Nuvvu Thopu Raa Telugu Full Movie | Sudhakar Komakula | Varun Sandesh | 2019 Latest Telugu Movies

Nuvvu Thopu Raa Telugu Full Movie | Sudhakar Komakula | Varun Sandesh | 2019 Latest Telugu Movies

NUVVU THOPU RA [gun fires] [siren] You must be knowing at least one
out of 10 who have gone to America, it’s not a wonder. But mine is a crazy story. Underline crazy here. Pain, fear and anger are
the same for everyone. But the difference lies in
the person who reacts to it. I am in this situation today, because of each and every person
who has come into my life. That is why I refer
people as ‘you are great’, to those who have taught
me a lesson or made me cry. I never thought I shall recall my past
while people are outside with guns. Pain is not new to me since childhood. But I never been to death. I’ve never faced the situation like this. My name is Suri, I am from Hyderabad. [adhan] [music muted voice] -Suri, careful.
-Hey! Hey! Hey! Look properly and drive
carefully you son of a… -I will reach in two minutes.
-Look there and drive. [tyres screeching] What are you staring at, you idiot! Why did you scold my mother who’s at home? [groans] I gave headbang to your friend,
YADANNA I don’t think while hitting,
will hit and then think. I’m habituated to these
squabbles since childhood. I hail from Saroornagar. I had a happy life with my
parents till I was 8 years. [music] [tyres screeching] [thud] Half of my strength had
lost after dad expired. Mom took the job of dad and I was alone. No one was next to me in the need of
hour and mom never had time for me. I liked the lanes more
than the silent walls and loved the lanes much more
when I heard my name, Suri. At times I felt like
screaming loud out of pain, but grandpa made me realise and taught
me to play the drums rather than shouting. Both grandpa and drums became my life. Just like my father’s death, I always knew
that everything is destined to happen. Then I took everything for granted because
whatever is bound to happen will happen. Uncle, give me lemons. -Dear, isn’t mom home?
-No, uncle. Must have found a new dad. [indistinct voices]
Uncle. -Huh?
-Give me a coconut. -You asked for lemons, isn’t it?
-I want coconut. Ok, take it. Appa Rao, just look how hot his mom looks. She is growing hotter day by day.
[groans] [indistinct voices] -What happened?
-He has hit him with coconut it seems. [gasps]
Oh God! -Why did you do that?
-You have returned from office, so you take care of yourself,
I will look after my work. Mom hit me without knowing the reason and from there on I didn’t
find any reason to talk to mom. They say as time progresses, pain reduces. But in my case,
it appeared in a glamours way in the form of Ramya wearing a
red chudidhar, my sweetest pain. Hey, red chudidhar! -Come, let’s discuss.
-What? We are seniors. Give us Rs. 500 for the treat. -Even I’m a senior.
-Oh no! Is it? -Yes.
-We haven’t seen you in our college. Because you don’t belong to our college. Alright, you leave.
[indistinct voice] Apologize to me. Of course,
stay for some more time. [birds chirping] Hey, red chudidhar!
I’m calling you. -Wear your chudidhar properly.
-What does it mean to you? Why are you telling me? -Oh! Is it love at first night?
-Yes. I want you. How come, I thought you will say,
come lets love. Love has confusion, to want
something is a pure feeling. If you say it that way, then its also
called itch and psyche in our language. Everyman has an itching feeling and
stops when he sees the right girl and that right girl is you. From today on all the girls in your
college are safe because of you. Ramya. You have a surprise. Wow!
This is so beautiful. -Thank you.
-Did you like it? Of course, I love it. -Bye.
-Bye. Oh! I thought you are the only
option like fill in the blanks, but you have many options
like multiple choice. Huh! Even a multiple
choice has only one answer. To paint this imaging a girl takes a lot. Which is why they invented cameras,
phones for boys who cannot paint to impress girls. Let me click a pic, it
will be amazing. Hey! Hey! You will know the value of
art only if you feel it. Look, I’m confessing only
after having feelings for you. Basically, I’m a Hyderabad guy. Once you fall for me,
then I will treat you like a Goddess. If you delay it… Well,
the festival of Lord Ganesha is nearing, there are many girls
who will fall for guys who distribute lemon
rice at Ganesh pandal. Will you fall for me here or shall
I distribute lemon rice there? Go and distribute curd rice too.
I am not going to fall for you. -Suri bro, who is the girl?
-Your sister-in-law. Isn’t she beautiful? Hmm. How dare you say that?
I haven’t hit you yet. I will slap you for sure if you
mention me as sister-in-law. I am with Sridhar,
We are seeing each other. Even we are seeing each other daily. Is he the same guy who gave you the
painting, did you fell for him or what? What do you mean by falling? We are trying to understand
one another and it takes time. For what?
To have conditions? It does take time if you get connected,
try to get connected. What should I get connected to? From here
if you stalk, I will call ‘She teams.’ -Buddy, where are you?
-Tell me. Idiot!
How long should I wait for you? I am informing you much prior if you come
late, then I will drink this whole bottle. – Okay, dude.
-Hmm. What did you say to your girlfriend,
attending a class, isn’t it? Yes. I will tag her on Facebook
while drinking with you. Buddy, I was kidding. Did I ever
drink without you, come fast. One full bottle is waiting for you. That will be enough for us, then
what about you? [laughs] You bloody drunkard! Don’t know if I will
at least get a peg in this full bottle. Stop it! Stop it!
[singing] We are home. [metal gate clunks]
[indistinct voices] Your loving son has come. Hmm. Why aren’t you going
inside after saying bye? Why did you force me to drink Vicky? Huh!
You have booked me in front of mother. Hey! You have forced me to drink by
saying party, friendship and all. Drink buttermilk with the same hesitation. Hmm. Why don’t you plan
about your future too? What did that masthan plan? He went to classes in
Malakpet for just two months. He is working in Dubai now. What planning did that Vamsi have? That
useless guy got an Australian visa. If its written, then things will
meltdown and come into our glass. Hmm. You got to bend for that glass
to come to your mouth, right? Hey! Suri doesn’t bend, he
hails from Saroor Nagar. Hmm. Had you been home at the right time and told me all this,
then I might have listened. Whatever I did, it was for you. Where was the leisure time for me? she was a baby and I had
to spend time with her. -You weren’t close to me to say anything.
-Exactly, that is my problem. You always tried to say,
never tried to listen to me. When did you listen to me?
Huh? It doesn’t matter to me whether
you are close to me or not. I’m loving this drive. Should I tag you on Facebook,
that I am feeling wonderful. No, no, I haven’t said to anyone that
we are going on a date, will see later. Wow!
This is so beautiful. Sri, I’ll be back. [phone vibrates] Hello.
Yeah, yeah. Ramya,
I just want to.. What is this? Just to know if we are
physically compatible or not? Ramya, come on!
Ramya… Ramya, don’t over react.
I am not trying to rape you? I just asked you a kiss
to feel romantic. Should I feel romantic just because
you have brought me to a lonely place and your friend left us? -Ramya.
-Don’t touch me. Ramya. Singing: “Aata Kavala Pata Kavala
song from the film Annayya ” Hey!
Prepare a peg for me. Who will pour water? Hey!
Forgot those chips and look at those lips. Madam, please come.
Do you want a ride? Go, they are only apt for you. She is ur sister-in-law. Hey
idiot! She is Suri brother’s girl. Suri brother has shown
her image recently. -Is it so?
-Leave me. Sorry sister-in-law,
couldn’t recognise you. -Yes.
-However… …what are you doing with this idiots? Who the hell are you?
Get lost! Sister-in-law, you tell us,
are you Suri girlfriend or not? -Ramya, come with me.
-Hey you, leave her hand! -Suri brother will come and decide.
-Yes. Hey!
You call Suri brother. Suri brother will come in 5 minutes,
it seems. He asked not to worry. She is Suri brother’s girl friend.
[indistinct voices] He is coming.
He will look after them. You don’t worry sister-in-law, nothing
will happen to you. We are all brothers. Let Suri come and talk.
[indistinct voices] -He is coming.
-He came. -Brother, brother…
-He is the one. -He is there.
-He is acting smart. These are the guys, -who are misbehaving with sister.
-Is he the one? Bro, he is the one.
He is understanding it seems. Enough of understanding each other! Will you remember something which
I say now? [indistinct voice] Yes, I will remember it. I told you that I will
remember, why did you slap me? My maths teacher told me
that we’ll remember things, if anyone hits us on ur jaws. Teachers will always say for our good,
remember it properly. [cicadas critter] Brother, you leave.
We will take care of it. [crowd shouting] Did you tell everyone? I haven’t fallen for you, right? We don’t believe in hangouts and dating. We belong to Jubilee bus stand
batch but not Jubilee Hills batch. Once we are fixed, you are my wife
and sister-in-law to my friends. That’s it. But I haven’t fixed on you. That’s what bothering me. Look! You either decide on me or give
money for my love failure party. Don’t give love failure party
to everyone, wait for some time. What? Look ahead…
Look ahead… Why did you bring me to my school? I feel safe with you. Even during school you
never stalked a girl. -You are?
-Same school. I am three years junior to you. Even I felt the same, saw
you somewhere? Really. You have changed a lot. Those days you used to see my face only, these days you are
looking somewhere else. That’s the reason you didn’t recognise me. I should have loved you
during schooling itself. You have become intellectual but not me. -To make this moment memorable.
-Huh! Heard of women being ahead,
truly they are ahead. I have fallen for you. When you asked me to cover my
dress for the very first time, I liked your possessiveness. I have fallen for you. The point is, I am a cranky fellow, if you have fallen for me,
then what if you love someone else. I loved your cranky nature. “I heard boundless tunes” “my thought present in
your heart mischievously” “I’m seeing the hopes build up” “Your imagination has entwined
me pleasantly” “What is this funny disturbance
in my heart?” “Your thoughts are lingering inside me” “My heart is making me rush” “I’m coming towards you” “confused and overwhelmed ” “I’m observing a strange rush in me” “I feel myself missing in me” “Hey hooligan!
What is this strange feeling?” “It’s a new emotion” “This mischievous feeling has
started because of you” “and my heart drives me” “I’m coming towards you” “confused and overwhelmed ” [music muted voice] “Although I had everything till yesterday” “I’m witnessing all the happiness
of the world with you today” “All the manly things
which make me go crazy” “are teasing me” “I was mesmerized
with the romantic quench” “and coming towards you” “My heart has rushed me” “I’m coming towards you” “confused and overwhelmed ” “I heard boundless tunes” “my thought present in
your heart mischievously” “I’m seeing the hopes build up” “Your imagination has
bounded me pleasantly” Hi. Hey!
Is it good? Yeah, shirt looks decent.
You are silent. Respect everyone with
a smile on your face. -Okay.
-There are many expectations on you. Am I Bahubali movie to have
expectations? I am just a boyfriend. -Ok, continue.
-Ours is a very well behaved family. Give respect after every word.
It’s enough. -Greetings, madam.
-Greetings sir. Neelima, you leave. She is our servant,
not my mother. Uncle seems to have bad taste. [phone ringing] Hey Nikki! He is not answering
my phone, You call him. Greetings, sir. You said they are well behaved, but they
are not even replying to my greetings. Just sit down silently. [phone ringing] Uncle, this is also a God song, but
has heavy drums like our Thaman. [door creaking] The flower is supposed to be kept in
the ear. [phone ringing continously] It’s an important call. Hey!
Don’t disconnect the call. We can gauge a person based upon
the important calls he gets in a day. Turn on the loud speaker. -It’s a personal call, aunty.
-Oh, is it a girl? -It’s a friend.
-Then let it be. -Disconnect it.
-He is a boy. -Hello buddy, it is me.
-Is it important? Nothing much,
we are sitting near the pan shop. Hey! Cigarettes cost has
increased by two rupees. And this guy is not giving us
since we are lacking with Rs. 2/-. Will I keep quite? I have sent basha to
get those two rupees. Do you know from where
he is getting the money? From his nephew’s pocket money, who
has just studied sixth standard. [chuckles] It would have been nice had
we made friendship with his nephew. Enough of your talk, give it to
me. Hey! With whom are you now? Hey!
I’m with your sister-in-law. Sister-in-law? Is it the elder
sister-in-law or the younger one? Hey! I am with Ramya. Don’t know what you do, but once you are back you should tell
me how many kisses you have exchanged. Look… Exchange kisses later but
take care of my shirt. It’s my father shirt, if it gets scrambled
then I won’t spare you. Anyway, bye. [clears throat] [pressure cooker whistles]
Thank you, Datta. I wondered how come my
daughter fell in love so soon. It’s easy to understand you. -I have a simple question.
-Please say, aunt. I feel that my daughter should have
a good house, and roam in a car. Do you have any such… Why aunt?
Any which ways Ramya will earn all these. I will be Ramya’s husband, later on, all
those things belong to me only, right? Aunt, you might not have that confidence
on Ramya, but I believe her a lot. -She is intelligent and will do it.
-Huh? [pressure cooker whistles] Neelima,
where the hell are you? You come inside. You don’t have any manners, I knew
that you are a fit for nothing person. Ugh!
Now everyone in my house got to know. Damn! How come your friends know
our personal stuff and kisses? Damn! I never know that he
would talk so low of me. Even I didn’t know until
I answered his call. Don’t look at me like that. You asked me to smile and I smiled. Your mother pressurised me to
answer the call and I answered. I have applied for M.S,
got visa appointment next week. -Why didn’t you tell me?
-You didn’t ask me, my dear. Oh! What is it now?
Will you leave me? First you leave your laziness.
Will apply F1 for you. I haven’t passed out graduation. Is it? Why didn’t you tell me? You haven’t asked me, my baby. Ugh! How long will you be
like a useless fellow? -Bend your back and start working.
-Suri won’t bend. What bloody Suri? Did you ever earn a single cup
of tea out of your handwork? Ask your mom to apply for education
loan, complete your graduation. Don’t think anything else apart
from visa processing. What? Say ‘Yes’. Your life is not just yours, its mine too. Please understand, I am saying this
fro the betterment of our lives. -Will you get an educational loan?
-For whom? [voice muted] he wants to
do his higher education. Will you study, my son? [chuckles]
Why did you doubt that? You have sold your books for your drinks,
that’s why she has a doubt. Hey!
Shut up. I have to go to America.
[chuckles] Shh! Go. Dear, have this, its very hot. Huh! Suri, I haven’t paid the study
loan which I took for your sister. We haven’t saved anything
for her marriage. -We still have a housing loan.
-Huh! You decided that I will be
useless when I was a kid itself. I asked you because you gave birth to me, or else there are many
who are ready to give me. If you have so many,
then why are you asking mom? You can’t even afford to drink a tea on
your own but boasting of being Suri! Did you ever earn a single cup
of tea out of your handwork? I already knew that you are useless. How long will you remain
like a useless fellow? Kindly bend your back and work. Ugh!
[metal clunks] Leave it, buddy.
Girls are like that only. -Look at her smile, how she is laughing.
-She is a goddess. There are only two kinds of people
who makes us fool with their smiles? Who are they? One is a politician and the
other is a girl. [cheering] It finally proved that I was
behind her just to degrade myself. Why are you feeling
so sad about that girl? I know your problem buddy.
You don’t know how to read English. Yes, you don’t know. Dear,
with us your life will be beautiful. The moment that beauty entered your life,
you were always with her and left us. -You know what Lord Shri Krishna told.
-What did he say? What is yours today,
yesterday it wasn’t yours and tomorrow it will
be of someone else. [coughs] True…
It’s true. -It’s enough that I have you guys.
-Yeah. I’ll do anything for the sake
of friendship and biryani. Mwah! [phone vibrates] Dear Suri,
no matter how great we are, these girls will treat us like
waste and we got to sit silently. No matter how much we care and do
for them, it always goes in vain. -Correct.
-Here it is… …first you have this 90 and then
start playing the drums. Come on. “Either they will allow
us to stand or to sit” “or to sleep or to wake up” “Who is that, dude?” “Dude,
who else it will be other than girls?” “Well said, dude!” “They will become upset,
complaint and behave as their wish” “They won’t allow us to meet our
friends and to look at other friends” “Hell with this girls!” “It’s hard to understand them” “Seems like we will diagnose with
BP and Diabetes unnecessarily” “Very well said, dude!” “Girls are like…
Dude, girls are like BP and Diabetes” “They will not leave unless they spoil us” “Girls are similar to
the cell phone towers” “They will trouble us a lot” “Very well said, dude!
Start the beat” “Girls are like…
Dude, girls are like BP and Diabetes” “They will not leave unless they spoil us”
[phone vibrating] “They seem like we can understand
them but no one can understand them” “They are similar to an onion
and makes us cry all the time” “Girls are like… Dude, girls are nark” “They don’t match us at all” “Dude, your kidney and liver shall
spoil soon if you fall in love” “Dude, listen now” “Fasten the beat” -“Girls are like BP and Diabetes”
-“Yeah” -“They will not leave unless they spoil”
-“Exactly” “Girls are similar to the cell phone
towers who will trouble us a lot” -“Girls are like… Dude, girls are nark”
-“Exactly, dude. You are right” -“They don’t match us at all”
-“Awesome!” “Dude, don’t fall in love”
[phone vibrating] “Your kidney and liver shall spoil” “Hey!
Your kidney and liver shall spoil…” -“Your kidney and liver shall spoil…”
-“Fasten the beat” “Your kidney and liver shall spoil…”
[glass breaks] How dare you to sit and booze with them
instead of preparing for the English exam? My English improves if I sit with them.
Even this is one kind of preparation. I told you that we shall
apply for IELTS today. You have already booked our buddy. [laughs]
Shut up! First, learn to respect
women from your mother, then you can talk, you useless idiot! Hey!
Don’t you dare to say anything to them? Hey Suri! [glass breaks] They will stay with me,
they haven’t come in between like you. Will you listen to me or
remain like this forever. [slaps]
Hey! What is that you have to
say and I have to listen? Where to keep a flower,
this I learnt it from your mother. Now you will say what I
have to do in my life. To how many people should I listen?
How many? Huh? To how many people should I listen?
Tell me. I cannot impress you and your mom. I cannot become a dummy like your father. -Don’t talk about my family,
-You also don’t talk about my friends. Damn! That’s it, I left you.
Go away. What are you talking Suri? I have given life to you, go… -I made a mistake.
-What? -I made a very big mistake.
-Shut up. What mistake did you do?
Huh? What mistake? You told everything will be after marriage
only. Did I do anything to you? I just kissed you.
Did I do anything else? -Hey Suri, come on…
-Did I do anything…? -Hey! Hold on… Hold on…
-Hey Suri! -Please, don’t do any silly things…
-Hey! -…like slitting your hands etc. Okay?
-Suri! Let’s go, dude! Come let’s go.
[indistinct voice] Hey!
Why don’t you talk? Come Suri, the wine shop will
be closed if it’s too late. Dead body doesn’t talk Suri. Damn! What’s her ego? When I said I am leaving her, she
didn’t even ask the reason. She said the dead body doesn’t speak,
right? No,
even she wanted to leave me. -Huh! She just made me confess it.
-Now you’ve realised. What is her problem? Go to America, learn English,
don’t be with these useless guys! Will you do all of these? She said all those to
make you run behind her. -Even Aishwarya left by doing so.
-And hence she is silent. [laughs] Suri, grandpa has expired it seems. [sobbing] Life is all about not
getting what we want. But when we lose someone we love,
that’s hell. While I was searching for an
emergency exit to get away from this hell, I got a call. Hmm. -Bro.
-Is that you? I thought of holding a show with grandpa’s
troupe in Telangana cultural event. Thought that this show will take
him to newer heights, but bad luck. -He is no more.
-Excuse me, grandpa hates crying. It’s not about tears bro,
there is a lot of pressure from sponsors. -I am running out of time,
-Same is the case with drinks here. I will buy it for you. First, you
drink here then you play the drums there. [laughs] Should I dance
after playing the drums? They used to say that I don’t
have any work except playing drums and now the same drums
have become work for me. How much will you pay me,
bro? -First, give me your passport.
-What for? -To fly to America.
-America? -Of course show in America.
-You are kidding bro. I don’t have money to drink tea. Spare me. I am in lot many troubles. It’s not like that.
I will take care of them. Trust me. Good luck was chased me
like a credit card salesman. You should not look like that, got to
smile pleasingly. Did you get that? -Suri.
-Hmm. You should not forget anything. -Hmm.
-Who is sponsoring you? -My Telangana fans association.
-Who is a fan of you? You should say Telangana
cultural association. I know buddy, I was kidding. Take care of him. [honking] Hey, Ride carefully,
I am flying off to America. Huh! Look at my fate!
I wanted to forget Ramya, but I’m going to the US
where she’s been living. -Hello, dear.
-What? Nothing, did you eat? Don’t cook dinner for me.
I am not coming home tonight. Why so? -I am going to America?
-What? -I am leaving for America.
-Where are you now? Where else other than an airport? I will
board the flight in one and half hour. I’m leaving. Bye. Dear…
Hello… Why is he going to America suddenly? Sir, my son is leaving for America
in a couple of hours, it seems. -I need to go urgently, sir.
-Complete yesterday’s pending work and go. Sir, no matter what you
think, I have to leave. Sorry, sir. Excuse me, can you please drive faster. The number you are trying to
reach is currently switched off. Oh my God! [aeroplane whooshing] [aeroplane whooshing] [playing devotional song] By the way, Venkat, this year we got to
arrange and perform our Telugu activities, -in a very decent way.
-Sure, sir. Good morning, sir. -Hey! Ramesh, how are you?
-I’m fine, sir. I was on my way and got to know that
you are here, so came to meet you. Oh! I have told you about Suri, he
is that person. [sneezes] -He plays the drum amazingly well.
-Hello, sir. He is Mr. Papa Rao, president
of Telugu association. You have told me. With his admiration and respect towards
art, he is conducting these programmes. Bro, you don’t worry, will nail it. If we start playing then even Trump
will also get up and blow whistles. -By the way, Ramesh…
-Yes, sir. He is the president of TITA. -Hi, nice meeting you.
-And he is the president of DULA. Nice meeting you. Bro, won’t you shake hands with me? Sir, I will take a leave.
I will drop Suri at Raju’s place. -Yeah, yeah! Sure.
-Thank you, sir. -We need to plan all the…
-Dude! Let’s nail it!
See you, buddies. [ritualistic bell rings]
Suri, if you see someone here, you
should ask ‘How are you doing?’ How are you doing means
how you are performing. It looks weird.
That’s their personal matter. You are Seetaiah,
you won’t listen to anyone. But the way,
what’s that TITA and DULA? Texas intellectual Telugu association. -Desi Union of Los Angeles.
-Oh! What do they do? -Business?
-What sort of business is it? Mind your own business. Tomorrow is our Chintu’s birthday. Tomorrow he is planning to
get clicked with a tiger. From where should I get
a tiger now in America? He said he will make us blow whistles,
so let’s make him do that. How dare he to make this Saroor Nagar
king, Suri, look and entertain like tiger? You said you brought me here to
play the drums but you are degrading me. I won’t do it man. He will listen man. Tell him to make his boss always happy. They told me to make the
boss happy, not kids. I’m not going to do that instead
ask him to dress up like a tiger. -What the hell is this?
-Damn! In this flow, you have been
scolding all this while. Maintain respect. Hello, all areas are
named here as Bay Area. But, did you get enraged when I
called you ‘bay'(rough slang)? Listen for once. Playing: “Folk song” [cheering] [indistinct voices] What does he think? Looks like a hippopotamus and
how dare he plays with me. -It’s not that Suri…
-How can he make me beat with kids? He arrived. How dare you call a person
hippopotamus who is feeding you? Don’t you have any respect. -Sir… Sir…
-Do you think this as Hyderabad… or your father’s area? Send this tiger immediately to India. -Alright, sir.
-Useless… [voice mutes] That’s it.
Sir… He won’t pay it seems, neither he is
going to book your tickets for India. Suri, people are praying
temples to come to America. Utilize your opportunity. If you work here for 3 months, later you can go to India and happily settle down in Saroor
Nagar by having your own tiffin centre. No one does breakfast in Saroor Nagar,
they drink till morning and eat lunch. You are too much. Do you know what is your problem? Not realising that you are
struck in a problem. This is not Hyderabad, its America. I know its not America, not Hyderabad. We got to bend and act to live here. Hey! We are original when we are angry. But here we have to even act our anger. I am not able to bear this,
try to adjust money somehow, I will leave. Do you know what lord Bheema
did when he was in troubles? -Did he drink vodka?
-No, he became a cook. Come on Suri,
clean it fast. Customers are waiting. -I am doing it.
-It’s frustrating. Do it. -Buddy.
-Yes, sir. -Get 3/5 tea urgently.
-Okay, sir. -Hey! Where is the tea?
-I’m bringing it, sir. Ugh! -Number 30.
-Hmm. You have ordered chicken
biryani, right? Here it is. Make them sit properly. Come in, brother. Ugh! Huh! [phone ringing] Chandana, it’s an American number,
should be your brother. [chuckles]
Speak to him. -Hello, my son.
-How did you clean? How did you sweep? What? At this age itself, when I cleaned all
these and wiped the floor, I got so tired. I bow to you, you are great. Since these many years, how could you do all these works
even after coming from work, that too without a servant. -You are God.
-What happened Suri? Even eyes need water wash at times. That’s when we can see the facts clearly. You are really great. Sir… Sir… Sir, I have finished today’s work. Please,
assign me some extra work from tomorrow. Sorry, Suri. I got many complaints
from the customers. They say that you are very rude. Unfortunately,
I have to let you go. -Please sir, from tomorrow onwards…
-Sorry, Suri. Best of luck! Today is a training period,
hence I didn’t pay you. As a fellow Telugu person, I am giving you
10 dollars for transport, eat and go. [siren] [music muted voice] [indistinct voices]
Hey help! Ow! Stop! Hey! What’s this nuisance? -Go away from here.
-Don’t touch me! Go away. What the hell? [groans]
What the hell is this? It is a kind of Hyderabad’s slap. The technique of giving fear through ear. -Ouch! My God!
-It’s a VIP ticket directly. [tyres screeching]
Is everything okay? Are you fine? Even the girls here are
being harassed. [speaking in spanish] [speaking in spanish] No…
No… -Are you sure?
-Yes… Yes… Thank you so much for
looking out for my sister. [speaking in spanish] Bro,
please speak to me in English. I’m Bob.
What can I do for you? I need job. Hi, this is Suri from Saroor nagar. I have discontinued my B.Tech in third
year from V.B.I.T engineering college. I need a job. [scoffs]
It’s paint. The moment when you started
cleaning it on my order, I understood how low you were. I’ll pay you on Friday night.
It’s five dollars per hour. -Bro, five dollars is too less.
-Then I will pay you 15 dollars. Thank you, bro. Five dollars is for the bus and
ten dollars is for the biryani. -Get lost.
-Hey bro, bro… Please, sir. Five dollars is what I pay you
and only one holiday a year. Rest will be taken care
by the man himself. -Praise Lord Saibaba.
-By the man means not god, it’s my brother Azam Ali,
who observes you in cctv. You can’t see him. He will just pay your salary and
if you act smart, he will fire you. I am Azam Ali brother, Mohd Ali. If nothing happens then
we shall meet on Friday. -What will happen to me, sir?
-I am talking about the gas station. Oh! Instead of words they
use bullets in this area. -Only action film happens here every day.
-Okay. Listen to the gas station rules. Everyday night you got to close
by 12 am and open by 5 am. Even if you take one holiday,
then I won’t pay you for the whole week. I will give you food
coupons only for the lunch break. Lodging is free. It will be warm
in the storeroom, sleep there. In India, we get terrified to ride
a bike if we don’t have a license, but here I don’t even have
a visa to do a job. If the cops get hold of me, then they will
stamp me as illegal and deport to India, then all I have to do is count flies. [honking] [guns cocking]
[gun fires] That’s the reason no matter what
sounds I hear, I should be silent. I should be silent. [groans] Shucks!
My leg. Oh no! You are bleeding a lot.
What happened, bro? -Hey! Are you a Telugu guy?
-Yes. -Please, bro. Call 901 urgently.
-Hey! No, I can’t. I am not asking you money, just
requesting you to call the cops. Got badly hurt on the leg. Go aside, I can’t handle
this investigation issue. Please, bro.
[indistinct voice] -Bro, bro, bro.
-Go aside. Bro, my native is Karimnagar.
I took birth in KCR’s village. -Kindly show some mercy.
-You are hitting me with the sentiment. [groans]
Come on, get up, fast. -Thank you.
-Get up. -Someone might see, come on in.
-Ugh! This is killing me. Ugh! It pains.
[groans] Hey! Are you going to remove the bullet? Then what, will KCR come
from Karimnagar to remove it, Crazy!
[groans] Hey, it burns. Damn! Ugh! Hey, are you performing this by
seeing it in youtube? I’m asking you. -Do you believe a youtube video?
-I believe Chiranjeevi and not youtube. Me too… Megastar, right?
He is the boss. Ugh! It’s burning bro… [groans] What are you doing?
What happened? Why did you stop? -Wait, it’s buffering.
-Buffer? Oh my God! [shouts]
Yeah! -Cheers!
-Cheers! -Thanks, bro.
-Hmm. The hospital will have beautiful
sisters, but not a good bro like you. Why did you do all this, bro? I am a Hyderabadi, we value
friendship and biryani. So we will do it. By the way, what were you doing
on the roads at this time? -The girl said ‘no’ to me…
-Rejected you? -Yeah…
-Why so, bro? She said her father won’t
accept me and said bye. [chuckles]
Hmm. while I was crying since she said bye,
someone came and said ‘hi’ with a gun. However,
these things are very common in this area. But bro,
rather than the pain of this bullet, it’s her no which is more painful. Hey! These girls are just like that,
each one has their own path. At last, we will be left
with this Saroor Nagar beer. [indistinct voices]
[phone ringing] Yes. -How are you?
-As usual. Is it so?
Send me your pic. Why?
Are you finding any matches for me? Nothing,
just to see you whenever I want to… Anyway, send me the pic and I will
transfer money for your Raakhi. Money?
You can’t bribe me. I am not Suri, but his sister,
which means I am much greater than him. -Did you talk to mom?
-No. Mom has got kidney problem,
doctors advised us to do dialysis. Insurance doesn’t cover
the whole medical process it seems. We have used away all our savings, I am
finding it very difficult to handle this. [phone ringing]
[groans] Suri… Get up… -Hey Suri!
-Hey Nikki, what’s the matter? There isn’t any message,
call or whats app. When are the Americans
sending you away? Shut up!
I got a job. [gasps] I earn one lakh per month. A lakh per month? -Oh my God!
-Buddy, we come to your house when
ever we think of you. -But your mom’s health is…
-Hey you… Dear, there is nothing much to worry,
just a small issue… Mom, you anyways don’t know how to save
money, but good enough to hide your pain. I know everything. Now I am earning, right? Do you have
any problem if I give money to you? Tell me.
I will send money, don’t get tensed. Our problems will get solved
only if we have money. We hesitate to do labour work in India. But here it’s called ‘Dignity of labour.’
They respect every work. On top of it, I need dollars to get
rid of my worries but not rupees. The dollars which I am earning
right now are enough for dialysis. First time I felt like thanking
god for giving bearable pain. But what if I have to
face any problem in future? That’s when I got a clarity…
Perfect clarity. If I have to live then
it should be in America. I have read your situations over email. You have no degree and no F1,
what else do you have? Sir, you have this clarity, right? Also, you’ve posted an advertisement on
internet saying you shall give advice. I have to stay in America,
my mom is unwell sir. You can stay back if
you get the green card. Your pay will increase, you can get loans and most importantly you will
also get health benefits. If you want a green card, then you
have to marry an American citizen. If you give money then there
are many who will marry you and they will give you divorce
once you get the green card. -How much would it cost, sir?
-It will cost a minimum of 5 lakh. sir, why will I come here
if I had that much money? Rather I would have owned a tiffin
centre in Ameerpet. Suri, America is like a boring pump. We shall get water only
if we pour water first. -Hi, dad.
-Hi. She is my daughter. Sir, does she have citizenship?
Seems like she is ready to get married. We might get a marriage
hall if we give money, but to get a girl for
marriage is difficult. On top of it if she doesn’t leave us post
marriage, then it’s much more difficult. There are many girls who
come forward for money. But where would I get a
girl who will not cheat? [door creaking] [door shuts] [speaking in spanish] He tipped her a lot it seems. Oh!
Is this how bathrooms are used in America? They will use the way they
like it, that’s their wish. [clears throat]
Hi. Will you do anything for money? Oh my God! Your ten dollars and my ten dollars
will buy the same brand know? Mind knows the difference,
stomach doesn’t. Hmm… Uh… Will you marry me? What? It’s only for the sake of a green card. Oh, yes! I know. -You Indians make such good husbands.
-Hmm… But this wedding is
completely for the sake of green card. I’ll pay you money for that. How much? Uh… You tell me. -7000 dollars.
-Hey! 7000 Dollars is too much. -Please, give me some discount.
-No. 7000 dollars means
almost four lakhs. Okay, I’ll give it to you on Ramzan which
falls on July 4th. Is it okay for you? [speaking in spanish] Her mom’s place is El
salvador it seems. -What’s this house and door?
-Bro, it’s not house and door. Her hometown is El salvador.
They are coming soon it seems, so she is asking you to
arrange money before July 4th. No, no. I get the money only on that day.
It’s not possible before that. Sorry, please… Get ready to get married, papi. -Hey! She has agreed.
-Come on, Suri. Your life has settled. I used to think many times
before touching my girlfriend, but now I had to marry the girl who has
been hanging out with different men. As I told you, mine is a strange story. But whoever comes in Ramya place,
I only remember Ramya. Is it for the first time? No, I tried once. But I had to shut up when the
other party didn’t support me. Come, my full support is for you. Okay.
[clears throat] -Then did you touch anyone?
-Do you doubt me? Girls who have high wishes will
cheat and my only wish is you. Suri, look into my eyes and
tell, will I ever cheat you? No. -What if I touch someone in future?
-What can I do except for condemning? I will ask you to take a shower with
santoor soap and then let you inside. Oh, okay. I complete you, Suri. -Hey, do you know what it is?
-Moon. -It’s God’s torchlight.
-What? He will be observing who is
doing what during nights. Damn! It’s a bad habit. damn! It’s not what you think. If our romance is cute, then he
will enjoy watching our pure love. Oh! It means that he is watching
us live by turning on the light. -Dude, you are lucky…
-Hey! [mumbles] Give me the money…
[voice muted] -Shoot me… Shoot me…
-Suri, give him the money. -Shoot me, you idiot!
-What the crap are you saying? In our area, if we ask someone to beat,
they won’t and vice-versa. -What?
-You freaking guy! Hey! A cop is arriving. [coffee vending machine hissing] Uh…
Your bill is one dollar and 99 cents. Look, man. I could’ve gone to jail
for this bloody shit! Thanks for saving my life, man! Oh! His worry is not about going to jail. It is about going to prison
for a silly reason like this. Silly fellow! It’s okay, dude. -We both are the same.
-Is it? You can call me
whenever you need me. A brother from another mother. Return his gun. Take your gun. Irrespective of the country,
friendship is always the same. One idiot will somehow
find ten other idiots. -Yeah, I am the eleventh one.
-True. [aeroplane whooshing] Hey! Go, go.
You aren’t allowed to beg here. Leave. Please. -Indians and Chinese are neighbours.
-What? We are not neighbours. We like China cell phones but
not the sentiments. Leave now. Hey! Come here.
Give that to me. I will take care of it.
You leave for now and come later on. Thanks a lot. Hey Kaushik, what problem do you
have that you drink daily? Your dad has got a lot of money,
right? Bro, even Bill Gates first beer
might have been for a girl. They won’t say it out,
that’s it. Hey! Why don’t you forget the
girl and find an American instead? Any girl is fine to make her a mother. But to show her to our mother,
she has to be an Indian girl bro. I haven’t shown her to my mother. -Whom?
-Nothing. -Did she leave you?
-Hmm. [exhales] We can’t
trust these desi girls. It’s okay.
Forget it, bro. I will do another attempt. We do so many attempts for
the sake of bloody backlogs. True. Can’t we do a second attempt for the
sake of a girl who is like our backbone? -You are correct.
-I will definitely do it. I will get the green card and
will settle with my girl here. Where does she stay? Somewhere in this city only,
but she is not in touch. Oh, bad luck! Bro, can you find her address? -I Will easily find her…
-Oh! Respect her by calling sister in law. You have hit me hard, ok.
she is sister-in-law. Dear sister-in-law,
this sounds much better. I won’t leave you until I search
and connect you with sister-in-law. A fish cannot go onto the
banks of a river and make friends. It is the same when it
comes to my friendship. I have been trying to find people
who can take me closer to my goal. That’s when a guy came to me who’s having
a rare combination of smartness and daring He is Azhar. What’s up? Crap! Sir… Sir… Sir… I forgot to bill that doll. Thank you. Even dogs cannot detect this, bro. Why did you help me? Our common enemy is police. In Hyderabad,
a thief can easily identify another thief. -Amore
-Huh… See you. You might be thinking how I know it. Kids don’t give their
toys even to their mothers. When that’s the case,
a kid gave his toy to a girl with a smile. So, I felt suspicious on that day. Your gaze is sharp indeed. [chuckles] Of course, I’m smart. But why did you
take such a huge risk in front of a cop? It might turn bad. Be vigil. -You are…
-Suri… [music mutes voice] I found a big brother in Azhar
when I rescued him from the police. As I gave Salim Bhai
someplace for his Namaz, he started treating me
like his younger brother. Hi Are you Superman? Yes. Come to my home on Friday.
Let’s have Biryani. Sure, bro. -See you
-See you. Let’s go dear. John is the person who would
take care of me in this war zone. Azhar is the person who will fight
for me if something happens to me. And Salim Bhai is the one will
console me if something goes wrong. -Greetings Bhai
-Greetings -Come, sit here.
-No problem, I’ll sit here. Why do you want to sit
there and why not here? Is there any bomb over here?
Do you think Muslims as terrorists? Hey Basheer, he is my brother in law. He became very disturbed
post his sister’s death. Yeah, tell me. Don’t mind him. “Oh! So far away” “Where you have to stay” “In your solitary path” “No matter how many
twists and turns are present” “A friend is the one who stays with you” “And he gives you the assurance
that he’d be with you all the time” “A friend keeps motivating you
and be with you all the time” “The story of solo life
would be very happening now” “They are like glittering light in you” “They are like the sunlight on the moon” [laughs] Crap! Don’t treat her like that bro.
She treats you like God. Woman treats a man like
God until he has money. Then, why did you marry her? I married her for the
sake of the green card. Once I get the Green Card,
I’ll stay away from her. Zara is a mentally disturbed child. She doesn’t ask for any
toys. She plays with us. Everything is game for her. “Friendship is like mother” “It always comes around you” Here… No, this is for the doctor. “Won’t it give solace to your grief?” “‘They are like a step” “inside your step” “Your friend” “is like a father who guides you” “A friend keeps motivating you
and be with you all the time” “He is like your fingers
that wipes your tears” “They are the ones who fill
your life with happiness” “They are like the sunlight on the moon” Today I have arranged for TOEFL exam sir. I have managed the managed
the exam centre by bribing. Everyone in India listens
to Mahatma Gandhi. I have managed the university here.
You need to pay the amount by 6th. July 6th means,
it is after Ramzan, right? How much would it cost, sir? -5000 dollars.
-Sir, why such a hefty amount? No one here listens to Mahatma Gandhi. Benjamin Franklin talks in an impactful
way and so the work would be done. “They are always behind
you like your shadow” “and lets you keep going ahead” “Your friend is the one
who shows you the path” “like a guide” “They are like an eyelid of your eyes” “They are like fence” “who guard you all the time” Assign me the work which you do, bro. -What will you do?
-Just tell me what to sell, I’ll handle it Every city has a vegetable market.
You have to sell there. This is called meth.
It induces euphoria. -It costs 200 dollars per gram.
-200 dollars? I need 7000 dollars.
Where should I get them from? Kaushik doesn’t have any money. I should use John and Azhar in other ways. If I ask Salim Bhai,
he would definitely give me the amount. Umm… What are you looking at? Hey you! What are you looking at? I was in deep thoughts. What the hell are you looking at? Hey, mind your tone! When you see an Indian
girl, you’ll keep ogling. Calm down, baby!
Why the hell are you screaming? Screaming? Just one call to immigration and you
will land in India in the next flight. -What’s your name?
-Suri Apologise to me. Should I call the immigration
office or will you apologise to me? Sorry. You get settled here by taking
the help of someone or the other. Will you ever get a white
collar job in your life? You… Hmph! You did a good job out there. Thank you, sir. My dad…
he died in road accident in India. He fell in a pothole and died, sir. And that led to family
become poverty ridden. What can we do about it, sir? If he is alive, I get good school, good job like those posh guys. Sorry, my English is bad. It will workout for you. [door bell dings] Suri, let play the game. Meow… Meow! Suri, catch me. Hey Zara…
I’m coming… Zara Zara Zara, I’ll catch you. Zara Don’t move. Suri, you have seen everything. Dad. It’s a game baby. -Okay.
-Go and play. -[chuckles]
-Sit like a hen. Tell me one reason to not kill you. I’ve already told you that
my mother is unwell, sir. Help me at least for the sake
of our friendship, sir. There is no friendship in America, just business. What did you get and what
will you give me, that’s it. There are no emotions involved. Emotions make us blind. We are not drug dealers. We’ll send the money that
we make out of this to Mujahideens in Syria and Palestine. I’m not aware of such matters. Even Allah wouldn’t have
suggested doing this kind of things. Don’t you dare to speak the name Allah. I like talking to you and you
like my Biryani, thats it. Alright. Will you give me 7000
dollars if I do your drug deal? [laughs] You need to sell this entire stuff
to make 7000 dollars, you fool. Post the deal, your commission
will be 10%, which means 700 dollars. What if I sell it for 10,000 dollars? No… He is not a good person. I don’t believe in good people.
I believe in their needs. You saw it, right Suri? This is not
some kind of a brawl in Saroornagar. I’m not living my life
as Saroornagar Suri, sir. I am in need and I am here for my mother. That’s why I’m sitting silently. Deal okay. No guns, no back up. -Is it okay for you Suri?
-Okay. Suri, why get into all these problems? If you join the college and get OPT, You’d get H1B visa, Green Card
and citizenship in a few years. Your life will be settled. [sighs] I don’t
have that much time. The health condition of
my mother is not good. I won’t get a health card
unless I get a green card. Look at my face and tell me, Do I look like a guy who can crack
the college degree and get the H1B visa? On the day of Ramzan, I have to set
a drug deal between John and Salim. What will you get if you set a
deal for them except commission? I’ll get my advantage when
they fight against each other. We shall rob the meth bag
when they are making the deal. Meth bag? Azhar will tell us
where to sell the drugs. We will get money if we
go there and sell meth. I will give the money to Isabelle. I’ll get the Green Card if I marry her. -Then, everything will fall in line.
-No… No… -That’s a f*** up, bro. That’s wrong.
-Wrong? Hey, there is nothing like right or wrong. It’s just the need and the
opportunity. That’s it. And the most important thing of all, that is to get back to the
one that I left at Saroornagar. Left? Do you mean guts? Ramzan is the only day
when I get my day off. In the meantime, I should find Ramya’s
address and pay the college fees too. Would all these things be
possible to work out in one day? I got to prepare for that day. It’s the day which will
decide my life. D-Day. If we prepare for a war, we shall at
least win a wrestling competition. What’s with you, bro? I brought you here so that you
would relax, but you look so dull. -You’re like a waste fellow.
-Do you call this a party? Hey Varalakshmi,
how is your new manager? No worries. He too belongs to
our native place Bhimavaram. Are you from Bhimavaram too? -She is asking you.
-No, I am from Hyderabad. Oh, you’re from the neighbouring state.
What’s your last name? Komakula. -Oh! He doesn’t belong to our caste.
-Yeah. Sindhu won a medal recently, right?
She too belongs to our caste. Did they enquire and
award her the medal? People with no guts talks about the caste. Correct, bro. Cheers. It’s just about the caste, right? -Hey Santosh
-Hey Jo -Many happy returns of the day, man.
-Hi Santosh. Hi Santosh. Happy birthday. -Many more happy returns of the day
-Hey, thank you. Hey DJ, turn it up. [music] Hey, stop the music! What? Hey, you b***.
Shut this music and dance. Did you just call me a b***? Yes, I did. Do something.
He called me a b***. What the hell can he do? [music mutes voice] You Desi guys,
I’ll wreck all of you. I know where you work. You work at a gas station, right? Rascal, I’ll call to the homeland and make
you leave this place in two minutes. Hey, what are you staring at? Lower your gaze. Lower your gaze.
What are you looking at? Ouch! This is called Khaan Bhairi.
It’s a special technique of Hyderabad. It’s Desi. The technique of giving fear through ear. I’ll ruin you. Boys, let’s get the guns.
Bloody Indians! Suri, what the hell is this bro? I belong to Saroornagar. We don’t think before hitting
anyone. We hit and then, talk. Varalakshmi,
did you see what he said about you? He included ‘You
Indians’ while scolding us. But we came here from a distant country and fighting with each other
over state, caste, last name etc. If we want to stay united,
then the dialect won’t be a hindrance. In order to stay united,
we have to go by just a single name. Indian. Call John now. Now, speak out,
you rascal! What did you say?
Bloody Indians? Even you are an Indian,
though you are born here. We are silent because
we care for our parents. If we put that emotion aside, and slap you with a tinge
of Hyderabad’s Narayanguda, Bejawada’s Benz circle,
Vizag’s Jagdamba centre, and the panchayats of
Kadapa and Karimnagar, it’ll deform you in such a way that even
your parents won’t recognise you, rascal. Why don’t you shoot?
Are you just giving a pose? Are you going to make us lose our jobs? We are silent because we need money, but not because we don’t have enough guts. If you are really daring,
stay here for 5 minutes. I will show you who the bloody Indian is. -[laughs]
-[vehicles arrive] What the hell can you do? We’ll see what you’d do. Yep. Yo, he’s my buddy. What, now? You know what,
let’s get out of here. Let’s go. Hey jo, I might not get white collar job, but Saroornagar taught
me living with pride. [phone rings] Mom, tell me. How are you, my son? I just resolved a big mess over here. [sighs] Do you think yourself to be some
kind of bigwig to resolve the issues? Saroornagar Suri is back. Wait… Wait… I pray that the evil eye and other bad
influences to cast out of you. -See you, mom.
-You are my sweetheart. Now, I have a certain respect for
America. It taught me survival. You cannot learn the
hunt if you sit and eat. Be it America or the forest,
the hunting technique is the same. My guts are back. My guts became excess and
it is giving me a hard time. [music] -Hey Suri
-Hi There was a brawl at the party, right? It really helped us a lot, man. Thank you so much. Chill bro. Childhood friends might split but friends who meet after a
brawl would never part ways. Why is she staring at me as
if kids staring at candies. Why are you staring like that?
I talk to green card holders only. As per law, I would have put
him behind bars for abusing me. Only those people who live
in bungalows talk about law. I grew up in the streets,
these fights are common. Will you fight with me? Will you fight with me life long? She must be assuming me as a hero
just because I said some dialogues. I like Ramya. She is somewhere in
the USA. I’m searching for her. Love isn’t something which
you get when you search for it. It should come to you on its own like me. Marry me, Suri. What about us? What about our marriage? What? Oh, he didn’t tell you? We are getting married on July 4th. And we are having honeymoon in Hyderabad. -Yeah.
-Go, tell her. -She is right.
-Yeah -The thing is that…
-See you on July 4th. It’s for visa stretches, right?
Then, marry me. I have an H1B visa. This is just for visa stretches.
No emotions, no feelings. But it is different with you, right? But anyway, if you need
my help, you can call me. Okay. -Do you know where I live?
-I know. See you. Bye. As I already mentioned, no matter how many
girls come, I always remember my Ramya. “Hey, I liked it so much” “though it is shadow that resembles you” “It followed me” “without leaving me anywhere” “You smile is like the
shower of flowers on me” “And my path is completely adorned” “My thoughts are flying like a
dove ending up coming towards you” “O’girl, I’m being reborn because of you” “And a moment with you is like a lifetime” “I’ve become a dew drop in
the threshold of your eyes” “It’s been only a minute
that I remembered you” How many days will you
keep me roam around you? Tell me your decision.
I have a lot of work and I have to plan. Oh, do even loafers have work? Loafer? Do you know how guys
work hard to earn that tag? And pretty girls fell
for those guys in my area. If you keep stalking me, I’d consider you as an idle
loafer and never fall for you. If I consider you as my husband in my
mind, I’ll immediately fall for you. So, I’m unlike other girls
who make guys roam around me. They might fall for your
cheap tricks but not me. At least tell me, when you will decide? “In a way how a single
gaze and a single talk” “go hand in hand together
like a single step” “After I met you” “those days were like a boon
where we traversed together” “When your memories hit my heart” “the time showered a lot of colours” “I don’t understand how
my heart lamented you” “O’girl, I’m being reborn because of you” “And a moment with you is like a lifetime” “I’ve become a dew drop in
the threshold of your eyes” “It’s been only a minute
that I remembered you” Suri, I love surprises. Give me a surprise in two minutes. [gasps] How else can I surprise in two minutes? “I ignored the new hope” “as I didn’t know the
fact that you are me” “In a disturbed sleep
where I get no dreams” “I’m searching for you in the light” “The land where sky doesn’t exist” “the world looks at it as a wonder” “Shall I surround you like
the air in the morning?” “O’girl, I’m being reborn because of you” “And a moment with you is like a lifetime” “I’ve become a dew drop in
the threshold of your eyes” “It’s been only a minute
that I remembered you” Sir, tomorrow is mother’s
day. I need money. I will pay you next week. Give us water when we are thirsty, sir. It is waste to give us ambrosia
at the time when we don’t need it. Well, I don’t have funds to pay you. Will you quit the job? Come on, tell me. -I don’t want this stupid toy.
-Justin, stop it. -I don’t want this stupid toy.
-Justin, shut up. Don’t we deserve a break? Stay put. Justin, please… -I can’t take you to the store. Stay here.
-No… No… I don’t want to stay here. -Justin, stop it.
-I wanna come with you. I can’t take you in the store
after you behaved in this way. I’ll be right back. Stay put. Justin… Justin… Justin… Justin, you did this for me? I’m so sorry, my baby. I love you so much. Love you, mom. Happy mother’s day. He got improved a lot
after going to America. Look. Yes, he has improved a
lot except for his English. He has sent you Madhar’s
day instead of mother’s day. [laughs] Suri, I need the money to
pay for my mom’s agent. She’s crossing the border illegally. The bloody agent is demanding money. If not, he’ll hurt my mother. Oh, your mom got trapped by a broker? See, be it India or any Spanish country,
the emotion for a mother is the same. I understand. But as I told you earlier,
I can pay you only on the day of Ramzan. I can pay you only on that day. Farhan, you pay me today
and I’ll marry you. -Hey
-Okay Who is Farhan? He’s a Pakistani guy. He’s gonna pay me 8000
dollars if I marry him. And I’m going. Oh man! Pakistanis are
competing with us even here. I touch your feet and beg you, Isabella. Indian men catch the legs of
a woman only in their bedroom, but not in a public place. My sweetheart, please
trust me. I’m begging you. I’ll give you on the day of Ramzan. Oh man! I didn’t even plead my
girlfriend like this. Please understand. Hey Bella… Bella… Please Okay. July 4, no more delay. I don’t have much time.
I got to find new ways of earning money. -Bro, is there any drug deal?
-I came to talk to a friend. -[speaking foreign language]
-[laughs] Are you trying to know what I told
them? I said that you are my darling. -I will go inside and talk.
-Oh! -Stay here. Okay?
-Okay, bro. [door shuts] [music mutes voice] [gunshot] [gasps] [music] Bro, I am a jerk too. But, isn’t
it wrong to do this with a friend? There is no good or bad, Suri. Osama Bin Laden and you are the same. He had hurt several people
for the sake of his happiness and you have hurt a few. That’s it. There’s nothing like the
measure of a bad person. There is no good person at all. Everyone is a jerk. What if they decide to do
seek revenge against you? [chuckles] No one is great here. All it matters is whether we are the boss
or we serve under someone. That’s it. Either you do business with pride
or shut everything and serve the boss. That’s all. Only that matters. Well, start the vehicle. Hey, don’t be upset. Let’s booze tomorrow as I’ll be
leaving this city on the day after. Why, bro?
You gave me a big shock. You are the only
support for me in this city. Huh! When there is no support for you,
your need will show you the way. Relax, my share. At the time when I’m
losing hope in nobility, an incident questioned my faith. How is she? Tell, me. The expressions of
all the people of your region look alike. Where is the kid? -Hey…
-Hi… The money you gave helped her. I can pay the rest of the amount. The smile of the little girl is one of the priceless
things that I ever saw in my life. See you.
Namaste. [phone rings] Hey Nick, what’s up? -Your mom…
-Yes… -Your mom met with an accident.
-What? -Everyone is here.
-Accident? How did it happen? -[tyres screech]
-[collision] [shatters] [ambulance siren wailing] -[phone vibrating]
-Suri is calling Hey, I will talk to mom. Hello dear. Mom, how are you? You might have done some good deed. A good deed is like an investment, you have deposited there
and I withdrew it here. You don’t worry, dear. I will be alright. Mom told that a good
deed is an investment. But in America,
intelligence is the only ATM card. But for the people over
here whom I’m dealing with, the word nobility is profane. D-Day is nearing. Sir, our deal is on the day of Ramzan. [music mutes voice] I have cleverly convinced Salim to
make the deal on the day of Ramzan. The first step in my
mission has been accomplished. [clinks] Bro, you got to do me a small help. What is it? I need a gun. You are a kid.
Why do you need a gun? You are well aware of the gas
station neighbourhood, right bro? So, I want it for security purpose. I too have problems, bro. Drink this booze,
all your problems will be solved. [chuckles] If boozing resolves problems, I would
have become the prince of Hyderabad. Really? My tiger, you
become a price for today. “Folk song song playing” [DJ music playing] “O Pillo Mounika Song playing” “Folk song playing” [DJ music playing] Hey girl, why do you worry? My mom is not picking my phone calls. I doubt her. I’ll pay to her broker. When will you pay me? I can’t pay you now. I can only pray. It’s okay, she’ll be fine. Isabelle singing: “Tujhe Dekha To Yeh
Jaana Sanam song from the movie DDLJ” Good… Good… Now, you say something in Spanish. -Spanish?
-Uh-uh… [singing in Spanish] What? It is joke, right? Azhar and everybody laughed, right? Do you know what that means? No. It means, if there is a goat, you leave it. It’s not your problem anymore. The goat will die. [speaking Spanish] I said you are my darling. [phone rings] Buddy, what are you doing? I got a job. Today is the first day? [chuckles]
Is it? Well, how are our friends?
Are you guys meeting? No, everybody is having busy life. We played video games,
when everyone studied computers. How will our lives be other than this? Forget these things, how are you? Huh! I think I’m good.
This is America. Here, no one opens up. They betray us in the name of friendship. Are you facing any financial issues? Tell me, I’ll somehow plead
someone and arrange the money. Hey, anyone would give
money if you plead them. When I called you, you said you
were there for me. That’s friendship. -What happened?
-Nothing The thing is that, what a wonderful time it was when we
used to have tea sitting in a cafe. What a wonderful
friendship we used to have! I’m missing it. Some acquaintances teach us persona, and some acquaintances teach us lesson. Azhar taught me this. Being innocent would make even the
normal people to take advantage of them. In order to survive in this cunning world, we have to have more ploys than morals. I have to become a wolf. “Would the sky change its colours?” “But the time has changed” “Would the speed change its hue?” “The heaviness in my heart transformed
into the rain and drenched you” Hello Zubair, Azhar bro
gave me your number. I need some things from you. Hello. Yes, Zubair Bhai. -Does this fall under ISI guarantee.
-I supply to ISI itself. What else do you need? There is everything including guns,
bullet-proof jacket. Check it out. What is this Suri? You pursued B.Tech,
aren’t you aware of this? This is a thermal camera, you can see
the image as per the body temperature. Higher the temperature of the body,
the redder the image will be. It doesn’t matter if there is any
obstruction or if it is during the night. “When you get an opportunity,
don’t miss it.” [gunshot] “It is your path, keep going” “No matter what might happen
or whoever says otherwise” “Nobility is an illusion” “Though it is giving you pain in your
heart, don’t consider it to be friendship” Wear this on the D-day. They don’t trust anyone. This is the code. Blindly trust me. I don’t trust anyone either. But I do trust you. You are my friend. “If your guts become your weapon,” “your inteligence is your fuel” “If your sweat is your investment” “Success will definitely follow you” “Does the meaning of the
friendship become betrayal?” “Did your form change in
the disguise of betrayal?” “And than form is becoming a slave” “If you have wit, the world is yours” -Dear son.
-Tell me, mom. Today is Ramzan. You said that you
got some important works on this day. I’m doing fasting for you. Mom, you already have health
issues. Why do you do these? There is no trouble but, But my office extended its office
hours till late night due to Ramzan. That’s the only trouble. Don’t worry about me,
but take care of yourself. Take care, dear.
Good night. Okay, mom. See you. What are these spoons
like a steel utensils vendor? As per my horoscope,
I’m having a very bad time. Since when? The time when I met you and you
gave your statement of friendship. What if a bullet hits me? This is America, it will be safe. If it is really a safe city, people would place
flowers on their beds and sleep, -but not guns under their pillows.
-Enough said and get inside the car. Quick Start. Why did you keep those spoons there? So that bullets won’t hit my gun.
[vehicle starts] Yeah Come You sit here. Hey you, I said sit here. Why are you sitting there? I’m fine right here. Why not here? Do you think there is a bomb here? I’m fine right here. Do you think Muslims keep bomb everywhere? Basher, shut it. I relied on this dimwit.
Is he recording or trembling? Tell me. I’m unable to understand
what’s happening here. You said John doesn’t like Muslims and that Basheer doesn’t like anyone. You said they would fight. but over here, they sat
silently like actors in an art movie. Alright. You just be quiet, I am coming. Zara, there is a big guy
in the basement over there. Okay, give it to him. He forgot. He’s playing the game. Give it and come back again. Go. Okay. Why did you come for this deal? Two reasons. Suri, that’s my man. That’s my buddy. No.2: I can sell more in
the market that you Arabs can. You douchebag, don’t
call us Arabs. Say sorry. My boys are 5 blocks away. My gun is 5 inches away. What the f*** are you going to do? Say sorry. -The baldie isn’t listening to anyone, bro
-Shh! Hey dad Game baby. Just a game. Who is the big guy over here? Me. Take it. -Am I playing the game?
-No Is Suri playing the game? No, baby. Just go and play. Alright. This is not mine. Are you a cop? Not mine. -Are you a cop?
-He cheated us. -It’s not mine.
-He cheated us. It’s not mine, idiots. [gunfire] -It’s a shootout, let’s go.
-Shh! Quiet. [gunfire] Bro… Bro, I got piss urgently. Take this and use it. What’s this bottle? It’s disgusting. There would be many situations
where you have to take a piss. -Ah crap!
-Don’t waste time. Go. Use the bottle properly. You are already directing there. Why are you concerned about
my matter? Let me piss happily. -[gunfire]
-[groans] -[gunfire]
-[groans] This terrorist is dead! Suri John Is there blood on me? No, it’s not yours. I gave you the bullet
proof jacket to wear. What?
Why didn’t you tell me before? If I say, you won’t wear. You are John, the big guy. You did this for me, Suri? Jessie asked me to take care of you. I’ll be back. Thanks buddy. PLANNED TIME: 8.00 AM
PRESENT TIME: 7.45 AM How can you stay so relaxed
after such a big shootout, bro? I have filled two bottles here. Just stay calm. John will
take care of everything. -He ain’t new to these things.
-Not that, bro. Just stop your crazy stuff. I have sent John with
a bulletproof jacket. He survived and thanked me as well.
What else do you want? Then, what about Zara? I have a plan for that
as well. Keep going. Is there anything which
you don’t have a plan for, bro? You have a plan for everything. Hyderabadi’s are experts in planning, but they work in a relaxed manner. She is Zara. Take care
of her until I come back. Okay I will finish the game and come back Until then, stay with aunty.
Okay? Take care. -Okay Suri
-Bye bye Let’s go. [vehicle starts] -Bye.
-Bye. Bro, do you think that you have done a
huge favour by killing Zara’s father? It’s wrong bro. He is a big criminal.
He is funding ISIS organisation. He even threatened to kill me. If I stay there, my 25 years of our life
will go in vain like those Taliban girls. Alright, where should we go now? Let’s go to Ramya place.
I need some romance. -Romance?
-Am I looking good? [sighs] What kind of human you are? How can you switch from such a
serious mood to romantic mood? We have to imagine, bro. If you can imagine a girl, you can even feel Ooty in Koti traffic. Bro, this is your girlfriend’s address? -Am I looking good?
-Yes. You will be good but the people around you
would have a tough time being with you. [knocks]
Ramya… Ramya… -Hello
-What? -Is Ramya inside?
-Are you from the courier? No. Can you call Ramya? Okay. One minute. Ramya, somebody came for you. -How do I appear to her?
-As courier boy Suri. -Suri, when did you come?
-It’s been many days. -How are you?
-I’m good. I am going out,
so I have to get ready. Seems like she is still angry on me. “Rave Nandini
song playing on mobile” Oh, you show off guy!
You are incredible. Look at you, you have arrived in America. But you haven’t changed a bit. By the way, you arrived here on
which type of visa? Is it a student visa? Hell no! That is for people like
you who are here for education. I’m here on a green card. How is it possible? You ask for a surprise and if
I give you one, you ask me how? You are a lucky fellow. You always say this, “If it is
destined, everything will come to us.” Only we know what’s happening,
how can we tell you? Are you free? The thing is that there is a green
card party in Telugu association, will you join us? -Yes
-Yeah -Party
-Yeah -Okay
-Okay Suri, we have to pick
up my friend on the way. Okay. -Hey, here I come!
-Come on in. -[whistles]
-Suri, this is Dilip Mahashetty. Hi bro Hey Ramya, I just got some ice cream. -Do you like mint chocolate chip?
-Hey… Thank you. Wherever we go,
there is no dearth of these sweet boys. -Hey bro
-Thanks, bro. I don’t want, bro. I got only three. Oh! It’s okay. Oh my gosh!
Where have I placed the other spoon? -Bro
-Yep I got you an extra spoon. -Awesome. Thanks, bro
-Enjoy the ice cream. How come this ice-cream tastes salty? -Bro, can you taste and tell me?
-Me? What are you talking, bro? Do you think you are
Bhumika from ‘Kushi’ movie, that I would think myself as
Pawan Kalyan and taste your spoon? Now, Dilip is in OPT extension.
He is my senior. Yeah. PLANNED TIME: 11.00 AM
PRESENT TIME: 10.30 AM Ladies and gentlemen, Today, our friend Prashanth
Guttikonda got green card. [people cheering] He has worked very hard to reach here. Prashant, do you want to say a few words? Yeah. I too like India but it doesn’t
match up to the level of America. I think you all feel the same. But we have to accept that. In India, there are a lot of people
who are starving without food. Hello… The country is still running.
It didn’t stop, right? If America has even 50 per cent
population of India’s, then, even the Wallmart
would run short of items. Hey Gentleman, why are making us feel bad? We are all united here. What unity? Place your hand on your heart and tell me, Do we Telugu people have the same unity as
Sindhi, Marathi, Punjabi and Tamil people. The Telugu people get
united only on two occasions. One, during the festivals. or
when Pawan Kalyan’s movie releases. I too love staying in America. America is like a girlfriend,
it will kick us for its maintenance. But India is like mother, it will feed us even if we sit idle. Okay, ladies and gentlemen. Sorry for disturbing your mood. But I have to tell the truth. This is only English I know. Please come back into my life.
I missed you a lot. You have played with my life. You left me so easily. I became a fool in for
my family and friends. -I became lonely.
-Don’t worry, I am back. You are not alone anymore. Why do you think that I’m alone? I am in a live-in relationship with Dilip. -Are you kidding?
-He doesn’t desert me like you, Suri? You won’t hurt yourself, right?
Doing things like slitting your hands etc? Anyway, there wasn’t
much happened between us. Just because no girl fell for you, you have taken me for granted
thinking I’d be waiting for you. Karma repeats Suri… That’s not the case.
I didn’t go behind any other girl. Just because you are single,
should I also be single waiting for you? Move on, Suri.
Forget it. Ramya, please.
Don’t take them seriously. Come back, I like you a lot. Believe me, I have changed a lot. Hey bro, leave her alone. -Wait a minute.
-Why are you forcing her? Please come with me. Bro, you sat in my seat unknowingly.
If you get up, I will take my seat. What do you mean your seat? -I beg you. Please leave her.
-What are you doing? You are unable to
understand when I explain you nicely. I have been messed up with different
kinds of criminals since morning. -Don’t make me go psyched.
-Suri, behave yourself. -What the…
-Don’t behave like an idiot You fell for my idiotic nature,
didn’t you? Suri… Suri, what are you doing? -Suri, are you crazy?
-Just wait… You can do this if someone
is taking away the girl. But what can you do if the
girl herself is against you? Leave it, bro. -Please, leave.
-Damn! Damn! Suri… What’s with him? -Actually, Suri…
-Stop! Are you recommending him? Tell him not to torture me
emotionally by crying like this. -That’s not it, Ramya.
-Stop it. He is whining because he
can’t get a girl like me. We have done a PhD in
wooing a girl long ago. But we’re unable to pass in love. Huh! [music] “You have changed the notes” “of several songs into sadness” “You have broken a picture
that has several colours” “into pieces” “I thought you were my
light but you have exiled me” “and sacrificed our golden bond” “I thought you were my swing but
you turned out to be a noose” “and wrecked all my hopes” “Where the hell… Where
the hell are you taking me” “and what are doing, Oh my life?” “What the hell… What the
hell are you teaching me?” “Tell me, Oh my life” [phone rings] -My son
-Mom -How are you?
-Living somehow. -What happened to your work?
-Whom should I do it for? She said that she doesn’t need me. Is it? What do you lack? How dare she reject my Suri? I think she’s got a problem
with her eyes. Poor girl! Buy her carrots. [chuckles] You’ve got to be kidding! Kidding? Aunt Sarla’s daughter
keeps asking about you even now. She says, “The guy looks handsome.
He’s got sharp eyes and honest.” Well, Aunt Sarala doesn’t
even have a daughter, right? Yes, she doesn’t. But if she had a
daughter, she would have asked about you. My Suri is great, you will definitely win. Your son cannot win. You are the only one who
thinks I’m great. No one does. I planned to do so many things in one day,
but all went in vain. I want to come back to India. Come for sure, but not by losing. Come back only if you feel you are alone. This is the basic difference
between a girl and a mother. A girl will make a mockery
out of our belief and leave us. But a mother will make us a hero
even if we don’t believe in ourselves. I have to win the kingdom
for the sake of my mother. It doesn’t matter if there is no queen. I will indeed win for the sake
of my mother, friends and sister. How do you plan to sell those
drugs in America with that bag? You don’t have brain? Brainless people only
take much care of things. I know everything,
believe me blindly, come on! to whom will you sell,
where will you sell and how will you sell? Hey, stop your doubts! It’s not doubt,
today I am out, this is fix. It’s not about today that day when
Azhar was out, he told everything. What did he say? The west side in our
downtown is the selling area. -You will find turtlers there.
-Oh! You will find kids toys
in front of their houses. They maintain a homely
atmosphere so that cops don’t recognise. Each house has two
entrances, take the second. Okay. -El colores ela Mario (Spanish)
-El colores ela Mario (Spanish) -El colores ela Mario (Spanish)
-Yes. El colores ela Mario (Spanish) -El colores ela Mario (Spanish)
-The moment you say it, they come running to
you and buy your drugs. That’s it. -Brother.
-Yes? What if by mistake I ring the wrong bell? If you do so,
then they will break your bulb. [chuckles]
[sighs] How can you plan this trusting
the words of the one who’s boozed? -Oh, damn!
-Hey, just shut up and take me
towards the drugs selling area. Unnecessarily I got tied up with you! -Is it west?
-Yes bro. This is the drugs area which you told me. If cops catch us, I will be sent to
prison and you will be deported to India, am a virgin bro. You might be aware of US jails, right? Shucks! Nothing of will happen dude, look at that toys house, take the right. [doorbell rings] [door opens] Hola amigo, el color ela Mario. [pistol cocking]
You bloody! Get out! -Come on, go soon.
-Okay, sorry. -Sorry,
-I am sorry, he is extreamly sorry. Why is that baldie over reacting? -Let’s take it easy bro.
-Did I ask him his property? [door knocks] [door bells clinks] Hi… El colores ela Mario (Spanish) Get out! [door closes]
[door bells clinking] -What happened dude?
-Enough of this, stop it. What is this bro? Selling drugs as
we are selling soaps like salesmen. -I wont come.
-Shucks! You go,
you bash them or let them bash you. No matter what, I am not going to come. -Don’t get hurt for following me blindly.
-Ok, you go. [sighs] [siren] [door knocks] [door creaks] -What?
-El colores ela Mario (Spanish) Come on, in. [door creaks] -Stay here.
-Okay. Tiger! My Tiger… You told that you will
leave the city and go, right? Did you took it seriously? [chuckles]
Oh my Suri… Come on. So, ladies this my Tiger Suri. Wanna share? Hey! Wanna relax this guy? He looks tensed. [indistinctive chatter]
Hi, Suri. Hey, Daisy… [claps] You’re getting slower day by day… I am hungary. [chuckles]
Damn! [door creaks] Hey, what happened? [door creaks] [siren] There is meth in bag,
its value is 8000 dollars. -98% pure…
-From where did you get this meth? Who sent you? Look Azhar, do you want the
drugs or the person who has sent me? Did you come with the cops? Hey, guys… look after the cops. You didn’t expected that I will here,
right? Huh? [chuckles]
leave the drugs and go… -Will send your commission tomorrow.
-Uh! Uh! I need the full amount right now. Suri, you are a child till now.
There is a process for this. First we got to test the meth.
Then we got to get the buyers. Who have customer base and rate will
be decided by our head, it takes time. -Can you do it or not?
-Do you think you have other option? Do you think this is
the only place in city? What the… This guy is out of control We’ve got to kill this Lamb. [guns cocking] Well the Lamb has become a Ram now. Do you think I’m alone? You gonna shoot me, then shoot!
Watch what would happen the next moment. Hold it guys. Drop them. He’s my brother. -Hmm…
-Give it here. Hmm… Take it.
[dog barks] -Suri, will check this and set the price.
-Okay. What’s you guys looking at?
Get back to work. [phone vibrates] -Yes, Bujji? Tell me is anything urgent?
-Hello, brother… One problem,
I am asking you for the first time.. Why are you crying, what happened? I got a job in Infosys company and Ksera company guys
have kept my certificates, they are not giving me
relieving certificate. I am feeling helpless brother,
you should have been here. I told you number of times, not to
work in those night BPO call centre. Okay, give the phone to him. One minute I’ll give the phone to him. Sir, my brother wants to talk to you. -Hello, dude.
-What dude? Call me sir. Sir, please sir,
I am asking with humble request. Unless and until she works for 2
years, we won’t give relieving letter. Sir, you don’t know with what
sort of people I am dealing here, listen to me,
kindly listen when I am requesting you. -How dare you warn me?
-Hey! If you are born to a mother,
you shouldn’t scold please. I won’t give the relieving
letter, do what ever you want. [sighs] Hey!
[knocks the glass] Please help us. Please.
[knocks the glass] Please call the cops.
[knocks the glass] -Please save us.
-Huh? I’m feeling helpless brother,
you should have been here. Call the cops… Hey! Hey! Brother, how come these Mexicans
are seen everywhere in America? They are like the lungs of America,
just like our cheap labour in Dubai. They do even the worst
things at cheap prices. Thats why America has got an
incredible demand of Mexicans. Somewhere you might have done a
good deed, it’s like an investment, you have deposited there and
I withdrew it here in India. I am feeling helpless brother. -Helpless brother.
-Please help us. -Help us.
-They are like cheap labour. -They’ll do the work which no one can do.
-It’s like investment doing good deeds. You have deposited there and
I’ve withdrew it here in India. Your meth quality is good, will arrange
money for you, come tomorrow and take. I don’t need money,
leave those kids and others. Hey, just because I am entertaining
you, doesn’t mean you can talk anything, that’s unnecessary to you. Leave the kids and forget the money. Damn! Hey, I told you it’s
unnecessary matter to you, right? I am telling you to leave them, right? -I’ll kill you.
-Hey! Ah!
[pistol fires] To rescue them, I got into this situation. The guy who comes out of a
villain’s den is called a hero. But whatdo you call a person like me
who gets cornered like this? No matter what he is called. Fact is good nature has ruined me. Good nature is like a disease,
it spoiled my brain. What was my plan and what did I do?
Unable to understand anything. -What do we do now?
-Give me 5 minutes, let me think. You said that 30 minutes ago. [sighs] In Indian time 5 minutes means 30 minutes.
Okay? What’s his plan?
Did he come with any backup? If he has dared this much,
then does he have any backup or not? THE TIME PLANNED: 2.30 P.M.
THE CURRENT TIME: 3.30 P.M. [sling shot zaps]
Ah! -Hey!
-Hands up. Hey! No!
[pistol fires] I will break his head. -Are you mad?
-Shut up! Do you know with whom you are going
against? You messed up with thugs. Damn! Who are the thugs here? Is it either we make a mark or
crawl, this was said by you, bastard! Hey! That’s not the matter
now, I won’t leave anyone. There is an investment of 100,000 dollars
on each person per Cartel. If they escape, -then Cartel won’t even leave me and you.
-Okay. -Do you understand?
-Okay, give me money, I will go. Good just hang on.
Daisy, get the money bag… -fast.
-Okay. -Okay.
-Go. Go… search the keys yourself. [door open creaks] -Run, run… fast. Faster.
-What? -Go, go, go, go…
-Guys, get that group. -Hey! Don’t move.
-Suri. Hey, don’t move. Go, go. Stay. Hey, get inside. -Suri…
-Hey, shut your mouth and go. -Hey!
-Get in. -Go.
-Get in. Go inside. Hey, get in. You bastards.
Hey, Daisy close the door. -Daisy close the door.
-Close the door. -I’m closing.
-Don’t move. -Daisy, no.
-Come on. -Here.
-Hey, stop. Stop there you bastards. I’ll kill this bastard. Hey, go inside. -I’ll kill you, god damn!
-Guys, down back. -Go inside. Get inside! Go!
-Get in. -Go.
-No! Suri, no… Go fast. [glass breaks] Run!
[pistol fires] -Ah!
-Run… Run. [bullet hits metal]
Ah! [groans]
[pistol fires] [pistol fires]
[bullets hit wood] [pistol fires] [gasps]
[panting] [groans] Never thought that I will get
killed on foreign soil like this. [door opens] [panting in pain] Freeze! I told you not to mess up in this matter, but you didn’t listen.
[panting] I am sorry man… [pistol cocking] What? Hey, stop. Suri… Suri… Suri… [groans] Damn! I am not like you who will hit
from behind, I will hit from the front. [groans] [panting]
[siren] Bro, we are really lucky. That cop thought that you are
still trying to cover the manholes. Instead of getting money, you
brought these people, have you gone nuts? You said there will be two
things, need and oppurtunity. -But what are these good habits?
-Don’t know, dude. I really felt like helping
when she screamed for help. I thought it’s enough if I get money, but in the meantime they started running
away and the whole plan got screwed up. Damn! Let’s drop these people, first. “With scams and frauds” “You have built a circle” “With friendship,
sacrifices and responsibilities” “You built another circle” “In the vehicle
running on these two circles” “You have captured me
and continued the journey” “Sometimes you are
pushing me into manholes” “And sometimes you are
showing me happiness” “You gave me the wings
with which I can cross the sky” “But you stopped me
step by step like a cage” “You gave me the power
to swim through the ocean” “But you closed me inside a bottle” “Behind the shine of a diamond necklace” “You’ve crucified me” “You have pushed me into the valleys” “And you have made me stand
on the peak in those depths” “You left me in my defeat” “But you taught me what
winning is after losing” “On the edge of insult” “Affection has grown” “Where are you taking me?” “What are you doing with me, my life?” -“What are you teaching me?”
-What should we do now? “Tell me, my life” -Let’s go to the court, near Isabella.
-To the court? We don’t have money,
what will we tell her? Hey, Isabella! THE TIME PLANNED: 3.30 P.M.
THE CURRENT TIME: 4.50 P.M. Ha… Come on Suri, come on it’s too late. Yeah, yeah! I am coming. [panting] The court will be closed soon, come on.
Finally, why are you so late? [panting]
I don’t have money Isabella. What do you mean you don’t have? You told me you will get the money today. What are you talking about?
You promised me today. -Er…
-He’s actually… please calm down. Calm down? Do you understand? I haven’t heard from
my family from a week. Sorry, Isabella…
I got in a situation, that’s why… You know what you
Indian’s are all the same. You make promises that you can never keep. And you just ditched me. I am gonna go find a Pakistani. You know? -Please Isabella, let me explain please…
-Your god will never spare you. Please listen to me… [sobbing]
[sighs] D-Day, huh! What a planning! Shucks!
Everything got screwed up. I thought I am the driver of my life, [chuckles]
but god has decided something else. God’s planning system… GPS What will you do now?
Will you go back to Hyderabad? I can stay here for 6 months
since paid the students fee. But again I have to live
that bloody life from tomorrow. No matter how hard I try,
I will never get the green card. My mom won’t get a health loan, my friends are waiting, mad fellows… they think Suri will never lose. [sobbing]
They won’t get digested and my status is not going to change. My life is just the same. Damn!
My life is the same, just the same… [sobs] What if we marry? Huh? We both will get married to each other. In US, same gender marriage
is allowed and I am a citizen, right? Have you gone mad or what?
Don’t be senseless. Bro, I know that we are not gays. But… I don’t like Suri losing, -you have to win bro.
-How bro? Suri! Isabella, please forgive me.
Please forgive me. This is my mom, you saved her. Huh? [chuckles]
Hey, she say’s it’s her mother. Will you marry me Bobby? Ramya? -Why you are here?
-Er… -Well…
-I mean, how are you? -Did you settle down?
-Yeah! I am good. -Suri…
-Hey, thank you. -This is…
-Umm… Ramya? -Yes.
-Are you coming? -Yeah! Give me 5 minutes, I’ll be there.
-Okay. -Bye.
-Bye. At least take care of her properly.
[chuckles] We got separated after getting green card. How’s your Dilip? That Madishetty.
[sighs] He didn’t get H1, waste fellow,
went back to India. Don’t scold him, you got to
know my value since he left you. Is it me who should approach
you everytime? WHy not you? Yeah true.
[chuckles] [sighs]
I have come, tell me. [laughs] It will be nice if we have
happy ending with our loved one. I already told you that
mine is a strange story. Mom’s health is also fine.
I got my sister married. And gave my wife position to
Isabella, who gave me green card status. Even this is a happy ending dude! Sorry! I mean happy begining dude. But it’s Kaushik’s, he is
still angry that I paid my college fees. Are you asking what’s the
relation between my fee and his anger? What else, but the biryani made
from sacrificing for friendship. Yeah. Uh! Uh! -Hey, dad… what’s up?
-All okay. Huh! Dear… How are you dear? I am fine dad. -Is everything alright?
-What happened dad? What’s that?
You have been kidnapped right? Kidnapping me? What are you talking about? No, dear… they sent me the video, look. Bro, I beg your pardon. Leave me bro. I will not even stay in US. I will go
to Karimnagar and start a curry point. Please bro, leave me. -What happened?
-Your face looks funny, -let me take a video.
-What? Shucks! I cannot even collect my
pocket money from my dad, but you have extracted
the college fee itself? You are great buddy.

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