Not For Resale: Iceman Video Games with Michael Viera

Not For Resale: Iceman Video Games with Michael Viera

I actually worked for Ice Man
Video Games when I was 17 years old. They had a location in Toronto at
Gerrard Square. I worked for about a year before
they had to close down that shop. So I kind of lost touch with them and
the business for about ten years. I happened upon them around four
years ago… When they had a location in
Kenginston Market. I happened to be in need of a job,
at the time. I popped in and pretty much just
picked up right where we left off. They hired me on the spot. I think the reason people want to
get a physical copy of a new game… Is probably because of the tactile,
tangible nature of it. It’s something that looks
good on a shelf. Seeing an entire bookcase filled with
classic vdeo games… Easily accessible, alphabetized. It makes for a great talking piece
for people who invite friends over To play video games or just to
hang out at their house. “Hey, what do you do in your spare time?” “Oh, I like to play video games.
Check out these 350 I have
in my living room.”

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