What is up my cranky crew! Its Ethan from Crankgameplays and today We’re here in a game called jalopy. This game Actually has been out for a really long time, but not the full version. The full version I guess was just released a couple days ago because it’s brand-new on Steam now, so Let’s go… You’re in a car new game Starting a new game will erase your save data. I have never done it. Are you sure you want to go. Let’s start Let’s go. Let’s do it Uncle is back. Who’s uncle? Wake up. wake up! Open your eyes awake finally Mmm stay in bed any longer and the day will make fools of us both Get out of bed. Oh hello come on now I’ve got something important to show you. Your jacket is something else. Come come. It’s just outside Okay, uncle stay alert, ooh You can right-click and zoom in. Okay. Is this? Here this here’s a like a 601 deluxe something of an engineering legend in the GDR 0 to 60 kilometers an hour in 22.5 seconds; a top speed of a hundred 100 kilometers an hour at all the economicalalimincal- all the economical rate of 9 Kilometers per liter. That is if we can get a running Not to worry, I’ve at every I have everything ready We’ll just need to build her an engine slap on some wheels fit the passenger side door and get her a bit clean So let’s get started fit a replacement door It’s over the top of the scrap pile behind you. If you squint you’ll be able to see it. Aha right under the light We’ve got to go and retrieve This little door here Yes, I’ve got the door so we have to rebuild this car we go now just put it on there less than elegant But it’s on Right. Now let’s fit the engine if you open the driver’s side door you’ll see a black hatch pull that and it’ll release the bonnet ok Open that Bend down should be just under the steering wheel that That? That’s it you got it Okay, now open the bonnet and I can walk you through this Open her up As you can see she needs an engine I’ve got a load I’ve got a load of stock park set in the garage go collect one, and I’ll walk you through what it does all right? So we’ll go and collect some of the stock parts from where? aha… aha Stock engine: a small two-stroke engine, the parts are sat in the garage. Go collect and we can start building the engine stock fuel tank, stock engine, stock air filter, battery So we really got to like build this car from the ground up. That’s awesome. That’s real cool I can’t remember how long ago. It was that this game like first came out. That’s the engine you’ve got there at the core of your Laika setup the engine block defines the core performance of your Laika including top speed and acceleration A poorly kept engine block will mean your Laika will struggle to perform. Go ahead, drop it into the engine. Okay Sweet, so I think we needed all the other parts obviously because we can’t just put in the engine and expect it to be good No, no, no, let’s get the air filter. Is that what I just grabbed? The air filter? I think so You’re holding an air filter a non-essential componet. The air filter isn’t necessarily required to run your Laika But it’s a good idea to have one as it would reduse the rate of wear on your engine block Go ahead drop it into the engine Good. Look at us, building a car! I’ve never built a car in my life, and I probably never will But we’re doing it here today Yes, we are. Let’s put it in. The battery which provides the electrical charge for your Laika The battery allows you to use lights, the radio, car ignition, that kind of thing If your Laika won’t start the first place to check is the battery Drop it in. Alright. Good. Let’s put in the fuel tank. No. We’ll do that We’ll do that last. Let’s put in the carburetor. Put in the sweet Sweet carburetor. It’s a carburetor, which controls the fuel consumption of the car which in turn controls How many kilometers per liter you’ll get out of you’re Laika. A good well Maintained carburetor will mean you use less fuel and can drive further and cheaper. Drop it in Uh-huh good good. Good. Just a few more parts, and we will have a running vehicle Let’s get the ignition coil. Drop it in, drop it in Little thing is the ignition coil. The ignition coil channels an electrical charge to start the engine. An ignition coil That’s bad in condition may struggle to start the engine. So, if we have a bad ignition coil in our- or if our car is like And it really doesn’t want to start, we should check that. This is the water something Water tank which provides water to keep your windscreen clean from dirt keep it good condition, or it’ll start to leak water You’ll soon find yourself driving without any vision. Go ahead drop it in. Put it right in there, all right Just a couple more, here we go. Is this the last one? It’s the last one: fuel tank. I mean other than the tires obviously and a couple of other things that big lump of metal is the fuel tank which holds the fuel of your Laika. A few notes on this one; first of all it’s A gravity-fed, so you need to open the bonnet and fill directly to the tank when refueling. Also your Laika is running a two-stroke engine. This means you want to mix in some oil to the fuel mixture Failure to mix oil into the fuel mean the engine won’t be lubricated and will wear at an increased weight Too much oil though, and you’ll start to see a performance drop Okay, keep your fuel tank well-maintained. Let it get too beaten up and it’ll start leaking fuel everywhere Go ahead drop it in. Alright there we go. That’s everything, good job Now to fill er up. We’re getting There should be a can of fuel, a bottle of water and a bottle of two-stroke oil in the garage Okay so we need Fuel, need the bottle of water. Oh we can lift up multiple things at a time. Oh that would have been nice That’s a can of fuel you’re holding there. You use that fuel on the cap of the fuel tank installed You’ll be filling the car with fuel Okay, put that in. Try holding it there to fill the car quicker Huh, good good good good. There we go. Go ahead and drop that when you’re done with it. Okay Got a bottle of water. Good job. Can use that on the water tank we installed and then fill her with water Put it all in There go ahead and drop it. Alright Bottle of two-stroke oil in your hands, you want to add a drop of it and to improve the fuel mixture which affects things like performance and engine wear A lean mixture will result in a faster car with increased wear to the engine. A rich mixture will Result in the opposite. Try using it on the fuel tank. Okay, so we’ll do- go ahead and drop it when you’re If you’re done with it, okay, I guess I’m done with it, it won’t let me do any more. Let’s move on to the tires Let’s get some tires on the car Okay, just grab all those tires there, two three. Ah nope I can only hold these three We’re pretty strong, but not that strong. Put it put it put it on Now what? Okay, oh we need to- we probably need the jack to put it up. Don’t we? Yeah we do. Place the jack under the car Hey wait- where oh right here. Okay, there we go. Now just twist the handle. Okay Just like real life. Papa taught me how to change a tire in a car. You’ll notice you can use the tire iron, but first we’ll need to fit the road tires. Go ahead and drop that Okay, put the road tire on the axle. There we go. Tighten the bolt with the tire iron Where did the tire iron just go? Please be able to pick it back up uh oh That’s where it is. Okay whoops Whoopsies whoopsies again. For the other wheel there we go put her in Now squeak it on down good You can drop the car jack down. Do the same again for the other side of the car. Alright well Drop it down, grab it, go to the other side. Uh-huh put her there, bring it up bring it up good good good Drop that right there. Take this take that, this and that and this and that. Take that tire iron Put it on the cab, put it on the car squeak squeak squeak squeak Now let’s see how she runs I’ll be in the car, you may want to load the trunk with any spares left over in the garage Can never be sure what you’ll need on the road. Okay. Well first we’re gonna. We gotta take this out. Don’t we? Okay Do- do we not? Or did we need to bring- bring it back down. There we go. Are there any spares here? I don’t- I don’t know if there are any spares. Yeah, I don’t- I don’t think there are any spares for us out here I think we’re kind of- I think we’re kind of shit out of luck with that one. Alright Let’s shut the trunk and let’s get going Open up your pickup and get in the car get in the car Before we set off let’s get you familiar with some important companions Here are the maintenance manual. It’ll cover the basics of running the car Okay. In there, You’ll find information regarding a basic overview of the Laika vehicle, details of her current engine setup, listings of the cargo We’re currently carrying, that sort of thing. Okay, you can turn the page by selecting the top corners of each page Okay Have a look through this later for now go ahead and drop that. Alright Next you’ll need the map. The map. I’m the map I’m the map I’m the map this one’s important as it allows you to select which route you’ll be taking to each destination Okay, cool Route 3 is where we’re going. Once the route has been selected, we’re then committed to driving it And again, you can turn pages by selecting the corners of the pages Cool cool cool. Have a look through that later, go ahead and close that for now. Now what? Finally the keys The thing that gets it all going. Let’s pop them into the admission, and she’s all yours Hey, we’ve got it. We’ve got it. Do we need to shift or anything? Or we- Are we good These actually work. In’t that fun! Ah! That’s so cool! Wait- uh That’s awesome, alright! That’s so cool, and so begins our journey. Head towards Dresden Okay, head towards Dresden. Oops- I uh- I am on the median I didn’t realize that that was a median. We will be traveling the Autobahn for this first part Just give you a chance to get the grips of the Laika This is real cool Just a real slow steady drive towards Dresdon Putting on 13 kilometers, on this baby I don’t know how that is- how far that is because I live in America and we go with miles here Because for some reason we have to be different than everybody else, even though everybody else is on the same system. Oh well Ah Through the tunnel and out into the open road. How’s it going uncle? Am I doing good? Am I doing alright? Am I doing okay? Now where do I go? Just around this giant tank in the middle? Is that fine? I’m gonna assume we go around the giant tank Okay Oh God What happens if I get into an accident? Oh I don’t want to get into an accident. That would be bad I wonder like where you can drive- like how far you can drive and stuff. I want to upgrade my car and get some cool shit I don’t know, when you build it yourself Excuse me You know it’s a curious feeling: being on the road again after such a long time Someone’s beeping at me. All those years in the GDR. Go ahead pass me if you must Jeepers Creepers learn some patience I’m sorry uncle. What were you saying? Are you saying about all your time in the GDR? Mmm. You feel so much more like- like pride in the vehicle, you know? When you build it yourself. Its like building a computer I love my computer so much more because I built it with my bare hands It’s nice. I bet it’s the same thing with a car. You know all the parts that are inside of it You know it’s ins, its outs You created it You made it happen I know I wasn’t born there, but I found a belonging I’ve not experienced at any time other time in my life Being one of the people like a family all working together for each other from where I was, that was uncommon. Ah! Be more careful. Oh no I crashed. Am I- are we okay? None of the airbags went off, so either They don’t work or we didn’t hit it hard enough. That wall down. Shouldn’t be long until we see Reunification. A literal separation of people for- what has been 29 years?Am I still going towards Dresden? 29 years, oh my how must people have changed. We’re really ramping up the speed now. We’re really getting up there Oh, I think we were capped out on the speed I wonder if that little.. Oh ah I wonder if that little guy- that little uh the fuel gauge. I wonder if it actually works We didn’t think the division would ever escalate to what it did But it did practically overnight. One thing it taught me: no good comes from involving yourself in political opposition it becomes much more bearable when you- when you accept the flow of things. I’ve seen too many become pawns of extremist ideals Uncle, this is way more uh- Way more deep than I thought it was gonna be. I thought we were just gonna go out for a drive maybe stop along the way get some McDonald’s or something. Get a- get a nice shake or something I don’t know You okay uncle? Do you need to talk to somebody? I mean, you’re talking to me, but like a person? I mean we could set that up if you want. I just don’t know anything about anything, uncle So I- I just want to make sure That we’re clear about that. Is there gonna be like stuff on the side of the road that we can also get? Cuz there was a little thing Uncle how much longer until we get there? We’ve been in this car for years now Why are we even?Oh! It’s smoking. Anyway, there’s Dresden ahead. The car is smoking a little bit. That’s not good You see the little- little puffs- little puffs of smoke? Here we are, Uncle. Dresden A beautiful city Let’s head to the motel. We’ll cross the border tomorrow Okay, where’s the motel? Slow down, slow down. There’s a stop sign Where’s the motel? Look both ways I’m gonna guess it’s this way. There’s a motel park outside the front, okay Ah Motel. Here we are Park this baby, and we will be good. This is not a great parking job, but that’s alright We’ll just back her up a little bit Uh-huh And a little a little a little a little a little touch. Don’t worry about it it’s fine a little bit of- okay there we go and ah Okay, let’s check in. Okay. I thought this was gonna be a game ab- oh wait Can I can I can I take the keys out or? Do I just leave the keys in the vehicle? That doesn’t seem like a thing that I should do But I’m gonna do it. I thought this game was gonna be about me making a car But it is a lot more. Will you be staying with us tonight? It’s 20 for the room The wallet is in the glove compartment of the car. Go get it so you can pay I hope there are no thieves out here. If there any thieves, I’ll have to give him a good whallop on the head Wallet thank you. This dude’s got cash in his wallet Here you go. Hey there. Hi. 20 for the room. Okay Here you go. You’ll be staying in room 1a just down the hall Thank you. Kindly ask that you do not disturb the other guests during your stay Why would I ever do that? Come you can let me into the room. I would never disturb anybody 1a, just down the hall. Here we are here we go 1a Use- use the key There we go. There we go. Open it up, good. Let’s take the key out, shall we? I guess not, never mind Shut the door, a little bit of privacy hey Lookie lookie. Oh Alright, let’s sleep immediately. Alright We’re just we’re just gone. Okay that was day one Interesting interesting How early is it? Uncle? Uncle? Not in the poop chambers Key’s still there. Uncle? You out in the car? bye. Oh You are already here alright, you were- were you just gonna sit in the car and wait until I- I Trust you slept well. We should go ahead and cross the border. Okay wait.- I don’t- that’s not what I needed Close the door, turn on the car, seat belts please and We are off We’re fine, we’re fine, we’re fine, we’re fine. We’re fine. We’re fine because I’m gonna pull over Don’t worry about it. All right guys. I am going to end this one here. It is a really interesting game I’ve been wanting to try this game for a really long time I probably won’t make another video of it, but I I’m really interested by this game it’s way different than I thought it was because at first glance cuz I never try and look too deep into the games because I Want to experience it for myself, and I don’t want spoilers and stuff But I literally thought this was a game where your uncle just like builds cars He helps you build the cars But obviously is just a lot more than that so if you want to check out this game for yourself I’ll leave the link in the description as I always do so thank you guys so much for watching I hope you enjoyed if you did make sure to slap that like button right in the face And I will see you guys in the next video. Love your all. Stay cranky. Bye

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