Prague, Budapest & Vienna @ Rs.15,000 Each! Episode 1 – Cheapest Yet Prettiest European Capitals!

Prague, Budapest & Vienna  @ Rs.15,000 Each!  Episode 1 – Cheapest Yet Prettiest European Capitals!

I am Traveling Desi And in this budget travel series, I will take you on a trip to 4 budget-friendly capital cities in Central Europe. This includes.. Budapest, the capital city of Hungary Vienna, the capital city of Austria, Prague, the capital city of Czech Republic, Okay, so I’m finally here to try out some Czech food. This restaurant is renowned for serving traditional Czech food. And Bratislava, the capital city of Slovakia In addition, I will tell you how to pick your favorite city and explore it in just Rs.15,000 I have to figure out which direction I’m supposed to go, this way or that way. The cost of living Food expenses. In Czech culture, this bread sandwiches are quite popular which consist of various toppings that you can choose from. The cost of exploring, public transport which also includes the expenses of various types of entertainment options. Whether it’s European music festivals, the infamous ruin bars of Budapest, Exchanging Instagram IDs with the locals, these are Hungarians. Pub crawls and boat parties, Famous historical museums, or Royal palaces After spending 100 Czech crowns or Rs.300, we reached this top where you can enjoy amazing views. One of the biggest tourists attractions here, Charles Bridge is behind me. Traveling on a budget does not mean always staying in hostels. So we have finally reached our hostel in Bratislava, the capital city of Slovakia. This is in the heart of the old town and features a 6 bed dorm. 1-2-3-4-5 and 6. They also have lockers here. So I’ll tell you how you can find private accommodations in just Rs.1,500-Rs.2,500 Pretty damn good. Don’t you think so? I don’t know if I should look into my own eyes or the camera’s eye (lens) in the mirror. But I think it’s pretty good. Even if you are traveling alone, you can still befriend and socialize with local and fellow travelers. Being on a budget trip doesn’t mean that your dining options are limited to just supermarkets. I’ll show you in this series how you can enjoy the amazing, affordable local cuisines of these countries without burning a hole in your pocket. In front of me is an Apple Strudel, Austria’s most famous pastry. This series covers the 4 budget friendly capitals that are as incredibly beautiful just like their Western Europe counterparts, but significantly cheaper in multiple ways. To join me on this journey to explore these countries in Central and Eastern Europe. Where traveling is extremely affordable and equally rewarding as well. The special thing to note about Europe is that the more you go towards the Western part, towards your left, it gets crazy expensive such as Paris, Amsterdam and Brussels. But if you go towards the right, Germany is a bit cheaper and Poland, Austria, Slovakia and Hungary and cheaper still. In this series, we will be focusing on this region of Europe with 4 big cities where you can choose any 2-3 cities depending on your budget and available time. The best part about this is that all these are located comfortable bus journeys away from each other. So you can land in one country and leave from the 3rd or 4th one. Bus journeys here are dirt cheap. For instance, traveling from Prague to Vienna in a comfortable, air conditioned bus costs Rs.1100. I book the buses from A bus from Vienna to Budapest costs just Rs.700. And not just intercity travel, but staying in these places is also incredibly cheap. During my long journeys, I’ve tried out all kinds of accommodation options. Whether it’s a famous hostel in a city, So, my first day in Budapest and this is a small 6-bed dorm at my hostel. This view and ambiance got rid of almost all my travel fatigue. Or AirBnB accommodations with private rooms in the same city to give a comparison between prices and various other factors. I was surprised to find these amazing apartments close to the city center. These are great for couples and you can rent for as little as Rs.1,500-Rs.2,500 per night. I’ll show that to you in various apartments across different cities. I book these apartments from The link is in the description and if you sign up using this link for the first time, you get Rs.2,200 as credit for your first stay. Then we talk about entertainment options, In which we include the extraordinary nightlife in these cities. Which apart from being decently priced, is a detailed topic on its own. This is because the drinks and parties here are the cheapest in whole of Western and Central Europe, particularly in Budapest and Prague. The party hostels here are incredible. So in this series, you will get a dedicated video showcasing the nightlife of each of these cities. Still, at the end of the day, the two biggest expenses of a Europe trip includes flight tickets and visa. So if you travel from India to these big cities, you can easily find flights from major cities priced under Rs.35,000. If you are looking to book the cheapest flight tickets to Europe, I’ve made a detailed video based on my experience. The link for which is on your screen, do check it out. The other major expense is visa which costs around Rs.5,000-Rs.7,000 depending on where you apply. So after an initial expense of Rs.40,000, you get to experience the incredible beauty of Europe in these 4 affordable cities. Which I’ll show you in the upcoming episodes. This is not your regular Daikon/Radish. It costs Rs.200 So please guys, please support this tiny channel Traveling Desi, which has no sponsors, or production team. I finance it on my own, edit and publish my own videos. For timely updates on new videos on this series every Tuesday at 7pm and to support my channel. Please don’t forget to hit the Subscribe button and the Bell icon. For timely updates on these and future videos. And also, during the other days, you can stay connected with me through my vlogs and get to know more about my family, my journeys and interesting tid-bits about my life. So here the rules are different than India. The road tax associated with your car’s number plate is a yearly affair. And get this, you have to pay it on your birthday. So when a person’s birthday comes, they get hit with this added expense. And these vlogs are live on my channel almost every alternate day at 9:30 am. Behind me is a Hermes store, a French brand. 5 years ago, I went to this store and asked the price for a belt. Mom, how expensive can a belt be? Imagine the most expensive belt you can, take a guess. Rs.15,000-Rs.20,000? Belts here start at a whopping Rs.40,000. My God. It’s been 5 years and I never went back into this store. Like this is from my New York vlogs with Mom. Guys, If you liked this video, please hit that Like button and if your friends are planning an Europe trip, do share this with them.

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