Pawn Stars: Rick Offers More than Double the Asking Price for Longfellow Relics | History

Pawn Stars: Rick Offers More than Double the Asking Price for Longfellow Relics | History

RICK: What do we have here? DOUGLAS: I have a
photo of and letter by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. RICK: Now that’s cool. Longfellow– he was
the biggest there was. Unfortunately today, I would
say close to 99% of Americans can’t even name a poet. Probably not. I got this in the mid ’70s. I went to an auction. There was this table
just full of what looked to me to be junk. In that group of
stuff was this letter and photograph already framed. I bid $20 on it. My kids aren’t interested in it. So I may as well
see what I can get for it here at the pawn shop. RICK: Is it a poem?
DOUGLAS: No. It’s basically a letter. I think this Dear
Madam, whoever she was, wrote to him for a photograph
and some autographs to use in a fair. And he’s sending that to
make some money for the fare. RICK: OK.
That is definitely cool. We live in such a
different society now. In the 19th century, poetry was
so important and really was. I mean, the guy who wrote poems
was as big as a huge author or a really big actor. And he was– really was
a superstar back then. This is the guy who when
he passed away they, put a– it was a
statue, or a bust, or something like that– in
Westminster Abbey in England. DOUGLAS: In Poets Corner.
Yeah. RICK: And I think he was
the only American ever put in there– after that point. There might be some now. But I think up to that point,
he was the only one there. And if you know how
snooty the English were, especially back then, they
still haven’t forgiven us for beating them in two wars. I am assuming this is a real. I mean, the ink looks
like from the period. How much were you
looking to get? DOUGLAS: I was hoping to
get, like, $300 for it. RICK: A big concern
I have here is this is one of the most famous
men in the United States. OK? It wouldn’t surprise
me if this guy got hundreds of letters every day. I don’t know if he could
respond to every one of them. Sometimes they would have a
secretary write the letter. Or he might have done
the whole thing himself. This might have been– went to a secretary–
you take care of those, why don’t you give me a couple.
I’ll take care of those myself. I am a writer. DOUGLAS: I guess we’ll
never know, will we? RICK: No. There is a way. If you can hang out
for a little bit here, I would like to get my friend
down here to take a look at it. I have a friend that’s
a handwriting expert. He’s one of the most
respected people in his field. Hang out a few minutes. I’m going to give him a call,
and we’ll get this figured out. Cool. Thanks. I’m sort of hyped about
him bringing in an expert. It may surprise me, it may– may make me go back
in my car and cry. I don’t know.
We’ll see. RICK: Steve. What’s up, Rick?
Good to see you. Everything in
this world is great. I like hearing that.
How you doing? Hey there.
How are you? This is it. This is what I
called you about– Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. STEVE: You know, in
terms of what this is, it’s got great potential. In all honesty, this
guy’s really sought after. This is really neat, you
know, if it checks out. I love it.
It. So don’t get
your hopes up yet. What I want to do is take
a look at the ink on here. And there’s going to
be several indicators, especially how the ink, kind,
of adheres to the paper. So I’m going to follow
the signature along here. And it kind of looks like
it starts off pretty strong. OK? But the more I’m
moving along here, you see how it gets very
faint towards the end? So he’s using a
quill to write it. As the ink’s running out. And he’s running
out of the quill. How cool is that? No doubt about
the ink on here. So that’s one good sign. OK? The next thing I want to do is
I want to pull up the examples that I have on file here. On this example, yours very
truly, we see yours very truly. I mean, we’ve–
looking at live ink– RICK: OK, so it’s all legit?
– Absolutely. There’s no question about it. RICK: So what do you
think it’s worth? The value on this
piece, especially with a beautiful
signature on there, the photograph, the framing,
everything included– right around $1,500.
RICK: Cool. STEVE: Cool?
Good luck. Good to see you.
– Thanks, man. Hey, cool.
Thanks a bunch. You bet, man.
Take care. Well, you know there’s a
lot of different collectors that would kind of
tap into this piece. And I think an autograph
collector, first and foremost, would want it. Someone asking for his
autograph in 1881– I think that’s about
as cool as it gets. RICK: What’d you want for this? $300? That’s in the past. I have a little more
information now. I don’t think $300 is
going to do it for me. I would sure like
to see $900 for it. I’ll tell you what,
I’ll give you $700. OK?
You walked in here wanting 300. I had your stuff
authenticated for you, and I’m offering you more than
double what you were asking. OK? I think it’s more than
fair of me for $700. Yeah.
Let’s do 700. RICK: Sweet. Thank you, sir. I will meet you
right over there, and I will get you some cash. Oh, I like that. 700 isn’t 900, but,
you know, it’s OK. It’s a whole lot more than 300. I may go back home and
dig through the closets again– see what I can find.

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  1. Rick has two methods of screwing people. The normal way is extremely low balling people, which we all know rick is world famous for. But the other is less common and that is when he offers more than the asking price. When Rick offers more then you know for certain you're getting screwed just as much or more as his low balling.

  2. You Americans have to mention the day you turned against the queen and became independent to the crown you traitors. Long live the queen

  3. Crooks. That would sell for $3000, minimum. I’ve sold Longfellow letters and photos with lesser content for $3000. You have two crooks who know zero about the 19th Century poetry market (yes, there still is one, and they have money), and they totally shook this poor guy down. I’m willing to bet anything he turned around and sold it immediately to Rebecca Romney, and she sold it almost immediately at Bauman’s or wherever she works now. 🤦‍♂️

  4. I love how all the haters bag on them for giving far less than the retail value. ITS A FREAKING PAWN SHOP! If people want a retail amount for their crap, then pay for an official appraisal and sell it themselves! ITS A FREAKING PAWN SHOP!… case y'all didn't see it the first time!

  5. Love how Rick tries to make it seem like he is being generous by offering $700 by saying it was more than double what he asked. The thing is what he asked before knowing the value is irrelevant. The fact is the true value of the item was revealed to be $1,500 so Rick's "generous offer" was less than half of the value. Rick sure does love to steal money from people.

  6. Rick: I have a friend who is an expert on this one of the most respected in his field…. guy turns out to be a complete fraud and a professional forger 😒🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤣

  7. I love Rick but I think the negotiations are done way in advance…his so called "experts" also give the lowest estimate….

  8. Lol Rick didn't pay more then asked out of a sense of altruism he paid more because his expert nailed his balls to the wall. Lol

  9. Nobody catching on to ricks methods? Everytime the value is told, you have to go to its max value because if its worth 1300 and you offer to give it to him for 500, hes gonna try to get you to change the asking price to even lower, but if you say 1300, hes usually gonna offer you like 50% of the asking price…

  10. The owner should have said "1100 cash or I walk." Then, when Rick refuses, the guy should walk. Then sell it himself by putting it up for auction at one of the houses who handle this type of thing.

  11. It's fair because he initially didn't know what is was worth and asked for 300 and rick doubled it
    rick is such a scammer and his excuses are ridiculous
    he couldn't use the "i gotta frame it line" so onto scam line number 2

  12. Rick: “I think it’s more than fair” …. for me to low ball you since you came in here blind-without-a-cane on what you have there

  13. Today people have no inkling what a poet is, they have no clue who Henry David Thoreau was, hey his way of life negates what we have today and what we do today! Longfellow! A GOD. Emerson, and other giants. They need to be taught at schools, but I doubt the minds of technology society is able to digest such greats.

  14. they be beatin dudes over the head on this show………i watch sometimes just cringing in horror……as these ppl let priceless work of art go to a pawn shop for pennies on the dollar

  15. Network picks up the difference,after conversing off set,no pawn guy is Mr.Nice guy(I'll give you more than the asking price)

  16. The owner is not much of a negotiator. They said 1300$ and he wants 900$. Seriously? I'd want 1600$ or so because Rick gonna go put it on the auction somewhere and double the price.

  17. LOL The whole store is fake, including the customers, I've been there recently, the store is a POS full of cheap reproductions trying to rip off tourists, and the staff look like they are on day release work detail from the local prison

  18. At least rick gave him double what he was looking for and had it appraised..he could of gave him 300 or lower took a chance but instead he did right thing

  19. It’s the biggest theft of relics in history just like Sotheby’s is stealing ancient relics from Russia and selling them to the elite as they concentrate the worlds wealth into the hands of a few and rob the citizens and countries of the world, disarm them and turn them into slaves. They will freely give you their gold for pennies in exchange for peanuts. Gold confiscation from the 1930s

  20. Yay another fake show people think is real and when rick calls a friend get the vaseline out-I have some junk to sell and if anybody wants it I will call my friend to tell you it's a good deal then split the $ later off camera

  21. Ill have to have it framed and that costs money

    It's already framed Rick

    Well ill have to get it restored and that costs money

    It doesn't need restoring Rick

    Its a tough piece of sell it could sit here for years before being sold

    Expert says its in high demand Rick

    But ill pay $100 000 for a Gobstopper that actually sold for $30 000 instead lol

  22. Professional: it’s real.

    Rick: Well now that we have been confirmed it’s real instead of 300 dollars I’ll give you a pop-tart.

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