Pawn Stars: 5 Ultimate Classic Car Deals | History

Pawn Stars: 5 Ultimate Classic Car Deals | History

– You gotta love
the suicide doors. Wow, look at this thing. It’s nice. I think I love it. Pretty cool car you got here. Yeah. That’s amazing. Check this out, pops. This guy’s selling
a ’37 Oldsmobile. It’s in pretty good shape, man. Go buy it, Rick. You’re driving. Fine. Oh, wow. I told you it looks good, man. Look at it. It’s a 1937 Model
L37 four-door sedan. You mind if I look inside? Yeah, sure thing. You gotta love
the suicide doors. Yeah, they’re classic. If you don’t mind,
I’d like to get my buddy out here to take a look at it. I’d like him to
come look at it. Wow. Sweet old car, huh? Good looking ride, man. Do you mind if we take
it for a little put? Sounds good. Shotgun. I don’t think so. [HONK] So what you think, Danny? How’s it drivin’? The brakes feel good. The motor runs really nice, man. This is a really
nice ride, brother. Drives a lot nicer
than most new cars. I’m impressed. I am too, man. OK, so what do I
think it’s worth? I would easily put this
car $16,000, $17,000. We go $14,000. My dad turned down $25,000
from a guy in a casino. So there’s no way that I
would go under $15,500. You’re not going
to take a dime less? Not one dime. You got it, man. Deal. Sounds good, partner. My name is Chop AKA
The Chopper AKA Chop, Chop, Chopper the
Real Showstopper. Yeah, I’ve seen
your commercials. You really talk like
that in real life? [LAUGHTER] No. This guy is really
well known around here. He owns a car dealership. He makes crazy commercials
with a blue genie, and he tries to rap. I wanted to see
if I can get you to chop some prices on that 1924
Dodge that you have for sale. Because we’re the
number one Dodge dealer, and I need to sell
one more Dodge. This is it, 1924 Dodge. Look at this thing! Man! Well, how much will
you give me for it? I’m thinking $5,000 cash. Oh, come on. $10,000. $10,000 is what
you’re looking for? Mm-hm. $7,800 bucks? $8,000? How about we meet the middle? $7,900. $7,900. Let’s go write it up. RICK (VOICEOVER): I got a
call from a guy who wants to sell his classic 1932 Ford. I’m always down to
see a classic car. So Corey and I are going
to go check it out. You got a 1932
Ford Roadster here. Steel body. It’s nice. So what are you looking
to get out of it, man? I’d like to get $70,000. Would you mind if I
have a buddy look at it? No, go ahead. I think I love it. Can we take it for a spin? Yeah. You ready for this? [ENGINE STARTING] $70,000 to $75,000 range. Best price is $70,000. That is the rock bottom,
best price I can do. $65,000? $69,000. We can do $67,000 for it. $68,500. $67,500. $68,500. $68,250. All right. $68,250. All right, we got a deal, man. RICK (VOICEOVER): Corey likes to
spend all this money on buying classic cars for himself. But I like to buy them to
make money for the shop. So when a guy called me and
told me he had a ’33 Chevy, me and Chum jumped at the
chance to take a look. Pretty cool car you got here. Yeah, not bad. 1933 Chevy Eagle sedan. All right, so how
much you want for it? I was hoping for somewhere
between $17,000 to $20,000. Can I give you $12,000 for it? I’d probably do $14,000 today. So we’ll settle at $13,500? $14,000. $13,500? $13,700. All right, $13,650. $13,7– $13,650. –75,000. No. [LAUGHTER] $13,650. All right. I was wondering if you
would be interested to look at an old car. So this is it, huh? This is it. 1933 Plymouth. That’s amazing. How much are you looking
to get out of it? Well, I’m thinking
it’s worth about $30,000. You mind if I call a buddy of
mine up and have him come down and take a look at it?
– Great. Well, you know, before I can
give you a real, true appraisal of this car, I think I’d feel
better driving it and really feeling everything out. I’d be more than happy
to take anybody for a ride. You’re not gonna
let me drive it? Well, you know, if
I crash it, it’s bad. If you crash it,
it’s really bad. All right. I guess I’ll crawl
into the passenger seat and report back to these
guys what I see and feel. All right. Good. Thank you! All right. People stop for it. Did you see that? [LAUGHTER] It is pretty remarkable
that this damn thing is as functional as it is. Yeah. It’s amazing. It really is. So how was it? There was definitely a hiccup. Something going on
with the motor, which I believe to be the carburetor. What do you think it’s worth? I’d say $22,000
to $25,000 area. I’d be real happy at $20,000. I’m sure you would. Well, $16,000 is about
what I can do, son. $18,500, we’ve got a deal. At $18,000, we got a deal. Not $18,500. I’ll take your $18,000. If a frog had wings, he
wouldn’t bump his ass hoppin’. The fact is that I’m the
boss, and whatever I say goes. One sweet car.

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  1. Has the paint brush Leonardo da vinche used to paint the Mona Lisa

    The best I can do is 0.50

  2. Me: I have the secret to eternal Happiness
    Rick: “best I could do is a Quarter and a snickers bar, and I’m risking a lot here”

  3. IRS: you owe us $257,894

    Rick: best I can do is $16 and even that’s a huge risk for me

    IRS: but… you owe—

    Rick: yeah but I’d have to do a lot of paperwork and it’d just be a big mess

  4. Guy: brings in hitler's own uniform
    Guy: I'm asking 450k for it.
    Rick: Let me call my buddy he's an expert on hitler's uniform.
    Guy: ok.
    Expert: It's worth 5 million.
    Rick: I'll give you a nickle and not a cent more, I'm taking a big risk here.
    Guy: deal.
    Rick: Alright I'll write you up

  5. God. I miss the old man! He was a class act in every way, I love the way he is always respectful to all of his customers even if they don't deserve it.

  6. Waiter-ok Rick your bill is 54.80
    Rick- 40 dollars and I'm taking a big risk
    Waiter- you can't haggle at a restaur
    Rick-45 dollars final offer
    Waiter-54.80 please
    Rick- I guess I have to dine and dash

  7. I got the hope diamond, worth 350 million
    Rick: I can give you $1, I'm taking a risk here

  8. the old man was a great man
    he lived almost 80 yrs on earth
    we gotta live the moment and appreciate the temporary body…
    do ur push ups.

  9. She : 7 inches is all i need inside.
    Rick : 1 inch is all i can push + a used condom, and I'm taking a risk here.

  10. "If you don't mind I would like to get my buddy to look at it because I don't know crap about what you're selling because I own a pawn shop and pawn shops don't sell cars but this is all for a TV show"

  11. my grandpa had a 57 chevy bell air that my family sold when he died for 32k witch was a great price could have gotten more in my opinion but why tf would these ppl be selling these classics for less then my 08 lexus is worth ?? honestly you can’t find these cars anywhere for like under 30k but somehow these pawn star dudes buy these cars for pennies .. my grandpa had many classic cars some are still around and when my grandma will put one up it takes like not even a month n their would usually be some old dude at her crib buying the car for like 30k 🤔 never bring a classic car to a pawn shop you’ll be selling your car at half of what its worth, and you should be selling it for a few thousand over then what they’re worth . get that pawnshops need to make money but how stupid do the owners have to be to sell them their car

  12. Seller: I was hoping for somewhere between $17,000 to $20,000 …
    Buyer: Sure, I'll give you $20,000 for it, even though you would accept $17,000 …
    (Buys it for $8,000)

  13. “My dad was offered 25k in a casino”
    Because everyone that offers money for things in a casino is legit.

  14. "You mind if I have my buddy come down and look at it??" Next time just take your buddy with you cos' we all know you'll call your buddy anyway!!!

  15. 1st car ,Let me call a buddy of mine, hey pops 😅this guy worked on the assemble line he knows all about them😃

  16. Rick doesn't have manners in that part of negotiating after the guy drops 300 Rick still wants more 😒lame ,gave him a foot was trying take a meter😒😃

  17. It's funny when you stop and think about it, but most of the cars the showed here, when purchased new, might at best have cost 1 grand. Truth be known, in some cases, five hundred bucks would be pushing it.

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