Germany. At night you can hear people
screaming in utter fear. Often, they are Porsche or Audi engineers
who dream about this car, the Nissan GT-R. When it was introduced, and still. The Germans were seriously shocked by this car. It has really nice hardware,
a 3.8-liter V6 with two turbos, and AWD. It’s really pretty. Everything
is electronically controlled. I won’t elaborate, because it’s
irrelevant for this video. It has a sub-7.5-minute Nurburgring
lap time. Back then, in 2008/2009… I’d have to look up the exact date.
It doesn’t matter. It’s really bizarre. Nissan said it was done on street tires.
No one believed it. The sprint times… Every model year Nissan GT-R gets upgrades,
extra hp, and different launch control software. They started with 3.8 seconds, but the most recent
model years do 0-100 kph (62 mph) in 2.7 seconds. If you want to beat that with a new, untuned car,
I’d go to the Bugatti dealer straight away. Nothing else is faster. There isn’t much choice in engines and
gearboxes, except for the model years. From the start, every other year got more hp. You could make a selection based on that.
Prices go up the younger a GT-R is. ENGINES
gasoline The number of GT-Rs for sale is very scarce. Only a handful are for sale on Marktplaats,
only 4-5 at any given moment. The previous generation wasn’t
called GT-R, but Skyline GT-R. A few of these are for sale as well,
usually with the steering wheel on the wrong side. Over there, on the right side. These cars are often imported from Japan.
That’s possible, but this is a different car. Prices start below 60,000 euros. Appealing is the GT-R’s good tunability.
Not a lot are kept standard. A chip adds hp.
Cars with 800-1200 hp can be found. Claimed hp. I can’t check if they really have it.
Anyway, an insane amount of hp. The Nissan GT-R handles it rather well.
This car was built sturdily. There’s only one real Achilles’ heel: the gearbox. It has a double clutch. When the gearbox has
warmed up, shifting gears should go smoothly. With most GT-Rs you will hear some noise caused
by a bearing at the end of the flywheel’s axle. It has some play. Nearly all have it. You’ll hear a rattling sound
when you go from reverse to drive. You’ll hear it at moments like that.
It’s not that bad; it’s mainly cosmetic. Except when the wear gets worse. In addition, the actuators may play up.
This will cause other problems. The problem with the gearbox
is Nissan won’t service it. They say when there’s a problem
with the gearbox, they’ll replace it. That’s about 20,000 euros. Even when there’s only one loose screw,
the gearbox will be replaced. Fortunately there are specialists who do
repair the gearbox and strengthen it. If you’re going to tune the car,
the gearbox will be stressed. The car has launch control. This has
caused a lot of trouble for the first model years. People ruined the gearbox during the launch. Nissan said you’re not allowed to
use it that often, so that was an issue. It’s important to keep an eye on the gearbox and
maybe go to a specialist when you bought a GT-R. There are more minor things which could be
a problem. Condensation in the headlights. This happens with more cars,
but it’s something to keep an eye on. If it gets out of bounds, you’ll need to replace
the headlight. That may be expensive. The perforated disc brakes may crack.
This happens anyway. Little cracks are no problem, but when
they get bigger you’ll have to replace it. In general, this goes for all performance
cars like this; a lot of performance. Brakes, tires, discs, etc. It does wear a lot. This is expensive. It’s really
expensive to get new tires. The final thing to watch out for:
the dashboard lights may break down. Not a real problem, but to fix it the
whole dashboard needs to come out. That’s more work for a simple light bulb,
so it may be worth it to check if all work. This tuned GT-R Black Edition… Like we said,
it’s hard to find an untuned car. It has been tuned by COBB. It has 552 hp. We found it at the Holland Car Company
in Moordrecht. THIS CAR If you’re looking for a second-hand car and want
our help, or if your company has a nice car for sale for which we may shoot a video,
please send an e-mail to [email protected] Subtitles – Maru’s Text Support

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  1. But really I see no problem in a GT-R with a simple ECU tune. This car would most likely mop the floor with a 530 hp 2012 model, for less money.

  2. You know half your subject. 1st no Nissan GT-R (from 2012) can do 0-100 in 2.7 the best is 3.3 so so if you want to buy a car that can smoke this buy a 911 Turbo or a Turbo S.

  3. I HATE This channel. They do great reviews but they put english title on their felemenk language vids! Thumb DOWN, DO IT ENGLISH,!

  4. I filmed the M4 DTM Champion Edition, check it out on my channel guys. No I'm not spamming, this is for the bmw fans 🙂

  5. deze man is tenminste een liefhebber van auto's ziet sommige dingen gebreken gewoon door de vingers. en zou bijvoorbeeld gewoon een alfa kopen. die andere gast ook wel genoemd(de zaadslikker) is geen echte auto liefhebber want zeikt overal op en heeft nog geen eens verstand waar die over praat. en zal waarschijnlijk een kia piccanto rijden met 7 jaar garantie. dus autoblog doe voortaan deze meneer een review laten maken niet dat zaadslikken tussendoor en een echte liefhebber van auto's

  6. In eentje gereden getuned tot 650PK zonder katalysator. Deed raampje open onder de snelweg, sindsdien doof aan m'n linkeroor.

  7. Een skyline komt toch altijd uit Japan? Volgens mij werden de R32, R33 en R34 puur gemaakt voor verkoop in Japan, vandaar dat het stuur altijd rechts zit. Ik weet het niet 100% zeker, so correct me if im wrong.

  8. 2.7 seconds? Hearsay.
    Now, Porsche Turbo S launches in this time and it is on video from many different tests. Also, Turbo can launch over and over and over again without breaking, proven by a video here on youtube. Show me anyone who's done this with GTR. GTR has Porsche beat on tunability, I haven't seen modern Turbos tuned to 1000+hp (997.1 Mezger – no problem).

  9. I was about to watch the video but since you are talking dutch but all thumbnails and edits and all stuff is in english it feels almost like a clickbait. Dislike just cause of the language (nothing personal against dutch lang.)

  10. Nu ruim een jaar later (zomer 2017) kan je al een Tesla kopen die de 0-100 sprint in 2.5 sec. Kan afleggen. Dan kom je aan met je GTR en word er door een Tesla uitgeren bij het stoplicht 😂

    Natuurlijk moet je deze auto niet vergelijken met een tesla maar het gaat om het idee 😉

  11. 918 is sneller, Laferrari is sneller, 911 Turbo (s), Tesla is sneller en zo kan ik nog wel even doorgaan welke sneller naar de 100 gaan.

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