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  1. He was my son friend.. fire that septa bus driver they be flying down that street on school hours.. in school zone speed limit is 15 mph.. not 35 or 40. 15 mph. If he would obey the law and went 15 mph that kids would have lived. I blame septa and them lazy as school police. They would give you a ticket if you park in front but won't ticket septa for flying by on school hrs.. smh.. sleep in peace little man..

  2. I was behind the septa bus when it hit him and I’m really so sorry for his family…I didn’t know him or anyone that was going to that school I was just driving by and that shit still hurts me so so bad I couldn’t stop crying..I’m so sorry for his family I’m so sorry this happened to ya I can’t imagine how ya feel, knowing how I feel..he will always be in my prayers

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