[PIT STOP in Japan’s Auction – Episode 2] – Vanguard and Impreza

[PIT STOP in Japan’s Auction – Episode 2] – Vanguard and Impreza

hello guys good afternoon I’m Rebecca
from Jimex Japan welcome to our second pit stop in Japan’s auctions video
series and I would like to show you some cars which are really suitable for your
market Okay let’s get started Okay so guys I’ll walk you around to see some units which you may export to some African countries which do not have age restriction like Tanzania they don’t have age restriction so any car can go for example there`s this one which is Toyota Vanguard the year is 2011 and it has 2400 CCs this car is black in color as you can see and it has 5 seats but with Vanguards, it depends it comes with 5 seats or 7 seats but specifically this one has 5 seats and it has a lot of equipment it’s a push start engine it has a leather seats interior and also this car has smart keys it’s a very nice and a beautiful car and for now it’s among the most demanded car so in case you might need a similar car to this one whether it’s different color or different year, we can provide for example, market like Kenya they have age restriction so they buy from 2012 so this is Vanguard very nice and beautiful and strong car for African roads Okay we have another car here which is most beautiful one I can say, it’s a Toyota maker Landcruiser V8 engine it`s a Landcruiser ZX it has 4.6 liters and it’s gasoline this car can go to so many countries like in Africa so many countries with age restriction, without age restriction still it fits so it’s 2016 and also it has a lot of equipment and the auction grade is grade 4 very beautiful one it has 8 seats as you can see it’s black in color leather interior it has a sunroof and so many other equipment nice one for very luxurious car push start engine so in case you might need, you might like this car we can provide also from auction even if you’ll like it in different color like white, gray, black similar to this one, we can also provide this is a Toyota Landcruiser Prado year of manufacture is a 2014 it has a 2.7 liter engine and is a petrol one because
with the Prado they come with two types of engine they have diesel and petrol, for petrol they have only two 2700 CCs but for diesel ones they have 2800 CCs so this one in particular specifically, it’s a TXL package because with Prado we have TX, TXL package and there’s a TZ-G so all depends number of seats they come with 5 seats or 7 seats but this one is specifically it has 7 number of seats it has a very beautiful beige leather seat interior as you can see so many equipment for any nice and luxurious car so in case you might need similar car like this one in any color black, pearl white like this one gray or silver also feel free to send your inquiry and we will get a nice car as per your requirements we have another car here this is Subaru Impreza 2005 model 2000CC and the good thing is a manual transmission so for guys who really likes to drive manual cars this is very nice and the best one and it is a turbo car so very nice one the auction grade is 4 and the interior grade is B so very nice and it has alloy wheels as you can see nice color, blue which is really nice color so we can see from the interior it’s really clean from the interior manual transmission very beautiful one nice seats still kinda new so I believe the user was really really taking very good care of this thing so for those who are really Impreza fans and mostly manual transmission, I would recommend this unit even if it’s not exactly the same maybe different color, we can also provide from the auction so feel free to send your inquiries for any cars you like because there are so many we cannot go one by one so we just mention few nice and lovely cars so please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to assist you with your purchase okay guys, now, here we go again this is Subaru Impreza 2005 model it has a 2000 cc engine capacity this car is a gasoline one and I have its auction sheet here you can see it’s 4 grade and the interior is B it means is still new and very clean as you can see like the inside is really nice this car is automatic and the mileage is not that bad, it’s 96000 it has very minor scratches which are really normal for any used cars and the car really looks nice and even the engine also looks good maybe we can have a try to put it on and see how the engine responds here we go now ready for the drive but don’t forget to fasten your seat belt come on guys let’s go this is Impreza hope you will enjoy your drive so in case you just need any similar car to this one oh the ac is really working nicely and it’s really hot here so wow so nice then just adjust your ac and it has the navigation you don’t know the roads around you just put your address and it will take you where you are
supposed to go so it’s a beautiful one please send us your inquiries and we can provide similar car different in color if you don’t like silver because this one is silver so we can choose for you nice car and we make sure you enjoy your drive you have seen already the interior now let’s go to see the exterior I will switch off the car The exterior is silver in color as I mentioned earlier and you can see very beautiful Impreza, it’s written here very nice tail lamps clean indeed so please send us your inquiry we can supply similar car same, different colors as per your choice your opinion is very important to us please leave us a comment if you like the video give us a thumbs up and also we will be bringing weekly videos for you guys on Facebook, and Youtube channel and our Instagram so please remember to subscribe and then like our page thank you so much

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