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  1. If there's a guy teaching someone to drive, and he's stopped in the middle of a busy road when the lights green, your going to get pissed off. The taxi driver did say repeatedly, (in punjabi) don't bring them here for lessons.

  2. Yes, you are, in the middle of a busy street if your trying to get your passengers some where, and there's a lesson going on when the lights have been repeatedly going green for more than 3 minutes, you will get pissed off because you'd expect the teacher to not stop in the middle of the road but have a driving lesson elsewhere.

  3. Lmfao!! All these white people don't understand how funny that swearing was, had me in tears laughing my head off!

  4. Dont come fuckin herf, it bussy ari jah. GOORD F Y CUMMING DAT WAI BASTRT U TICK! Y come fuckin erf pawel u tick idiot tick gravel go oder site.

  5. It's that Instructors fault, why has he brought a learner driver who clearly isn't excelled at clutch control to a major traffic lights? 3 lights in a row, obviously people do get frustrated, it'd make much more sense if that instructor had kept the learner around industrial estates until a learner is fully confident with at least her biting point,

  6. I know its Manchester road in Rochdale. ..but anyone know the characters involved? I thought they would have been worldwide sensations by now.

  7. My humble request please remove this filthy video, what answer will you give to your lord when you dieย 

    every person who watches this video you will also gain 1 bad deed in their favour as this is a sin video has been seen almost 25,000 times we must fear judgement day how will we bear the ย bad deeds. That day when people will want to give the whole world and gold and whatever is in it to save then self from this day. ย Please fear Allah and remove this video its giving a bad name to muslims and pakistanis those who recorded and uploaded you have a heavy price to pay. Make tauba does the bava even know u put it up on youtube.

    The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) said,

    โ€œWhen a servant curses something, the curse rises up to the sky, where the doors of the sky shut it out, and then it falls back to earth, where the doors of the earth shut it out. Then it searches right and left and when it does not find anywhere to go it comes back to the thing which was cursed, should it deserve it. If not, it returns upon the person who uttered it.โ€ (Abu Dawud)

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  8. Lessons should not obstruct other drivers, especially in towns. If they are not ready for main areas they should stick to the quieter areas

  9. Extremely racist pakistani muslim, calls the young female driver dirty kaafir, he wasnt just mad, he showed his real thinking towards white people just because they are christian, how can this terrorist be a driver I dont understand

  10. one thing is best about Pakistanis they attract many dogs mostly Indians..lol …I mean look at the comment section..when everyone know that driving instructor was wrong by bringing it in busy area and obstructing other drivers..

  11. ooty Jokes โ„ข โ€“ โ€@FootyJokes

    #Football Q. Why doesn't Pakistan have an international football team?
    because every corner they get They build.a shop on it

  12. this dumb ass taxi driver has no patiences, so what if the learner made a mistake.

  13. As a White Boy who can speak Urdu the word Bhenchod is teta, Whether Gora or Apna/i. We were all leaners once peeps don't forget that you weren't born with a Licence in your hand. The old dude had no patience obviously giving the learner abuse solves goo/shit, he should have manoeuvred around or at the very least the Instructor should have if 2 lanes made sure that there a way to pass for other people (simples) ..

  14. This old man is badboy old school nuff luv to this guy I know few old men like that they so funny sad thing is they bloody die of old age haye that

  15. if it was a white or black person swearing would there be so much negativity?
    no i dont think so, its just because hes pakistani

  16. Thatโ€™s why some Pakistanis donโ€™t have any respect for them selves itโ€™s so sad itโ€™s not funny Iโ€™m embarrassed

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