“Our Biggest Used Car Sale Ever!” Gordon Chevrolet, Philadelphia PA

hi I’m Greg Hennis here at Gordon
Chevrolet here on the corner of busselton and Roosevelt Boulevard hold
on a second yeah you’re right in the great northeast and the great northeast
and by the way I’m Steve Silverio and welcome to Gordon Chevrolet now you
realize we’re a little confused today Steve right I’ll be looking at just
thinking about it and I looked at you and I said you don’t look like Steve and
you don’t look like Greg and I don’t look like Greg I know what it is we
picked up the wrong mic we did let’s switch them let’s switch the mics now
let’s try it now hi I’m Greg Hennis and this is Steve
Silverio and welcome back to Philly’s Chevy giant it’s Gordon Chevrolet on the
Boulevard in busselton in the great northeast where Steve says just do to do
filling let’s go and guess what folks now is the time to get going and listen
to this Steve I arrived here today and you say Greg listen we got a big problem
we got a 200 plus used car problem here’s what it is our new car business
has been so fantastic at our Gordon Chevrolet store here in the great
northeast that we’ve taken in more trades than we know how to handle is
that correct Steve you’re absolutely right I’ve got trades that I’ve read
priced for this big sale event that’s good until Saturday night that are going
to be five six seven eight thousand dollars below book price of what they
should be retailing for in the marketplace and again it’s the same old
tradition I’m Steve the deal maker you come down here if you don’t like what I
have on the website just make me an offer and I’ll bet you that you’re going
to drive home in a pre-owned car of your choice no matter what your offer is so
get ready I may take your offer for whatever you offer now Steve the
question is how in the world have you gotten so many nice pre-owned vehicles I
mean I look around and I see the line here we’ve got Nissan’s we’ve got Fords
we’ve got Chevrolet’s we’ve got infinity I got infinities you’ve got them all I
mean you’ve got mercedes-benz how did you get so many beautiful pre-owned
vehicle we’ve got every representative model that most of the manufacturers
make and how I got all these cars is that for the last month to two months
we’ve been selling so many new and we’re having another record month in May here
for new automobiles we just keep taking in these trades I’m
taking in trades at five six seven eight ten a day Wow
all right now start talking about what we see here up and down the line just
kind of walk around got a two thousand fifteen sixteen thousand mile chevy
cruze it’s called an RS model which is a rally sport
1lt leather sunroof alloy wheels low miles balance of the factory warranty on
this particular one you got a six year 100,000 mile they ended that in 15 the
16s have now five-year 60 so you got next to 40,000 miles on the warranty
absolutely no charge to the folks who buy the car from General Motors in this
car here at a 2015 you can buy this car right now for thirteen thousand four
hundred dollars that car brand new was about $28,000 two years ago you’re
getting half well well over half off on the car from what it was two years ago
that’s a bargain you’ve got the sister car to it RS rally
sport same car few more miles $1,000 less than what I just said you can buy
this car for 12 for 12 five okay back here Steve we have we have Jeep we have
a Jeep back here how many people over here we have a Jeep Cherokee
you got alloy wheels you’ve got in what they call the midnight blue special it’s
a 2014 model again sunroof leather rally wheels this vehicle here is got 33,000
miles in let’s face it this vehicle brand-new is probably twenty eight to
twenty nine thousand dollars up closer to 30 with equipment it has this vehicle
right now it can be purchased for fifteen thousand eight hundred dollars
which represents a payment of probably it’s a 2014 model somewhere around 250
to $300 a month that cars a bargain at 250 to 300 hours a month hey guys what do we say Gordon Chevrolet now another car Steve right over here
look over here this car stands out to us look at this this is a Hyundai look at
this just to show the variety that we have here in our used cars as a hyundai
sport utility this model here again if you look at it’s got alloyed wheels it’s
a 2014 model has custom interior I can’t believe the miles on this one the miles
on this one is 9,000 miles say that again
this car here is 9,000 and you’re going to give people a deal on this vehicle
this car here is priced at 13 – with only 9,000 miles whoa what a deal Steve
and what a deal it and any car that you do purchase and Gordon Chevrolet with
the be pre-owned or new you get a lifelong oil change in fact you
recommended though I think it’s 7,500 so you probably get two oil changes a year
and your state inspection is absolutely no charge from Gordon Chevrolet any car
that you purchased here and I know it’s the end of the month and I know you
always pull out all the stops this weekend for the end of the month will
you include with every purchase new or pre-owned including these extra special
deals on the use side will you include a gas grill or a television included with
the purchase gas grill and television while the supply lasts around or a
choice you get your choice you come over and pick one out over here we’ve got a
Nissan Steve you got a black Nissan again black on black sunroof leather
alloy wheels and it’s an SL model Maxima Wow
over here we come over here look at this Steve we have a nice variety we even
have Kia’s now right over here we have a 2015 Sorento absolutely gorgeous vehicle
Steve 2015 Kia Sorento again lot all-wheel-drive alright for the winner
oh yeah no one’s going to hold you at home on this baby okay for the
wintertime you got all the drive you want to take it to the beach you can get
it in the sand I believe they had a commercial on these things went up the
side of a mountain I haven’t personally went to the side of Mount with this car
but I heard you can do it great car great car alloy wheels and again at 2015
to give you an idea this car here is twelve thousand two hundred dollars
Wow what a deal now let’s come down here Steve down here
we’ve got a couple of Chevrolet’s in a row we’ve got a Mitsubishi back here
Steve I got to tell you right now with this promotion that is going on between
now and the end of the month you are going to discount pre-owned cars unlike
its ever happened before you’ve got credit amnesty on the table
trade amnesty if somebody is watching this program right now Steve as we work
our way down the line here if somebody is watching this program right now and
they know for a fact that they owe a lot more on their trade then it is worth and
they’ve been to this dealer that dealer this place or that place should they
come in and see you here at Philly’s Chevy giant to get them out of that tree
with trade amnesty absolutely you’re absolutely right any one of these cars
that you pick out we’re going to get you out of what you’re driving right now
we’re going to pay off your trade again no matter what you owe we’re going to
get you back on the road straighten your credit out for you get
you back on the road with a reasonable payment that you can afford with little
or no money out of your pocket pay off your trade and get you in one of these
beautiful to long I got 200 pre-owned vehicles and they’ve all been safety
inspected and certified they’re gordon certified and with trade amnesty steve
that means you’re going to trade a few more this weekend so you better sell
more than 200 this weekend between now and the close of business saturday
because steve is going to do what this weekend is well man you’re going to do
the deal hey guys what do we say Gordon Chevrolet now Steve those deals that you showed us
we’re all fantastic but guess what this is where things are about to really heat
up that Philly Chevy giant this is where the rubber hits the road and this is why
they call me Steve the deal maker in Philadelphia
we got a 2017 Chevy Traverse this vehicle right here alloy wheels
1lt loaded loaded loaded 6,000 miles all-wheel drive normally sells for
$38,000 you come in here this weekend and you tell them that Steve told you
and if they don’t take it you come see me this vehicle here you’re going to get
$10,000 off the normal sticker it’s a pre-owned car it’s only got a few
thousand miles on it but you’re going to save $10,000 on a 2017 1lt traverse as
you can see the vehicle is brand brand-new plus trade amnesty prospered
amethysts yeah but we’re a stroller TV included right Steve
yes all right let’s get the next one up here let me show you this baby whoo I
took this in myself wow what a vehicle traded he bought it
brand new at a local Mercedes dealer this is a 2014 Mercedes CLS leather
fully loaded fully fully fully loaded the payments on this vehicle is three
hundred and seventy-five dollars a month you can be too hot you commerce’ you can
be driving on Mercedes it looks like this okay one owner local trade for 375
dollars a month with this vehicle right here and it’s got so much so much
equipment I can’t begin to even tell you what it’s got it’s got so much stuff and
you’re still going to include the gas grill or TV and cleaner your TV not low
price even with our low pricing and credit amnesty and I dare you to bring a
trade-in I’m going to get you out of the trade even if you’ve got too many trades
already you’re still going to get them out of it again I’ll take some more I’ll
take some more all right bring up the next one bring up the next one now Steve
remember here’s the key to this promotion they’ve got to be here
Thursday Friday Saturday and that’s it that’s it that’s all she wrote how do we
have here okay what we got here is we’ve got a 2014 VW Passat with leather
James how many miles on this car 53,000 miles on this 2014 at for a hundred and
$59 a month now Steve I know you’re the deal maker but you sure I shouldn’t be
like a 215 I mean 159 on a Passat anybody a place else you go you’re going
to pay seventeen sixteen eighteen thousand dollars for this automobile
here you’re going to pay 159 a month that’s what you’re going to pay at the
end of the deal you’re going to look at the customer and what are you going to
say to that customer does do the deal hey guys why don’t we say it Gordon
Chevrolet here we have a 2011 caddie CTS all-wheel drive dual panel sunroof
leather navigation from what I understand every piece of factory
equipment that’s offered to a Cadillac this car when it was sold knew had it on
their diamond white pearl it’s two hundred and forty nine dollars a month
anybody can afford this car to come down here by Saturday and make a $249 a month
payment that’s a beauty right there that all that one right there I Drive myself
all the bells and all the whistles for sure all the bells all the whistles
everything credit situation is the shouldn’t scare them away trade
situations sudden scare them away included with your purchase a TV or a
grill you get your pick lost supplies left I can tell you this and the four
and a half five years that I’ve been at this location we’ve sold over eight
thousand cars Wow there’s we’ve got eight thousand believers in this
marketplace that know that we make deals and we get people financed and we get
you out of your trades all right mr. deal maker give us a deal on an Infiniti
we’ve got a 2013 Infiniti g37 in silver metallic this car I’m looking at it it’s
absolutely beautiful this is an all wheel drive automobile this thing’s got
what we call knee deep and rubber okay which means this got four brand new
tires on it oh yeah it doesn’t have a NIC or a chip anywhere around it in the
wrapper it’s in the wrapper it’s got leather it’s got sunroof it’s got nav
it’s got everything that money can buy now I want to say this vehicle here
probably went somewhere in the 50 thousand dollar range when it was brand
new this vehicle right now can be purchased for $299 bout this so that’s
crazy think about this you can drive a 2013
Infiniti for $299 a month with all these features for the summer
it’s the final weekend of the month 200 vehicles all of them will be specially
discounted for this event trade amnesty credit amnesty gas grills TVs included
it is the biggest used-car promotion Steve is ever put forward and here’s why
for just joining us a record amount of trades of come in due to a record amount
of new car business and the only way Steve knows how to sell these cars is to
do watch Steve just do the deal Philadelphia it’s right here at Philly’s
Chevy giant the deal makers here we look forward to seeing you here and if you
are looking for a great deal on a pre-owned automobiles stop shopping and
come on in to Philly Chevy giant where Steve says just do the deal Philadelphia hey guys what do we say Gordon Chevrolet alright Steve how do you say the end of
the month to Gordon Chevrolet just do the deal Philly and exactly that is what
is going on if you are just joining us here at Philly’s Chevy giant obviously
we’ve spent a lot of time today talking about the unbelievable end of the month
deals that are going on on the pre-owned side we’ve talked about that because of
the fantastic new car business so Steve that leads us back inside and we’re
going to begin to pull the curtain back and let folks know why you’ve taken in
so many trades in the last couple of months because of the type of deals that
you offer here at Philly’s Chevy giant now we are into the end of the month
and obviously earlier in the month you brought a program to the table that has
been very very very effective with new cars and that is 20% off while they last
Chevrolet Malibu is first of all Steve how has that program work for you here
at Philly’s Chevy giant we started that program to begin in the
month we’re obviously leading the district whoa we’ve always been number
one in Philadelphia we’re now leading the district out of 70 something dealers
we’re number one and the factory representative they called me the other
day said Steve it’s due to your 20% off they’re hearing it all over and then
they can’t figure out how you’re doing it so when you’re talking about a 20%
off savings that is pretty significant Steve you’re talking about a brand new
Chevrolet Malibu while they last 2017 20% off that’s significant that is
significant it’s anywhere from five six thousand up to as much as eight thousand
dollars off Malibu’s that’s a lot of money that’s 20% off the MSRP of the car
that eats up a lot of negative equity that helps banks make decisions that
they normally probably wouldn’t make because you’re in an equity position
when you drive off this lot you’ve already had your depreciation taken out
of the car 20% if you’re upside-down in your trade and you gravitate toward a
deal like 20% off how much better of an opportunity with that kind of savings is
it to get that upside down trade right-side up how much easier does that
deal make it if the bet if the manufacturer is kicking in five six
thousand dollars I’m kicking in twenty five hundred and discounts and whatever
I can do now you’ve got eighty five to nine thousand dollars off a twenty six
thousand dollar automobile you’re paying eighteen nineteen thousand dollars for a
car that in a seventeen model when right now the 16s are selling for that and
you’re buying a seventeen for that so is it safer when you’re going to get the
bank’s attention oh yeah no question about it so trade amnesty credit amnesty
are obviously a lot more effective when you have an offer like that for sure no
question and listen there’s people coming in that hey that their lease was
up and they’re going into the new car they don’t have any negative equity and
they’re be able to take all that tremendous savings right off the top and
put it to the bottom line so is it safe to assume that we could read between the
lines and and and understand that between now and the close of business
Saturday you’re still going to have 20% off the Chevrolet Malibu while supplies
last year at Philly’s Chevy giant is that stole the table Steve absolute
the manufacturer has decided to end it on LT Malibu’s but I have decided to
continue it on on my LS Malibu’s rules bill do the 20% off through the close of
business Saturday through the close of business on Saturday hey guys what do we say Gordon Chevrolet we are standing in front of a Chevrolet
Silverado now Steve a lot of folks don’t realize what a truck you guys are big
time into the truck business here at Philly’s Chevy giant we don’t talk a lot
about it but today we’re going to talk about it you guys are really into the
truck business we’re not into it as much as we should be if I can say we’ve had
any weak area we sell more cars than anybody this is the baby right here this
truck market that I’ve got to get into because I’m going to tell you I Drive a
truck every now and then myself especially in the winter I’m going to
taste them there’s nothing more finer than a silverado Chevy Silverado pickup
truck it’s a number one resale truck in the market if these this gets to be two
three four years old you’ll pay three four five thousand dollars more for a
Chevy pickup to trade one or buy one then you would for a Ford or a a ram
these trucks hold their value JD Powers number one number one pickup truck as
far as quality goes I’m just telling you can’t go wrong so I’ve decided now to
start doing in the truck market what I’ve always done in the car market and
I’m going to give you some places on the truck that’s going to just knock your
socks off all right Steve so we’ve got a Chevrolet Silverado
obviously if you want to create the market you’re going to put a deal where
your where your mouth is so Steve right now between now and the close of
business Saturday if I am interested in a Chevrolet Silverado what can you do
for me what price did I tell you and before we get on here do you remember
with that price well I think you said like $2.99 maybe 300 no no no you
kidding me you’re not gonna sell any trucks at that price so was it 279 no it
wasn’t that price either there’s a lot lower in there
how about 259 it wasn’t that either I think I heard you say 259 did I say 259
but here’s what I’m going to do lower I’m going to do 214
2:49 I thought of it now Steve on a truck like nine 259 people saying you
know you know you know at 2:49 they’re going to come down here this truck here
for $249 a month that’ll give you a double cab bottom on automobile that
will give you a four-wheel drive that will give you a 1lt loaded a load it
I’ll load it up truck for $249 a month the Silverado at 249 a month lease that
exactly right so Steve do you really want to be in the truck business what do
you say to that Steve just do the deal I’m coming in the truck business 249 a
month 249 a month now we can’t forget one of your other popular sellers the
Chevrolet Equinox Chevrolet Equinox is a big big seller here at Philly’s Chevy
giant but the reason you’ve become a big seller is because you’ve always put
forth fantastic deals for people you really have no question you know the
equinox is what I’ve seen as being the the up-and-comer for the sport utility
it’s it’s been absolutely phenomenal I’ve also got some of the 2018 s it just
came in and the new body on that vehicle is an absolute killer so what I’m going
to do on these 2017 s now I’m going to start the sale off early instead of wait
until September or October I’m going to tell you right now we’re going to start
off on this new Equinix at 1:59 a month 1:59 a month 59 a month so we’re talking
about a 2017 Chevrolet Equinox lease it at 159 a month 59 a month and behind us
the Silverado at 249 a month lease them exactly right so Steve and we still have
the 20% off the Chevrolet Malibu while supplies like Reddit and Misty and we
have trade amnesty and we have 55 inch TV sitting over there
we have grills barbecues that are included that are included also and it’s
a chick Pickard yeah pick your choice choice your pick whatever you want take
it easy think about it don’t make it too quick
pick but make sure you get one before you leave hey guys what do we say Gordon Chevrolet tell you don’t Brian what’s up what’s up
Steve BC that’s Brian Collins now now here’s what I want to find out about
Brian he comes on and he visits with us Steve
and is it my imagination or is why we see his name among the top salesmen
month in and month out here at Philly’s Chevy giant month out and one thing
about Brian he’s always coming up with new ideas on how to market himself in
the Philadelphia market to be the top salesperson in the fifth largest city in
the country Philadelphia Pennsylvania so Steve would this be one of the reasons
that you always talk about price and people would this be one of the people
reasons maybe the people the 2:49 would be the price or the 1:59 be the price or
the 20% off would be the price and that’s the people those prices mean
nothing unless you’ve got somebody like Brian taking care of because somebody
will go spend more money if they had to if they didn’t get taken care of
properly or be serviced properly so you got to have them now Brian I know you
care about the people you absolutely positively when somebody comes here you
want to help them even if they’ve been to this dealer or that dealer this
situation or that situation you really care about the people so I want you to
take a minute and just talk to the folks about how you can help them when they
come see you between now and the close of business Saturday I mean the main
thing is like you already use the word help I mean if you’re out there right
now you need a car you want a car you know I’m going to do my best to help you
find one I mean I always tell myself and I tell customers I’m not so here to sell
cars as much as I’m here to help you buy them and what that means is you come to
me you let me know what you want and I’m going to work till I can to the very end
to get you that car that you want at the price that you want so that’s number one
and then everything else from there you know just becomes effort and you’re
really just to get involved and we make something happen nobody nobody works the
desk when he comes to with a deal for the customer
harder than Brian Collins he’ll come there and he’ll come back and work to
work the desk they can’t pay that cuz you chart can use a little bit less can
you give more for the trade can you do this can you do that he keeps working
and more working until he gets the deal for his
customer in other words he does not like to hear the word no no he don’t want to
hear the word no he wants to make it as easy as he can for his customer to buy
the car at the price that they put on the table so so Brian I gotta ask you a
question remember when you first came to work here at Philly’s Chevy giant Gordon
Chevrolet remember the the handbook that they have here and it says the first
thing you need to remember is Steve’s famous line if you want to work here do
you remember what that famous line is just in case folks at home may have
forgotten it well they didn’t forget it just do the
deal in and out how did that no no you gotta do it like Steve yes you gotta do
like Steve does it now listen here’s how Steve does it Steve go ahead just do the
deal Fillie all right Brian you’re up I’ve been
doing life Steve I just do the deal silly hey guys why don’t we say Gordon
Chevrolet so kid is it true that you really care about the customers too
obviously now here’s something that folks may not know about you but you are
a mom you’re really proud to be a mom you love your daughter so obviously ah
salute the moms military and the military you’re a military person
absolutely yeah we’re the weekend so this is this is your time of the year
where you obviously we appreciate the service you’ve done but you really care
about the people doing it I do I care about them like they’re my kids you know
I nurtured him I welcome to the phase I have a lot of patience I will for you so
I have a lot of patience and obviously it does yes she does with the
four-year-old you need to have a lot of people she has a lot of patience with
the customers also who works with them to get through and you people walk away
from her desk I’ve had more people coming them out say listen I just want
to tell you that experience the kid that we had with Kia and buying this on bill
was the best in the easiest we’ve ever had working with Kia now Kia obviously
people that may come in that see you that have been in the military they want
to deal with somebody what branch of the service did you deal with no way you
were in the army yes for six years okay so should somebody be afraid say Kia
they they have you know a dip in their credit
maybe then realize they owe too much on their trade should they be afraid to
come in and visit with you never what I don’t think that you guys should be
afraid to come in at all most of my customers come in afraid and scared
because of their credit problems history’s they’ve been all over shopping
around and just couldn’t get a deal done when they come down they’re a little
uneasy and you know start going into credit details and everything like that
I just sit them down talk with them I let them know they came to the right
place where we can get each and every deal done most of my customers obviously
leave out here we leave out here best friends we chat talk text we walk out
here hugging their kids leave our balloons and toys if you guys got any
type of problems issues concerns this is the place to go and me personally I love
dealing with customers the hardest credit problems are the ones I love
dealing with the most because you walk out here the most satisfied and the most
enjoy from the process Steve I think she’s digested the employee handbook
pretty well pretty well she really drinks drinks on her bottom left and
drove her desk she reads it every day so Sookie that first page in the employee
handbook has those magic words do you happen to remember what they are Kia I
do just do the deal Philadelphia all right well thank you Kia thank you so
much for joining us hey guys what do we say Gordon Chevrolet so I got to ask you
real quick Kevin I know you really care about the people I know you love that it
work at a place that has a lot of fun this place has a lot of fun we always
have a good time with Gong and shouting out and different things but bottom line
kevin is there a dealership that you’ve ever worked at or have been a part of
that makes it easier for the customers to get approved and works harder for
them then Philly’s Chevy giant Gordon Chevrolet has there ever been a
dealership that you’ve been a part of in 25 years absolutely not and what I like
about about this store here is a customer says to me Kevin can you put me
in what can you put me in can you put me in this can you put me in this and I say
to them I have never in 25 years put somebody into a car what I do is I find
out what you need what you’re looking for what’s going to help you your family
your friends and I try to find a means for you to get exactly what it is you
want and there’s a way to find that deal and what I love working with Steve is
Steve tries to find the deal so when you say just do the deal it’s a real thing
and we try to do it all the time and his office is still in the showroom for if
you still have a problem you still go to him and say help help my customer here
everyday and you’ll go take your customer to him if you have a problem
most owners on a Saturday you can see them on their way down the shore
beep today they beep to the store give you a wave he’s here on a Saturday on a
Saturday when I get here he’s here so Steve’s not on the beach he won’t find
him down the beach with his uh with a sunscreen and okay he’s here at the
dealership he’s here helping my Beach this is your B this is my beach right
here and this is the sand all the cars all the sand and the lights of the Sun
and this is where I enjoy being for obvious reasons you don’t mean I love
selling cars with other people you love the people I love helping the people out
I love just doing the deal all right Kevin so on your way out those magic
words that you heard five or so years ago when Steve first arrived in town
here’s how let’s hear it together come on we are almost out of time but we’ve
got to mention these final things number one Chevrolet Malibu is 2017
while they last what’s the deal they’re 20% off 2017 chevrolet equinox –is what
can you lease one for per month 159 and the 2017 Chevrolet Silverado yes Gordon
Chevrolet is in the truck business what’s the deal there
249 and remember ladies and gentlemen every single purchase includes a large
screen TV or a gas drill while supplies last and remember if you’re in the
market for a used car with over 200 to choose from they must move them now and
right now they’re going to discount them and unheard of deals plus trade amnesty
plus credit amnesty it is going on all this weekend where we salute our
military friends and family for this Memorial Day weekend it’s Gordon
Chevrolet on the Boulevard in busselton in the great northeast that’s Steve
Silverio I’m Greg Hennis and remember when you arrive get ready to hear these
magic words as you walk out the door give me the opportunity to make you an
owner of a new or used car and just do the deal filling it’s Gordon Chevrolet
on the Boulevard in busselton and as Steve likes to say the great northeast hey guys what do we say Gordon Chevrolet

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