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  1. My dad had a '67 Toronado Deluxe model triple black and he kept it near showroom condition when he had the car. Still to this day that Toronado was his favorite car and he honestly wishes that he never sold it! We have a few older Cadillac's currently but would grab one of these Toronado's if the opportunity ever came to add to our collection. The FWD platform are the best especially in snow and holding the road. You never have to worry about losing control at all. Great Video!

  2. Very cool, seeing a Classic Car, from Lansing, Michigan. My bucket list, GM, Keeps Olds, Pontiac and Saturn.
    • Cheers from The Detroit & Mackinac Railway 🚂

  3. These are phenomenal cars and very undervalued in today's market. My dad bought one new back in '67 and it never had a problem. What a lovely car. Accelerated hard, went down the road like a freight train, and was supremely comfortable. The dash is like an airplane cockpit and almost all were loaded with options. Late for a date just before shipping off to Vietnam I hit a guy in a '66 GTO head-on and totaled both cars, along with the steps & front entry of a church that unfortunately got in the way. I walked away, the GTO driver needed an ambulance. Super nice versions of '66-67 Toronados rarely sell for more than high teens today and we all know that's a steal. Hagerty, thanks for recognizing one of America's unsung stars and for jogging the memories.

  4. Great summary and thanks for highlighting some of the things that make the 1st generation Toro so great. If I might, I'd like to add how fantastic of a drivers car the Toronado is with lots of power, quick steering and tight suspension. The Toronado was very spirited, handled well, rode pretty comfortably and was the best iteration of that era's Grand Turismo style of car. I would also like to add a few additional things to look for when shopping for a Toro. Inspect the rubber boots on the front CV joints as a torn boot requires the axle to be replaced. Also, the carburetor has a throttle bracket that is unique to the Toronado. Without the proper carburetor and this bracket, the kick-down linkage will not be hooked-up to the carb and so the Switch-Pitch feature of the transmission will be non functioning. Finally, the timing chain has plastic coated teeth on the gear set. Over time the plastic deteriorates. As the Toro is front wheel drive and given the location of the front motor mount , the engine needs to be removed to replace the timing gear set. So despite some of these unique features and their additional challenges, these remain one of the best driving cars of that time. In fact from behind the wheel, it's hard to remember that this car is a '66 model and not something that's much more modern.

    If you'd like to see more video of the Toronado or other cool cars, take a look at my channel at:

  5. Of all GM's failed, weak, or troublesome "experiments", Corvair, Vega, Caddy V864, Caddy HT4100 V8, 350 Diesels, Pontiac "Rope Drive", to name a few, the front drive Olds and Caddy were awesome but brutal on rough roads.
    That means virtually EVERY rode in Houston.

  6. Great segment ,I have owned 2 in the UK, very good car, I used to be able to pick up audio from TV channels. No mention of the chain drive to auto trans!

  7. Front drive power train of that magnitude then was something else. Although it begs the question, why?
    It's a very stylish car though.

  8. Beautiful, my Dad had a 'base' model back in the day, no A/C and AM radio, I lived on Long Island and even though we had a garage he still loved to park it in the street, it was a light green. I had gotten my license then and taking that out considering the weight it had some pick-up and my Father had it going 115 like nothing. Had to love those flat floors

  9. I can't imagine people in my childhood would spend this for a car, and then the deluxe interior, but have wind-up windows! Picture trying to roll up those huge windows.

  10. What a fantastic and underrated automobile. In my possibly crazy opinion, I always thought that this car, as well as the 1967 Cadillac Eldorado; were 1960s incarnates of the Cord 810/812. The grille of the 1966 Oldsmobile Toronado, I believe; has subtle hints of the Cord 810/812 grille.

  11. Used to have a 67 equipped just like this one. I had to sacrifice it to the "poor student fund" back in the 80s, but I'd be happy to get another today.

  12. I KNOW they had floor consoles for these but I've YET to see any examples on YouTube! Saw a 69 Riviera with the floor console but still…

  13. Fun car today's car are much more reliable, different from other cars, once they switched to the 455 it had a different cam shaft than other olds 455 to provide more power. One can"t use thinking from today to understand how it was back when very few cars were front wheel drive. GM was a leader not anymore. I don't know how fast they were speedometer only went to 130 mph. In the 70's they were big cars still fast. I think a little under 5000 pounds.

  14. The success of the impala (ss) is what killed it. Chevy didn't think the impala would be a hit and didn't like being compared to the LTD, imperial, exc. and is the reason Chevy gave the green light to this tornado, however, when the new orders came out for the 66 impala, it was a no brainer for Chevy to move its marketing back to the impala and left olds holding the bag. Front wheel drive….. Really?

  15. Isn’t this the first US car to be equipped with an airbag?” Bangkok-Johnnie CarSanook Media -Thailand

  16. What a classic and still a head turner even today. Had a neighbor who had one just like the one you reviewed. Nice ride. Wouldn't mind owning one.

  17. I drove my Brother in law's "67" Toronado to my Junior Prom in 1970. A thank you to Dewey Brohaugh one of the nicest people I ever met.

  18. One thing I hoped he would show is the super cool vertical speedometer- it kind of reminds me of the big wheel they spin on Price is Right! The other thing is the telescoping steering column!

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