Pawn Stars: Chum’s Big Profit on Thrifter Items (Season 16) | History

Pawn Stars: Chum’s Big Profit on Thrifter Items (Season 16) | History

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  1. Chum: I'm asking for a pat on the back… Rick: I cant go that far because I would be taking a huge risk but I'll tell you what, I can give you a tiny two finger tap but no more!

  2. Makes you realize how much of chum Being dumb was scripted lol. He knows what he’s doing. That’s dope, what a cool late season thing after the old mans passing, to see chum gett to this level

  3. and the 'stewardess dress," what's the final on that?

    whatever it is, its nowehre NEAR what Chunlee could get for it from his LADYBOY in Thailand.

    you know he has a sidepiece there. 😉

  4. I've got original copies of both those Sabbath albums although my copy of MOR sadly doesn't have the poster. I am flabbergasted at how much they go for today as I payed a lot less for them not so long ago

  5. That dress could have been worn by a stewardess. The dress code for stewardesses flying airplanes carrying troops in and out of Vietnam were a little different. She may, and probably did, receive those patches from the passengers.

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