Papierflieger falten der weit fliegt – Flieger basteln mit Papier – Papierflugzeug bauen

Papierflieger falten der weit fliegt – Flieger basteln mit Papier – Papierflugzeug bauen

Hello dear internet. Thanks for being here with me again. And today we are going to learn how to make the Grey paper airplane. This is the modified version. The older version already got 5 million views here on YouTube. I got this by request. I modified this paper airplane and Now you have an other a better tutorial. And by the way – this is the older one. And it already flew amazingly. This one is even better! make it go like 200 feet that’s pretty
much for sure one of my favorite paper airplanes and you’re just about to learn
this and once you’re done with it after this tutorial make a photograph and tag
me on Instagram so I can like your picture so well there we go let’s do
this and we start off the basic fold if this
toriel is going too fast for you please pause after every fold that will help
you and as you can see I don’t have any music playing in the background that’s
basically because of copyright reasons and if you want to hear some music open
your own play it in the background that’s a lot better than what you two
can offer do you have any other requests what other paper airplane should our
rework comment down in the comment section this is not the only video this weekend
there’s another one to tomorrow make sure to check that out too and it’s a
bit different all right guys and as always try to be
as precise as possible both sides should look similar in the end and I’m trying
to make many more videos like this one so if you’re interested in my upcoming
videos and if you have to get a little inside make sure to follow me on my
social media pages you can find the links in the description and of course
if you’re new to this channel subscribe every Saturday I’m uploading another
tutorial just like this and what also is really important for the life of this
channel is that you share my videos because if I don’t get any views I
cannot continue to make these videos so sharing is really important for the life
of this channel and I appreciate it I’m really thankful if you share my video
thanks guys without you these pipe airplanes would never come alive okay now you fold it down from this
point and make sure to get rid of these waves you don’t want them so this is the most so this is the
hardest part of this tutorial which is pretty easy
make sure it’s parallel to this point right there and basically you fold this
part parallel to the center line and then you repeat it with the other side so the spot in parallel now fold it to the top as much as
possible and make sure that the center line is on the under center line so your
paper airplane flies straight right and guys what other paper airplane should I
rework watch my all the videos and tell me which one you would like to see next
so I can make a tutorial about this one okay now you see the point here at the
tip at this point you want to make sure it’s here so
it’s on the line and the tip is right – that’s how you fold the wings by the way
guys this is the best paper airplane to annoy your brother or sister because you
cannot miss your target and that’s like
centimetres and you take free and from this point you fold it parallel to the
center line to the top line there you five centimetres right here and from
this point you take the corner and follow to this line a comma so finally and we are coming to an end it’s pretty
much the modified gray paper plane I hope you like it
if yes give this video a like compare it to the older version which one do you
like more I hope it’s this one I like this one more and of course what’s left
to be said don’t forget to share tag me on Instagram so I can like your picture
and have fun with your paper airplane and you can you can see

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  1. I Have crashproof paper plane but it not waterproof and this plane outdoor paper airplane
    i can't show tutorial because my phone is out of battery ):

  2. I like these, but my specific needs are less distance and more hang time for short distance. Think passing notes to people in class. Except obviously not while in class.

    I have found paper plates are better at carrying thumb drives.

  3. why did you stop making paper airplanesits sogood pls make more 🙁 its been a year you said every thursday pls 🙂 these are great

  4. This paper plane's difficulty is rated level 2.
    Can't you build it? Try level 1 – easy paper planes:

  5. Too hard? Start with Level 1 →
    👍 Like the video if you enjoy my content. Thank you 🙂
    💬 I read your comments.
    ℹ You will find helpful tips and answers in the description.

  6. Mahir Cave. For the end part around 9:55 , can you make it easier to see how to make the due to recommendations that pop up due to your entro. At least make the video little longer at the end so we know how to build it. Thanks.

  7. i know how to make it better i just tried and it worked, so on the bottom put two little triang;es and it will fy better

    like if it flied better for you and i hop you have a wonderfull day

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