Police chase: Drug dealer throws heroin from car

Police chase: Drug dealer throws heroin from car

West Midlands Police have released this footage
of a high-speed car chase during which two drug dealers threw packets of heroin out of
their car window as they tried to escape police. The two men flung £230,000 worth of the drug
from their car while dodging traffic at speeds of over 120 mph on the M6 motorway. Video footage shows the dramatic chase, highlighting
the moments when the drugs were thrown from the car. After the chase, lasting almost half an hour,
police boxed in the car forcing it to stop. A police search of the stretch of motorway
later revealed two large packages of heroin on the hard shoulder. Two men, Paul Duckworth and Mohamed Kabbar,
were arrested and sentenced to 15-months and five years respectively.

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. They are living the GTA life. Someone should edit the end of the video when they get captured and overlay "Wasted".

  2. Only 5 years! If it was marijuana it would be way longer and it can't KILL you and you can't overdose try it. Don't understand world?

  3. Scum of the earth druggies, bloody stop you car when the police chase u, you make it worse for yourself, you might aswell give yourself up and be honest and say yes I screwed up

  4. They should have dropped one guy off with all the drugs under the bridge, so to avoid helicopter seeing them the other guy drove off. Then the guy with the drugs should have ran up the hill to the motorway above and stopped a random car by standing in the motorway, and then force the drive to take him somewhere… that's what I would have done instead of throwing away £200,000 of heroin away

  5. At 0:43 police cut the path at behind the suspect! Do you know why police UK cut the path at behind the suspect and surrond the suspect by cops?

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