On KPNX: Helping Teens Buy The Right Used Car

Back in session teenagers are hitting
the road. Some of them are driving new cars, a lot of them though are in used cars but did they get a good deal or did they get a lemon, and how can you
prevent from getting ripped off. Here’s a few tips… like a typical teen
Jennifer Hayward wanted a shiny new car. I want an nice
car personally. I’m one of those people that’s like glamour you know. Instead she got a used 2000 Mazda 626 We’re high-risk drivers so I understand
why we get used cars, make sense. Thankfully for Jennifer her
father is an auto shop owner in Tempe He knew how to research the right car
for his daughter. The most common mistake parents and
teens make when buying a car, going on Craigslist. The people who are
selling the cars are you know they’ll polish the pig as we
say put perfume on it, make it look nice. Maybe put new tires or some things
that at a glance the car will look nice cosmetically they’ll
wash it. This father recommends you let a professional mechanic look at the used car before you sign
anything. The cost for a pre check is about a hundred bucks. When I put the
car in the air, I can see leaks, I can see things in the undercarriage, I can see
damage that you can’t see. And even if it does need work at least you know what work needs
to be done, and how immediately it needs to be done and how much its gonna cost to have it done. Buyers should also check the car’s
history at carfax.com make sure the car runs smoothly and also make sure you don’t see the check engine light. Doing all this will get your kid into a
safer car and save you a few dollars down the road. Jennifer may not have gotten her shiny
new ride but she has peace of mind and it helps
when dad’s good at fixing cars. Listen to your parents and be glad you have a car in the first place. that if you do use carfax.com realize it only repairs from professional mechanics will show up on a
report so you need to keep that in mind.

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