Only Stupid People Do This

rev up your engines
here’s a warning for people out there don’t leave stuff out any open in your
car especially if it’s gonna be in the Sun a couple weeks ago I had a customer
and she had some kind of hairspray sitting on a dash in the hot Texas Sun it
was over 100 degrees outside it exploded and not only did it make a mess it broke
the sunroom from the car and it caused a whole bunch of money to fix now of
course you don’t want to leave anything worth money in your car a couple months
ago I had another customer she left her leather jacket a camera in her car just
went into a CVS store she came out window was broken it was all gone you gotta
leave things out of your car it’s logical of course but don’t use any kind
of pressurized cans and the hot Sun it can get hot off and for safety’s sake I
people are always stealing things these days put it in a console under the seat
anywhere that people can’t see it and especially like I said in broad daylight
because the Sun Shining in and people can see inside at night it’s harder to see
but in at anytime you don’t want to leave things in your car that’ll either
cause a problem for you making a mess or breaking stuff or having other people
break your windshield to steal whatever they can see in the car it sounds silly
but I see it all the time I gotta warn people HR says is putting red transmission
fluid with the gas clean the valves well you know it can we used to do that all
the time when I was young mechanic in the 1960s but you shouldn’t do it today
because back in those days no catalytic converters guys would actually rev
the engine up some and it was just pour it in the top of the carburetor you
would get in it would burn and actually what clean the valves it did a good job too
today you do that you will ruin the oxygen sensor you’ll ruin the catalytic
converters so you can’t do it on modern cars that is the problem there’s a lot
of things that used to work perfectly fine that don’t work these days another
thing is when I was a young mechanic you want to check an alternator fast you
didn’t have any tools you take off the negative battery terminal if it still
ran it might the alternator was charging fine they didn’t have computers in it but
you do that you can fry the computers you could do a lot of damage that can
add a you could take it can’t so don’t do that in a modern car you need a lot
more help you want to do that in snowblowers something go right ahead but
not in a vehicle that has a catalytic converter and oxygen sensors, rg
says Scotty isn’t the only honest mechanic mechanics are mostly honest just go find
one you bums he’s talking everybody he’s calling you bums go after him, you know
there’s honest mechanics my grandfather was the most honest mechanic I ever knew
my father used to yell at him cuz he said he didn’t charge people enough money
but yeah there’s honest mechanics everywhere
the problem is honesty is always kind of subverted today especially where I live
in a big city by the cost of doing business you take a city like Houston
Texas big city land cost a fortune a guy who’s a block from here just paid
a million and a half for a 50 by 100 foot lot so that’s a lot of money that’s
a lot of repairs on a car somebody’s gonna open a garage on that property if
he’s running the property you’re gonna pay a lot rent you’re gonna pay a lot in
Texas repairs are gonna get expensive you have to realize the area that you’re
living in what you’re paying for it now you don’t want to deal with the crooked
mechanic of course but realize any good mechanic if you live where I am in a big
city you’re gonna pay a bunch of money for your repairs because the guy’s gotta
pay his overhead he’s got a tremendous overhead that’s just how it goes but
yeah if you find an honest mechanic pay what he’s asking can you get your car
fixed right and you won’t have any work because any mechanic who’s dishonest can
make a ton of money just lying and making stuff people don’t understand how
cars working at the time anyways so the crucial thing is to find an honest guide
if you got to pay a little bit more hey find what people charge in your area and
you’re gonna have to pay that it’s like going to a doctor you go to a good
doctors gonna cost a lot of money you might find a guy you know 20 miles away
in the country charges 20 dollars for a visit but he might not know what the
heck he’s doing, honesty sure it is what you really need and
they’re honest mechanics out there you do find one stick mine
don’t start pricing all over the place and trying to save a little here a
little there that’s a big mistake I’ve had people over the years they left me
they thought it was charging too much then five six years later
back and I said haven’t seen you in a while then I asked their friends eh so
yeah they were using this guy down the street then he wrecked
their transmission so now they’re going back to you because they realized you
were being honest about it knew what you’re doing is that tight no idea what
he was doing, JB’s says thoughts on Korean made hyundais is it
better quality compared to the ones built elsewhere yes from my experience
that’s totally true I find that the stuff that’s made in Korea is better
made than the ones that they’re making over here when they started really
building a big time in the United States they screwed up a bunch of engines they
didn’t build them right and they had to replace a lot engines and those things
that’s sort of the way that it goes take Toyota if I could get a Toyota that’s
made in Japan I would rather buy a Toyota that was made in Japan they just
seemed to have the work ethic there and have it set up that they make excellent
vehicles that hold up longer over time and it’s the same thing with the Koreans
as far as I’ve seen myself, so if you never want to miss another one of my new
car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell

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