OLD: Caillou Drives his Parents’ Car over a Spike Strip/Grounded

OLD: Caillou Drives his Parents’ Car over a Spike Strip/Grounded

[Important] Read this message. (Caillou sleeping) Boris: Caillou, it’s time for you to go to school. Caillou: Oh my gosh, not this crappy school thing again. Boris: Caillou, I heard that. Caillou: Well, it’s true. I hate it when you are taking me to school every day Boris & Caillou: Well you have to, Caillou, going to school is something that kids do. Caillou: Dad, I get it! I just really (x5) don’t want to go to school. Boris: I know Caillou, I get it too. I bet you wish you could drive my car over a spike strip or something, so I can’t take you to school, But you are going to school and that’s final! Oh no! Why did I say that?! (Caillou starts running) (Caillou runs past Boris) Boris: Caillou, get back here right now! You have no idea how much our new set of dice costs! Get back here right now! (Caillou runs into the car) (Car starts up) (Car starts cruising away from Boris as soon as he got to the car) Boris: OH MY GOSH!! WHY YOU LITTLE!! (Boris starts to run after Caillou) Caillou: Oh my gosh, I’m 4 years old still, but this is so fun. I think I’ll just prune around while I find a spike strip. I think I’ll try and go a little bit faster. (Car cruises faster) Boris: Come on! Where is he? Caillou, Wherever you are, you are going to be so grounded forever! (Boris sees the car cruising) There he is! I’m going to get him! ~ Driving Montage Begins ~ ~ The End of the Driving Montage ~ Caillou: Look at that, I think it looks like there is a Spike Strip straight ahead of me! It’s time to pop these tires! This is what my parents get for always grounding me and sending me & Rosie to school! (Car stops & 4 tires pop as they pass the Spike strip) Caillou: Yay! Now my dad can’t take me to school! it’s time to celebrate! (Joyful – Uplifting starts playing as Caillou starts celebrating) ~ Loud Sound Incoming! Turn your volume down! ~ (BORIS RAGES LOUDLY) Boris: CAILLOU!! YOU’VE GOT TO BE FREAKING KIDDING ME!! YOU JUST POPPED ALL OF THE FREAKING TIRES!! YOU KNOW THAT COSTS A BUNCH OF MONEY!! THAT’S IT!! YOU ARE GROUNDED (x4) FOREVER!! GO TO SCHOOL RIGHT NOW!! & I WILL TELL YOUR TEACHER TO PUNISH YOU ONCE YOU GET THERE!! (Caillou cries, running off to school)

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