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  1. Marty you make great tutorials they are quick and easy to understand. My question is can I use CC tutorials for CS6?

  2. Thanks for this video. I am constantly amazed at how you manage to figure out all the steps to your solutions. Keep up the great work

  3. my layer window is different from what you show. it only shows advanced blending and general blending options
    no gardient angle and scale.. why is that? tnx

  4. Hey, im new to youtube and i was hoping you can look at my channel. and maybe subscribe to me. i do photoshop and gaming.

  5. A very inspiring tutorial as always. But coffee seems to be more for women. Maybe next time you do a tutorial about branding a name or a logo into a peace of meat or a steak 🙂 thank you and thumbs up!

  6. شكرآ جزيلا على هذه الشروحات ونتمنا لكم التوفيق ونرجو ان يكون هناك شرح دمج الصور يعني اكثر من صوره 5 او 6 صور بحترافيه موفق

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