Porsche Sport Chrono package: all details

Porsche Sport Chrono package: all details

The Sport Chrono package
contains a number of things. A clock on the dashboard to measure your lap times.
The infotainment system has options for this as well. I never fully understand how the clock works. You get launch control and this pretty
rotary knob on the steering wheel. With it you can set it
in Normal, Sport, or Sport Plus mode. Rawr, Sport Plus. The undercarriage
is stiffer if you have air suspension, etc. It also has the Sport Response Button. I’m following
a Suzuki SX4 on a German 100 kph (62 mph) road. When I push it, I get 20 seconds
of maximum attack mode. It shifts down and holds that gear.
I can overtake safely. Very safe. We’re doing 80 kph (50 mph) over on
this road, but you saw the overtaking itself was safe. It’s a very nice option.
It goes back to Normal when I switch it off. For 20 seconds it shifts down and makes sure
the transmission holds it and you blast off. We’re going to use launch control somewhere. Launch control in any Porsche with an automatic
transmission isn’t very complicated. Make sure that it’s in Drive, left foot on the brake,
it has to be in Sport or Sport Plus, push the brake really well, and push the throttle. There we go. We really do. My sunglasses nearly fell off my head.
The camera went “bam” as well. The fun thing with Porsche: you can do it every time. Not in someone’s front yard, but if I stop here… I kid you not, you can do it again.
Unlike a GTR or old BMW M, just… There we go. Subtitles – Maru’s Text Support

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  1. +Autoblog     I Love this guy, every since he reviewed the Maybach 57S, one of my favorite cars, and favorite test driver

  2. 1st – I find this "knob" on the steering wheel extremely ugly
    2nd – I highly recommend to do this "race start series" on the way to Porsche dealership – it is durable, but at the end it will be much easy to tow you if you are near the company service station when the transmission finally tear off 😉

  3. Hahaha ik hou van jullie creatieve manieren om dit te presenteren, zoals het 'veilig inhalen' hahaha en dan "ik rijd ongeveer 80 km/h te hard, maar goed, veilig"

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