[official] LANA라나 – TAKE THE WHEEL M/V

[official] LANA라나 – TAKE THE WHEEL M/V

I don’t know why your eyes shining on me I feel so high in a dreamlike world with me tonight come here I know you want it In this moment you drive me crazy yeah On this hot night we leave our bodies to the rhythm I also don’t know what I want Just a little bit louder Just a little bit faster just a little just a little In this fleeting moment everything feels new tightly grab my hand and try to follow me Know you like the way it feels Let your body take the wheel Let your body take the wheel Let your body take the wheel You can’t deny You know better than anyone what’s in my mind let’s dance fitting to this atmosphere eye to eye we feel the vibe go crazy for me yeah can’t stop your body being carried away tonight don’t forget me I want Just a little bit louder Just a little bit faster just a little just a little In this fleeting moment everything feels new tightly grab my hand and try to follow me Know you like the way it feels Let your body take the wheel Let your body take the wheel Let your body take the wheel your heart is lighting up Let your body take the wheel Know you like the way it feels Let your body take the wheel Let your body take the wheel

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  1. It is wonderful thing for foreigners to challenge kpop.
    kpop is always opened for foreigners to be kpop singers.
    So I support her.

  2. Listening to this with good headphones, it sounds really good and I can hear her voice perfectly. They must not have double checked how it sounded on speakers

  3. Ура!!! Наконец-то цифры сдвинулись! Теперь не 1,1 м , а 1,2 м. Давайте дальше стримить. Как подарок на др Хотя бы 1.5 м?

  4. I dont know whay peeople are not ok with her she is beutiful, can sing, can dance i realy like her music and i would also like to see her in a group she would fit in realy good💜

  5. Tbh, right now she's better than oli london. The pronunciation, the dance.. Overall from everywhere. Not much auto tune and such..

  6. keep going girl the song is pretty good and ur dance is amazing and also u have a beautiful face I'll support u
    I don't understand why international K-pop fans keep hating on her while Koreans didn't say anything bad about her

  7. I'm pretty sure that the hate comments are from the real koreaboos because they wish they were her Lana did something in her life and her dream comes true what do u guys do in ur life to start calling her a koreaboo she is talented girl her dancing is amazing and she is also beautiful if her voice doesn't sound good in this song that doesn't mean she has no Talent she just need to improve her voice so please koreaboos stop acting and stop ur fucking comments btw i like the song i just can't understand u

  8. This song this ok I don’t get why she’s getting so much hate but also her singing is a little bit “off beat” I guess and not the best but she’s WAY better than me

  9. So like is she really popular in Korea? Her voice isn't very strong live. I know the group exp edition is becoming popular so you never know I guess. It's weird. She looks Asian from some photos but white in most angles here. I'm assuming it's because she is Slavic.

  10. her singing is great. her dancing is fine. she's pretty. if she trained for more years she'll be really good. i dont like the instrumental of this song tho. her company did her wrong

  11. HiCC (Lana’s company) is holding/held global auditions just recently and I have a suspicion that Lana may be put into a group. She might have one more solo song while the other members are being trained but I feel like the smartest move would be to put her in a group. I hope I’m right

  12. Леночка!!!!!Я вас обожаю 😍😍😍😍😍😍.Желаю вам счастья,здоровью,успехов ,и любви.

  13. Its okay? Damn, I can't feel any charisma while watching this, something seems missing

    Also, something sounds wrong with the audio (ʘᗩʘ’)

  14. laughing at how everyone is hating her for "trying to be Korean"

    last time I checked, 99.9% of you aReN't eVen kOreAn!

  15. She's has a great personality and learned Korean smoothly so I have no qualms against her in that aspect, but her company needs to hire better composers+producers asap. The main part of this career is music so.. I hope they get on that fast.
    She also may need more vocal training but I really do see her potential. If it were Pd101 I would absolutely root for her since shes an adorable person who has potential + she can grow in a safe environment but out here debuted and all can be scary. I don't understand why they didn't have her train for another year or so focusing on vocals mainly (since she's a pretty good dancer already) and have her be on top of her game but… Yeah. Companies need money I guess. I just hope things will improve for her future comebacks 😊👍🏼

  16. Много раз смотрю этот клип, он слишком прекрасен. Твой голос сводит с ума. А движение просто вау. Желаю удачи в будущем и быть ещё лучше. Хотелось бы видеть на твоём канале "ответ-вопрос", мне кажется у многих есть вопросы.
    И ещё, самое главное, будь всегда счастлива и не иди ко дну, а иди выше и лучше.

  17. I actually really like her, she has the face, and the potential to be a great singer and dancer, her voice is good, just not trained enough, as well as her stage presence. Another thing is that its not her fault, i think she did a good job, but the mv and song production was horrible, who tf mixed this song, just to begin with… she was robbed of a good debut. And dont even get me started with that oh shes not korean blah blah blah when you have no problem with japanese, thai, chinese, taiwanese idols. Shes from russia, wich is in asia, and is from a part of russia that is really mixed, she is actually a bit mixed herself, so yeah, she is asian.

  18. never understood why people hated her at the first place, like did she physically hurt your emotions?

    like it’s not a big deal dude, y’all are dramatic, koreans ain’t even mad, like this ain’t your industry so you could choose which race is allowed & which race isn’t. but I somewhat understand people’s point of view, but speaking generally, it ain’t that deep.

  19. (I’m not hating on her) It’s not because she isn’t “Korean” or whatever but her vocals aren’t strong enough for being a solo artist, but she is talented

  20. I dont wanna hate but in my opinion her voice is really weak and the song is just not good. Its teally hard to listen but she can dance really good and shes very beautiful! 🤷‍♀️❤️

  21. Please no hate on LANA because of the audio

    Maybe the Company/Entertainment have Technical Difficulties so maybe the Audio turns bad

    If you want better audio watch ZSunder's video:

  22. I feel like she would do better if she wasn't a kpop idol because of the hate. She gets it for being a foreigner. If she was Korean, people would just say that she needs more training and that's all

  23. Песню ОЧЕНЬЬЬ крутая!!! Обожаю😍😍😍😍😍. Ты так круто танцуешь и поешь!!!! Знай : мы тебя всегда поддержим и все ОЧЕНЬЬЬ ЛЮБИМ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  24. Мне очень нравиться Лана продолжай!Не здавайся ты молодец я горжусь тобой не каждый может выучить корейский!Спасибо!

  25. Haters gonn hate players gonn play 💜
    If u hate on someone bcuz they sing in korean but not korean then u r a sick ignorant music is music dear 💜😎
    And she never pretended being asian u stupid . She is asian . Wake up . Ignorant haters 💜☔

  26. Не давно заметила что твой дебют 27 июня как и моё др, вообщем будем праздновать вместе, Ланочка топ🔝❤️❤️❤️

  27. Why people were saying that she’s not even asian when she’s russian? Like wtf the biggest part of russia is in asia

  28. Korean k-pop fans: I like this idol, this is a good song, let's congratulate Lana for making it this far-
    International k-pop fans: why is she nOT KOREAN?!???!?!?? 😡😡😠😠😡🔪🔪🔪

  29. I actually really like this song. Its just the way the audio is put together. Like why is her voice so much louder than the actual music

  30. Why people who aren’t American , British etc can sing in English same for Spanish and French but if someone sing in Korean its the end of the world for some people? I will be honest her voice isn’t the best but if she want to sing so let her do it

  31. Лана:делает бутер из апельсина и хлеба
    Масло:ну да ну да пошло я нахер

  32. Ты очень милая девушка с приятным голосом!

    Буду ждать ещё песен 💕✨🍒

  33. I will admit I few things about this mv/her
    1. The vocals are so much higher in volume then the actual music and that’s not how editing music works
    2. I do agree she’s not that great at singing but maybe she only needs a few vocal lessons, we don’t know the potential she has
    3. She’s an amazing dancer and she’d fit very well in a group, maybe not as a soloist but then again we don’t know her potential
    4. Why is there so many hate comments about her like holy shit you guys realize that this is her actual YouTube channel and not some companies channel, y’all need to chill out with the hate and maybe a few songs later if you don’t like her then ignore her. You don’t have to constantly bash her for her music. And if you’re gonna hate on her music blame the company not the idol.
    Also getting kinda addicted to the song
    (P.s. there is a remake where it sounds like it wasn’t edited in GarageBand, check it out)

  34. this is my first time hearing this and I actually love this song. only here bc saw a lot of hate and wanted to see if she was good and honestly her voice is so clear and pretty. her dancing aint that good but with practice she will get better! so proud of her!

  35. Is just a song… people get over yourself. I like the song and all listen to it. And I feel bad for the people putting negatives comment and if one of the solo female sing a song like that will you still listen to them?

  36. Not gonna lie but this song is not bad
    And she is literaly a good dancer
    She is beautiful of course
    But one thing I wanna point out is that to be a solo singer is you need some difference from others that makes you unique so that people will like you, but if Lana debuted like this, she's just not ready guys don't hate her please

  37. Оо ты такая классная, я очень-очень хочу стать Корейским айдолом , ты можешь дать мне какой-нибудь совет пожалуйста, что для этого нужно ? И как найти компанию? 🙏🙏🙏🙏❤️😍

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