Oldsmobile Heaven (with some Mopar and Pontiac sprinkled in!) | Barn Find Hunter – Ep. 35

Oldsmobile Heaven (with some Mopar and Pontiac sprinkled in!) | Barn Find Hunter – Ep. 35

the last episode we visited a guy that
became a friend of ours Tom cross in Midland Texas and he had a bunch of cool
Fords and we polished the fender on one of the Ford station wagon is a 62 Ford
wagon it was red so he gave us a location nearby in the same zip code
that we’re gonna go check out right now so come along for the ride well I was easy drove about 15 seconds
this guy was an ultra Beal enthusiast his name was what Ted McVeigh Ted okay
and he passed away how long ago passed away last October
from cancer uh-huh man and he was as much an old guy as you are a Ford guy
huh this is olds 88 it so we’re looking at
two rare early 50s Oldsmobile side-by-side that that’s a rare car I
mean you see Chevy’s like this and once a while a Pontiac but boy your sales
appeals like this now this is a metal woody you know looks like a woody it it
had painted on the side woodgrain I think they had wood on the interior at
least the Chevy’s did they had wood trim around the windows and things so I
interestingly the Chevy early 50s Chevy’s wagon even though they were
metal had wood on the interior I’m not sure if this did or not so this is
probably a 50/50 one so this is I believe 50 and it is like a 303 cubic
inch huh all right so if you’re watching this video and I’m making mistakes
excuse me because I can’t know everything about everything but I try so
no engine and this thing but boy that’s a rare car shoot it looks like
somebody’s thought to work on this car the – we’ll check it look at the look at
the back of that leather seat there vinyl or whatever it is best pretty good
shape so it’s got a seat here a seat here Ford’s had a third seat I’m not
sure if GM cars did in that I’m waiting for something jump out of me okay his
old tube radio and see lots of the trim that’s missing on the car on the outside
is inside here but there’s linkage that when you drop the tailgate down these
lights stay horizontal so even the tailgates down the lights so people
behind you could still see your brake lights taillights blinkers
that’s a neat car this is olds 88 as well this is a business coupe and it
looks to be a well optioned car it’s got full wheel covers well it’s got the
factory wheel cover and then a chrome trim ring it has future Matic means an
automatic transmission you know the automatics will relatively
new at this time it has a Sun Visor over the windshield now this is a business
coupe you don’t see many business coupes but it’s got the short backseat area and
a longer deck and salesman use the often to put sales materials suitcases in the
back still nothing’s jumped out of me I feel pretty lucky on this episode
there’s a back seat back here some business coupes had no back seats this
has got an automatic well let’s see if something jumps out of here there you go
so you know is it a rocket 88 I don’t know but it’s an overhead valve v8
probably a rocket 88 it’s got a strange-looking two-barrel carburetor
probably has some kind of odd air clean that goes with it Ford during this time
had a flathead v8 which the technology was back to 1932 so Ford was so far
behind sales the beelin Cadillac and Chrysler had two Hemi Ford was so bought
far behind these cars because their horsepower at that same time would have
been a hundred and the Mercury’s would have been 110 horsepower and this
probably has 180 horsepower which is with the Cadillac and the Chrysler head
so olds is probably about the same so if you were drag racing or stop car racing
you know you wouldn’t buy a Ford to go stock car racing or drag racing with you
you’d buy an older caddy or a Chrysler and here again is that jet style if you
look at the logo up front it’s got a globe you know with wings around it so
everything about this thing was modern world war 2 was over and new designs
were you know coming back America was being introduced to new body styles new
drive trains and this again is an 88 you can see the logo back here 88
and I suppose this means rocket 88 because here’s a rocket in the 88 so
it’s kind of a legendary car so there’s no air cleaner back here there are a few
parts interior door panels I guess I’ll just imagine how old that tire is you
know bias ply tire let’s get that little diamond marks on there it says double
eagle so it’s probably a good year all right so this is this car would be a
nice restoration project it looks to be complete we’ve decided that this is
probably a 49 or 50 so we we went to the Haggerty valuation
I’d here and in concourse condition if this is a 49 and it does have a 303 v8
in it it would be $26,000 the value of this car in concourse condition in
excellent 17600 in good condition eleven seven and in fair 79 hundred bucks this
is I guess fair or maybe below figures I think Fair has to run even though this
is complete and solid it’s not a runner so it’s it’s worth less than seventy
nine hundred according to Haggerty price guide be a you know an unusual project
car it’s complete you wouldn’t need many parts for it we looked under the hood it
looks to be sound and the family of the gentleman who collected these cars who’s
now deceased the family has decided it’s probably best to find a new home for
these cars so they are available there for sale and you know I’m here and maybe
five thousand bucks for these cars I think that’s a good buy we know that
this one is worth seventy nine hundred if we’re running I’m not sure what this
one’s worth it’s it’s a pretty rare car we’d have a hard time investigating that
but if you wanted a wagon or this this club coupe you could do far worse than
then buy these for in the area five grand these are the cars that are
sitting here under the shed roof but I I I think he’s got a whole field
full behind this building so we’re gonna go back there now and see what there are
okay it looks like all of the bill heaven my gosh look at all this stuff this is totally by quinces but here’s
the aluminum block 215 v8 that was developed by Oldsmobile
I guess I’m 62 and by coincidence there’s a Land Rover over here what year
it is I have no idea but the engine in here is a variation of that motor that
was used 60 – 70 – 80 – 90 – well probably 40 years later of GM sold the
rights to this motor and aluminum v8 – British Motor Company which used it on a
bunch of models triumphs and mgs but they also use it a Land Rover and here
you hear you got a variation of that same motor 25 feet away from the car
that it was developed for a lot of four doors here right under the roof we got
some muscle car stuff here so this is a Road Runner
yeah we got a road runner all right no drivetrain huh it has torsion bars in
the front so what was this a 383 it has some bondo on it so this club was rusty
at one time it’s I guess it still is automatic on a column it could be a 383
or did they come with three 18s and Road Runners I guess so that scares me right
there in fact it’s over here – so this can’t
be a Texas car I would say look at this rust it’s got aluminum slotted wheels
all around and it’s got that phasing stripe the blacks black red black red
going down here I didn’t want to touch it
so you know this this could be a telltale sign for real problems or it
might just need new front fenders I’m just wondering it’s a big hole cut out
over there and I’m wondering why that would be somebody cut a hole in the
inner fender it’s too far forward to put headers out of there so I don’t know
what that means here’s a Dodge Dart or as Tom and Remo
yatzee say a dad’s dad it’s got big wheels and looks like it’s got dual
exhaust the exhaust coming out this side
probably when I coming out that side so it’s got gauges it’s got a bench seat
Ottoman are gonna call them a spongy little steering wheel one of those
little JC Whitney accessories the wheels in the back seem wider than stock so
they’re probably off a wagon or something two-door hardtop so the I
think the v8 and these things were as a 273 there we go so it could be a 273 or
somebody could put something else in there like a 318 or 340 I suppose it’s a
it’s a big four-barrel on there so this has doesn’t have had it hurts but it’s
got dual exhaust doesn’t that power steering doesn’t have power brakes so
this is a just a kind of a strip car but it would have been a car that would have
been a cool drag car back in the day and it would be a an unusual street car now
because I mean I’ve always less enemies you saw a nice clean Dodge Dart
so you know tom is guessing didn’t want like 4,500 for it I think that’s a good
bike you probably get this thing running in a weekend all right so interestingly
here’s another wagon this is a Pontiac but it’s the same body as that of the
car GM did a lot of badge engineering I guess you’d call it you can see this car
does have wood inside of the other car I don’t know what happened to the wood but
this wood inside here door panels and trim it’s peeling apart be a lot of work
to remake the the the wood interior for this but see there’s a Pontiac eight now
if I’m not mistaken this would be a straight 80 wouldn’t it we could took
him take a look at that there you go so this probably was the same year or
within a year or two of that ullevål but you can see the Oldsmobile was so far
advanced over a Pontiac or a Chevy at the time this still had an eight but it
was a straight-8 flathead and the other the older way we saw a few minutes ago
had a v8 overhead valve somebody was working on this car there’s a broken
ratchet wrench aftermarket air cleaner have to market it cleaning you have to
punch a couple of holes in it so it it’s a two barrel downdraft so you know I
guess I if you bought this and that is a package
this could be a parts car for that to some extent but you can see the both of
y’all had this kind of a longer headlight trim the Pontiacs and the
Chevy’s had just a round headlight but different grille for sure yeah we’re
here we have a Dodge this was registered in 1990 that’s a Hemi so that was a small Hemi
smaller than the Chrysler’s smaller than the de Soto’s and I’m not sure they had
something called a red Ram I can see some lettering on there and that’s what
it is that’s a red Ram Hemi so I don’t know what the cubic inches is is it 274
don’t yell at me don’t send me bad you know notices but this was a hot rod this
is the kind of car you’d buy and race in NASCAR back in the day there was a Dodge
500 a d500 that you’d buy stripped down had no air-conditioning it had no power
steering had nothing and you could buy it and raced it in NASCAR on the beach
this is a four-door model and it’s got a lot of accessories so this this wouldn’t
be a good race car but you know I wouldn’t restore this car floor door but
I’d take that engine out and put it in a 32 Ford High boy and be the cat’s meow
so this is probably a typical scene in Texas of cars that are pretty solid
paints kind of worn off because the beating Sun and the wind and the sand
but lots of 4-doors lots of cars you wouldn’t spend time on because they’re
just not worth the effort the the resale value of the cars is just not there for
a four-door or some of these lesser cars so but we’re in Texas it’s a it’s a land
where there’s lots of good cars that don’t rot away like it they do in the
north so if you live near here happy honey you

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. Hagerty yes the 2 door is popular car cause its a 2 door only i however think differently on the subject i think the 4 doors has a value to it even though its not as valueable is the 2 door still those that dont have much to spend on a muscle car can afford to buy a 4 door and still make them look great and run well just depends so STOP the bull old man cause in reality a classic is a classic four doors or not still worth more then your ever be

  2. it's only a matter of time when four door cars of the only thing people can find left to restore the values going to go through the roof

  3. I looked it up, in 1949 was 1352,1950 production was 2362 for the wagons. They were $2500 when the top line sedan was $2000.
    Pretty sure the Red Ram was 241 cid.

  4. A lot of younger people today prefer four doors to two doors, so don't dismiss them if they're easily restorable. '55 to '57 Olds four-door hardtops are really cool cars.

  5. calling that a road runner might throw some of the younger guys off a little, i was under the impression that after 1970 it was just a name plate attached to one of the existing models. like safari was for pontiac wagons, but i really like the oldsmobiles

  6. A guy here in N.W. Ohio, OldsmoBILL, has several '49's – 50's Olds cars like these. Sells parts off them.

  7. That was 72 roadrunner a 400 P on vin number. would’ve been standard in the roadrunner in 72. 383 was gone after 71.

  8. As slow as ford was to change things its a wonder they survived and this goes all the way back to the T.

  9. here in sweden we would have to pay like 4 times as much for some of these cars. but then again it makes sense since they came from there. old volvos and saabs are pretty cheap here.

  10. I love your channel cause I love old school cars. Go to Cuba and you will find cars like this and older everywhere.

  11. Give us longer raw episodes. I am happy to watch for an hour. Watching all these classics and learning.

    As an Aussie we got next to none of these old cars that the fellas over seas had.

  12. I swear if it just rained on these cars at least it would look so much better. Like I know rain isn't washing your car but come on give them at least something.

  13. I always get the flippen feeling "BUY THEM ALL!!!, SAVE them ALL, restore them all.. (Illogical, I know..)

  14. From a seller point of view, I have to agree with him on value of 4-doors. BUT, there's more to it than money. There's plenty here that have my attention… if I had the money, of course. Loved the Oldsmobiles, my favorite American brand!

  15. if I had the money, I'd restore as many of them as I could. Four-door or not, it's not as if you see may of them around any more.

  16. "You don't see many business coupes" I see tons of business coupes, and they're ugly compared to the fleetlines.

  17. that's a 55' 270 hemi, next year in 56 they went to 315 hemis, the horsepower went from 193 to 260!

  18. One day people will will regret overlooking 4 door cars, and could be more valuable after they are on the verge of extinction.

  19. The Olds 303 OHV V8 developed 135 HP in 1949 1950 and 51..Cadillac's 331 OHV V8 was 160 horsepower during the same time……Still impressive….and it made the 88 a very fast car ….but 180 HP didn't arrive until Chrysler's 331 Hemi in 1951…which started the horsepower race. A 51 Saratoga with the hemi was a real factory hot rod.BTW…its an 1949 Old  Deluxe 88 club coupe

  20. Ya missed one Tom 🙂
    On the anecdote for the Buick 215 that was designed for Indycar and roadcars, and became the Rover V8 of legend, and was also used in the Aussie 'Leyland P76',…
    That engine was also the basis of the Repco Brabham Formula One engine that won F1 Championships.

  21. Tom said, "You don't see many Business Coupes". The coupe is an "88" Club Coupe which were all made with a back seat. A Business Coupe generally does not have a back seat and in 1949-1950 Olds did not make a coupe without a rear seat. Yes, Tom, you changed it to "Club Coupe" as you departed the overhang.

  22. My Grandpa would love this place. He worked at Oldsmobile from 1963 to 2002, almost 40yrs put in there. It rubbed off on me a bit too, Lol.

  23. Again I say, what a labor of love! It's nice to see folks that do what they enjoy and enjoy what they do. I just thank you for taking the video crew along so you could share the love and enthusiasm of the hobby, sport, whatever you call it with the rest of us!

  24. I bought a house with a 3 story barn, you could drive into the middle level. When I bought it I became the owner of a 1959 Chevy Nomad 348 car. It had a 350 in it but it was still darn cool. Interior was mint with cool bronze vinyl with white paint, only issue rust-wise was the rockers and repros were in the back. I ended up selling it to the guy that took the 348 out of it for his drag car.
    Growing up (late 70s, early 80s) I had a friend that was on my hockey team and he lived with his grandparents. His grandfather had a car collection in his barn, easily 20 cars. We used to play hide and seek in that barn hiding in some cool cars. I remember a BMW Isetta, multiple 356 Porsches, a Citroen (the one with the turning headlights and the hydro suspension…DS or something) and a bunch of other Euro cars. It was pretty cool.
    Love your show!

  25. A true barn find!!! Hello Hagerty Barn Find folks, I have a 1968 Pontiac LeMans which I factory ordered. It was in Kansas and Wyoming until 2012 and is now in Rhode Island. It is Nordic Blue, has the 350 hp engine, bucket seats, vinyl top, chrome trim, Pontiac wheels and trim rings, Hurst 3 speed on the floor. It has 97,000 original miles and the engine was rebuilt at 90,000 by Allen Automotive in Chanute, Kansas, who work on race cars in the 4 state area. It has a newer vinyl roof, new carpet. Repainted 2006 with original matte paint. Lots of character. I love my car. Do you think you'd like to feature it in your show???

  26. Tom at 3:24 that's "FUTURAMIC" not "FUTUREMATIC!" "Futuramic" refers to the styling of the new 1949-style bodies, compared to the old pre-49 Oldsmobiles. The automatic transmission in these cars was called "Hydra-Matic"…

  27. I think those early fifties car should all be worth to be preserved with the two tone paint and all these accessories of that time. There is sports coupes enough on the market. But these woody family cars are far more special. In Britain the Woodys based on Rolls Royce or Daimler are far more valuable than the normal cars.

  28. I just discovered your channel and three episodes in you win me over w the Click and Clack reference. Great show, keep them coming. I love old cars.

  29. Geez, Tom! Why kick the four-doors? Some of the most fun I've had have been w/four door cars…I've outrun a '85 5.0 Mustang w/a '75 Bel-Air, and raced a Lincoln Mk.VII w/a ''76 Caprice Estate Wagon – even w/a detuned 454, "The Icebox" was able to blow the Lincoln's doors off. That being said, that blue 88 business coupe would make a nice period hot rod/ratrod..cleanup the interior, clearcoat the patina, shove a blown 350/350 drivetrain in her, & smoke some rubber.

  30. You cant take it with you but it would be nice to be able to afford this much stuff that your kids could sell after you go.

  31. Love that bise cope the look good when u mod the hood and hot rod with ibeam front and get rid of the hood trim hate the trim runing down the hood center.

  32. He's going by auction sellability..those olds could be a great entry level to somebody…wish I still had my 1st car …64 dart 170/6 3 on the tree…. I also know now what this hood ornament I have goes on…same as the Woody wagon.👍

  33. Guys who say 4 doors are "lesser cars" are not true car guys.

    Also that straight 8 Pontiac made more power than that 303 rocket.

  34. There will come a time when four door cars and kids will make the connection… Look at the rice rockets they are buying! I see it happening where a kid builds a four door with his dad and I mean every piece and part was super cool polished stainless and upholstery, door panels visors, headliner. He drove it in his senior year. He grew up working on his 55 ford fairlane and it was damn nice.Everything stock except some nice dual exhaust that barked real nice. 272 y block. He even built the motor as far as assembly but they did have the block boiled and heads surfaced but he lapped the valves… a real inspiration.

  35. I love watching these videos. But it makes me so sad to see all these cars. I hope most of them get restored because they are beautiful pieces of art.

  36. Nothing wrong with a 4door and actually rarer than the 2 doors now as people pass them bye, because of the so called scene pressure. Love that Pontiac. Has he got any ‘57 pontiac parts?

  37. All of these cars should be worth so much more in concourse condition, would really help the industry keep all of this old history alive!!

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