Oil change scams: Hidden camera investigation on what really happens to your car (CBC Marketplace)

Oil change scams: Hidden camera investigation on what really happens to your car (CBC Marketplace)

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  1. If you don't know much about cars, a mechanic up-selling is like a doctor doing the same thing! (Pretty much tho not a Pure Analogy, I suppose)
    " First, do no harm".

  2. Both the buttheads didn't tell their tale because they regretted their actions. They just wanted to get back at their employer.
    Anuses. Filthy anuses.

  3. They will NEVER get me because you can't UPSELL me. The downside of that is I actually might need some additional service but since I don't trust them, I will NEVER do it.

  4. I had an oil place try to scam me. My car was fine before I took it in and when I left it was leaking oil all over. So I took it back and asked them what they did so they looked under it and told me it would cost $300 to fix some broken valve or whatever and I told them my car was fine and they broke it they denied that so I took my car and left. I let it leak simply because I didn’t have the money so the next time I went somewhere else to get my oil done and when the guy was done he said “It looks like you had this piece loose so I tightened it” No more leaking 😑

  5. Ok, the part where they suggest you buy more..is business. Id do the same. But when they DONT DO IT is messed up

  6. I got out of the military after 10 years as a mechanic and did it for three years in civilian I couldn’t take anymore of the commission work up selling things that they don’t need it has no honor. We did at least do the work that they didn’t need.

  7. The repair shop at Classic Toyota in Tyler Texas is crooked. They'll try to sell you parts and services that you don't need and when you come in for an oil change, they reset your light and don't change your oil. How do I know? If I change my own oil, I'll get 5k+miles before my light comes back on. If classic does it? 2500 miles TOPS.

  8. It's not only oil shops, it's dealerships too. Scott Robinson Dodge in Torrance CA told my mom she needed to buy new tires or else they would all 4 go flat within the next 2 hours. My mom said no because she didn't have money at the time. She didn't tell me until a few days later because she knew I would have gone down there and caused a scene.

  9. I take our car to a local family owned garage and get my oil there. That garage is my go to for any repairs needed. It is running well at 15 years, for explorer 2004 . My mechanics are honest, and don't do unnecessary work.

    I stay away from places like walmarts, jiffy lubes, etc. Most of the techs at the cheap places are young and not trained well. Jmo based on experience.

    To find a good local garage, ask other car mechanics savvy for referrals, and google around. Check yelp and the BB also for reviews.

  10. Moral of the story…Cars are money pits, and people are scum. if you find a good mechanic Stick close to em, they're rare as diamonds apparently.

  11. This is why you learn how to maintain your vehicle on your own so that wolves don’t feast on you. If you don’t know what’s going on under your hood in the first place then you’re an even easier target for them.

  12. My dad is a mechanic probably one of the most honest ones. My uncles brake seized, and he's like the break change was never done. Its always good to know a mechanic.

  13. Really appreciate this, regardless of how over dramatized it is, because they aren’t off the mark , ya you’ve gotta take it with a grain of salt, but still they ultimately want you to educate yourself and overall just know to be aware especially with things you don’t physically see yourself, like your food or entertainment, and even the services you purchase. Don’t be afraid to watch work being done for you. Making 13 dollars an hr as a 9-5 isn’t the greatest so when u get cheated for hrs of your hard earned money and seeing that you got cheated after the fact is frustrating

  14. Do your own damn oil changes. They’re easy, and it’s nice to be able to know some basics about your vehicle. And by the way, you won’t get ripped off that way.

  15. I worked at a place like this, too. Jiffy Lube. Ripping off mainly elderly women. "Look how black your oil is. you'll be needing an engine flush."

  16. Now I'm paranoid. I don't want to give my car to other people for an oil change, but I'll also screw it up if I did it myself

  17. Just went through this with my son..19..unfortunately it was after he told me he had spent 800$…I'm so pissed right now..you can teach them everything you know and they still know nothing ..fk

  18. I could still make out who's talking to u although the faces are blurred, that was worse than the oil change

  19. These r huge scumbags I drive a 1986 Dodge Ram D150 Series with a 318 CI carbureted and either me or my dad change it ourselves

  20. Don’t go there that’s the verdict here, maybe they’ll lose a few customers with this video at 25+ Millons views

  21. Where I'm from there is a local guy who has 2 shops in the area and never does any of this and I know for a fact that he has fired people that has worked for him for doing stuff like this at his shops and he actually works in customers car's himself. I know all this for a fact personally and my family has a garage that sells gas and works on cars including tires oil changes heavy and light engine work. We even have a auto parts store next to our service station and we work with the customers on providing affordable prices for parts and car services. Also we have a car wash on the other side of the service station. I have spent all my life working at all of are business and learning almost every skill I could that we'd offer at all our business even operating the tow trucks for tows and recovery of vehicle accidents. Till I left over ten years ago to learn my greatest passion of cooking

  22. The filthy parasite should have his license as a garage mechanic revoked and all asset seized + $100,000 fine and a good flogging.

  23. This JUST happened to me at Walmart,

    What the guys didn’t know is that I worked at an automobile mechanic shop about 3 years

  24. Same was done to me at a walmart they put what they call recycled oil, which is more darker in color. Started talking me to change my tires and transmission oil change that I never needed.

  25. it doesn't matter if they r ripping people off its there business they can do whatever they want with their prices

  26. This reminds me of a place in Fredericton. I took 2 cars there. They said my car needed $2600 for repairs and it was actually less than $500 when I took it to a honest mechanic.

  27. wait a tic. at 12:15 you're saying the hidden hood cam shows no evidence of a power steering flush, but whats in that power steering bottle then? thats not an oil bottle, that is clearly a power steering fluid or brake fluid type bottle.

  28. The hard sell is not illegal and is quite common…it's just a bit unethical. The customer always has the right to simply say no to any of the services and can even choose to leave if no services have been performed yet. It's when they charge for a service and then don't perform that service that it becomes a criminal matter that can be reported to police…but you need to make certain that you have proof or nothing will happen.

  29. I go to Christian Brothers. They are honest. So honest , there are times they do stuff for free that I could have paid for. They do it because their just honest and want customers to come back.

  30. This is why you always get a second opinion. Take your car to one mechanic and see what he says and take your car to another and see what he says. One mechanic wanted to charge my parents 1300 to get the A/C fixed and another wanted to charge 400.

  31. Jay Leno rolls up to one of these places in a 2.5 million dollar car just to add some air to a low tire…these guys " yup looks like your going to need a radiator flush and new blinker fluid" hahahah

  32. Montgomery WARDs used to scam. Like this. They will change the oil but put add on's to your bill saying that if they go under your hood and the car leaves damaged they could be held liable so they HAVE to fix it and Charge the customer a great deal of money.

  33. Do a piece on Precision Garage/Elite of pheonix same ethics .Owner name is Charan.You could bust them hard….Ratings gold

  34. You know these live shops are total rip offs. With that said a lot of what the “expert mechanic” said was total BS as well. Like when he said he completely flushed the trans system…. lol when you take the pan out it only drains roughly 4 quarts when the trans actually holds approx. 10-15 quarts so you can service it and it is possible that it still will be dirty. All I’m saying is they did a poor job to prove their case although we know the live shops did rip them off. Also the dexcool coolant top off job they did would no way harm the engine or sensors as he said. Just because it’s not dexcool, doesn’t mean the fluid they used didn’t meet or exceed the dexcool requirement. Which obviously they didn’t even do, which is less of an impact. I’m just sick of these videos that make Mechanic’s look bad without the proper facts. They totally relied on a very ill informed tech as their expert.

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