Passat R36 Turbo – szybszy niż somsiada | Wheel with it. Stories S01E01

Passat R36 Turbo – szybszy niż somsiada | Wheel with it. Stories S01E01

Is my VW Passat a fast car? I think it is. Around 3s from 0 – 100 kph (~3,1s) 100 – 200 kph in around 6 – 7 seconds In my opinion these are quite ‘decent’ numbers . The performance in my Passat is kind of a side effect because it wasn’t the purpose or the sense while modificating this car. I wanted a car that would be comfortable, functional and quiet inside. A car that would be able to take me and my family to any place. The car is exactly as I wanted it to be. In 100%. It has power output of around 600 HP. Perfect car for daily use 🙂 The phrase ‘VR6 turbo’ leaves a smile on our faces. As you can also see. 0,4 liters of engine displacement more than in the previous R32 sounded really nice to us. The previous R32 engine generation was doing really well when it was turbocharged. However, the R36 engine was… and actually still is kind of a ‘virgin’ power unit in terms of this kind of tuning. I think that’s because there is no widely available development for the tuning companies. So when we wanted to turbocharge this engine, we also didn’t have this development. We created it from the scratch. Besides, R36 is actually the last engine manufactured by Volkswagen that has such a big displacement. 3.6 liters. And as it is widely known… What is better than a big engine displacement? A bigger engine displacement. The first moment when we’ve driven the finished car… Honestly, I don’t even remember what emotions I had in my head when we first started the car or even during the first rides. Because the car has driven for quite a long time as turbocharged. At the beginning the power was lower. From around 400 HP we were step by step testing following Stages up to 670 HP. It demanded hundreds hours at the dyno in front of a computer. Of course, there were complications and fails while building this car. Biggest problem was the FSI system, which is designed for much lower powers in a stock car. But as people say – each fail brings us closer to the success. And our Passat R36 Turbo is the proof for that. Passat R36 from the outside doesn’t reveal the power that it actually has. Actually it looks exactly the same as a stock one. The only one ‘revealing’ detail that may suggest that the car is not stock are the exhaust tips with a slightly bigger diameter. But apart from that – stock bodykit, stock bumpers, Even stock 19-inch rims. My friends that had an opportunity to have a ride in my Passat… were a little confused. You know… Because it’s just an ordinary Passat B6 okay, maybe a little prettier one. With xenon headlamps, with R-kit. But after the ride and pushing the gas pedal… Well… the beast comes alive. Actually I didn’t really have situations of direct ‘traffic lights confrontation’. Every person that sees Passat doesn’t even notice it. Of course there were some slight ‘highway chases’… But usually the opponents gave up after a couple of kilometers. And strictly ‘sport cars’ really don’t even notice such a normal Passat. … from Mirek handlarz. (Polish joke) Actually while building this project the determinant was not the chassis or the car model. But the engine. 3.6 FSI VR6. The engine that fascinated us. The best model for us – tuners was the one that had the engine mounted transversely. And a DSG transmission to that. That was exactly what interested us. So we didn’t really have a lot to choose from. We could pick Skoda Superb, Volkswagen Passat CC or a Volkswagen Passat B6 R36. As we associate Passat R36 with kind of a ‘cult’ engine for us … it is kind of a cult car… Our choice was exactly this model. And as we actually found an estate model… even better for me. Perfect car for driving with my 4-people family. Modifications in the car are strictly performance ones. We like stock solutions so we created casted exhaust and suction manifolds. DSG transmission exchanged for the 7-gear DQ500 model. Suspension is basically Bilstein kit with H&R anti roll bars. At first after putting the turbocharger into the car I’ve mouted big brake kit of diameter 365mm and 6-piston Brembo calipers that eventually turned out to be insufficient for a car of that power. Because of the fact that the engine has direct FSI injection both high- and low-pressure systems were completely redesigned by us. The exhaust system has 3″ diameter and 3 silencers with an additional quietening exhaust flap controlled by the engine’s computer. The engine is controlled by original computer MED9 that has been added a number of functions such as: turbocharger controlling, exhaust flap controlling, that I’ve mentioned before, and little things such as knock light visible at the dashboard and a programmable launch control. Additionally selectable engine power levels from 1 to 3, depending on which one we’d like to choose. As for today – I consider Passat as a 100% finished car, I’m not planning any further modifications. However I’m building another car that will be uncompromising regarding performance and power. But that is to be continued. And of course it doesn’t mean that Passat will be forgotten. It will be used as a daily everyday car. So we had to choose from: Skoda Superb, Volkswagen… … Passat CC or a Boeing 737.

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. Jeśli ktoś jest zainteresowany kupnem tego właśnie Passata –

  2. Jestem w mega szoku wiedzy i zamiłowania Pana Adama O,O !!! Szacunek i ukłony za taki pozytywny materiał 😉
    Ja bym widział jeszcze Sebastiana "Kickstera" w tym szatańskim Passatku 😀 Pozdrawiam!

  3. Вот меня угораздило сюда. Я до последнего момента думал, что он на русском разговаривает!

  4. 6-7 sekund do 200 km/h ta, a świstak. Po 7 sekund z groszami mają supersamochody, a nie wozidło o kształcie i wadze stodoły. Poniosło gościa i to zdrowo.

  5. Hello.good job did you have a team to modify Passat 2000 115 sport? I love this car and can't sell it. Did you have any electronic problems in your Passat? Thks for answer

  6. Podziwiam tych którzy zachwycają się passatem. Naprawde trzeba mieć sporo samozaparcia i krzepy intelektualnej żeby uwielbiać ten samochód. Pozdrawiam wszystkich "passeraciarzy".

  7. you gave that thing 670 Hp and making another car which will not compromise for performance and power…..DUDE!!….you are my kinda man!

  8. Janusze, nie martwta sie, jest na sprzedaż !

  9. Jakby ktoś był zainteresowany, to jest wystawiony na sprzedaż.

  10. I to jest Piękne niby zwyķły a jednak nie zwykły.Ja ma zwyķłe rodzinne s80 2008 4.4 v8 480 km na dzień dzisiejszy. POZDRAWIAM i byle tak dalej

  11. Mimo że mam złe wspomnienia po VW Passacie… Ten robi ogromne wrażenie!!! :). Gratuluję projektu i życzę szerokości i przyczepności… To drugie myślę że się przyda 🙂

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