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  1. Once how to train your dragon pancakes were made I died inside if happiness httyd is my life ???? also Devan the dragon you were drawing is a girl deadly nadder named stormfly

  2. Wait wasn’t Collins suppose to do that bag with batter? 8:47 ?. Love your video?. BTW Congrats for 20mil subscribes and 1mil likes

  3. You know that is always going to be the one to winning the pancake Challenge you know it poems because you're horrible at pancakes challenges if anyone feels me then reply

  4. Deven won: 1 2 3 4 5: deven is a pancake master
    Collins won: 0 : done and collins is a challange master
    Me : 100 : i am a Not a pancake master but i draw everyday and my room is full of GREAT BEATIFUL WORKED SO HARD ON AND IM A ARTIST

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