Paano ba pumili ng sasakyan na bibilhin? Car buying guide.

Paano ba pumili ng sasakyan na bibilhin? Car buying guide.

Good Day Guys and welcome to another episode of Riding in Tandem with me RM.. In this episode we will talk about how to choose the car you should buy. Are you ready? Lets go!!! There are a lot of people that ask me what would be the right car for them…. I think to myself that’s a hard question. How should I answer that. We really don’t have an basis on anything.. What if I tel you that a Ferrari suits you….. What do we do now especially if your budget is only good for a Picanto. So how? I created a checklist / guideline for you to follow to get an idea on what car would be best for you. Just answer it one by one.. Lets go back. Another thing to consider. There are no vehicles that are “One size fits all” For example this car is okay for everyone but thats not the case. There are other cars that are better for certain type of people and their use and vice versa. So lets begin.. Number one, lets start off with the most important thing for all categories. Number one is the price!! The bottom line is that whatever you do, If you don’t have the money you wont be able to buy what you want. Unless you barrow money But think about it, even if you barrow or loan money but you still don’t have money to pay… Then its no use. It would be repossessed. So Price! What you need to do with the price is set a limit. Whether it be Lets say your budget is 250 Thousand, 500 Thousand, 1 Million, 1.5 Million Set this first, its the most important thing. With the categories that we are going to do…. So lets set first, for example the budget is 250 Thousand.. Okay.. Next.. Number 2. What are you going to buy? Brand new or second hand? Its like this…… With the example budget of 250 Thousand… It would be impossible to buy a car with this budget. Unless this was a motorbike or E-bike So with the example that we have, we would have to go for the 2nd hand. If you want a more detailed choice between brand new or 2nd hand…. We have a video about it and I will post a link on the top and all you have to do press the letter “I”….. Then our video will appear about it. The bottom line is, if you have the money to buy then “Brand New”.. But if you want to save and you know a thing or two about cars.. “2nd hand”.. Okay.. Next… Number 3. Automatic or Manual…? With reference to the automatic or manual in my opinion these days it would be better to go for automatic… If you don’t know… But just in case you’re a driving purist and you really want the feel of shifting and then that’s okay.. Whatever you prefer then that’s okay.. If you want more details about the manual transmission vs the automatic, we have a separate video. Just click the letter “I” again on top.. Number 4. You need to consider how many passengers will be riding, right??? For example there are only 2 persons riding, it would be better to get a smaller car…It will also help you save. Lets say for example there are 12 passengers that would be riding, then no choice but to get a van… So with the example that we have of a 250 thousand budget and only 2 people would be riding…. So okay…. Let me just add for example only 2 then it would be best to get a smaller car but lets say 4 then a 5 seater car. If 5 I would prefer or recommend to get crossover, it will have a lot more space in the back for your things. Now if you are 7 then an SUV will be good but the truth is if you are 7 and you are all full size adults……. I would recommend a van instead. If you will get an SUV and there are 7 of you occupying the seats….. It gets pretty cramped up at the back and some of the stuff will be at your sides. Now with a van and lets say there are 7 of you, you can still fold the back seats and put all your things there.. So if you are more than seven, then really there is no choice but to get a van. Thats it.. Number 5. Where are you going to use the vehicle? Are you going to be in the city? are you just going to be in Manila, or Cavite where the roads are usually flat..? Or are you from Quezon and daily you would be travelling through (Chicken intestine – its a name of a road)? Are you from Baguio? Are all your roads rough road? Or is there a lot of muddy roads after it rains? So that’s what we are going to base on… So now lets say that……you are just in the city.. You wont be going that often to the province.. Maybe once in a while for example vacation or once a year… Then there’s only 2 of you just like in the example… Then a small car will be just fine… Where are you going to use it? Is it just for city driving or long open roads? Will it be used in the Mountains or Off-road? Of course you need to think about where the car will be used. Whatever type of terrain you will mostly encounter you will need to match it with the type of vehicle built for it. For example in our area, we have lots of pot holes and high humps on our roads… Then what I would buy is a lowered car… Most likely an accident would occur and the bottom of my car would be damaged. For us here we actually prefer something bigger than a car such as a crossover, SUV… But the problem is with the example that we made the budget is only 250 so there’s really no choice. With 250 the SUV you could probably buy is going to be old. If its old its going to cause a lot of headaches especially if you’re not familiar with cars…. Just don’t buy those types… Just bear with something cheaper and smaller so it doesn’t cause to much headaches… And if ever you come across uneven roads, high humps just go slowly. Oh and don’t put a lot of things inside. It could also be that most of your travels would be on the expressway…. If that’s the case it would be better to get a car with a bigger engine to make the travel a lot faster. Like a Civic or maybe something with a bigger engine displacement so its not too hard especially for long drives. Also when overtaking it will be a lot easier with a bigger engine. Lets say you are in the city and you are stuck in traffic, everyday you’re on Edsa, you’re all alone… You’re just going to and from work, you have a few things I would prefer something small…. This is where the 250 thousand budget fits in. Because its for city that’s why we should go for a small car.. Number 6. Diesel or Gas? This is another long discussion and we have another video for this. Just click the letter “I” again on top.. So we compared Diesel vs Gas. Just watch it also. By the way, if you like this video please like and share this on your Facebook… So if you have any relatives looking for a car, they have a guide that they can refer to as well as this video to help. Okay? Number 7… What type of Drive-train does this have? 2 wheel, front wheel, rear whee, 4 wheel or all wheel drive? That is something that we have to think about closely… This is another long discussion but let me just give you the bottom line. I used to have a 4 wheel drive vehicle (Pajero Jr) the small one. It was 4 wheel drive but ever since I had it I was only able to use the 4 wheel drive twice. And the truth is I really don’t need to use it. So what can i say about the 4 wheel drive? Its not really something that you need. Now for the 2 wheel drive…… Usually the application for rear wheel drive are for those that have heavy loads. Like a van or Pick-up… But usually its automatic, for a van or pick-up it has rear wheel drive. But if you want a sports car, its better to have rear wheel drive. If its for everyday use, especially if you are new to cars those that have rear wheel drive have a tendency to over steer. If the roads are slippery and you’re not that well trained then I wouldn’t suggest on buying a rear wheel drive. Just get a front wheel drive. Its a lot safer. Just go slowly. Here for the ordinary cars in the Philippines they are usually front wheel drive. Its okay and much safer. Number 8 How are you going to use this? This is very important. For example someone asked me I will be using this for TNVS (Grab)… The asked is the Xpander okay? I told him since he was going to use this for a business, it would be better to get a car with a smaller body.. Then…. Something with a smaller engine… So that if you do the TNVS you have a smaller car, less weight, less gas consumption and more profit… So get something suitable for TNVS which is usually a smaller car. Or you are the type of person who likes to put a lot of things in the vehicle. The pick up that I am using right now. Let me share a story. Whenever my mom goes o the province upon returning we always have 2 sacks of rice.. 2 red bags of kalamansi (Philippine Lime), plants. That’s how my mom is which is why we have a pick-up. If that’s how you will be using it, I will not recommend a car I would go for a pick-up also. But if you wont be loading things that are heavy…. then just go for a car.. Lets say for business. It would be nice to have a van. Like the UV Express. What ever the use will be match it with the vehicle you want to buy. Number 9. Brand! Of course your preference of brand. Like for us we prefer Japanese or Korean.. Those are whats okay for us. There is the American brand which is okay, European which is very nice but expensive. Whats important for us is that we get from Point A to Point B. That’s whats important. Not really the flare or the glamorous designs. We are not really like that…. But if you can afford it then that’s really nice the European. Another one is the Chinese. But I haven’t tried the Chinese brand honestly.. Hopefully soon we will be able to test drive a Chinese cars to see if they are also okay. Number 10. Last but not the least and also the most important of them all…. Your heart!!!! Whatever’s in your heart, whatever little things there are, just follow your heart. If you don’t follow what your heart desires at the end you will only regret it. That’s why…… The truth is, if we would just follow #1 (price) and #10 (Heart) That’s enough…. Lets say for example… You’re in the city and just going to the office and then back home… You’re usually just all by yourself. The type of car that you need with the 250 thousand budget is the Picanto. Its a perfect fit. But what you want is a Montero. Well there is really nothing that I can do about that. Buy the Montero. For everyday use and you’re all alone that’s okay. Just as long as that is what your heart wants follow it. With this very long discussion that we had… 250 thousand, only 2 of you will be riding or maybe just one.. City driving, Front wheel drive, 2nd hand since brand new is not possible So all in all for 250 thousand with the same conditions that we have advised… We would recommend a 2nd hand Kia Picanto. Check it out. We hope that you learned something new. We hope that you can use the guidelines if your buying a new car. Please like and subscribe. Bye bye…… By the way.. Did i forget anything or is there anything you would like me to add…?? Comment below.. Shout out…… Thank you all very much for watching. We hope that you wont get tired of seeing me and my wifes face…. See you again next time…..

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