Peugeot 206 MY-1998-2010- buying advice

Peugeot 206 MY-1998-2010-  buying advice

You might expect the Peugeot 206
is the 205’s successor, but that is not how Peugeot saw it. Back then, they wanted to succeed
the 205 with the 106 and 306. The 106 was for people who wanted something
smaller, the 306 for those who wanted more space compared to what the 205 had to offer. However, like I said, the 206
was not there from the start. It was introduced when a lot of people
started driving a Fiesta or Polo. Peugeot was losing sales. The 206 was introduced after all, starting in 1998. The first 206 was introduced then. The car turned out to be a bestseller again. It was produced until 2010,
after which came a 206+. That is a 206 with the nose of the Peugeot 207. It is still being built in certain flavors
in some corners of the world. This shows the 206 is a sustainable concept. The 206 was available in five body types. We will not discuss the CC in this video, because
this is the coupe convertible with so many specifics, we will give it a separate buying advice video. In addition to the CC is the sedan,
which was never sold in the Netherlands. We will not discuss that one either.
There were also the SW or station wagon and the 206 hatchback, but that one
was available with three or five doors. In total there are five different styles. You get to choose from gasoline and diesel engines. The gasoline engines start at 59 hp
and go up until 175 hp for the 206 RC. Diesel engines start at 69 hp
and go up until 108 hp. ENGINES
gasoline ENGINES
diesel About 2,000 Peugeot 206 are for sale
on at the moment. Not counting the CC, else it would be 2,400. Of the 2,000 cars, 1,700 are
a hatchback with three or five doors. One in three hatchbacks has five doors,
so 3-door cars were more popular. Automatic transmissions are rare. About 300 cars have a diesel engine,
should you be looking for one. Prices for a 206… It may not surprise you
they start low with this many cars for sale. The car is 17-18 years old now. For 350-400 euros you have a car which may
or may not pass the technical inspection. However, you can also go shopping for a better car. A pretty 206 RC will cost you about 7,000 euros. This would be the most
expensive one on Marktplaats. You can buy a GTi or RC for 1,000-1,500 euros
if you are not afraid to do some tinkering. Like I said, one of the reasons to buy
a Peugeot 206, is it being a cheap car. Not just to buy, but also to keep it on the road. Parts and hours are not that bad
if you do not go to the dealer. It is not that bad at the Peugeot dealer either. It is not cheap, but it is not the most
expensive dealer either to get the car serviced. Besides, it is a comfortable car. There being so many still available says
something about the car’s durability. I am not saying they never break down. There will be problems, but they are cheap
to fix and to keep them on the road. However, there are things to watch out for. First, the 206 hatchback has a nice rear
window which appears to “hover”, but is part of the rear’s design. Anyway, the window is glued
and may slide down over time. It may cut into the paint,
eventually leading to rust on your tailgate. Check under the hatchback’s rear window
if it has not damaged the paint. Another thing with the 206: under the hood… There are vent openings at the windshield
wipers and on the hood of some versions. Dirt gets stuck behind these openings,
clogging the drains and water collects. So much water in fact that
it can get into the interior. You will get wet floor mats.
That is a clear sign of the problem. Another thing to recognize it by is
condensation when you start the car. You have too much moisture in the car then. A number of these drains are probably clogged,
so keep these openings clean to drain the water when it is raining. On to the next one. Driving fast through puddles is very funny,
especially at a crowded bus stop. They should have saved up for a car. However, this may not be a smart thing to do
because there’s a vent opening on the transmission. Water can get in. When that happens to
your transmission you will not be happy because things will break. Try to avoid it. Another thing to watch out for
has to do with electronics. This may be one of the most expensive
things that can break on the Peugeot 206. That would be the central computer. If it breaks, everything quits working. This will cost you 500-600 euros for a new one. You will have to order it at Peugeot;
you cannot get it anywhere else. It will have to be programmed into your car. The keys and alarm are all connected. Central locking… Not all cars
have an alarm, of course. The easiest way to recognize the problem is
starting is the central display on the dashboard resetting itself to a date in 2006 or something. Every time it goes back to… I had a 206 that went back to November 23,
2003, if I remember correctly. It started there every morning. The clock on zero and… It broke. You can keep driving with this,
but once it is completely broken you will have to pay 500-600 euros to fix it. Another thing with the electronics is the instrument
cluster being susceptible to malfunctions. The needles get stuck sometimes. Things like that. Anyway, it breaks. There are companies who specialize in this and
can send you a new cluster for 120-130 euros if you give them your old instrument cluster. You will get an overhauled instrument cluster,
which will keep you going for a long time. It costs money, but it is not a whole lot. Right? There is also a problem with the automatic
transmission of the 1.4 engine. I can go on and on about it, but basically
these transmissions are not very good. Just skip them and choose a manual transmission. That would be your best option. Another problem for the 1.4
is breaking engine mounts. They are weak, so you will
have to replace them more often. The exhausts of the 206,
especially those of the 2-liter engines, are made of steel which falls
apart the moment you blow on it because of the moist in your breath.
These things rust like crazy. A nice solution would be to buy an exhaust
by Supersprint or other aftermarket brand. It will sound better and is made of stainless steel. This is more expensive than buying
a normal exhaust by Peugeot, but considering it will last a very long
time instead of the one by Peugeot which needs replacing every
12 km (7 miles), it is not that bad. Another electric problem is breaking
power mirrors, if you have those. Check if they work when present
on the car you want to buy. Central locking is susceptible
to malfunctioning as well. Check if both keys work,
if you have remotes on both keys. Sometimes you got only one key
with a remote and one normal key. There is a specific thing to watch
out for with the 1.6 diesel engine. The turbo breaks sometimes. When this happens, the oil pump and
other linked parts need replacing as well. That is a seriously expensive fix. It will be 1,500 euros to have
everything work OK again. A 206 is rarely or never worth it
to pay this kind of money extra. Another problem with the 206 diesel engines
is a heat shield which disintegrates over time. Pieces fall off, which can end up
in the A/C pump and dynamo. When this happens, the pump
or dynamo can jam or overheat. It may even catch fire. Peugeot had a fix for this; different heat shields. You can pick them up at the dealer, but this
should have been done for all cars about now. Just pay attention to it. If you have a diesel engine,
check if the heat shield still looks OK. The last thing to watch out for is in the interior. When getting in, check if the 3-door car’s
mechanism (5-door cars don’t have it) on the front seat, which you
can tilt forward and slide it… This mechanism can break, so check
if everything works like it should. That is a long list, making it look bad. However, when you take a good
look at the list, it is not that bad. The things that do break are relatively affordable. Like I said, it is not that expensive
to keep a 206 on the road. That is why there are so many left. To find a 206 GTi or RC that has
not been botched up will be difficult. However, we are driving one.
It deserves a special mention. A 206 GTi feels very familiar to me. I had one. It was not as pretty as this one, though. It has had one owner. It has a little over 92,000 km (57,000 miles)
on the clock, almost 93,000 km (58,000 miles). That is not much for a 206 GTi. It is grey and everything is original. It is bizarre, but everything is
original in this car, even the radio. It has not been ruined
with exhausts or whatever. It is completely original. It is for sale at Peugeot Hans Lammers in Woerden. They are asking 5,450 euros for the car. I know this makes it one of
the more expensive Peugeot 206, but it is worth it. It is a very pretty 206 GTi. If you are a fan, do not wait too long. I think it will not be for sale for long. THIS CAR If you’re looking for a second-hand car and want
our help, or if your company has a nice car for sale for which we may shoot a video,
please send an e-mail to [email protected] Subtitles – Maru’s Text Support

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  1. Ik vraag mij altijd af wie die Franse rotzooi nog koopt.

    P.s het "grapje" met de "smaakjes" is echt jaren '90. Even een nieuwe voor verzinnen.

  2. Peugeot 206 goeie auto's alleen de klap-stoel van de 3deurs!
    Gelukkig hebben de 208 die klapstoelen niet meer.

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    Ik heb zelf namelijk een Polo 9N3 uit 2007 en vind het echt een geweldige auto heerlijk met airco elektronische ramen en ga zo maar door…

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    Er wordt niet echt netjes/zuinig met deze 206 gereden zo te zien, net wat meer dan 1 op 3 bij het gemiddeld verbruik!

  6. Wat een gigantische waslijst aan problemen idd. Maar de aankoop is niet duur, dus weinig afschrijving. Ze zijn ook licht, dus lage wegenbelasting. Veel sloop onderdelen te krijgen voor eventuele reparatie. Gewoon lekker goedkoop rijden, met het risico dat je soms wat probleempjes hebt. Het uiterlijk vind ik trouwens nog heel erg bij de tijd, daar hoef je je echt niet voor te schamen.

  7. Wij hebben ook een 206, uit 2004 met bijna 200 000 km op de teller, enige wat we buiten de beurten ( krijgt die pas na 20 á 30 000 km ) en wat normale slijtage hebben moeten vervangen is het COM2000 blok wat wil een duur grapje was, maar wel nodig aangezien de verlichting een eigen willetje had.

  8. Leuke recensie – nog een ding om op te letten , misschien op enige Britse auto's, maar de achteras kan breken en moeten worden vervangen . Met behulp van een van een 206 SW zorgt voor een langer durende alternatief en hoewel het een arbeidsintensief werk kan DIY worden gedaan. Een gereviseerde as slechts £ 225 (GBP) op het moment van schrijven .

    Ik heb een 2005 206 1.4 16v gekocht voor mijn zoon te leren om te rijden, en ik was vergeten hoe goed deze auto's zijn . Misschien moet ik een 206 GTi nu te vinden voor mezelf.

  9. 206, heel gewild bij beginnende bestuurders! Veel accessoires voorhande om verder te personaliseren, het advies van de RVS uitlaat is beslist een noodzakelijke, zou op zekerheid gaan en kopen via een garantie optie, maar je kan ook bovag garantie erbij kopen, ondanks dat je bij een particulier koopt. Km stand check is aanrader, er in nog wat import uit Frankrijk en Duitsland, heb je een import met km check … zonder service boekje is die km check niets waard, die kan zomaar bij invoering terug gedraaid zijn.

  10. is it illegal for the back lights to be different. ? one is in a higher place than the other you can only tell when its night or when brakes applied.

  11. Great! I'm looking at buying one in the future and this is a very helpful list to know what to look at and keep in mind, thanks!

  12. Is this a good second hand car to buy? I'd like to get me one because of its mobility low budget for it. Found this one for ~2500euro:
    2006 / 1.4 i / 55 kW / petrol / estate / manual / grey metallic / mileage 81763 km / 4 seats / 5 doors

  13. Hello! Great video. I just wanted to point out a couple more common faults with these cars, which would be failing head gaskets on the TU-series engines, and also the radiator fan resistor that would cause the fan not to kick on when the engine starts to overheat. Anyway, I really enjoy watching your content. Keep up the good work! 🙂

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  16. Un bello automovil, elegante en su tamaño, excelente look envidia del segmento b, y sobre todo Frances, mucho más auto que un serie japones cualquiera

  17. Ik heb een 206 1.4 x line en elke keer als ik de muziek ietsjes harder zet ontstaan er trillingen in de deur, de audio is verder prima maar het wordt nu wel erg irritant. Tips over hoe ik dat kan oplossen?

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