On the road with a rally car mechanic – BMW Group Classic

On the road with a rally car mechanic – BMW Group Classic

So I work with cars since I was 4 1/2 years old. The whole thing startet then. I worked on a motorcycle with my Granddad. If you’re not passionate about the whole topic you cannot work effectively you have to immerse yourself into the matter… …only then you can overcome problems. Sebastian Gorka is my name, I am 25 years old, mechanic substitute garage leader at BMW Classic. My first contact with BMW was my Dad’s E30 a 325, a genius car I liked it very much. Those vehicles are genius. Sporty, well motorised. At the moment we’re taking care of 3 cars. The M535 the M635 CSI and the normal 635 CSI They are generally trouble-free cars, but with old vehicles you always have some kind of problem. We prepare the cars so they work perfectly. We assume that nothing will happen, but you can never be a 100% sure… …we do our best! This is a M635 CSI 286 PS the car was the best you could get at its time. 4 seats, sports coupé. If you drove this car on the motorway on the left lane there wasn’t much in front of you! BBS hammered rims, the chassis is genius This one is definitely a canon! In my opinion, what characterises the M6 is its design The shark front is very distinctive very aggressive. In a very long curve you can see the rear break away, but the car realigns itself. Honestly, I’m a bit sick from the ride, I have to say. I like driving fast! (laughs) By now I have probably driven every vehicle from the BMW inventory. I can definitely recommend the E30. The E30 is a brilliant car! The prices have climbed extremely, but it is still within limits. Is is truly genius. Everything works perfectly. The motor is technically mature, it has a solid gearbox The chassis, the car body – everything is brilliant. You cannot go wrong with this car. You come back home from a rally and look forward to the garage. In the garage you look forward to the next rally. Every rally is generally brilliant because it always brings change from the garage. That’s the cool part of it all. You’re on the road meet new people and new challenges.

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  1. Das war so schön als Ihr an meinem Haus vorbei gefahren seid. Ich hab die Rallye ein kurzes Stück begleitet mit meinem Mitsubishi 3000GT und bin hinter eurem CSL gefahren. Was für ein Wagen <3 Ich habe in meinem Kanal ein Video von der Rallye hochgeladen. Schaut mal rein.

    Am Mittag habe ich mich noch kurz mit dem M3 E30 Fahrer unterhalten als er in St.Georgen getankt hat.

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