ONLY DOGS CAN HEAR ME | Happy Wheels – Part 81

ONLY DOGS CAN HEAR ME | Happy Wheels – Part 81

Topo’themornin’toyaladdies, mynameisJckSepticEye And welcome back to… HAAAAAAAPY WHEEEEE– *feigns vomiting* I’m sorry… I almost threw up in my mouth
from TOO MUCH AWESOME!! ‘jse jet fall’, straight away! Ohhh as soon as I clicked on ‘Browse–‘ [surprised] LEEEEVELS…!
*jets going off all at once* *a little high-pitched* WHAT THE FUCK?! Steve!! Get off that! Get off that, it’ll be the death of ya!! Ohhh, God– [tosses hand up] I CAN’T EVEN HEAR THE VICTORY SOUND!!! THIS FEELS INCOMPLETE!!! *blubbers* jEEzus, that was loud. ‘MEGA BOTTLE RUN HARD’?? The ONLY thing… … that’s GONNA BE HARD… is my WEE-WEE AFTER I finish this lev… I thought the boosterroonies were gonna be faster! faster they go God can I boost a rooty tooty stay on it
stay on it stay in it to win it CN I hey you guys you guys are assholes especially kitty oh it’s all about
finding it always thought about finding that perfect that perfect weight whap
the perfect angle you can go to for my cousin Billy just fuck yourself keep that angle going keep that angle
gives me going there you go there you go billy Bobby but I boy already and all
the way we got it we got it made it all and they even piss the ground when he
finished it oh la la oh I love you forgot to add
care for Jessie no Jessie ninety-nine percent impossible in the top rated of
this week so let’s give it its right this is impossible level made for the
most bus player ever do that yet you hear you nobody’s cheering PS the most boss
wherever is Jackson you see when that goes whoosh she won’t she got out got our mistakes
were made 00 shoosh don’t take shit from no one up
and then hook to push me out Oh I don’t know how I did it but I did it I
was hoping that the mega fucking wrecking ball and push me down into the
victory but it did it without any one ball throw a reason I skill ups ? was
question yes that helps that helps a great fucking
deal where is unlocked when good good and bad
at this there come on oh where did not win yes let me know
okay you can go into the two balls if you want that’s fine yes oh uh Candis nips don’t I mean I
just get excited now and then but you don’t need to do that track set the guy
pull who is this what I think it is come on
now this is not what I’m thinking is it does
involve a book which is kind of what I was thinking but let’s just go Larry
gonna have fun for jacksepticeye how can I ever have fun Billy level I will not be as bored with
skirt and I here we go there’s the victory yo yes lost an arm and everything don’t
even need it you can throw that back to the start line you don’t need arms to
finish this spec for rainbow spikeball rainbow no no I am singing yeah yeah yeah hey that’s the one I don’t stage let me
hear that victory oh wait there’s no way to victory sounds
like it’s not the 100 dead and win that’s how you know it’s going to block
the run with a twist it’s just going to like twist around mid
level haha ok let’s go what room and rest what’s the choice I
need to see the switch so far there’s no choice i lost the leg
though going down for finish or keep going for a glass break who and I died at the stuff that wasn’t
even hard fucking glass break it is it fuck your glass double glazed fuck you
guys yeah pull down for victory or keep going for
general dude I’m gonna keep going I’m gonna keep going now stop by hey I
need to be careful because those guys want to destroy my face so yeah you forgot aah brakes Oh the brakes are good oh god oh god
this is my eyes oh no arms oh no I’m sabe that’s what you used to call you in
college you might as well live up to your name sick now yes I see that victory Oh tantalizingly
that victory lingerie great front of my face yeah bro victory yes oh really oh really said okay so
this is a vertical spike for this is cool you off well dad and the very first but they are
their vertical spikeball magician I don’t fucking know how these ones work
and uh huh rap huh fuck around fuck you Billy around around around she
goes where she stops whoa that wasn’t even in the spike fall yeah
yeah yeah yeahs behind me she got to go whoo no you gotta go who know you’re
gonna go wash ok yes yes yes no no we didn’t miss
fucking level is a sadist the fucking sadist it’s just it’s impossible you need to
get the bright know the right angle the right angle it’s like that but i need to do it in
the next round is that’s not fast enough hey you smack your face and your score
like Jillian know what believe your stories anymore yeah how yeah yeah yes I didn’t think you
could be doing but really I believe in the heart of the nips I believe in the heart of the nipples
and they got me through to a great jump the hell is this Steve Steve I’m not used to this Steve
I’m not comfortable with this same way falling should be doing let’s all be jumping all balls damn it
Steve just do it for me do it for me this one time you only like 40 euro so you better just
give me give me this and our dad would be wiped clean give me
they save stay dirty euro I’m not even asking for the full amount
30 i will be greeeeat saved him you’re right Steve yeah i think steve is
in on this deal I think he is I think he is Steve state
25 years as long as I can go Steve 25 other than that we’re going out like
half fucking steve cook 25 really you ever feel like a piece of shit no but Steve daughters because he really
is no no no no I wanted to stop go Steve go right down to 20 20 cm I can
do 20 are you with me buddy are you with me
pal you ready there should be a question back there
but all right jump what there’s no bullshit no way you can
reach that yes I’m not getting my money back from
Steve trying to survive oh ok merry merry merry take that all i kept
block the life ready what are you doing in the chair both is not good enough
though there we go I am the victor work your
table okay I’m just gonna hide underneath it happy kitty sleepy says it’s rope swing
and possible but I mean I played a fool your rope swings in my day yeah and there’s no way you can’t get
the momentum to go far enough yeah ah but I know you can do this Steve he may believe in you just reach those
arms reach out and touch faith come on Steve you’re still alive I
believe in you see Steve Steve state yes no happy reading this to make me angry and
then what you’re talking about I don’t know what you’re talking about happy wheels makes me fucking perfectly fine i will
not be best it not today not today today is a bad day
to try and best me oh baby cakes you just don’t know know how I I i like
it so low and is why a huge now that I think our love will grow let me take a step by step yeah Oh every
single fuckin metric tiny piece of white dress the girls were shocked right now
but one expert oh it’s time to feel good about myself
again watch this for strike first reason he try what is happening what is happening this
is stuff that i am not used to it doesn’t matter first time doing it and consume mass oh
yeah oh no no you are bullshit might taint
with that you can get away with this you think you can get away with these
lies that you’re spreading these lies about where the level actually is no not
today not today not today there you go there you go ah oh yeah well that fucking said was
there’s dogs out there going for one real bike oh kool Kris basis and if you can’t move
train moving ok forward back and lean on both arrows for
full speed oh yes look how fast this fucking pikeys oh yeah oh I love this I like this yeah go to the bike do don’t know you
are going to sick fuck is happening the camera can’t even keep up with this this is not balls go goa by dude darling break don’t I am going to call
you Jim little Jimmy bike actually no I should call you unis unis
on the unicycle area go do you like that name I hope you do
because we are a great team Larry it’s time to throw yourself are
you ready for this are you ready for this good time seems like years my hate came off so it doesn’t count no
do-over do-over do-over Larry just do your thing dude just do your
thing that is not Queen some of me landed in yamimash take that the wrong
way whoosh there we go there we go well with one that’s not actually sense
for this is just called ninety-nine point nine percent ninety-nine point
nine percent what bullshit then believe in that ok how the fuck do
you work okay this is weird fuck ok so I have to keep you in constant
equilibrium this is fucking hard but I good boys if there’s a boss at the end of this
rainbow I can fuck into a trust me trust me trust me Oh your trust is rewarded here have all
my lucky charms all over your face long spike for we’re going to see if
you’re able to do this first right oh that’s too far oh that’s too far UberHaxorNova part of
me looks like it’s in march here she never played happy with right so
it’s one of these 13 grow a tiny bit and then you are that’s not enough either o God of all boss of all bosses what I
made short various today in the face there it is oh you’re gonna have to come
up to say we know Oh markiplier actually no I’m Kip liar oh
fuck yeah oh fuck yeah my ears and your cruise at the bottom Boop it’s good all Jackie boy welcome to
segue Steve’s at the course Oh something they didn’t say anything
about jacks up the guy but sideways steve is a is a meeting it’s me thing because I made up the name
save me I could nasty very fast if we can love
it axeman ahead haha letters an ax men in
my head and my face is facing his crotch leurs all right we’re gonna have to be
more careful about this Willie go if yourself whatever the hell you’re doing ok stop
stop stop slow it on down to Chinatown their exact fuck fuck fuck fuck oh ok take it a bit slower to get a bit
slower there you go Stevie it’s in your boards
but it’s ok you those boards a steel break his arms break everything that he
knows and loves here we go here we go what the fuck do we do when we go i can
see the rest of the level are you making me take a leap of faith oh Christ on a fuckin segue I don’t know gonna go look at the sight
of my giant queen fuck fuck no oh no it’s keeping me alive now I was Steve now Jessie bottle run epic if this is Jack if this is Jack win
this level like a boss ok I’m punctuation is key the hell it
can kill Billy with this No ok here we go here we go it’s a bar run for me which means I’m or
Stewart the battle you what the fuck ok hello she was oh she will she will
she will she will she how they did it but I gonna have to fly
it doesn’t this episode of happy as man it’s good to play it all it gets the
blood flowing all the time i look like i was jerking off a wiener who cares to try our man i have no idea
anymore about anything ever but oh so much fun it really gets the
juices flowing and fucking lord but for now thank you guys so much for
watching this video if you liked it but some like but not in your face the legal highs and I was the road push
push Thank You Lacey with cellular nodes
ghosty ghosty yeah I didn’t win what I’m going to count out and it makes us grow now let’s go Oh fucking sick of tricks I am all about using tricks in this game
you guys know that I want to make my spit never here Oh hopefully i’m going to create a new
type of youtubing i’m going to send you a is all like a spray system that when
you go to watch one of my videos you sit down in front of year it’s gonna be like
40 cinema experience where whenever something happens to blows wind or spit
or something that you it’s going to be fun

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  1. Roses are red. Violets are blue. 2019 and im rewatching you. Never regret subscribing too you. 《Inspired poem kinda by @Tracy

  2. Am I the only one who every time hears "Top of the morning…" it reminds me of the begging of "ALL THE WAY" song?

  3. Top of the morning to ya laddies, my name is jacksepticeye and welcome back to HAPPY- gags

    I'm dying of laughter 😂😂😂

  4. 11:04 some of my parts got in UberHaxorNova, part of me looks like it's in Marzia? but she never plays Happy Wheels.
    Me: Have you ever watched Pewds' Happy Wheels part 19?


    ME:puts headphone on with max volume
    Jack: watch (11:32)
    Me: ok
    √ if you can relate

  7. Who else got subtitles and when jack kisses the ground it says oh la la oh I love you forgot to add care for Jessie no Jessie ninety-nine
    I love subtitles

  8. 12:25
    Steve: gets stabbed in the dick
    Steve: pain noise that sounds like moaning
    Me: .-. Ooook that is kinky…

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