Pervert sexually harasses Taiwanese school teacher in bus station

Pervert sexually harasses Taiwanese school teacher in bus station

Pervert touches woman’s breasts while pretending to be lost It’s over there! What do you want? Don’t run! There’s been a pervert asking for direction in Ilan recently A generous woman gave him a ride, but the pervert harassed her by touching her breasts Victims described the pervert 40 years old and 175cm tall with a medium frame and dark skin Lin, an elementary school teacher who was harassed four times in three months by the pervert, posted up a warning on the internet Still shaken, Lin showed up at Ilan’s bus station to tell to reporters how she was being followed and harassed by the pervert Lin: I didn’t answer him when he asked me for direction on Monday. I ran to the staff nearby for help. I looked back and saw him riding a scooter in the opposite direction. So I thought I was safe. But I later found out he had been following me slowly to Mingchuan road. He later passed me, so I was able to get his license plate number. I met him four more times afterwards on roads that were packed with people
Are you scared now? Yes Female passenger in the bus station: I would just treat him as psycho and call the police Do you want police to patrol the area more?
Yes, of course! The pervert usually comes out during the day riding a grayish silver-color scooter Lin hopes police catch the pervert to save female passengers from harassment. Ilan city counselor: He is possibly a nearby resident. Female passengers need to be more vigilant and see if they are being followed.

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