Nitto VS Toyo || Battle of the Hybrids

Nitto VS Toyo || Battle of the Hybrids

– What’s goin’ on guys, Fuller
here from Custom Offsets, Custom Offsets TV on the YouTube, and today we’re bringing you a very highly anticipated video. So we’re comparing two of, probably the most popular
hybrid tires on the market, we actually did a full comparison between all of our favorites that we offer on the website at so you can click the little icon that just popped up over there so you can go watch that video if you’re looking for the full comparison, but if you’re here to compare
the Nitto Ridge Grappler versus the Toyo Open Country
R/T, you’re in the right spot. So these two are probably the
most common when it comes to, it’s a name brand that
people have heard about and they recognize, people
know Nitto and Toyo, and some people are
aware, some people aren’t, so I’ll just mention it that Nitto and Toyo are essentially, I’m not gonna say
they’re the same company, but they’re sister companies. They’re ran by the same people, manufactured in the same
plants, all that jazz. So they really are a very
similar tire in many aspects, but different in a lot of other ones. So both the tires that I have here, this one is the Nitto Ridge Grappler, this is a 35 by 12.5 R20, and we’re comparing that to the exact same Toyo Open Country R/T 35 12.5 20. They’re both F load tires, which is probably what I’ll
jump into right away is, it used to be you could get the Nitto Ridge Grappler in an F load, and the R/T didn’t have an
F load, but now they do. So pay attention when
you’re comparing these and shopping for tires, that you’re comparing F load
to F load or E load to E load. Both of these are 12
ply rated tires as well, so if you do a lot of towing
or you have a 2500 or a 3500, your F250, your F350,
those heavy duty trucks and you need a heavy duty tire,
these are options for you, you can run these things at 80 pounds of pressure if you need to, like for the rear of your trucks
if you do a lot of hauling. Now I think that the load index comes out to like 36 or 3800 pounds
or something like that, so they’re definitely
both very strong tires. Where they differ though, is the Ridge Grappler is actually built on an all-terrain platform, whereas the R/T is built
on a mud tire platform. So the differences you see here is the Ridge Grappler is
gonna be two ply construction, and the R/T is three ply construction. So why does that matter? Well a hybrid tire, which is
what both of these fall into as far as category-wise, is kinda the blend of your all-terrain and your mud tire, they come together to
make the hybrid tire. So you get the best mileage
out of them on the road, the least amount of road noise. But then if you wanna take
them off-road you can, they’re still definitely strong enough and durable enough for that, and they have big enough shoulder blocks that you do still have traction off road. But like I said as far as differences go, this being built on the
all-terrain platform is not quite as aggressive on the shoulder blocks as the R/T. So you see they have like
variable pitch blocks, and what I mean by that is, on the very outside shoulder blocks here, one side of it will be cut down, and the other side will be full height. Tread depth-wise, very very similar, not even enough for me to mention any sort of differences between the two, depending on what size you get, might be a little different. The Ridge Grappler, although it is built on
the all-terrain platform doesn’t actually come
with a mileage warranty. Now Nitto was saying for the longest time, that’s because they know that you’re gonna actually take this tire off-road so they’re not going to offer one on it, but you still do get a
full manufacturer warranty, so if there’s any, any ever, ever any defects, there you go, you’d still be covered underneath that. Interesting fact about the ridge grappler is that the side wall,
there’s two options for you, so you have one side that
I call like the baja style, which is all straight cut side wall, the opposite side is more of a
transformer-looking side wall where you have these angled
pieces that come inwards, then a straight up and
down cut on the side there. And it’s actually a lot more aggressive, even though this is on
the all-terrain platform than the R/T, which is some of the feedback that I gave to Toyo when I went and visited there for when they
develop the next generation. So so far there’s only one version of the Toyo Open Country R/T. Like I said, built on
the mud terrain platform, three ply construction,
side wall on this one, still you have two
different side wall options, but they’re significantly less aggressive. One side has like these
little ribbed edges, and then the opposite side it’s like almost the exact same style, but none of the ribbing. So one’s more aggressive,
one’s less aggressive, but those are the major
differences between these two. As far as price point goes, oftentimes if you’re
comparing the similar sizes, both the same load index, load range, you’re gonna find that they’re very very similar in price point. And it is neat that these tires are actually manufactured
in the United States, so I actually had a chance
to tour the Toyo facility down in White Georgia and
see these things get made. When it comes to warranty on
the Toyo Open Country R/T, depending on what size you get, they offer up to I think
it’s a 50000 mile warranty, I know on the 35 12.5
20 it’s actually 45000, so you do get that mileage warranty on the road with these things. And it’s not uncommon, we’ve seen people with proper rotations to actually get 50, 55000 miles
out of both of these tires, they both wear really good. Especially, like I said, in the F load. E load works really nice
too, just make sure that, if you have a heavy duty truck, you’re not putting a light duty tire on it cause that will eat through
them relatively quick. For weight comparison too, again they’re both very very similar. Ridge Grappler weighs in
at 73 pounds for this size, I think 73.5 for this size, and the Open Country R/T is 71 pounds. So if you’re really
concerned about weight, the R/T is a little bit lighter. But both very good options for that person that spends
a lot of time on the road, drives a little bit off-road, needs a heavy duty tire if
you’re doing any sort of towing or anything like that, these
are two really good options. Like I said there’s more
of these on the market too that we did the full in-depth video on, but these are probably
the two most popular. If you want that aggressive styling as far as like the shoulder blocks go and the tread pattern goes, and you want that MT construction, R/T is gonna be the tire for you. If you want a little less road noise, you spend a lot more time on the road, then maybe the Ridge Grappler would be a good option for you. So either one of those, we’ve got both of them on the website if you want all the full specs, right down to how many
revolutions per mile, you can get those at and they’ll all be on there. Ridge Grappler has like 81 sizes, Open Country has a little bit
less, like 40 or 50 sizes. So pretty much options for just about any vehicle that you got. Peace. (chill hip-hop beat)

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  1. I noticed this ram on cl today with a custom offsets decal on the glovebox.

  2. They Both really Good tires you pay for that quality & Construction , if you care about getting your Moneys Worth & Millage , But always either Spoiled Rich kid or Just idiot will try Burn them off after mounting a Go pro to the side of his truck or have his Homies Video his Idiot Pose , I laugh when the tire wins & the truck Broke 😂🤣😂

  3. I have had both and run the ridge graps now the only thing I didnt like about the toyo is they didnt last very long. Bow the toyo mt I got tons of life out of but not the rt

  4. On my second set of cooper STmaxx. Love them but I’d like to try either the Ridge graps or KO2s next. How come you guys never review the coopers?

  5. I have the Nitto’s on an F-250 and I don’t feel that they’re loud. I had Wrangler MT/R’s at one point and those were obnoxiously loud.

  6. I have nitto terra trail grail grapplers 35/12.50 r20s on my 6 inch lifted z71 suburban I love them I have done proper rotations and got 90,000 out of the new set I bought

  7. Hey guys, have you seen a 315/60 R20 Toyo RT fit on a 2015-2018 F-150 with a 1.5 leveling kit on the stock factory 20” wheels? Your help is appreciated. Thanks.

  8. My dad got some on his 17 f250 since 0 miles and his at 50252 miles and they still have plenty of life left in them would definitely recommend the toyos

  9. My 4Runner

  10. Ridge grapplers. Soft rubber. Chunks on my Rocky driveway. Quiet and long lasting on highway. I love it even though it can't handle off road. You're welcome. Aloha!

  11. If I have a 2wd ram 1500, would I be alright off-road? Like not to go mudding but if I’m parking on grass or in dirt and it may have been raining and it gets muddy, would I be okay with these tires?

  12. I’m not saying your info is incorrect; but every other Ridge Grappler review I’ve seen on the net, even from reputable sources, list it as having a 3-ply sidewall. I did not see that info on Nitto’s website.

  13. I have the Ridge Grapplers on a 12 Ram 1500 with 65K on them… That’s about where it’s gonna stop though… Got into sum rain the other day and she wants to slide around a lil bit… So it’s time for another set… BTW, been off-road quite a bit with them, no problems!!!

  14. I currently have the Toyo O/C RT’s on my 06 2500 HD and I loved them but I have 35K at the most on them and they are shot. I rotated and balanced regularly. The tires are not cupped or wore more to one side I wish they would have lasted longer because I love the tread on them and man they are expensive!!

  15. I’m not sure where y’all are getting the ridge grapplers being quite. No, they aren’t mud tire loud but they can still be heard quite well. Lol

  16. Not sure if y’all have reviewed them but I would love to see what y’all have to say about the nexen mtx tires my budy one a free set in a raffle and well we’ve been very surprised by them both on and off road including soft sand

  17. I have the R/T's, on your display wall bottom row what is the black and milled wheel my right of the red wheel?

  18. Got nittos on my jeep and toyos on my tundra and couldn't be happier with either.
    I'll never buy another set of bf Goodrich again.

  19. Goodyear MTR Kevlar wrapped belts. These are better and at a lower price than both.

  20. Nitto ridge grappler are not made for diesel trucks. And I’m speaking from experience. I recently bought a set a ridge grappler‘s and my tires are already wearing with only 4000 miles on them. Nitto is an expensive brand and don’t hold up to the dollar amount you pay for them. I can’t speak on Toyo but it seems like I might be switching over

  21. Could u tell me if a 20×12 -44mm offset will fit on a 3 inch lift on a 2007 Chevy Silverado 2500HD Classic (LBZ) without having to trim the metal of the front bumper?

  22. I got 80,000 miles on a set of open country 35 inch tires on my Jeep jku 2015 and they are amazing got a new set 20,000 miles ago and look like they were put on my Jeep yesterday

  23. I worked for Toyo tires north America for 6 years mixing rubber. Nitto and toyo are made on the same machines from start to finish. Raw materials,construction on the tire building machines, curing and final inspection are all the same. Just get the nittos. But honestly though Toyo open country tread wear is mind blowing to say the least. I purchased a set for my buddy's Colorado with the employee discount. He had 70,000 on them with plenty and I seriously mean plenty of tread remaining.

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