NoHo to Pasadena Bus Rapid Transit Corridor Project Overview

NoHo to Pasadena Bus Rapid Transit Corridor Project Overview

(bright, melodic music) – My drive on the 134
from Pasadena to Glendale is just dreadful. – You can see your exit half a mile away but you know that it’s going to take you 10 minutes to get there. – I work at the Burbank airport and commuting from Sherman Oaks to Burbank can definitely be a hassle. – I work at NBCUniversal Studios and I travel westbound on the 134. If I were to take mass transit, it would involve me going
eastbound to catch the Gold Line, then go south, this is all out
of my way, to Union Station and then have to take the
Red Line back up north, when really a more direct route would be so much quicker, more efficient. – To be honest, I think the
options are few and far between. Just kind of feel like we’re
stuck on this little island. (upbeat, rhythmic music) – [Commentator] There
aren’t a lot of options for commuting between
the Valley and Pasadena. And car trips are on the rise. That’s why Metro is
planning Bus Rapid Transit between the San Fernando
and San Gabriel Valleys, to provide a new way to ride between North Hollywood and Pasadena. Bus Rapid Transit, or BRT, is a different type of bus service that’s faster, more
reliable and convenient. BRT stations offer a more comfortable wait than local bus stops,
with passenger amenities. Signal priority minimizes the amount of time
buses spend at red lights. Limited stops keep buses moving. And dedicated bus lanes
minimize traffic delays. The North Hollywood to
Pasadena Corridor project will add an important
link in Metro’s system, connecting the Metro
Orange, Red and Gold Lines across North Hollywood, Burbank, Glendale, Eagle Rock and Pasadena. This project has $267
million dollars in funding from the Measure M
half-cent sales tax and SB1, and is on a list of priority projects to expand Metro’s network and connect more people to more places. – I would absolutely use the BRT to travel from Pasadena to Glendale. I would be much more efficient
with the time that I used. – I’d be able to work on
my computer on my commute. I’d probably be able to
sleep a little bit longer, which we all like sleep.
(laughs) – The BRT line would be a great
opportunity for my friends who are out in other parts of
LA, to come in to see my LA. – Gas is expensive,
maintenance is expensive, insurance is expensive. Being able to get rid of some
of that would be amazing. – Having a comprehensive system that connects everybody,
it’s transformative. I want that desperately for Los Angeles ’cause I’m a real proud Angeleno.

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  1. No through Colorado Blvd Eagle Rock. Let Elon Musk takeover and go underground. It will ruin our town and Eagle Rock Music Festival will be no more.

  2. NoHo resident here. I'm strongly in favor of any of the street running concepts over either of the freeway concepts. While complaints will be inevitable and pressure will come from many drivers over any project that restricts road space dedicated to passenger cars, the loss of a dedicated car lane on the highly travelled 134 will be far more visible and probably bring far more opposition than surface streets through already dense areas.

    It also seems like this could easily be imagined as an extension of the highly-used Orange Line BRT – which will eventually be converted to light rail – which means future Transit Oriented Design incentives and up-zoning opportunities should be taken into consideration along the potential route. To get the most bang for our buck, we need to have this route go through as many existing and potential walkable neighborhoods that can potentially hold enough residents, shops, and workplaces within a short walk of the stations to maximize usage. While I'd personally love to have the direct shot to Downtown Burbank that comes with the Magnolia or Chandler alternatives, I find it hard to see the political will in that corridor allowing for the up-zoning needed to beat out what's already existing and possible along the Olive alignment.

  3. Upgrade the bus to a light rail line and just build the thing already! Then you can link it up with the Gold line and possibly have the trains continue on-wards on the Gold Line eastbound.

  4. 0:16 the elderly Lady works at Universal NBC studios from Eagle Rock and wants a quicker route to work. Lady, just catch the 183 line westbound at Colorado and Verdugo and take it all the way to NOHO Station and then either take the red line down to Universal City Red LIne or connect with the S/B 224 line to Universal City Station. Its quicker than taking the Gold Line to the Red line station… The problem with people in Los Angeles is that they are clueless about how to get around using the Transit System compared to people in NYC..

  5. Hmmm… as I recall back in the 80s, the Orange LIne coming from Chatsworth station was originally planned to extend all they way to Pasadena using existing rail road tracks, but the City of Burbank, Glendale didn't want the bus route going through their neighborhood because it will attract undesirables into their cities. Now look at North Hollywood now where the Orange Line terminates. It's full of Homeless Street Thugs from the Ghettos of Los Angeles… I think Burbank and Glendale made a right choice indeed.

  6. I am curious would they build on street level or freeway level? Anyway express line 501 is the solution here, but it does not perform well in terms of ridership. 501 needs to serve popular destination such as Glendale Galleria/ Eagle Rock Plaza. 780 is the rapid route connecting between Pasadena and Glendale.

  7. Convert this to LRT as well as the Orange Line. Then you can have a light rail route running from Azusa to Chatsworth.

  8. They sell all these BRT lines by saying it will be converted to train later. No one watching this video today will live long enough to see any BRT line currently operating in Los Angeles converted into train. Political whims change with the wind. When funding is low, mass transit is the first to go. Especially in a place like LA where cars rule and everyone is also so convinced that mass transit brings “undesirables” to their towns and neighborhoods. Read some of the comments on this video, for example.

    But, hey. BRT is better than nothing. Get it while you still can.

  9. Good luck to the woman at 2:06 thinking she can use her laptop and sleep on the bus. She's only asking for trouble.

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