Nissan NV200 CamperCar VW Campervan Camper van Surf Bus Pop Compact Small UK VW T4 T5 T6 Bongo NV200

Nissan NV200 CamperCar VW Campervan Camper van Surf Bus Pop Compact Small UK VW T4 T5 T6 Bongo NV200

Hi there welcome to Sussex Campervans Today I’m delighted to be showing you Our Nissan CamperCar This is a true two berth campervan with
belted seating for four That’s actually smaller than a lot of
cars In fact lots of our customers have replaced their car with one of these This is small but perfectly formed
everything you might want’s in here The true Rock’n’Roll bed 50 litre fridge A Gas hob You can have gas heating if you want Proper sink with pumped water Electric system The plumbing It’s all here But all shrunk down into a package that
smaller of a lot of cars actually Now the Nissan NV200 is taken the van world by
storm They’re popular all over the world
actually In fact a New York and have even chosen The NV200 to replace their old
yellow taxis So now all over New York bright yellow NV200 are driving around So the van itself is a fantastic thing it really drives like a car The diesel version gets up into the 50s
miles per gallon We’ve got diesel manuals And we’ve also uniquely got petrol
automatics as well So you can choose And if you need an Auto that’s no problem You know we’ve supplied NV200 CamperCars now To all manner of people From the youngest to the oldest We’ve got old retired ladies on their own driving around Wales in them We’ve got young couples zooming about in them We’ve got to doctors and engineers
driving them around instead of cars It really is a universal success! Now once you’ve parked up of course You’ve got to get the thing into a campervan mode There’s a simple catch here on the front That clicks And then the whole seat spins around Like this to face the rear You can recline it right back Into a comfortable position And it’s a great place to relax And round in the back here We’ve got another belted seat for two Which of course is the famous rock and roll bed Now one of the advantages of a pop-top
campervan like this camper car is Is you can drive around in something that looks and feels like a car And get into those car parks under the height restrictions But when you park up and you’re going to relax You can put that elevating roof up
and have lots of space And now the roofs open we can use it to
the side panels Which give us a good cross currents of air keep it really
cool get rid of any cooking smells And we can undo the front panel and the
front panel Is upholstered in the same material as you have on a soft top on a sports car So that if it’s raining and you want the sides close You still have lots of daylight in from
the front We’ve got a full size 50 fridge With the proper ice-making compartment here We’ve got a cutlery tray here lots of room for
utensils Another kitchen cupboard here for food A Proper two burner hob with
electric ignition A nice sink with pump up water And at the back here we’ve got an
extra work top area With a big clothes cupboard below Mains power for when you’re
on the hook up USB charging point Light switches And we’ve got some independent spotlights in here as well for reading And this control here is for the propex thermostat gas heater which is an optional extra The power is provided by the power
management system here A switch for charging when you’re
plugged into site hook up And a selective free of the vehicle battery Or our special leisure battery we install an And Isolator for the pump as well There’s a great camping storage cupboard Here at the back And that’s where the leisure battery lives as well Now the NV200 comes standard with two
sliding doors So we’ve used them to make this handy
service area The water lives in here A straightforward
Jerrycan which you can fill up anywhere You don’t need special attachments or
hoses which you might forget We’ve even made room for a full size and
calor propane cylinder And that lives in here with an approved regulator
and improve gas locker So after an evening relaxing Let me show you how easily the CamperCar sets up for the night Just unplug the table and unclip the leg This single lever here moves across the backrest pulls towards you drops down And now the bed ready for the
night It really is as simple as that Now come the morning you reverse the process Hop up pull backwards towards you push
it away # and there we are back in day mode mode Well it’s been great showing you our
NV200 camper car I’ve enjoyed showing you all around it I think now you need to see one for
yourself Come on down to see us At Sussex Campervans here in the Sussex
countryside in horsham I’d love to show you around one in person Give me a call on 01403336369 Or Email me at [email protected] And Let us know you’re coming We can show you around this and all our other models too It’d be a delight We look forward to seeing you soon
thanks for watching

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. Love it! But Why not use a smev combined sink and cooker with glass lids, so you can keep the lid down and have plenty of counterspace if you need it?

  2. My wife is always telling m how much she would like a camper van, but I drive an electric car at the moment and I won't go back to ICE.
    It would be absolutely great if you show the e-nv200 version!

  3. Love this and just subscribed. Question: To your knowledge, is there any free camping spots in Europe or would we have to pay for a campsite each night? We are in Canada and would love to buy one of these and travel all over Europe with maybe 15,000 Euros. Would that be enough for 5 or 6 months? Cheers

  4. For Germany and Europe too. This is the perfect camper for 2 people, like the unforgetable VW T1 / T2 , great !

  5. Id love one but the cheapest I’ve seen is about £16,000 on eBay out my price range how’s about making some thing for us folks that are only on that a year .

  6. This is the sweetest "mini" campervan I've ever seen. Can't wait for the electric version with a sensible range battery. Just amazing.

  7. What about the ease of humans 6 ft tall weighing 270 getting into, out of, utilizing the amentities available — in the U.S.A.

  8. Fantatico.. Compact and nice.. Can this be customizable without a kitchen ( may be space for only a induction stove and small drinking water supplies.. and fridge at behind.. and more room for bed)

  9. £34,000, are you on drugs?
    The NV200 cost £15k brand new, on what planet is your conversion worth £20k?
    Show me the receipts?
    You would have to be stupid to buy from you.

  10. These are great and very romantic when empty , but are nightmare when you actually load up all your shit speaking from experience.

  11. Did someone mention about the toilet/bathroom ?

    Toilet : Behind those bushes or simply plastic bag.
    Bathroom : River nearby.

    You're welcome.

  12. Hats off for all those non-professional camper van builders who build better camper van insides than any car manufacturer and for less money too (though arguabrly5taking more time to do so)

  13. Love the concept but I'm concerned about the weight… the NV200's weight capacity is 1480lbs (671kg). How much does "camper kit" weigh?, and how much capacity is left? Wouldn't want to get to a point where after 260lbs of driver and fur coated slobber rocket, I have to decide between underwear and chew toys.

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