Off-Grid & Free Camping: Active Camper Fitout | Accelerate Auto Electrics & Air Conditioning

Off-Grid & Free Camping: Active Camper Fitout | Accelerate Auto Electrics & Air Conditioning

Hey guys, Briohny here from
Accelerate Auto Electrics and Air Conditioning
on the sunshine coast. Today we’re gonna show you
through the 12-volt setup we’ve done on one of our
customers’ Active Camper; it’s on the back of their BT-50. This setup has allowed them
to go off-the-grid camping for an unlimited time as
long as the sun’s shining. So come inside and check it out. So first up, we’ve upgraded
their dual battery system, so we’ve put a second dual battery in here so they’ve now got two dual
batteries, two 120 amp hours, so this has allowed them
to store extra daylight in the batteries for when
the sun’s not shining. So outside we’ve installed
a cigarette socket here, and the customer has an annex light that plugs into there for the outside at night. So inside we’ve put a Redarc
Battery Management System. So this takes the input
from the solar panels, 240 volt if you’re plugged
in, or an Anderson plug if it’s plugged into the car
and charging while driving, decides which is the best
input to charge the batteries, and also gives us ratings
of all the batteries and what’s currently being drawn and what input’s being put
in at this point in time. So we’ve also got this set up for a TV, so we’ve put in a bracket here and we’ve got an aerial in here so they plug the aerial in, and there’s an aerial on a pole that they can put out to get reception, and then just also under here, we’ve got two cigarette sockets,
and another one on top so they can plug the TV into any of those. We’ve also mounted a 12-volt fan in here so that’s nice and easy and adjustable for angling whichever way you want, if you’re in the bed or
having a seat at the table. In the cab of the BT-50, we’ve
installed a Uniden UHF radio, and we’ve also got two reverse cameras, so the one that clicks over
their existing mirror here engages when they’re in reverse, and then we’ve got a second
one here that’s attached to the rear of the camper
so they can permanently see behind the camper while they’re driving, it stays on all the time
using heavy duty cabling. So we’ve also put Airbag
Man suspension in there, it’s so when the camper’s on the back, they can pump up the suspension to return the car to
it’s true ride height, and when they take it off, they can let all the air out of the suspension there to put it back to normal,
right driving on the road. So on the roof we’ve also installed two 100-watt flexible solar panels. So the solar panels take
energy from the sun, pop it into the BMS, which then feeds into the batteries and keeps
them fully charged. These guys can stay off the
grid and don’t have to plug in to 240-volt for as long
as the sun’s shining. If you would like help with
getting your Active Camper set up for off-the-grid camping, you can give us a call on 1300
227 353, or comment below. That’s Briohny from Accelerate Auto Electrics & Air Conditioning.

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