Plastic Repair Using Polyvance’s ATV PRO

Plastic Repair Using Polyvance’s ATV PRO

All-Terrain Vehicles such as this one are
notorious for broken and torn plastic pieces. Rather than spending a fortune on a brand new plastic
part, damage such as this can be easily repaired at home using Polyvance’s ATV PRO plastic
welder. Begin by cleaning the repair area with 1001
Eco-Prep plastic cleaner. On the backside, tack the tear in several
areas using the hot tip of your welder. Apply Polyvance’s 6485 Aluminum tape to the
frontside of the damage, so no plastic melts through the cracks. Cut squares of stainless steel reinforcing
mesh- included in your kit — using durable scissors or snips. Melt the pieces of mesh into the crack until
the majority of the damage has been reinforced. Feed the welding rod through the tip of the
welder, and then use the tip to smooth the weld. Here, we are using polyethylene, but the kit
can be purchased with polypropylene as well. Once the backside of the weld has cooled,
remove the aluminum tape from the front. Melt a “V” along the length of the crack using
the side of your welding tip, then repeat the process of applying and smoothing the
plastic welding rod until the crack has been completely filled. Due to the chemical makeup of polyethylene,
refinish work is out of the question for this repair. However, as you can see, we were still able
to create a quality structural repair using tools and supplies from Polyvance.

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